December27, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

Politically Congress was reduced to JUNK grade four years ago when it
couldn’t stand up to Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare and defend over a
100 years old party that ruled and won elections with clean majority
most of the time.

I don’t subscribe to the idea of First Post – replacements of Rahul
Gandhi in Congress are even worse many inducted through Rajya Sabha,
are not even state level leaders, don’t have any fighting quality and
caliber otherwise Congress wouldn’t have gone in to electoral battles
only to lose. All these Secondary Leaders had CAPITALIST Mindset
contrary to Traditional Ideology.

Every one in Congress knew Rahul is not in tune with ground reality –
even after camping in poorest and backward villages off and on –
substitutes have no idea of India or were simply ‘Timid and
Incompetent With No Political Base.’

Congress top level two Leaders can’t even think of SPLIT – unlike pre
1980 when there were Factions within who were opposed to Socialistic

Einstein in the party Jairam Ramesh was extreme dullard –

-    as Industry Minister he didn’t support MSMEs and didn’t Protect
Indian Intellectual Property, every one knows MSMEs contributes max

-    as Power Minister didn’t support Multi-Purpose Hydro Power, Energy
Efficiency, Load Management, Correct Meters & Billing and neglected
Rural Electrification.

-    as Environment Minister sabotaged Bt Trials – even trials were put
on hold when Bt Cotton was 100% success, every Cotton farmer was ready
to pay many times more for a packet of seeds than MRP. Instead of
Promoting ‘SUSTAINABLE MINING’ he stopped mining activity completely.

-    as Rural Development Minister was preoccupied with Land Bill only
after letting Corporate Acquire Thousands of acres of land for SEZs or
Bogus Programs like MNREGA than ensuring Full Time Jobs promoting Food
Processing & MSMEs in rural India as an example.

-    UPA completed two five year terms due to Manmohan Singh honestly
Transferring Central Taxes to states.

-    Bogus INVENTOR Sam Pitroda MISLED GOI for 25 years is shown the door
by BJP but Congress relied on him for Total Stupidity. When India was
to introduce Indigenous Optic Fiber Based Networks, 3G & 4G for mobile
applications 2G auctions harmed India and landed Government in

-    Son of former CM, Shashidhar Reddy was TOTAL DISASTER as CEO of NDMA
– from 2006 Surat Floods to Kosi, Floods in Punjab, Uttarkhand and
Kashmir Floods.

-    Defense Minister couldn’t handle ‘Date of Birth Issue’ such was his
INCOMPETENCE and ordered CBI investigations on false complaints,
failed to procure Defense Hardware.

Secondary Congress leaders operated as Office Babus only concerned
with pushing files Up & Down without taking any decisions
without Correcting Mistakes without Innovating & Addressing Problems.

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