Thursday, June 9, 2011

Corruption, blackmoney in foreign banks: BJP on nationwide protest

Nksagar_Sagar Media Inc: New Delhi : 9 June 2011.When vital public issue takes dimension of national importance then public debate becomes necessary in the formation of bill to enact Law.Any slackness can create nation wide sir and topple of the government becomes imminent.
BJP today in its media meet,"It is useful to recall that just after imposing emergency by Congress in 1975 and scams of 1989 cost the congress fall as this year is repeat one" said Shri Ananth Kumar, National General Secretary,of BJP in New Delhi from their Ashok Road office.BJP today announced to organize four day protest and rallies across all states on corruption and black money stashed in foreign banks and to create awareness of Congress role of brutal attacks on children and women at Midnight at Ramlilla ground on Ramdev supporters beginning from June 23-26 which will continue further in Parliament in Moonsoon session.He further added Corruption has become the distinctive hallmark of the Congress UPA Government in which coalition partner suffer and congress leaders go Scot free needs BJP explain to the nation.
Accusing Congress-led Central government of demitting accountability, BJP today demanded apology from UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime minister Manmohan Singh for the police action against Ramdev and his supporters at Delhi's Ram Lila ground on Saturday."Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh owe an apology and explanation to the nation for the naked attempt to deny the basic and fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India,"BJP general secretary Vijay Goyel said during a press conference here.Public Accounts Committee in its draft report in April this year had questioned the role of the finance ministry, including then finance minister P Chidambaram, in the 2G spectrum scam."The former owner of Aircel has told CBI that Maran, who was earlier the telecome minister, had threatened to eliminate him. But Maran is still continuing as minister," Pradhan said.PTI reports

Law enacted sometime bring glory to the government and many times the undercurrent power to topple the government and many experts call this fall by various other terms. Parliament is final authority in making laws is true but the political experts say to understand the law drafted without inputs of civil society cannot be bill fit for Law and the law enacted and Law practiced are two different aspects and with change of time Law has its own intrinsic vale or currency and in case moods of the people gets rage on the draft of bill move to form the Law may bring change of government. Media reports that Facing Anna Hazare's threat to go on an indefinite fast from August 16, Government and the Congress today hardened its stand, making it clear to activists involved in the drafting the Lokpal Bill that Parliament is the final authority in making laws."I do not believe that four or five persons or a single NGO can claim to be better informed and be the sole repository of all knowledge," Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni told reporters here.

Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan also spoke in a similar vein."While the process of consultation is already on, I want to point out that suggestions arising out of this agitation finally will have to go to Cabinet and Parliament", Natarajan said when asked about Hazare's threat.She said, "Law can be made by legislature is the view of every political party

Civil society members can only give suggestions: Cong

Just ponder and feel that civil society members first choice women reservation bill has not seen the light.Land acquisition Act keeps the farmers in tenterhooks, corruptions laws fail to deliver,delivery mechanism of the government unable to bring desired results,nexus of various group gather easy money from the system and away from the system in their own convenience state.Corruption is not raised for the first time but has been the issue since 1975 by JP and 1985 Chandrasekhar- Janata Dal and by Congress in 2003-2004 but robust growth of corrupt people and officials give golden-shake hand. On a day when Anna Hazare sat on a fast protesting the crackdown on Ramdev's protest, Congress virtually declared redundancy of the Joint Committee to draft a strong Lokpal bill.Civil society members can only give suggestions: Congress is repeated many a times then the civil society members for definitely clash on their basic points and will raise hue and cry for not abiding to basics.

Party spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan on Wednesday said civil society representatives "could not be the alternate sources" for lawmaking including the key legislation.Political thinkers in their opinions say,But in democracy each civil society members has the rights to give his/her inputs as the government is always short of ground reality and holistic experiences.
Arun Jaitley thus has said in meeting at constitutions club that Congress leaders thinks to know much and behave in arrogance and is not in mood to listen even when they are in minority as the bill cannot be passed in Upper house if the opposition parties are not taken into confidence for their minority numerical.

Jayanti said further, "There is a constitutional scheme of things needed to be adhered to including taking the views of the Parliament while deciding on the legislation. Whatever they say could be suggestions for draft but it can't be the legislation. This is not a banana republic. We are working under the constitution of India," she said in New Delhi on Wednesday.Experts say to prove watchdog by civil society does not dilute the Constitution but strengthen.In the name of constitution adherence,government is unable to put off the corruption,unable to give accountability for public treasury money allocated,funds sent is not spent in proper way and bills pile up in lines for public welfare.

The Congress spokesperson side-stepped questions whether the Prime Minister should be under the proposed Lokpal bill, noting that the Constitution review committee under Justice M M Venkatachaliah had expressed itself against it.The remarks of Natarajan came a day after Hazare and other representatives of the civil society boycotted a scheduled meeting but made it clear that they would participate in future meetings.

Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee is the Chairman of the Committee and former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan is its co-chairman.Natarajan also tried to drive a wedge between Hazare and Ramdev, saying the Gandhian appears to be unaware of the call for armed rebellion given by the Yoga Guru.Natarajan dismissed as "unacceptable" Hazare's statement that what he was fighting the "second freedom struggle".

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