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February 2018 WPI inflation stands at 2.5%

The WPI inflation stands at 2.5% in February 2018 as compared to 2.8% in January 2018, 3.6% in December 2017, 4.02% in November 2017, 3.7% in October 2017 and 3.14% in September 2017. The decline in WPI inflation in the month of February 2018 is attributed to fall in the prices of food articles (0.88%), vegetables (15.86%), fruits (6.13%), eggs, meat & fish (-0.22%) and LPG (8.5%)

Driven by fall in the prices of food articles, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat & fish and LPG, WPI inflation stands at 2.5% in February 2018 as compared to 2.8% in January 2018. The official Wholesale Price Index for ‘All Commodities’ (Base: 2011-12=100) for the month of February, 2018 remained unchanged at its previous month level of 115.8 (Provisional).
Trend in WPI Inflation                                                                                                                                                                                    (Y-O-Y) %
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor to the Govt. of India

   WPI inflation in select commodities (Base year: 2011-12)
WPI Inflation Y-o-Y % growth
All Commodities
Primary Articles
Food Articles
Non-food Articles
 Fuel & Power
Manufactured Products
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor to the Govt. of India
Build up inflation rate in the financial year so far was 2.30% compared to a build up rate of 4.92% in the corresponding period of the previous year.
Build up in inflation from March in select food commodities                   (in %)
 Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor to the Govt. of India
Manufacturing inflation stands at 3.04% (weight 64.23 %)
The WPI inflation for manufactured products grows at 3.04% for February 2018 as against 2.78% for January 2018.  The index for this major group rose by 0.4 % to 115.2 (provisional) from 114.7 (provisional) for the previous month..

Trend in WPI inflation in manufactured products                                                                                         (in %)    
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor to the Govt. of India
Food inflation stands at 0.88% (Weight 15.26%)
Food inflation stands at 0.88% in February 2018 as against 3% in January 2018. The index for ‘Food Articles’ group declined by 2.0 % to 137.8 (provisional) from 140.6 (provisional) for the previous month due to lower price of fruits & vegetables (9%), gram, tea and masur (4% each), rajma and bajra (3% each), egg, fish-marine, peas/chawali, jowar and urad (2% each) and wheat (1%).  However, the price of betel leaves (13%), ragi (3%) and arhar, maize, condiments & spices, coffee, moong, fish-inland, poultry chicken and paddy (1% each) moved up.
Non-food articles inflation stands at (-)2.66% (weight 4.12%)
Non-food articles inflation for the month of February 2018 stands at (-)2.66% as against (-)1.23% in January 2018. The index for ‘Non-Food Articles’ group declined by 0.1 % to 120.6 (provisional) from 120.7 (provisional) for the previous month due to lower price of floriculture (15%), niger seed (5%), raw cotton and linseed (3% each), raw rubber and skins (raw) (2% each) and cotton seed, raw silk, rape & mustard seed and copra (coconut) (1% each).  However, the price of soyabean (11%), hides (raw) (10%), mesta (8%), raw jute (5%), guar seed (4%), raw wool and fodder (2% each) and groundnut seed, castor seed, gingelly seed and sunflower (1% each) moved up.
Fuel & power inflation stands at 3.81% (weight 13.15%)
Fuel & power inflation for the month of February 2018 stands at 3.81% as against 4.08% in January 2018. The index for this major group rose by 1.2 % to 98.1 (provisional) from 96.9 (provisional) for the previous month. The index for ‘Coal’ group rose by 1.2 % to 122.6 (provisional) from 121.1 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of non-coking coal (2%). The index for ‘Mineral Oils’ group rose by 1.8 % to 89.8 (provisional) from 88.2 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of ATF (7%), kerosene and lube oils (4% each), furnace oil (3%), HSD and petrol (2% each) and petroleum coke (1%).  However, the price of bitumen and naphtha (2% each) declined.

Suresh Prabhu: Nation steps up new tech skills

Min Suresh Prabhu brief AIMA delegates at Le Meridian Hotel New Delhi, AIMA  platform for National Leadership is unique. Min said we are encountering lots of challenges in fourth revolution with drastic change are coming with rapid pace but what happens to jobs employment definitely to be lost but new technology create new jobs in time of  Artificial Intelligence and alternate technology. It is need of hours to have specialised report and KPMG presented report in commendable. The experts in government braces and are  coming with reports to understand the ensuing fast  change.
Manufacturing style skill bring new industry so modernisation of existing industry is government challenge.Trllion $ must come from manufacturing task force is met Gov will come with scheduling these are growth engine for future with employment. Cos nearly formed recently like Amazon Google and other in hybrid may touch trillion dollars.
India champion in service sector can create best growth with agriculture, manufacturing propel India to develope in 5trillion dollars in years with Industrial policy .

Jayant: Aviation prepare billion travellers

Min Aviation Jyant Sinha address the delegates at 4 leadership conclave, Hawai chapalvale,viz. guy with rubber slipper to travel in air, be so affordable for masses. Price of flying same to cost 3 tier cost of rail parity, no of trips 130 million passengers and same number in rail in volume, Imagine magic figures of  the total volume of rail revenue, telecom-revenue and air-revenue generated  is Rs 2 lakh Cr, domestic carrier Rs One lakh Cr and Int Carrier is Rs One lakh Cr. We have doubled in last 3 – 4 yrs. Airline soon to quin-tip the volume to gain in such proportions. This is only people percentage  5% of Indian fly when this percent ascend you can think the volume shall be humongous.15210021803401180440191.jpg
For billion commuter safety and security is major challenge next to find Greenfield land for the airport and IG airport is top few airport cater largest number of commuters.

“IPRS” to collaborate with Amazon India

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (“IPRS”) is all set to collaborate with Amazon India

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (“IPRS”) is pleased to announce that it has collaborated with Amazon India in respect of the IPRS music publishing repertoire for Amazon Prime Music in India (for Musical & Literary Works).  Amazon India’s recently launched ad-free music streaming service, Amazon Prime Music, will receive access to the IPRS repertoire of more than a million of works/titles spread across multiple languages, eras, and genres of Indian music.

IPRS which was granted registration as a Copyright Society by the Government of India in November 2017 under the Copyright Act, 1957 represents more than 4000 Indian Authors, Composer and major Music Publishers which include Saregama, Times Music, Sony, Aditya, Tips Music and Venus. IPRS administers lyrics and musical works as an assignee of its members in respect of communication to the public and mechanical rights in lyrics and musical works.

Mr. Javed Akhtar the Chairman of IPRS said, “The IPRS arrangement with Amazon India heralds a new era for IPRS and the music community in the country. With a strongly united IPRS, Indian lyricists and music composers can finally now start to reap the benefits of the historic changes to the Copyright law in India along with our music publisher members. IPRS looks forward to similar collaborative & positive relationships with platforms in India and is committed to transparent and ethical functioning”.

Sahas Malhotra, Director Amazon Music, India said, “We are happy to collaborate with IPRS and keen to strengthen our ties with all important stakeholders in the Indian music industry.We will continue to offer a transformative music listening experience to our customers with the ad-free Amazon Prime Music offering that comes at no additional cost to Prime members in India”.

Mr. Rakesh Nigam CEO of IPRS said, “Working with Amazon Music in India signifies that the newly restructured IPRS can achieve much more for its members by actively and transparently partnering with entities like Amazon”.

Disruptive Technologies

CII Western U.P Annual Meeting and
Session on
Disruptive Technologies
Evolving Trends & Innovation Foresight
1400 Hrs: 6 March 2018, Holiday Inn Hotel, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

A major shift in business thinking has placed Artificial Intelligence at the very heart of business strategy. Last year saw a majority of tech giants focusing on an “AI first” strategy, leading the way for other major corporates to follow suit. The wider use of automated processes powered by AI, advanced robotics, and IoT connectivity will contribute to realising the ambitions of Industry 4.0. Otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 promises a more connected world in which machines carry out mundane tasks. Many companies have taken tangible steps to implement this in automated warehouses.

Convergence, collaboration and the open source movement have all contributed to the encouragement of cross sector innovation. Companies are looking to businesses in other industries for insights and expertise that can enhance their own products and services. AgriTech and FinTech, for instance, are developing alongside each other to tackle financial issues within farming. As cross sector innovation becomes the norm, we will see the greater application of successful strategies and business models from one industry to another.
With this background CII Western UP Annual Session is focusing on “Disruptive Technologies: Evolving Trends & Innovation Foresight” scheduled from 1400 – 1700 hrs on 6th March 2018 at Hotel Holiday Inn, 13A, Mayur Vihar Phase – 1, New Delhi.

The Session aims to address the following:
  • Mobile-first to AI-first

·         Steps towards Industry 4.0

·         Factory of the future

  • Convergence & Increased cross sector innovation

I am writing to invite you to kindly block your diary and confirm your participation and that of your colleagues through the enclosed Registration form.
Look forward to meeting you on 6th.

Warm regards,

Anish Chaudhry
Chairman – CII Western Uttar Pradesh Zonal Council

SAP First ever Intelligent ERP Virtual Industry summit

Dear Sir / Madam,
The digitalisation of business across all industries is happening rapidly. Organisations are looking for new ways to deliver value to their customers and to stay ahead of new digitally native competitors. To survive, industry leaders are taking advantage of new technologies to reimagine business models, processors, roles and products.
Join us on March 14th for our first-ever Intelligent ERP Virtual Industry Summit and hear from SAP customers, local and global industry experts on how SAP S/4HANA is eliminating the need to run a business according to legacy system process. By integrating seamlessly with predictive analytics, big data, and mobile technologies, your organisation can remove data silos with a single source of truth.
Some of the highlights include:
SAPKeynotes from global and India
SAP leaders
SAPCustomer spotlight presentations
& Panels
SAPHow High Tech Customers Are Achieving Value with Digitalisation
SAPDigital Supply Chain and Smart Factory
This is an opportunity to experience virtual Industry summit and hear from Industry experts on latest trends which can shape the future.
SAPBlock your seat now >SAP
Registrations are closing soon.
SAP India

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