Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nitish rewarded for Development works in Bihar

Nitish Bihar Chief Again
JDU 195, RJD 32, CONG 7, Oth:9; 243/243

Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance appeared set for a two-thirds majority in the Assembly elections in Bihar, winning 14 seats, while the ruling combine was ahead in 180 of the total 243 seats for which trends were available. The JD(U) was ahead in 98 seats, while partner BJP was leading in 82 seats. Opposition RJD-LJP alliance was way behind with just 33 seats.

Congress makes magnanimous sstatement begins with a congratulatory message to Nitish Kumar for the development work that Bihar has seen under his leadership and ends with 'we will have to go back to the drawing board to see where we have gone wrong'.
Meanwhile in Parliament -- both houses adjourned for the 9th day in a row (expected with Yeddyurappa remaining as Karnataka CM), the JD(U)-BJP combine's landslide win in Bihar Assembly elections found an echo with some BJP members raising 'Jai Bihar' slogans.

Ravi Shankar Prasad All praise for Nitish Kumar says the JDU's development plank in partnership with the BJP, that has worked in Bihar,will now spread to the rest of India. JDU says Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will be invited for the swearing-in ceremony
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's official residence in Patna as he is set to return to power by a landslide. His beaming supporters, mostly from the Janata Dal-United, have been thronging his house since the morning to express their joy at his return as chief minister.

Truckloads of laddoos, hundreds of packets of sweets, and tonnes of flowers have been brought in by his admirers. "Laddoos will be distributed in the afternoon to mark Nitish Kumar's victory," a JD-U leader said.Congress, which went alone in the elections, put up a dismal show and was leading in six constituencies. Others were ahead in eight seats.Of the 14 results declared so far, BJP won 8, JD(U) four, besides an independent and a LJP candidate winning one seat each. Among those leading were JD(U) ministers Vijendra Yadav (Supaul), Narendra Narain Yadav JD(U) (Alamgarh), Ram Parvesh Rai (Barauli) and Hari Prasad Shah (Laukaha) besides BJP minister Ashwini Choubey (Bhagalpur).

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