Sunday, December 18, 2011

Muslim Reservation is Against the Constitution:VHP

Dr. Pravinbhai Togadia-VHP Secretary General
Released Resolution of VHP Board of Trust All India  Meeting at
 Kochi, Kerala


We will not allow any job to be given to MUSLIM or CHRISTIAN, snatched from any Hindu,
be it OBC, SC, ST, NT or Open Category

Muslim Reservation is Against the Constitution

Religion – Based Reservation is a Conspiracy to Divide Bharat once again!

The largest organization representing Millions of Hindus is VHP – Vishwa Hindu Parishad & we, the members of VHP All Board of Trustees & Governing Council Unanimously & strongly oppose the religion-based reservations to Muslims OR Christian in any form from any Hindu,be it OBC, SC, ST or Open category, now given by the Govt of India, in OBC’s 27% quota per Sachhar Committee recommendations.

Religion-based reservations are big danger to Bharat’s Unity & Integrity. The move to give religion – based reservations will further trigger separatism among Muslims & Christians. This will put Bharat on the verge of division again. This also is a violation of constitutional fundamental rights of Hindus. Therefore, all members of VHP All India Board of Trustees & members present in the All India Meeting here oppose the said move totally & completely.

Some Muslims are already a part of the OBC list. Muslim Educational Institutions get Govt grand & provision from OBC  quota. Over 3 Commissions have been set up for Muslims & yet there is this move to give then religion – based quota from  OBC. This is purely vote – Bank politics, which is against fundamental principles of Bharat’s Constitution & also against any principle of natural justice.

Social leaders like Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Shri Rajgopalachari etc had strongly & unanimously opposed to the very idea of religion – based reservations while the constitution was being written. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had also written a letter to all Chief Ministers on June 27, 1961 opposing to ‘any community, cult or religion-based’ reservations. (He mentions ‘Sampradaay’ in it)

By giving reservations to Muslims from the Backward classes’ quota will have horrible consequences on Bharat & Hindus, namely:

1.        Backward classes, socially downtrodden & the economically weakest from Hindus will have to suffer severe damage economically, educationally & politically.
2.        Current 6% quota from OBC  to Muslims will further enhance the demand by Muslims & Christians to give them reservations in all fields like education, jobs, loans, exemptions from various rules / regulations, politics etc based on their population percentage. This will permanently divide Bharat.
3.        Religious extremism, rioting & communal conflicts will increase.
4.        Snatching from Economic Subsidies meant for Backward classes to be given to Muslims will further make Backward classes economically bankrupt & unemployed.
5.        Support currently given to economically backward classes & assistance they are currently getting in their trade & work will get snatched by Muslims disturbing the total trade & work systems in Bharat making Bharat economically volatile.
6.        With the allurement of such proposed religion-based reservations, international Muslim & Christian lobbies will tempt Bharat’s common youth to convert to Islam & Christianity. This will make Bharat a centre of Jehad / religious war-field & conversion will go up.

VHP All India Board of Trustees & Governing Council urge the Hon. President of Bharat that caste systems is not a part of Islam & Christianity therefore reservations meant for ancient traditional Hindu castes in Bharat should never be made available to Muslims or Christian, Hence, we urge Hon. President of Bharat to consider the larger national interest & social justice as prescribed in Bharat’s constitution & elaborated by various judiciaries & intervene & prevent the UPA Govt from passing any bills / rules / laws / systems that will give reservations to Muslims or Christians either from the OBC / SC / ST / NT quota or independently.

We unanimously demand that

  1. All recommendations by Rangnath Mishra Commission & Sachhar Committee should be totally rejected as they are detrimental to communal harmony & social justice in Bharat.
  2. With the eye on political vote bank, making an excuse that Muslims are poor, religion – based reservations have already been given in some states like Keral, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Bengal etc. We demand that they be withdrawn with immediate effect.
  3. Either 6% or any quota should never be given to Muslims from OBC’s 27% quota.
  4. As Islam does not accept non-Islamic ancestors & therefore Hindu castes can not be in Islam. Therefore, all those so called castes of Muslims currently included in OBC list should also be de-listed immediately & their OBC  quota be withdrawn.
  5. Christians should not be given reservations from the quota of Scheduled Castes or otherwise.
  6. Reservations given to Christians from Scheduled Tribes be immediately withdrawn.
  7. Bharat’s Constitution opposes religion –based reservations. Therefore, those who demand, promote or propagate reservations based on religion be prosecuted for treason. 

Today, OBC quota is being snatched depriving the real rightful poor Hindus from getting justice; tomorrow Scheduled Castes quota will be snatched & will be given to Christian, ST reservation already  given to Christians. The severe most Govt calamity further will be to amend the constitution to snatch educational facilities, jobs, loans & lives from all Hindus to be given to Muslims & Christians. This will make deserving merit youth to lose their jobs, livelihood & therefore lives.

We appeal to all Hindus of all castes, Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Class, Scheduled Tribes, Nomadic Tribes & all others to stand together as ONE & defeat the Muslim & Christian Vote Bank that has been hurting Hindus & snatching Roti & therefore livelihood of Hindus to be given to Muslims & Christians.   

We appeal to all political parties, social organizations, NGOs, Media who believe in Unity, Integrity & Sovereignty of Bharat, to strongly oppose this move by the current Union Govt.

Hindus in Bharat together start an all Bharat public agitation against the conspiracy of making Hindus perish by the majority poor Hindu losing their roti by reservations to Muslims & Christians.     

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