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GOPIO community service awards

GOPIO has selected seven to receive community service awards at the annual banquet to be held on Jan. 6th. The senior most Indian Administrative officer, Shnipping Secretary and former MOIA Secretary K. Mohandas will be recognbized for his services to the Indian Diaspora community. This year's award recipients are as follows:

Faisal Kottikollon (Bahrain) - Entrepreneur/industrialist. Founder President/CEO of Emirates Techno Casting synergy comprising of several successful companies. A visionary industrialist and philanthropist, a man widely respected for his business acumen and compassion for the underprivileged. As the founder-chairman of the UAE-based KEF Holdings, he has scripted a phenomenal success story that continues to inspire many entrepreneurs. Many years of service in practicing corporate social responsibility as well as setting up the Shabana & Faizal Foundation charity organization directing funds and support for the betterment of deprived people.


Raghunath Manet (France) - Prominent exemplary classic Indian dancer and teacher with exemplary contribution to social and humanitarian activities that include active collaboration with UNESCO for promotion of art and Indian culture worldwide. Pro bono community volunteer service as teacher of vocal, instrumental, Ayurveda, yoga and classic dance at his own institution. Offering basic education, training facilities, shelter & access to art & culture, including handicrafts, to particularly the disabled, blind persons and kids and disadvantaged persons through his own school based in Pondicherry. Participating in voluntary activities for AIDS/SIDACTION. Funding for Reconstruction of Historical sites and Temples in South India by performing "The famous Temple of Tanjore".
Prof. Ved Prakash Nanda (USA) - Director of the International Legal Studies Program at the University of Denver and an internationally renowned jurist. He was also the former president of the World Jurist Association and President of the World Association of Law Professors. Prof. Nanda is the recipient of the 2004 Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award; the 1997 United Nations Association Human Rights Award; and the 1990 World Legal Scholar award. He has authored or co-authored 22 books in international law and is widely published in law journals, magazines and newspapers. He has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor and Scholar at a number of universities in the United States and abroad. One of the founding team setting up GOPIO International for the cause of protecting and furthering the human rights of PIOs; a professional of excellence and dedication to community service. A staunch supporter of forging better bilateral ties and understanding between India and US and India and many other countries.

Photo from top left clockwise - Faisal Kottikollon, Raghunath Manet, Prof. Ved P. Nanda, Hendry Vikramasinghe, Datuk A. Vaithilingam, Dr. Ajeet Singhvi and
Dr. Rami Ranger  

Dr. Rami RangerDr. Rami Ranger, MBE (UK) - A very successful businessman with recognition from Her Majesty the Queen five times, four times for business (Sun Mark Ltd) and once personally for community service. This year the company was added to the Sunday Times most profitable 100 companies in Britain in their "Profit Track 100". He also devotes his time to benefit society by launching ground breaking initiatives designed to strengthen social cohesion in Britain. He has created hundreds of jobs for fellow Indians and he also raises funds for worthy projects in India. He encourages the British Indian community to become more publically and politically spirited in Britain. In addition, he has also helped 5 fellow Indians to become Members of Parliament in Britain to safeguard India's interest.

Ajeet Singhvi, MD (USA) - Immediate Past President of American Association of Physicians of India Origin (AAPI), the largest organized association of PIOs and NRIs in the US. Worked for over 30 years towards better understanding between people of Indian and United States. Prominent physician with faculty appointment at Loma Linda University Medical Center, a Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology and the American Gastroenterological Association. He served as the Chief of Staff at Hemet Valley Medical Center from 2000 to 2004, and was also on the Hemet Hospital Foundation Board. He is presently serving on the Board of Riverside County Medical Association. He has been working closely with community leaders to address issues of mutual interest, especially the first ever "Health India Think Tank". Worked closely with community leaders to address issues of disease prevention and health promotion amongst Indo-Americans.


Datuk A. Vaithilingam (Malaysia) - A dedicated national leader of NGOs for social service and community development in Malaysia; recognized as a righteous spokesperson for the advancement of inter-faith advocacy and its role in fostering harmony within the multi-religious communities of Malaysia. At the forefront in initiating and implementing community development and social welfare programs in for in Malaysia. He has helmed various leadership roles of Malaysia Hindu Sangam that is Malaysia's national representative organization of the 1.8 million Hindus in the country. He served as the President of the Malaysia Hindu Sangam for over 12 years until his retirement in 2009. He has also been a key founder member of the Malaysian AIDS Council, as well as the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taosim (MCCBCHST).

Hendry H Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) - Secretary/Consultant at Office of Hon. M.P. Praba Ganesan. Participated in the peace process activities in Sri Lanka at the grass root level, representing Indian origin Tamils. An ardent activist in promoting the Indian origin upcountry Tamils rights in socio-cultural and political spheres and facilitating higher studies of upcountry Tamil students. Made significant contribution in the service of preservation and betterment in temples in Colombo. Actively campaigning for the civil rights of Indian origin Tamils in Sri Lanka whom were disenfranchised in 1948. Participated with Ministers and Members of Parliament in seminars and study tours on the Federal System in most of the European countries since the year 2000. Many years in support of the community in both public and social service, as well as your exemplary achievements and your commitment to human rights.

SPECIAL AWARD - Hon. K. Mohandas (India)   
Secretary K Mohandas is the senior most IAS officer in the Indian administration. Currently the secretary of the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, earlier he served as the secretary in the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA). While serving as the Secretary of MOIA, Mohandas traveled in many countries with large NRI/PIO population to reach out the overseas Indian communities, to understand their issues and seek solutions to them. During his term as MOIA Secretary, Mohandas made several initiatives from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs including Overseas Indian Facilitation Center (OIFC), India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians and Global Indian Network of Knowledge (Global INK). When MOIA initiated the Kolkata project at the urging of GOPIO as a memorial for the PIOs who migrarted one century ago from India, Secretary Mohandas came forward and helped to clear it from his ministry.

BJP candidates for Assembly Election 2012 for Uttrakhand

Central Election Committee of the Bharatiya Janata Party met today under the Presidentship of Shri Nitin Gadkari.
Meeting was attended by Shri L.K. Advani, Chairman, BJP Parliamentary Party, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition (Lok Sabha), Shri Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha) and all the members of the Central Election Committee of the BJP.
The committee has decided the following names for the ensuing General Elections for the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand.
Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Election 2012
Constituency No. & Name
Name of the Candidates
Purola (SC)
Shri Malchand
Tharali (SC)
Shri Maganlal Shah
Shri Harish Pujari
Shri Matbar Singh Kandari, Minister
Ghanshali (SC)
Shri Bhimlal Arya
Shri Dhan Singh Negi
Shri Mahavir Ragand
Shri Sahdev Pundir
Shri Trivendram Singh Rawat, Minister
Rajpur Road (SC)
Shri Ravindra Kataria
Dehradun Cantt.
Shri Harbansh Kapoor, Speaker
Shri Ganesh Joshi, MLA
Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Ex-CM
Shri Madan Kaushik, Minister
B.H.E.L. Ranipur
Shri Aadesh Chauhan
Jwalapur (SC)
Shri Chandra Shekar Bhattewal
Jhabrera (SC)
Shri Deshraj Karnwal
Shri Suresh Chand Jain, MLA
Shri Ravindra Paniyala
Shri Kalim Ansari
Shri Sanjay Gupta
Hardwar Rural
Swami Yateshwarand
Smt.Vijaya Barthwal, Minister
Shri Dilip Singh Rawat
Maj. Gen. B.C. Khanduri, CM
Shri Khushal Singh Pipliya
Shri Bishan Singh Chuphal, MLA
Shri Prakash Pant, Minister
Gangolihat (SC)
Smt. Geeta Thakur
Shri Balwant Singh Bhoryal, Minister
Bageshwar (SC)
Shri Chandan Ram Das, MLA
Shri Narendra Singh Bisht
Shri Surendra Jeena, MLA
Shri Ajay Bhatt
Someshwar (SC)
Shri Ajay Tamta, Ex-Minister
Shri Raghunath Chauhan
Shri B.S. Negi
Shri Puran Phataryal
Smt. Hema Joshi
Shri Naveen Dumka
Nainital (SC)
Shri Hem Arya
Shri Aadesh Chauhan
Shri Harbhajan Singh Cheema, MLA
Shri Rajkumar Thukral
Shri Rajesh Shukla
Shri Kiran Mandal
Nanak Matta (ST)
Dr. Prem Singh
Shri Pushkar Dhami

(Ananth Kumar)
National General Secretary, BJP &
Secretary, Central Election Committee, BJP

The dirty face of Indian governance

It is serious time for all educated Indians to think and review where the country has reached after 65 year of independence.Or for that matter where it has not simply moved.
One area is total slave minds of Indians to western language ,glamor and white skin.
The R&D and technology base in India is virtually zero.Like a child gets a powerful toy and starts thinking he is also powerful our businessmen,politicians and scientists keep chanting India super power to grab perks,huge salaries and fool people,while holding imported tools and equipment almost everywhere including computer software and hardware.
Nothing could be more stupid and illusion Indians are living in.
This total slavery and dependence on western products and culture is main cause for rap[id rise in prices, loss of ethics and public morality and loot and plunder going on.

MM Singh a paper degrees carrying third rate and failed economists managed to get into power and hang there for 8 years based on this decay in politics and vacuum of leadership.He is simply a stooge,a dummy and a puppet occupying highest executive office in country causing big damage to Indian society,its economy and culture and morality.A puppet and toothless prime minister has sent strong message to babus and politics to loot the country without fear.

Rising corruption ,price rise and poor law and order is result of a dishonest and puppet occupying highest office in India.

In fact Singh is simply an agent of capitalists specially westerns MNCs.if he has any shame he should quit.No one needs hi8s fraudulent expertise.

Another political and financial joker in UPA government is Mukherjee.this man suffers from sheer arrogance and illusion that he is great financial expert and administrator.

WE f ail to understand why these old and obsolete men are being kept at forefront chanting their story of 1960s and 1970s that are totally irrelevant today.

Mukherjee said India is largest functioning democracy.The truth is India is largest malfunctioning mobocracy and a decaying society thanks to opportunists,fraudulent experts and puppets like Mukherjee managing to hang on corridors of power.

Is India really independent.Who is ruling India for last 10 years? no one.It is free for all.Sonia is a foreigner, half educated housewife and a widow acting as agent of western this country completely empty being unable to throw even 5 leaders in politics?

The Sonia mafia has only one goal.To keep fake Gandhi family in hold of politics ,the longest surviving family rule in modern world.The shameless Indians that we are lack self esteem and tow this arrangement.

Congress should be boycotted in all elections till it gets rid of fake Gandhi family and the 70 plus old men in congress.

Congress is out on loot and plunder since last 8 years with many opportunists, boneless guys, criminals,looters and self seeking corrupt people managing to get into Indian parliament and legislative assemblies with active connivance of congress and some third rate fake political paris floated by rejected and opportunist politicians.

The country is being divided more and more by promoting and increasing reservations to create vote banks.

It is tragedy that some scoundrels get elected by votes of unaware ,illiterate and caste ridden by 95% of population and then become voice of the corrupt and elite v5% people in population.Singh,Mukherjee or chidambaram all these guys are voice of 5% people who have 80% of Indian wealth and control over media.

This is the reason Anna Movement and Ramdev movement failed as middle class which only can revolt and throw governments and scoundrels fails to get activated.

No politician wants strong Lokpal and even this office.

We have seen all the drama.

Hence all sitting MPs in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha including Sonia and Rahul should be thrown out by people in next election and a strong campaign should be launched.

It is time politicians and MPs stop chanting their supremacy over people of India.They are merely public servants appointed by election method to form an organization called parliament to conduct business of country.They are servants only and parliament cant be supreme to people of India.Every MP and MLA is accountable and answerable to people of India.Some organized body has to make laws to give it formal shape and that is what parliament does.They have to act as per directions and desire of people and voters in their respective constituency too.

In India still same British concept and practice is going on.Once any one is elected and gets into parliament tor legislative assembly he starts thinking he has landed into some Indra sabha not accountable to people and is reporting to British queen still.They start talking and acting arrogantly showing contempt of people.

The watchdog organisations like CEC,CAG,CJI all CJ of high courts,Attorney General and proposed lokpal should be constitutional authorities with fixed 5 year terms with stringent requirements to sack them in exceptional misconduct.they should be elected by a non political college of Vice chancellors of all universities,Presidents of registered NGOs and judges of high .

It is time wings of babus and politicians are clipped.

MM Singh has failed to start any reforms.daily morning this fellow chants GDFP growth rate slogans to fool people.His GDP growth rate in nothing special.India was growing earlier too.All countries have to grow.It is easy to import machines and loot the country by making fancy products.It is not growth.This agent of western capitalists is just doing this.NO reform has been launched by him.In fact in name of PPP he has sold out all sectors top private capitalists for loot and plunder.he cant explain and justify 300% price rise since he has come as PM and 900% price rise in property.Government is biggest looter today in garb of reforms slogans.What is meaning of reform?

Landlords are being helped.Rents have gone very high and tenants are being harassed.What kind of reform is this?

Singh in my view is a corrupt person and traitor no 1 worse than Saddam Hussein and gaddafi.They were tyrants but patriotic.They were executed as they opposed american hegemony.Singh should be punished by Indians for accepting american hegemony.Singh and his key functionaries.

Despite ramdev and anna agitations police officers, babus and traders are freely looting without fear of any action as Singh is basically an ex babu and a weak puppet CEO.There is no action against any Babu in India and corruption has risen several fold.More than 10 lac crore are being looted by political class, babudom,policemen and traders in name of liberalisation.It is liberalisation to loot.

Mer5e lokpal wont do anything.Who will be lokpal is important and how he gets appointed.An appointed lokpal cant do anything.CVC is big failure a is CEC office.

High courts in inbdia are shameesly sitting on pile of crores of cases enjoying perks and huge facilities with 140 workjing days in year.What kind of coutnry is this? Is it super power or super corrupt.

There is no mandatory action on public complaint against any policeman or babu.There are enough laws of public service which are not being acted upon.Every one protecting others.No reply is sent to any complainant.Police does not file challans for decades and no actionis taken against SPs.

Prevention of corruption act has to be drastically amended raising maximum penalty to life term with principle of more severe the pnishment more high is the offcial.The spouse should be co prosecuted as spouse is always beneficiary of loot and bribes and fails to report the crime to authorities.

The best way to control corruptiuon is to impose ten times penalty for bribe amount and theft of public money by a babu.Confiscate all property and send to jail for maximum life term.The cases with first appeal should have time limit of 2 years only.

The politicians are fooling the country.Lokpal cant do anything without strict laws. It is only a watchdog and cant decide punishement.

The rumors spread by Congress is that Lokpal will become a super power.Lokpal is concerned with only corruption and abuse of offcie issues.He will have no excutive powers in governance.These corrupt politicians think that people are fools.

Police shoulpd report to governors in state and vice president of India for central agencies.Then they should be made accountable for hoensty and propmpt actions.

The state police chiefs and CBI and other agencies chiefs should be elected by a non political eletoral college with 5 year term.

WE have no national fair price commission to check loot and plunder by baniyas and MNCs.

All contituional, agency heads and political posts should be for maximum two terms of 5 years.Period!

All educated people should demand this basic refroms.

It is time Singh and his associates stop chantiong GDP gorwth rate figures and fool people.They should get out being utter failures.

Congress should be severly punished in all future election unless it gets rid of fake gandhi family, becomes democratic and underatkes above refroms .

Educate atleast 5 people of lower strata around you about all fraud and misgovernance going on.Indian public has to clean up to get clean leadership.

Prof R K Gupta

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