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Irish abortion referendum

Public cheers for the results of Irish #abortionreferendum in  

Lila Rose tweets, Ireland voted to reject the basic human rights of the youngest & most vulnerable human beings.
When a society decides to allow the killing of its children at the whim of adults, it loses its very heart & soul.
To every person that values human life – we must redouble our efforts inIreland, the US, and around the world to protect the innocent.
One day the world will recognize the horror of abortion and mourn the over one billion lives lost in the greatest human tragedy in history.
Evangelicals & GOP try to strip women of their rights in America, Ireland has a historic vote to give woman the right to determine their own healthcare. Well done, Ireland!
Another tweet say, Ireland continues to impress. As the US moves away from women’s reproductive freedom & LGBT rights, Ireland has now moved decisively – via landslides – to legalize a woman’s right to control her body & marriage equality. Congrats to our Irish brothers & sisters!
The outcome is, Wow. 77% of people in Dublin voted YES. 60% of people in rural areas voted YES. 87% of young voters voted YES.
Ireland’s moment of destiny finally gives women choice – a choice still denied millions around the world.
Time for referendum in Scotland and north Ireland
Sinn Fein, calls for a referendum for North Ireland to leave the UK, & rejoin Ireland.
Now North Ireland too shall deserve to have their say.

NHSA to bring Israeli Health Tech to UK

Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA), a system made up of eight research universities, eight teaching hospitals and four academic science networks across the north of England, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the UK Israel Tech Hub, with the purpose of bringing Israeli health and MedTech innovations to northern England.
The agreement will support Israeli healthcare firms establishing a presence in the UK, specifically in northern England. The NHSA will provide support to these companies, identified by the UK Israel Tech Hub, giving them the opportunity to access UK clinical research in the region and engage with health research professionals, teams, and clinical experts for the development of tech that will benefit the Northern Health Science system.
The MoU was signed by NHSA Head of Corporate Affairs Suzanne Ali-Hassan with the British ambassador to Israel David Quarrey at the Mixiii-Biomed 2018 life science conference in Tel Aviv.

Congress Without Alliances May Not Get Even 10 LS Seats

Researcher View only :
May27, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh
I am observing progress of Congress & BJP in politics since around 1965 since when I followed them at Rallies or On TV.
Karnataka campaign was going well until Rahul Gandhi – never learning immature leader expressed his desire to be Next PM, ‘I Can Be PM If Congress get majority in 2019’ – I instantly knew he has Lost Karnataka – I think Congress could have got 120 seats but had settle for Deputy CM position.
When BJP is in ELECTION MOOD EVERY DAY – Rahul Gandhi is largely inaccessible, Missing in Media for weeks have no idea of local issues that matters most.
Poorly drafted 4 year Progress Report of Government could have been released a week earlier accessed by millions but the version uploaded has two sections in English & Hindi – could have been separately released.
In hour long Interview to WIRE, ex Finance Minister failed to tell that Cost of Refilling LPG Cylinder is more than Earnings of Most Poor Households – Rs.650 which may last couple of weeks only who shall continue to use Freely Available Farm Waste.
The talk of alliance or the idea of alliance is not new – in 1977 opposition united to form Janta Dal and defeated Congress led by Indira Gandhi therefore ALLIANCES ALWAYS WIN IN INDIA. TOI had after Karnataka Elections reported Congress-JDU alliance could have won 151 seats in Karnataka but for Supreme Court intervention was a lost case.
Since 1991 Congress didn’t get majority in Lok Sabha and was in need of alliances – BJP fought election in alliance and steadily in 5 years gained in Seat Share to a point 13 day AB Vajpayee government fell by just one vote in 1966 itself. Vajpayee again formed government for 13 months in 1998, 1999 provided stable government ruled for six years.
Congress saw it all the time yet fought the 2004, 2009, 2014 elections without alliance with major regional parties – managed to run full 5 year terms under Manmohan Singh when had just 141 seats and 205 seats in Lok Sabha than 272 majority number.
In last UP State Elections Congress a year ago was ranked 5th behind BJP, SP, BSP, Apna Dal secured only 7 seats out of 403. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are not secure – may likely lose 2019 LS Elections.
Stuck at just 44 Seats down from 205 that includes mostly over aged or PART TIME Members of Parliament who managed to win in 2014 by very low margins. So Congress is not getting even 10 Seats in 2019 without alliances.
Since 1991 Congress didn’t have a SMART LEADER as Party President in full time job – Narasimha Rao or Sita Ram Kesri or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi.
Finally There Is No Connectivity Between WEAK TALKS of Rahul, Chidambaram or Sibal or Jha or Surjewala – People Disconnect.                        So Can’t Get Even 10 Seats in 2019 Lok Sabha without Alliance.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects
With a pre-poll tie-up, Cong-JD(S) could’ve won 151, left 69 to BJP
May 17, 2018
How much of a difference to the results would it have made if Congress and JD(S) had a pre-poll alliance in Karnataka? ‘What if’ questions are always hard to answer in politics, but going purely by the arithmetic of the actual results, such an alliance would have won 151 seats leaving the BJP with just 69.
More importantly, if the two parties tie up for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and if voters stick to the same party preferences — big ifs — BJP would be reduced to just 7 of the state’s 28 seats instead of the 17 it won in 2014, while Congress could raise its tally from 9 to 17. These emerge from the numbers of the 2018 verdict.
Had there been such an opposition alliance, Congress would have won 99 seats instead of the 78 it won and JD (S) would have won 51 seats against its tally of 37. BSP, which was a JD(S) ally, would have won the seat it did, but not gained from an alliance.

DesignXDesign Expose’ 36: Aditi Prakash, Preeti & Kabir Vajpeyi

31.05.2018, thursday, 7PM
ML Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Française de Delhi | 72, Lodi Estate, New Delhi – 110003
About the Presenters
Aditi Prakash: Product/Accessory Designer – PURE GHEE
Pure Ghee is a product/ accessory brand inspired by colours and textiles of India. Started by Aditi Prakash in 2010 it aims to include handcraft in urban lives. Trained as a sculptor and an Industrial designer, Aditi has developed a design vocabulary that is clean and contemporary while being rooted in the Indian design aesthetic.
The name comes from a tin of home-made ‘Ghee’ a craftsman gifted Aditi. The affection behind the gesture, and the wholesomeness of the gift inspired her to name her brand ‘Pure Ghee’. The name symbolizes quality and a love for life that is intrinsically Indian, comforting and joyful.
Each Pure Ghee product is made with love and a meticulous attention to detail. They are distinguished by the use of unusual materials, colour, and craftsmanship. Aditi believes in producing culturally rich, contextual and functional products for the contemporary consumer. Her products are retailed in Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities of India and, of late, in London. She uses Indian textiles, from block-printed fabric from Kutch to kitschy lungi fabric from Karela. Besides various types of bags for which PureGhee is well known other products it produces include potlis, clutches and accessories such as scraves, textile jewellery, gajras, clips, bangles etc.
Pure Ghee’s studio is in Aya Nagar, an urban village located near the Gurgaon border in Delhi. The staff consists of women and youth from the surrounding village. For them ‘Pure Ghee’ has become an opportunity to develop skills, make friends and have a better life.
Preeti and Kabir Vajpeyi : Architects – VINYÃS
Preeti and Kabir are architects based in India with extensive experience on developing learning environments of schools and pre-schools in rural as well as urban areas. They both co-founded VINYÃS in 1996 – to undertake innovative, application oriented, interdisciplinary research and design, build capacity and provide policy support. They were listed as amongst the 32 ‘Great stories of change – Inventive Indians’ in 2009.
Since inception, VINYÃS has advised and provided consultancy to the Government of India, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, the World Bank, DFID, GTZ, Aga Khan Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, HUDCO, apart from several not-for-profits and private institutions on matters related to education, early childhood care, building design, conservation, tourism, training, construction, policy etc. VINYÃS conducts workshops and training programmes for administrators, architects, engineers, teachers and masons in participative design and construction practices. One of the key ideas developed by VINYÃS has been BaLA –‘Building as Learning Aid’, which is gradually transforming schools and Anganwadis across India now. Preeti and Kabir, with other like-minded professionals, founded VINYÃS SOCIETY- a not-forprofit in 2012 as an extension of VINYÃS, with a vision for ‘Enriching Habitat for All, Responsibly, Innovatively, Everywhere’.
Kabir was  Advisor, Infrastructure for Universalization of Elementary Education [Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)] to the National Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India between 2010-13. He was recognized as Social Entrepreneur and was elected as Ashoka Fellow for lifetime in the year 2012 by Ashoka Innovators for the Public. He is also a ‘Well-being Ambassador’ since January 2017, after being in the first international cohort of 17 Social Entrepreneurs chosen from across the world under the Well-being Project in 2015.
Preeti has been teaching Architecture for the last 18 years besides conducting extensive research on ‘How to make BaLA inclusive?’. She has a PhD on ‘School Built Environment as Learning Resource for All Children’. Currently, she is the founding Head of the Department of Architecture and Planning, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, New Delhi where she has been able to give the course  a distinct social orientation.
Preeti and Kabir have co-authored books and manuals on responsive, children-centered schools and early childhood facilities. Some of their work has been translated into major Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati. They have also lectured at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, the United Nations Headquarters, World Bank Headquarters, Ashoka Innovators for the Public Headquarters, the Centre for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School for Governance, National University of Singapore, the Graduate School of Design and Education at Harvard University etc. Both participated in Globalizer Summit in London in 2016 to scale up BaLA globally.

India under 4 Yr of ModiEra

Hamid ansari, manmohan singh, kapil sibal, yashwant sinha, barkha dutt…Etc. launched ex ISI chief asad durrani’s book 2 days back, in india. @narendramodi govt did not give visa to durrani.
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc: India’s Modi Era 4yrs fizzles R, Youth employment 2.5 Cr each year flat nil,Black money stashed abroad with 15 lakh 2 citizen election promise hawkish slogans.Ganga Ys cleaning damp (link: http://squib.Smart) squib.Smart cities bullets train non starter. Oil fuel prices peaks
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc : India under 4 Yr ModiEra proS:Dev chief,32Cr Fininclusn. DigitalInd, CleanInd ToiletsBuild record s.Neem on Urea Governance parameter change. Infra Power Skill, FDI, India prides surge global.
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar

Zero Tolerance To Violence Against Healthcare Providers

Indian Medical Association organized a state level programme highlighting the increasing violence against Healthcare providers.
The healthcare professionals in India are the worst sufferers because of healthcare violence. It is beyond any doubt that the stress in the workplace has started affecting the quality of healthcare and acceptance of patients in indoor setups. Doctors are living In a fearful environment in their workplace
Indian Medical Association has demanded an absolute end to the violent episodes taking place against the Healthcare providers.
17 states have legislation against violence on doctors and hospitals. But the poor implementation, inadequate knowledge of police personnel, weak clauses makes these state Medicare acts absolute ineffective.
The violence against medical fraternity has complex root causes and need to be addressed by all concerned wherein Government needs to play an important role.
IMA advocates a policy of “React, Respond, Regulate and Reach out” for the fraternity to counter the violence.
The brainstorming session on ‘Doctor-Patient Relationship and Violence against the Healthcare providers was organized by IMA Headquarters at Le Meridian, New Delhi on 26 May 2018.
IMA is launching a nationwide movement for “Zero Tolerance to Violence” from 1 July 2018

Dhruv Sheoran triumphs by one shot at PGTI Feeder Tour – Chhawla

New Delhi, May 25, 2018: Rookie Dhruv Sheoran of the DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurugram, bagged his maiden professional title after coming home the champion by one shot at the first PGTI Feeder Tour event of the season which was played at the BSF Golf Club in Chhawla, New Delhi.
The 23-year-old Sheoran (69-68-74), the joint leader at the end of round two, completed a wire-to-wire victory despite a sedate final round of two-over-74. His total read five-under-211.
Delhi golfer Pawan Verma (73-71-68) made huge gains on the final day as he took a leap from overnight 11th to tied second at four-under-212 thanks to his last round of 68 which was also the day’s best score.
Sandeep Singh (72-65-75) of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, the co-leader in round two, finished joint runner-up along with Verma after returning a 75 on Friday.
Dhruv Sheoran, playing his first event as a professional, made a slow start in the third round having dropped three bogeys over the first 14 holes. However, Dhruv, the 2017 PGTI Qualifying School champion, fought his way back to the top with a couple of birdies on the 15th and 16th even as his nearest challenger Sandeep Singh struggled to recover after an early triple-bogey.
Sheoran scored a bogey on the last hole but still managed to edge out Pawan and Sandeep by one stroke.
 Sheoran said, “My calmness and patience saw me through. I felt the conditions were quite different as compared to the last two days and I adjusted really well. I enjoyed myself out there and didn’t put any pressure on myself. The good memories from the 2017 Q School win also had a calming effect on me.
 “The birdie on the 15th could be the turning point of the day as it did wonders to my confidence. I made a good club selection on the 15th tee and also nailed a crucial 15-footer on the green. I then followed that up with a tough 20 feet birdie conversion on the 16th that set up the victory for me.
 “I would like to thank my home course, the DLF Golf & Country Club, for all their support. I would also like to thank my parents for their encouragement and support over the years.”


“Walmart is nothing but a US version of The East India Company which conquered the Country. It is highly regretted that some of the people for just merely earning the profit have sold major chunk of e commerce to Walmart’- said the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) in a strong worded communication to Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister of Commerce today. The CAIT has also said that if they are not heard, they will be left with no other alternative but to knock the doors of Prime Minister.
CAIT National President Mr. B.C.Bhartia & Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that we apprehend that story of The East India Company might happened again as through the way of E Commerce, Walmart will be entering retail trade and will indulge into predatory pricing, deep discounting and thereby creating an uneven level playing field. It will source globally the cheapest material and will dump in the Country to wipe out the Competition. Sadly as of now no rule or law exist which can put restrictions on such practices of any Company.
In its communication to Mr. Prabhu, the CAIT has said that Walmart-Flipkart deal needs a thorough investigation from every angle. It is apprehended that the deal is bound to circumvent established laws and FDI policy of the Government and through e commerce, the ultimate object of Walmart is to enter the retail trade of the Country. In absence of any policy on e commerce or retail trade, it would be easy for the Walmart to reach out to retail market which otherwise it can not enter due to FDI policy. It is not merely a merger of two companies but will have greater ramifications on retail trade & economy of the Country.
​The CAIT has  highly regretted that despite ​its​ filing objection with ​Commerce Minister ​office, what to say of discussing the issue, it was never thought fit to even acknowledge the letter. Such a casual approach towards retail trade is un called for and runs against the principle of natural justice. Opportunity for placing our view point should be given against a deal which we feel will run against the interests of the Country.
​It further said that ​since the matter also relates to data security, controlling entire chain from inventory to last end consumer which will turn out to be a monopoly , a peculiar situation will arise which will be to the disadvantage to brick & mortar shops and economy as well.

Pankha: Hand-Fans from the collection of Artist Jatin Das

To Stir the Still Air: A Collection of Handfans from the Indian Sub-continent and Beyond at IGNCA.
New Delhi; 25th May, 2018: A unique collection of Pankha, traditional Indian handfans, is exhibited from 26th May through to 24thJune 2018 at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) in New Delhi (with a preview on 25th May). The exhibition features fans and related objects such as paintings, prints and films selected from the vast collection of eminent artist Jatin Das. The artist’s collection began with a pankha gifted to him by a friend and has now grown in the past two decades to include over 5,000 different fans.
Jatin Das continues to collect fans on his travels, often visiting basti markets and haats or asking chowkidars, cooks and peons for hand fans, especially during the hot months when they are most likely to be produced. He has come across beautiful pankhas in this way, hand-made by mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Sometimes he visits antique dealers, where he finds rare or antique fans. Das’ collection also grows thanks to the generous gifts of friends who are familiar with his passion for pankha. From fixed ceiling fans operated by pankhawala to cool a congregation, to large phads used for the comfort of aristocrats and nobility, to handfans and flywhisks, the assortment of artefacts is astounding in size, variety and beauty.  The fans range from intricately woven bamboo, grass, cane, wheat stalk and palm leaf, to feather, silk cotton, leather, bead and mica or mirror.
Handfans play an important role in social customs in oriental countries like Japan and China as well as Spain, where a complex fan language has developed to express emotion and convey wordless messages in a whorl of man-made wind that emanates from a simple flick of the wrist. It is a symbol of daily life and an essential accessory for both males and females alike. In India, the main use of the pankha is combatting the heat of hot Indian summers. Handfans are used for rituals and comfort, and almost every Indian art form features a pankha in depictions of myths, religious stories and tales of mortal adventure. Pankha are associated with romance, as women used the tool to seduce, comfort, and cool their lovers with the gentle caress of softly disturbed air. Ceremonial fans were used in temples, decorated pankha were an important part of a bride’s dowry, large fans were a crucial element of the social gatherings of aristocrats and nobles, and rudimentary pankha were used to fan cooking flames.
The Pankha collection was first shown at the Crafts Museum in New Delhi and has since travelled across India and around the world to Switzerland, Philippines, United States, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. It will ultimately be housed in the JD Centre of Art in Bhubaneswar, Odisha – Jatin Das’ home state. Though some pieces from the collection have been exhibited previously, this is the most definitive collection to date, around 500 in number and the largest cross section of fans. This exhibition will feature demonstrations by skilled craftspeople and fan-making workshops for children. The fans are categorized by their usage, material, origin or type. It will feature pankhas in addition to other art forms that feature the handicraft. Cool Indian summer drinks, leisurely music, poetry and literature centred on the warm months complete the image of these lyrical objects just in time for Delhi’s temperatures to rise. The exhibition is curated by Jatin Das.
This collection of pankas is a small attempt to rejuvenate the spirit of the living traditions of India. The makers of these fans carry on a long tradition of decorative creativity – a tradition which is sadly disappearing today, for a variety of reasons. Each year, the Indian postal service issues a number of commemorative postage stamps dedicated to different historical and cultural objects, events, and personalities. In 2018, Das’ Pankha collection was granted a place on Indian stamps, where they will travel around the world promoting the rich and diverse expressions of Indian craftsmanship through the post. Thanks to Jatin Das and other like-minded people, the poetry of these fans, their charm and beauty will be able to enchant generations to come, as this collection will have a permanent house in the JD Centre of Art.
The JD Centre of art was established by Padma Bhushan awardee Jatin Das in 1997 for the conservation and promotion of traditional and contemporary visual arts and crafts. The Centre is a registered Trust that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and all of India, offering an equal platform for contemporary and traditional artists and makers. It aims to become a significant institution in the cultural landscape of the region. JDCA’s core collection, donated by Jatin Das, consists of the artist’s own work and that of many of his contemporaries, as well as traditional art and craft objects, textiles, antiquities, books, films on art, and recordings of art-focused lectures derived from the Centre’s monthly “Meet the Artist” lecture series.



In the presence of eminent personalities and fitness experts Suniel Shetty and Gul Panag

Date:   Saturday, May 26, 2018
Time:   6.45 pm onwards
Venue: Central Park,
Connaught Place, New Delhi

We request you to please kindly depute a photographer from your publication as well

Piyush Kant / Anuj Kumar Boruah / Shakti Raj Vidyarthi
Young Monk Communications
+91 9810252379 / 9958372662 / 9711118189 /

Media Invite of IMA Seminar on Doctor Patient Relationship

Media Invite -Indian Medical Association Invite You to attend a seminar on Doctor Patient Relationship and violence on Doctors and medical establishment.
Key Points – Social Perspective of Rising Violence against doctors & Dynamics of Doctor-Patient Trust Deficit
In The Presence Of Hon’ Lt Governer Shri Anil Baijal.,Mr.Ravi wankhedkar National President IMA.. and In the presence of over 300 Doctors across the country
Venue: Hotel Le Meridien Sovereign Hall, New Delhi. 26th May 2018 Saturday
Time – 1:30 PM.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...