Sunday, August 23, 2015

ISIS second-in-command has been killed in a US air strike in northern Iraq.
The National Security Council identified the slain militant as Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, also known as Haji Mutaz, and said he was IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s senior deputy.
US forces say they were able to kill him, along with an IS “media operative” known as Abu Abdullah on August 18 in a strike on a vehicle near the city of Mosul.
The White House described Al-Hayali as a member of the Islamic State’s ruling council, and a primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles and people between Iraq and Syria.
Like many senior Iraqi jihadists, before joining the IS group, Al-Hayali had been a member of Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi faction.

Bolt wins 100m final in World Championship  

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt retained his 100 metres title at the IAAF World Championship in Beijing on Sunday. Bolt with a time of  9.79 seconds came first while Justin Gatlin came in second. The 100 metres world record (9.58 seconds) was set by Bolt in the Berlian edition in 2009.
The Jamaican won the event in the both the subsequent editions
Daegu in 2011 and Moscow in 2013
And winning the gold in the same in the last two Olympics.
The Jamaican, 29, has been beset by a pelvic injury for much of the season, producing only two sub-10 second 100m performances all summer. The controversial Gatlin, who arrived in Beijing on a 27-race unbeaten run stretching back two years, had underlined his status as gold medal favourite with the fastest time in the first round.   The American, who last won the world title in Helsinki (2005), eased through his semi-final heat in 9.77 secs.

Assam flood affects more than million

Assam, the number of flood affected people has gone up to 11 lakhs with one thousand 437 villages reeling under the fury of flood in 18 districts.
Though there was slight respite from rains in Upper Assam, downpour continues in a few areas of Lower Assam including Dhubri.
The Army, NDRF and State Disaster Response Force have been deployed in relief and rescue operations.
The current surge of water has also affected huge crop land and cattle stock. Areas of the Kaziranga and Manas National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary have been inundated.
Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi over the flood situation in the state and assured of all possible help from the centre.

HM: Pakistan’s decision to call off talks as ‘unfortunate.’

Pakistan is not ready to focus fully on terrorism and calls off NSA-level talks with India. Talks between National Security Advisors of two countries were to begin today.
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has termed Pakistan’s decision to call off talks as ‘unfortunate.’
External Affairs Ministry further said India never put any preconditions for the NSA Level talks.
What India had insisted upon was commitment to the spirit of Shimla Agreement and the Ufa Declaration.
In some tough talking that has put the ball back in Pakistan’s court, India has made it clear that while it is committed to peaceful and bilateral talks, it will not be held hostage by any pre- conditions set at the last minute and that talks with separatists is unacceptable.
Pointing to increased ceasefire violations and cross border terrorism, India questioned commitment to the Ufa agreement.
Earlier in the day, with Pakistan’s approach casting a cloud over the talks, India made it clear that Pak NSA Sartaj Aziz’s proposed talks with separatist leaders is unacceptable.
Sartaj Aziz will be in Delhi on Sunday and NSAs of both countries are scheduled to discuss issues related to terror on Monday. While India sent both the Agenda and a proposed schedule for the talks to Pakistan three days back, Pakistan is yet to share its agenda.
In the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz SharifIt in Ufa, it was agreed that the NSAs will meet to talk on terror alone. But Pakistan is now adamant on bringing up the Kashmir issue and on going ahead with talks with the Hurriyat.
Sunday’s invitation by the Pakistan High Commission to hardline leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and other separatist leaders to meet Sartaj Aziz has upset New Delhi but Pakistan has stuck to the line that such meetings were routine.
Last year India had cancelled talks with Pakistan after its High Commissioner held talks with separatist leaders just before the NSA level talks.
Terrorism and other contentious issues, which are in the domain of the NSAs, will be taken up at the talks.
This includes destabilisation in FATA, Balochistan, and Karachi. Sources say India will not only handover evidence of Udhampur attack perpetrator Naved belonging to Pakistan but also evidence of Pak involvement in the Gurdaspur attack and a dossier with evidence on Pak sponsored terrorist attacks on Indian soil. India will also hand over a list of absconding terrorists and criminals who have sought refuge in Pakistan.
Enforcement Directorate has issued fresh summons to Kashmiri separatist leader Shabir Shah, at present in Delhi, for questioning in connection with a decade-old case of terror financing through ‘hawala channel’.
According to sources the summons have been sent at the south Delhi guest house where Shah, the Chairman of Democratic Freedom Party of Jammu and Kashmir, has been kept after Delhi Police detained him yesterday when he landed to meet Pakistani leadership in prelude to the now cancelled NSA-level talks.
According to sources Shah has been summoned at the Delhi zonal office of the agency this week.
This is the third attempt by the agency to serve summons on Shah in a August 2005 case where Delhi Police’s Special Cell arrested Mohammed Aslam Wani, an alleged hawala dealer, who had claimed that he had passed on Rs 2.25 crore to Shah.
The agency had said its earlier summons were not replied by Shah.
Hurriyat leader Shabir Shah  arrested in New Delhi on Saturday upon his arrival ahead of a possible meeting with Pakistani advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz during that latter’s impending visit.
On Friday Pakistan’s foreign office issued a statement in response to the Indian ‘advice’ that Sartaj Aziz not meet Hurriyat leaders during his visit to India, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary conveyed to the Indian High Commissioner that this was not acceptable for Pakistan.
The statement of the Foreign Ministry said Kashmir is a disputed territory as per the UN Security Council resolutions which remain unimplemented. Pakistani leadership has always interacted with the Kashmir/Hurriyat leadership, during their visits to India. Pakistan sees no reason to depart from this established past practice. The Hurriyat leaders are true representatives of the Kashmiri people of the Indian occupied Kashmir. Pakistan regards them as genuine stakeholders in the efforts to find a lasting solution of the Kashmir Dispute.
Pakistan has proposed and conveyed to India a comprehensive agenda reflecting the broad understanding reached between the leaders in Ufa, that all outstanding issues, including Kashmir and other disputes, as well as, terrorism issues and other CBMs will be discussed between the two countries.
India’s insistence to introduce conditionalities and restrict the agenda for the dialogue, demonstrates a lack of seriousness on India’s part to meaningfully engage with Pakistan.

Dear Sir/Madam,
                        You are cordially invited to cover the following event:
EVENT:A National Dialogue on An Equal Space “Gender Parity in the Media and Entertainment Sector” organized by National Commission for Women to be inaugurated by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Minister of State for Environment, Forestry and Climate Change.
DATE:24th August, 2015
TIME:10:00 AM
VENUE:Regency Ball Room, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place, Ring Road, New Delhi-110066

राजघाट पर 24 अगस्त के महासंमेलन की तैयारी जोरदार रूप से जारी।
तुषार जोग, अंतरराष्ट्रीय कलाकार के साथ बच्चों का आविष्कार
देषभर के जन आंदोलनकारियेां के साथ पधारेगें, युवा विद्यार्थी भी ।
भूमि अधिकार का मुद्दा आज देष भर अहम राजनैतिक मुद्दा बन चुका हैं। भूमि अधिकार किसानो के लिये, ‘‘विकास’’ का आक्रमण और विस्थापन का आतंक से बचने के लिये अहम मुद्दा है। भूमि अधिग्रहण के आसर तो केवल भूमिधारी पर नही, भूमिहीन खेती मजदूरों पर भी होता हैं। भूमिहीनो में सम्मेलित है मछुआरे, कुम्हार नावडे वाले भी । इन सभी का अधिकार है जिने का और प्राकृतिक पर निर्भर है उनकी जीविका इसलिये, इन तमाम समाजो को एकत्रित आकर नर्मदा घाटी में सरदार सरोवर से उजडने के खिलाफ लड़ना पड रहा हैं ।
‘‘भूमि-आवास-आजीविका अधिकार’’ हजारो परिवारो को देना बाकी होते हुये सरदार सरोवर जैसे महाकाय बांध को आगे बढाने का जो अपराध शासक कर रहे है, उसी को विरोध जानने तथा नर्मदा धाटी के 45 हजार सरदार सरोवर परियेाजना ग्रस्तो के जीवन अधिकार सत्याग्रह को समर्थन देने पहुच रहे है, देष भर के जन आंदोलनकारी कल 24 अगस्त के रोज राजघाट में पधारने वालो की संख्या बढकर कई सारे सषक्त जनआंदोलनो के साथी समर्थक यहां एकत्रित हो रहें हैं। दिल्ली से योगेन्द्र यादव जी (जय किसान आंदोलन व स्वराज अभियान) संदीप पाण्डेय जी (सोसलिस्ट पार्टी व उत्तर प्रदेष), सी.के. जानू (केरल), इसके अलावा तमिलनाडू, उडिया, म0प्र0 बिहार, बंगाल, महाराष्ट्र से आने वालो की संख्या बरीबन 100 हो गई है। विविध विद्यापीठ विष्वविद्यालय के युवा विद्यार्थी पधारे है, आंदोलन की जीवन शाला के बच्चे और अंतराष्ट्रीय कलाकार तुसार जोग कला प्रदर्षन में व्यस्त है। बड़वानी के कई संगठन/संस्थाअेां ने आंदोलन को व्यक्तव्य जाहीर करते हुये, समर्थन घोषित किया। महासम्मेलन में मछुआरे, केवट भी साम 5 बजे नावडा रेली निकालेगे।
इस कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने को लेकर युवाओं ने सत्याग्रह स्थल पर बैठक ली। जीवन अधिकार सत्याग्रह के 13वा दिन भी राजघाट स्थित सत्याग्रह स्थल पर डटकर बैठे है। आज ग्राम भवरिया, गांगली, सोदूल, के लोग सत्याग्रहण पर रहे।
(मीरा) (बिलाल खान) (मुकेष भगोरिया) (राहूल यादव)

  • The Russian military has performed the successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, part of the RS-12M Topol family, from the Kapustin Yar testing range in the southern Astrakhan region, TASS reported. The missile’s warhead hit the designated hypothetical target at the Sary-Shagan range in Kazakhstan “with the desired precision,”Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. The launch was aimed at testing “promising combat equipment for intercontinental missiles,” the ministry added.
  • Belgian and French police officers will jointly patrol the trans-border high-speed Thalys trains on a regular basis, an emergency Belgian Security Council meeting decided, according to TASS. The decision was taken after phone conversations took place between French President Francois Hollande and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. The set of measures will also include tightened controls at railway terminals, strengthening cooperation with local police, and sample luggage inspections. The new measures take effect at the beginning of this weekend, said the Belgian Interior Ministry statement.
  • 15:12 GMT
    The death toll in the Kabul suicide car bombing has risen to 12, including three foreign contract workers and a woman. Sixty-six people were wounded in the blast, six women and five children among them, Afghanistan’s Health Ministry officials said. The suicide attack targeted a foreign convoy in a diplomatic district of the Afghan capital close to the US embassy and ISAF headquarters. EU ambassador to Afghanistan as well as the British embassy in Kabul have condemned the attack.
  • At least 20 people have been killed and dozens wounded in airstrikes launched by Syrian government forces on the Damascus suburb of Douma, AP reports citing the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group. Other groups including the Local Coordination Committees and the Douma Revolution claim that 50 people have died in the strikes. The suburb hosts the Jaysh al-Islam rebel group, also known as the Islam Army. UN officials earlier condemned the government forces actions.
    media agencies

British train workers go on strike

Train workers from First Great Western, a British train company that provides commuter and suburban services, went on strike on Sunday against the introduction of new trains. The strike was organized by theRMT union, which says the introduction of new Hitachi inter-city trains will lead to job losses, because buffet cars may be abolished. The union said it is also concerned over job security and passenger safety on board the new trains. According to First Great Western, they are “running 70 percent of our regular Sunday services but trains may be busy and there will be limited food and drink services on-board.”
Media agencies

Dear friend
Andy Hall is a researcher who defends the rights of migrants in Thailand, including migrants from Burma.
On Monday he will be in a court in Thailand, because a Thai company wants to stop him revealing exploitation of their factory workers. If this company succeeds in their cases against him, he could end up spending 8 years in jail and facing an 8 million pound fine.
Andy Hall
In 2013 he was involved in exposing how a factory in Thailand was committing human rights abuses against migrant workers in its factory. Abuses included child labour, workers being beaten, being paid illegally low wages and facing dangerous working conditions.
Instead of the company, Natural Fruit, taking action to stop these abuses, it has launched several legal cases for defamation and computer crimes against Andy Hall. If convicted, he could face more than eight years in jail and a fine of more than eight million pounds.
The government of Thailand should be enforcing the law to stop abuses like this. They should be telling Natural Fruit to drop these cases and clean up its act. Instead they have been supporting the prosecution, appealing against a court decision to dismiss one of the cases.
These cases are an attack on free speech, and threaten work to improve the rights of migrant workers in Thailand, millions of whom are from Burma.
Thank you.
Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK
Our mailing address is:
Burma Campaign UK
28 Charles Square
LondonN1 6HT
United Kingdom

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Worldwide growing enthusiasm for “water reuse” issue
Dear water friends,
The enthusiasm for “wate reuse” is growing worldwide. In today’s newsletter you will get interesting news from the INTEWA product world and their areas of application.
RAINMASTER in the municipality office, City of Cape Town,

The Cape Town Municipality is installing a RAINMASTER F-40SC Duplex system in their latest suburban office. Their eco – innovative architect decided on the RAINMASTER Duplex system because of the low power consumption and the “safe while redundant” working principle.

Rainwater is collected from approximately 430m² and filtered by two self-cleaning PURAIN 100 rainwater filters with high efficiency. The collected water is stored underground in six 5000 litre tanks. The water saved will flush toilets and urinals throughout the three storey building.
PURAIN filter for tank mounting
Manheim Car Auction in Atlanta, USA
At the Manheim Car Auction in Atlanta, Georgia, USA a 175 m³ captures water from 3,720 m² filtered through a PURAIN DN300 pre-filter. The PURAIN filter is mounted inside the tank and acts as the tank overflow along with a skimmer pipe.
Rainwater harvesting system in Scherrwiller, France
The system consisting of reinforced concrete container with 50 m³ capacity and PURAIN 150 Filter was factory-assembled into the container cone. Rainwater is used for agricultural spray irrigation and for washing machines.
Rain water infiltration with DRAINMAX tunnel in front of the Eintracht Stadion Braunschweig.

The rain runoff of approximately 12,000 m² from sealed surface of the forecourt and the Westtribüne should be infiltrated. Due to space constraints, a trench infiltration below forecourt is the best solution. The DRAINMAX Tunnel system succeeded with a total volume

of just under 300 m³ at Eintracht Stadion. An optimized production, minimal transportation volume and quick installation of DRAINMAX Tunnel leads to best price per m³ storage capacity, which can be achieved with plastic trenches.
Izmir Türkei, Greywater harvesting with AQUALOOP

In future, the greywayer will be used for flushing toilet at a student residence in Izmir.

The experts of BAYSAL ARTIMA team have selected the AQUALOOP technology, certified as per British Standards.

Two membrane stations each with six AQUALOOP membranes deliver best water quality. The system was erected with local tanks.
Now we shower with rain water
The INTEWA team enjoys the wonderful, Brazilian weather conditions at a beach volleyball tournament, of course they then showered with rain water.
We look forward to chatting with you about our products!
Oliver Ringelstein, Manager

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...