Friday, March 19, 2010

First EBTC Energy Trade Delegation to India.

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First EBTC Energy Trade Delegation to India.
2010-03-19 07:39:33 - The delegation of Europe Union to India EBTC Mission,European Business and Technology Centre,headed by The Director Mr Poul V.Jensen organized Seminar on "Renewable Energies-Opporunity for closer EU-India Collaboration" on the occasion of the Ist EBTC Energy Trade Delegation to India.
Seminar on "Renewable Energies-Opporunity for closer EU-India Collaboration" on the occasion of the Ist EBTC Energy Trade Delegation to India under the EU-India Collaboration EBTC Mission 2010 on the occassion of the Ist EBTC Energy trade delegation to India meet on Wednessday,17 March 2010 in Taj Mahal Hotel,Mansingh Road,New Delhi.
With attendance of more than 250 members both from EU
and India a half day session was true success.Delegates from Europe Unions and India with their Green tech presented their papers representing the Ist EBTC Energy trade delegation to India. Eminent delegates particiapted in this EBTC mission are,- Migual Matias,Self Energy Group, Adriaan Kamp,Delphi Foundation, Darfusz Brodowicz CEO Ecoon, Dr Emo Balgoh,Co-President,Hydrogen Section, Hungary Energy Association, Prof Rajiv Shekhar,Material and Metallurgical Eneineering,IIT Jodhpur, Dr B Bhargava Director Ministry of New and Renweable Energy MNRE government of India, and further list includes, Femando Nino Page,Head Economic Cooperation Section,Delegation of EU to India, Indraneel Ghosh,Science and Technology Analyst Delegation of EU to India EBTC Mission 2010, Mr Darlusz Brodowicz:Ecoon.EBTC Mission 2010, Fermando Nino Page,Dr Emo Balogh,Hungarian Energy Association EU-India Collaboration with EBTC Mission, Rajesh Naik MD Environmental Control System Ltd, delegate of EBTC Mission 2010 on March 17 at Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi all presented their papers.

The seminar was held in collaboration with FISME,Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enetrprises,with inaugral address of Mr Anil Bhardwaj, Secretary General,others notable present were Joint Sectary Mukesh Kalra of FISME,NKSagar of Sagar Media,Zsolt Pakozdy,the Economic Counsellor Embassy of Hungary,Saura Aulin,the First Secretary Embassy of Sweden
Szymon Szczesny and many more media Members,film Maker Manjira Dutta, business professionals,India Corporate Inc and of MSME sectors.

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US: health care system

Good morning,

3 million -- that's the decrease in the number of middle-income earners who obtained health insurance from their employers from 2000 to 2008.1

And 3 times -- is how much faster health care premiums are rising compared to wages.2

While our broken health care system is hurting everyone, it's the middle class that's feeling it the most. A report just out from the non-partisan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that the middle class became uninsured at a faster pace than those with less or more income. And if we do nothing, the problem will only get worse.

But there's hope. Health insurance reform will lower costs and put America's middle class and small businesses back in the driver's seat of their own health care. The stakes are just too high for the millions of Americans who are hurting because of the way our current health care system works. The time is now for health insurance reform.

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3 is the latest number in ‘Health Reform by the Numbers,' our online campaign to raise awareness about why we just can't wait any longer for health insurance reform. Help spread the word by sharing this message with your family, friends and online networks.

Let's get it done.

Nancy-Ann DeParle
Director, White House Office of Health Reform

1 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Barely Hanging On
2 Kaiser Family Foundation, Family Health Premiums Reach $13,375 Annually


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