Wednesday, May 8, 2019

       AAP puts five questions in public domain for Mr Modi to answer
Ahead of top BJP leader and Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s election campaign in Delhi the Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday asked Mr Modi to tell the people of the national capital what his central government and the seven Lok Sabha MPs elected in 2014 had done for delhi during last five years ?
Adddressing the media, AAP Delhi convenor Mr Gopal Rai said having been the ruling party at the Centre for five years, the BJP ought to have presented its report card to the people of Delhi, but instead the BJP could not even come out with its Delhi manifesto or a vision document.
AAP is the only contesting party in Delhi, which has already put its Delhi Lok Sabha manifesto in the public domain two weeks back for the residents of the national capital to thoroughly examine what our party can do for Delhiites and on what basis we are seeking their votes. Now the party is coming out with constituency wise manifestoes.
Mr Rai said though other parties like Congress, BSP etc., are also contesting Lok Sabha elections in Delhi, but these parties are not serious and appeared to be preparing for 2024 elections, the BJP however, which got all seven MPs in the last elections, should come out with what it offers to the voters in Delhi.
Since the BJP candidates are unable to explain the party’s vision and their work before the people, the AAP asked five questions to Mr Narendra Modi :
1)      During 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in the same Ramlila Maidan, you had promised full statehood for Delhi. However five years have passed and you have forgotten your promise, leave alone fulfilling it. Will you apologise to the people of Delhi for having deceived them ?
2)      People of Delhi pay taxes worth nearly Rs 1.5 lakh crore annually to the Centre and in return Delhi gets a paltry Rs 325 crore, why this injustice with the people of Delhi ?
3)      People of Delhi reposed full faith in you by giving you all seven seats in 2014, then why did you and your government indulge in such step-motherly treatment towards Delhi ?
4)      Traders and their businesses in India’s national capital were ruined due to sealing. Being the Prime Minister of the country, why did you remain silent and did not speak a word on sealing ?
5)      BJP had come out with a Delhi specific manifesto in 2014, in which it promised full statehood for Delhi, why has your party shied away from bringing any manifesto for Delhi ?
The AAP hopes that Mr Narendra Modi will take the challenge head on and will respond to the questions posed to him.             

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