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September07, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh
DERC doesn’t care about Poor Quality of Maintenance – local fault in a home and entire 11 KV feeder is switched off. On June18 when I visited South District Police Head Quarter less than a kilometer for DERC Office at 11:30AM to view CCTV – not more than 200m from back side of the complex to BRPL RBI Complaint Center – there was no electricity in the entire complex.

Energy Meters installed since 2004 are All Smart Meters with Two Way Infra Red or Ethernet Communication but Without  Wireless Two Way Communication. These meters record all the parameters programmed by DISCOMS, and Data can be EXTRACTED any time by Reading Devices.

DERC is allowing Replacement of 6m or more Meters which shall Cost Rs.3000 Cr or More – annual cost of Maintaining Communication Network could be Rs.600 Cr @ Rs.1000 Per Meter – could be much more.

DERC believes Every Consumer is a ‘Thief’ and Needs to be MONITORED 24X7 Basis. NDPL/BRPL/BYPL should first install Smart Meters on Distribution Meters. DERC favors Grid Connected Solar than Off-Grid Solar.

‘Maintenance, Energy Efficiency & Uninterrupted Power Should Be Priority.

NDPL, BRPL & BYPL Refused to install Computerized Meters on all 8000 Distribution Transformers – actually 5600 DB Transformer had no Energy Meters like ones installed for Consumers until 2006 after repeated petitioning over 2 years.  

BRPL get no idea about TRIPPING of Distribution Transformers or even 11 KV Feeders.

BRPL take 4 hrs shutdown to clean Transformers, or 4 hrs to replace Faulty Circuit Breaker.

BRPL doesn’t even have Full Length ‘Bamboo Ladders’ that are brought to site of faults on Hand Cart. Staff don’t even have Basic Tools and Safety Equipment like GLOVES or HELMETS. They are basically Unskilled Labor.

Delhi has installed just 8925 Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans – not even 0.5%. Each Efficient Fan is to save 0.4 Units per day – 145 units annually. Just 10m shall save over 1.45 Billion Units at Consumer End – 1.7 BU as Energy Input.

Delhi has over about 20m Tube-lights – only 1,06,950 LED Tube-lights are replaced.

Delhi has distributed 89,70,701 LED Lamps or 2 LED Lamps per Domestic consumer – 27,76,839 to Non Domestic Consumers.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects
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Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 8 Sep 2017 04:49:18 UTC
  • 7 Sep 2017 23:49:18 near epicenter
  • 8 Sep 2017 08:49:18 standard time in your timezone
Location15.029N 93.807W
Depth35 km
  • 97 km (60 miles) SW (221 degrees) of Pijijiapan, Chiapas, Mexico
  • 107 km (66 miles) WSW (245 degrees) of Mapastepec, Chiapas, Mexico
  • 117 km (73 miles) S (182 degrees) of Tonal�, Chiapas, Mexico
  • 165 km (102 miles) W (275 degrees) of Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
  • 356 km (221 miles) W (278 degrees) of GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala


APMC Produce 50-80% Blackmoney, Garbage, Nutrition Loss  
September09, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Some of the most Critical Issues NEVER discussed at any forum or indirectly referred are –

1.    APMC Generates 50% of India’s Black Money, Traders at APMC extract Commissions
& APMC Markets are Point of Sale for Moneylending.  

2.    APMC Produces 80% City Garbage, Contamination of Foods and Nutrition Loss 50%
for Fruits & Vegetables, 10% to 15% in case of Food Grains.

Dismantle APMC Markets – Direct Marketing of All Foods

3.    All over the Developed World Food is Harvested When Fully Matured and delivered
Speedily to Consumers in FRESH FROM FARM state. Fruits and Vegetables are Cleaned, Sorted, Graded & Packed on Farm or At Farm and Chilled before Long Distance Transportation. [Don’t Need Freezer Trucks]

30 Crore Regular On Farm Jobs – 70% Woman

4.    India is Blessed with Excellent CLIMATE to Grow 90% of Vegetables, 80% of Fruits
Locally – Matured Fruits & Vegetables can be directly delivered to Consumers like Milk. Even Milk can be Locally Processed in Smaller Plants 10,000 LPD to 50,000 LPD.

5.    Surplus Foods can be Stored in Drums & Silos for Grains & Oilseeds at Farms and
Perishable Foods can be Stored in 300L-500L Freezers at Home & Farms and Solar Dried or Dehydrated at Farms.

6.    On Farm Food Processing – Small Flour Mills, Sheller, Oil Mills, Making Pickles,
Jams, Honey, Chutneys, Papads, Breads, Milk Processing, so many local dishes.

7.    Above activities to create 30 Cr Semi educated people – 70% of them Woman.

AVOID Landfill Sites or Garbage Dumps Within Cities, Rotting Fruits & Vegetables, Deliver 30% More Nutrition Free Of Cost, Address Malnutrition Problems, Reduce Healthcare Budget/Bills.

8.   States Budget on Garbage Collection & Disposal, Health Care
Can Be Reduced or Focus More On Lifestyle Diseases.

9.   BOOST Economic, Industry Growth By 30% – 10%+ GDP Growth.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471,
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Tran
The writers thought only
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8 Sep. at 7:32 am
Dear Sagar Media Inc,
Gauri Lankesh was murdered in front of her house. Unknown assailants shot 3 bullets into her.
She was known for her fearless journalism and she spoke out for the disadvantaged and the downtrodden.
This is not just about Gauri. Pehlu Khan was killed on a busy highway. In Una – Dalits were whipped and the attackers circulated those videos with pride.
There is a rising darkness in India.
Mobs are acting out violent crimes against people who they hate because of religion and caste. People who speak out against hate and unreason are also under attack.
And our silence is deafening.
To break our silences, to fight hate and fear, we are embarking on a Karwan e Mohabbat, a journey of solidarity, atonement and love.(
Sign my pledge to break your silence. Show your solidarity with love, justice, equality, freedom and India’s Constitution.
Hate lynching is threatening to grow into an epidemic. Minorities and disadvantaged castes are learning to endure an intense sense of fear.
How culpable are we when our brothers and sisters are lynched and killed and we just stand by?
Sign this pledge to show our brothers and sisters who are forced to live with fear and hate that there are Indians willing to stand with them in solidarity, in the way Gauri Lankesh so courageously did.
Sign this pledge to defend the promise of India’s Constitution that we the people gave to ourselves: that this country belongs equally to all, regardless of their faith, caste, gender, language, culture and wealth.
Sign this pledge to resolve to never turn our faces away, and to speak out and fight against hate, violence, discrimination, injustice and unreason against any person.
Thank you for taking action,
Harsh Mander
Petitioning All Indians
All Indians: Speak out against injustice and violence, and defend the values of India’s Constitution!
Petition by Harsh Mander
Sign my plegde
Sign Harsh Mander’s petition
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September 8, 2017
Dear Mr. sagar,
Invitation for Application
Govt. Sponsored Opportunity
Business Development with German Companies
We are delighted to invite you and your organisation to nominate your senior manager(s)/official(s) for Government Sponsored training program in Germany for all sectors.
This is the part of the ongoing Indo – German Manager Training Program (IGMTP), which is sponsored by Govt. of Germany and supported by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India and GIZ.
The aim of the training program is to provide opportunity and exposure Indian Industries to make them fir for bilateral trade and business with German companies.
This program promotes business orientation, competitiveness and the provide exposure at international level to companies. Duration of the program will be about 1 month in Germany.
Kindly find attached delegate registration application form. Please send us the detailed application form duly filled with a letter of recommendation from head of the organization and demand draft/ Cheque of INR 5,000 + GST (@18%) i.e. in total of INR 5,900/- in favour of FICCI Quality Forum payable at Delhi.
For further assistance, please get in touch with Mr. Ashish Dhiman ( ; M: +91 – 70424 83366) for further assistance.
Important Dates:
  • Last date of receiving application is Sept 15, 2017.
  • Selection Interviews will be held on Sept 25, 2017 at Mumbai and Sept 26 & 27, 2017 at New Delhi
We shall be pleased to answer any queries that you may have.
With Best Regards
Ashish Dhiman
Assistant Director – FICCI Quality Forum
T: +91 – 2348 7392
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Dear Friends,
We are pleased to invite you for an exhibition of paintings titled “In the wake of Amrita Sher-Gil” by Hungarian artist Ildikó Morovszki – Halász on Friday, 15th September at 6 pm at the Art Gallery of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre. 
The exhibition will be inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Gyula Pethő, Ambassador, Embassy of Hungary and Mr. Jitender Padam Jain Founder & Managing Director of Gallery Sree Arts.
Please join us for high tea after the inauguration.

With kind regards,
—————————— —–
Senior PR & Marketing Officer
■ Balassi Institute – Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre
1A Janpath (Near Hotel Claridges), New Delhi 11 00 11, India
Tel: +91 11 2301 4497, 4992
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