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Imran Khan calls for tax and bill boycott

Supporters of Imran Khan, cricketer-turned-opposition politician and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, chant slogans while listening to their leader during the Freedom March in Islamabad August 17, 2014. (Reuters/Faisal Mahmood)
Imran Khan, has called for Pakistani residents to stop paying their taxes and utility bills in an anti-government protest aimed at bolstering his efforts to force Pakistan’s prime minister to resign.
“After two days … your time is up,” Khan told a thousands-strong rally in the capital, Islamabad, reported Reuters. “We will go for civil disobedience and will not pay taxes or utility bills till the time Nawaz Sharif resigns,” he announced.
Police estimates have said that some 55,000 people have occupied two central streets as part of two concurrent protests in the city. Both Khan, and the second protest leader, cleric Tahir ul-Qadri have said they will stay in their positions until Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif steps down.
Sharif has been given until Monday night, after which time Khan has suggested he may not be able to hold protesters back from marching on the top-level government buildings.
Several protesters have stated that they would be prepared to directly confront the lines of riot police protecting the buildings.

DERC law needs changes to make it accountable to the people

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The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the central law governing the functioning of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission should be amended to make it accountable to the people, given the DERC’s extreme reluctance to fix the accountability for power cuts in Delhi and to check its arbitrariness in hiking electricity tarrifs.
It has been more than two months that the DERC had itself announced its decision to probe within a week the reasons for long power cuts in the national capital during the scorching heat in the months of May and June, but strangely it is still silent over the issue.
The DERC’s kid gloves approach in dealing with the private power distribution companies (discoms), gives rise to reasonable apprehension that this regulator has failed to act impartially against them.
The AAP is of the firm view that the time has come for reviewing the provisions of the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, under which the DERC was set-up, given the lack of transparency in its functioning.
There is no doubt that this regulator of the electricity sector should remain fully autonomous, but its decisions should be open to public scrutiny, and the best way of doing it is that the law be amended to make the DERC accountable to elected representatives – the MPs and MLAs.
Its decisions on dealing with discoms and fixing of electricity tariffs should include the views of elected representatives, and it should be made mandatory for the DERC to make public the reasons for accepting or rejecting these views.
The summer months this year, particularly the month of June, had witnessed worst power cuts in recent years, and the DERC and Delhi administration watched like helpless spectators as the situation worsened with each passing day.
Instead of fixing the responsibility immediately, the DERC followed it up in July by announcing a power tarrif hike, and the cushion it sought to provide by withdrawing the surcharge will soon come to an end, since that relief was provided for merely three months.
Such a situation cannot be allowed to continue any further and the central government must take immediate steps to ensure that the law is amended to make the DERC functioning transparent and accountable to the public, which is not getting the service it deserves despite paying higher for it.

Avam satyagraha starts


AVAM massive crowd :)
AVAM begins their dharna at Jantar Mantar New Delhi  17 Aug 2014 

गोपाल की गौ का सं

indraprastha vishwa hindu parishad delhi
To Vinod BansalMe
Aug 17 at 8:09 PM
प्रेस विज्ञप्ति                                         
गोपाल की गौ का संरक्षण और गीता का ज्ञान घर घर पहुंचाना होगा:विहिप
अपने स्वर्ण जयन्ति वर्ष के उद्घाटन पर विहिप ने किया दिल्ली को झांकीमय, कोना कोना गुंजयमान
नई दिल्लीअगस्त 17, 2014। विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के जन्म को आज पचास वर्ष पूरे हो गए। पचास वर्षों की इस स्वर्णिम यात्रा में हिन्दू समाज के हर घटक का सहयोग, समर्थन आशीर्वाद व सक्रिय योगदान विहिप के कार्य विस्तार में अविस्मर्णीय रहा है। विहिप ने भारत माता की सेवा करते हुए धर्म, आध्यात्म, समाज व विज्ञान के क्षेत्रों में कार्य करने वाले हर महा पुरुष का सहयोग व आशीर्वाद प्राप्त किया है। अब गोपाल की गौ के संरक्षण और गीता का ज्ञान घर-घर पहुंचाने का सम्य आगया है। यह बात विहिप के प्रान्त महा मंत्री श्री राम कृष्ण श्री वास्तव ने स्वर्ण जयन्ति वर्ष के प्रारम्भ अवसर पर दिल्ली के विभिन्न स्थानों सेआज निकाली गई शोभा यात्राओं के शुभारम्भ पर कहीं। आज पूर्वी दिल्ली के त्रिलोक पुरी, पश्चिमी दिल्ली के रोहिणी, उत्तरी दिल्ली के किराडी तथा दक्षिणी दिल्ली के कालका जी, तिगडी, बदरपुर व मालवीय नगर इत्यादि अनेक स्थानों से भव्य शोभा यात्राएं निकाली गईं। इन शोभा यात्राओं में विहिप बजरंग दल दुर्गा वाहिनी, मातृ शक्ति सहित अनेक सामाजिक व धार्मिक संगठनों की सहभागिता रही। 
      विस्तृत जानकारी देते हुए विहिप की स्वर्ण जयंति महोत्सव समिति के प्रवक्ता श्री विनोद बंसल ने बताया कि आज रविवार की सुबह से ही प्रभात फ़ेरियों व शोभा यात्राओं से पूरी दिल्ली गुंजायमान थी। भगवान श्री कृष्ण के जन्म दिन पर स्थापित हुए इस सगठन ने आज जो झांकियां निकालीं, अधिकतर गोपाल को ही समर्पित थीं। कहीं गीता का ज्ञान था तो कहीं गौ माता थी, कहीं महा भारत के दृश्य थे तो कहीं विश्व शांति का संदेश, कहीं माताएं सत्संग में लीन थीं तो कही बच्चे संस्कार केन्द्रों संस्कार ग्रहण करने में व्यस्त दिख रहे थे। कुल मिला कर सभी ने गीता के ज्ञान को घर पहुंचा कर गौ माता के संरक्षण व संवर्धन पर बल दिया हुआ था। माताएं-बहिनें सैंकडों की संख्या में सिर पर कलश धारण किए हुए थीं।
      यात्राओं के समापन पर हुए उद्वोधन में वक्ताओं ने कहा कि वर्ष 1964 की कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी को स्थापित विश्व हिन्दू परिषद नामक बीज आज बट बृक्ष का रूप धारण कर चुका है। हिन्दू समाज के विविध मत पंथ संप्रदायों के बीज समन्वय, छूआ-छूत का उन्मूलन, हिन्दू स्वाभिमान के केन्द्रों की रक्षा व संरक्षण, राम सेतु व बाबा अमरनाथ जैसी अनेक धार्मिक यात्राओं को बचाए रखने इत्यादि अनेक कार्यों में विश्व हिन्दू परिषद का समाज के सभी वर्गों ने  अभूतपूर्व सहयोग किया है। आज पूर्वी दिल्ली के त्रिलोक पुरी, पश्चिमी दिल्ली के रोहिणी, उत्तरी दिल्ली के किराडी तथा दक्षिणी दिल्ली के कालका जी, तिगडी, बदरपुर व मालवीय नगर इत्यादि अनेक स्थानों से भव्य शोभा यात्राएं निकाली गईं। इन शोभा यात्राओं में विहिप बजरंग दल दुर्गा वाहिनी, मातृ शक्ति सहित अनेक सामाजिक व धार्मिक संगठनों की सहभागिता रही। शोभा यात्राओं के दृश्य बडे ही मन मोहक थे।
      शोभा यात्राओं में भगवान श्री कृष्ण, भगवान राम, भोले शंकर तथा भारत माता की विविध रूपों की मनमोहक झांकियां सामिल थीं। शोभा यात्राओं का नेतृत्व इन्द्रप्रस्थ विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के विभाग मंत्री श्री शांति स्वरूप, श्री पियूष चंद्र, श्री रवि दत्त व श्री मेवा राम, धर्म प्रसार के श्री मुरलीधर उपाध्याय, बजरंग दल के प्रान्त संयोजक श्री नीरज दोनेरिया, सुरक्षा प्रमुख श्री प्रेम गुप्ता जिला संयोजक श्री विकास गुप्ता व श्री ललित, जिला मंत्री श्री मंत्री श्री केदार नाथ व श्री राम गोपाल गुप्ता, जिला अध्यक्ष श्री महेश शर्मा, श्री सुरेन्द्र सिंह व श्री राम निवास कर रहे थे। इन यात्राओं में बजरंग दल के प्रान्त सह संयोजक श्री नीरज गुप्ता, अनेक क्षेत्रीय विधायक व निगम पार्षदों के अलावा श्री गगन, संजय गौतम, भोपाल सिंह नेगी, रण वीर, वेद राज, राजेश धनकड व श्री प्रभात सहित अनेक गणमान्य लोग सामिल थे। स्थानीय सनातन धर्म मंदिरों, आर्य समाज मंदिरों, गुरूद्वारा प्रबन्ध समितियों,हिन्दू पर्व आयोजन समिति तथा व्यापार संगठनों ने यात्रा मार्ग में जगह-जगह जल-पान व स्वागत की व्यवस्था की।

विनोद बंसल
(प्रवक्ता)स्वर्ण जयंति महोत्सव समिति विश्व हिंदू परिषद
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Negative Politics of AAP Arvind Kejriwal

Ravinder Singh and 35 More…
Today at 1:53 AM
Negative Politics of AAP Arvind Kejriwal
August17, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
Arvind Kejriwal is the biggest National Disappointment today solely
engaged in Containing Uprising against his leadership and running away
from party workers and regional leaders for almost a month, had jumped
in to full time activism with definite political aim in March2011 and
rode wave of public discontent, at its peak deserted his mentors Anna
Hazare and colleague on the pretext of providing India with
Alternative To Then Prevailing Corrupt and Incompetent governments at
all levels across India.
There were big Expectations, 10 million plus Volunteers Joined AAP at
its peak, and interestingly, unlike during Mahatma Gandhi time, almost
all were Much Better Qualified than average with Computer Skills
Yielding Smart Phones etc.
They were Betrayed and Not Engaged in CONSTRUCTIVE work, Arvind
Kejriwal persisted with NEGATIVE POLITICS – merely Directing CAG to
investigate Rs.20,000 Crores Discoms Loot in last 12 years is not
expected from AAP with backing 10 million volunteers. Policies and
Planning have to be inclusive With Poor Centric.
You can well imagine the Response Had Arvind Kejriwal engaged
Just then Census 2011 work was on and it brought out starling results
which Genuine Activists may please download. AAP didn’t READ THE
When PM raised the Issue of Separate Toilets for Girls in Schools I
was Disturbed – I knew the Pathetic Situation prevailing in India
which possibly Arvind Kejriwal didn’t see in last 46 years of life.
(Born 1968)
Summary of House Hold [HH] Stats
88% Indians HH don’t have Piped Sewer System, 49.8% HH Toilet in Open,
[34.9% Have Septic Tanks within home], 40% of Indian HH don’t have
Pacca home, 73%+ HH don’t use clean Fuel for Cooking, 38.7% don’t have
Kitchen, 91.5% HH don’t have and possibly 80% Indians don’t Use
Computers, 90% HH don’t have internet connection, 56% HH don’t have
Bicycles, 41.6% HH don’t have bath room, 56.5% HH Don’t have Tap
Water, 68% HH don’t have Treated Tap Water, 71% HH have no Two
Wheeler, 95.3% HH don’t Four Wheeler.
How many times AAP and Arvind Kejriwal raised AAM ADMI Concerns who in
centuries of hard work own practically nothing? Bhagwant Mann May
Write a Poem for Lok Sabha.
Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

The News rollout


 No quick fix for Ukraine crisis

Foreign ministers Pavlo Klimkin of Ukraine, Laurent Fabius of France, Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany and Sergei Lavrov of Russia (L-R) walk in a park ahead of their talks in Berlin, August 17, 2014. (Reuters/Thomas Peter)
Talks in Berlin over the Ukrainian crisis has brought no immediate results. However, the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France said “some progress” had been made on important issues.
The high-level meeting lasted over five hours with the ministers leaving the building late in the evening. The meeting of foreign ministers included Pavlo Klimkin of Ukraine, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov, Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Laurent Fabius from France.
The German FM made an immediate statement to the press following the talks, saying that the negotiations will continue next week, emphasizing that the ministers will use any possibility to ease the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and avoid further victims.
The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that “a certain progress was reached” in the negotiations and that the parties would “continue dialogue in the same format with the goal to reach concrete suggestions for consideration by the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine.”
Ahead of the meeting, the German FM said that a “road map” is needed “to achieve a long-term cease-fire, as well as the development of the basic principles of effective border control.”
“There are no guarantees that today’s meeting will have the desired success, but I also say with regard to the situation today and in the past few days it would be irresponsible not to use the willingness to talk signaled by all sides,” Steinmeier said, warning that otherwise “we risk the danger of setbacks and renewed escalation.”
He added that all parties to the conflict must be “very careful about sliding ever deeper into a direct confrontation between Ukrainian and Russian armed forces.” This must be avoided “at all cost,” said Steinmeier.
The German foreign minister also stated that he supports the sending of Russian humanitarian aid to the region and hoped that during the talks “the final difficulties could be cleared.”

UN nuclear talks held in Iran

Talks between the International Atomic Energy Agency’s director general, Yukiya Amano, President Hassan Rouhani, and top Iranian officials began in Tehran on Sunday to investigate into any potential military aspect of the country’s nuclear program. “Mr. Amano’s previous visit was too short to allow for a meeting with President Rouhani, so it has been arranged now in order to convey the Islamic Republic’s expectations to the IAEA at the highest levels,” IRNA reported Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA, Reza Najafi, as saying. Iran faces an August 25 deadline to provide information about the program to the IAEA. While Iran has rebuffed the West’s suspicions, Rouhani has agreed with the IAEA to provide details to alleviate any concerns.

5 Indonesians, 8 foreigners rescued 2 days after tourist boat sinks

Eight foreigners and five Indonesians were rescued Monday two days after their tourist boat sank in a storm near Sangeang, a small island in Indonesia’s east, AFP said. Those rescued were found some 100 kilometers off the coast of nearby Sumbawa Island, with some in a lifeboat and others in life jackets. This rescue brings the number of people saved since the vessel sank Saturday to 23, including 18 foreigners. The boat was headed from Lombok Island to Komodo Island. On Sunday, 10 foreigners were rescued, including tourists from New Zealand, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and France. Two foreigners remain missing.

NATO military aid to Kiev ‘not possible’ :  Finnish PM

The EU and NATO will not be able to provide military aid to Ukraine, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb told Yle television. “Of course it’s not possible. Not from NATO because NATO only provides military assistance to its members, and that’s well known. And the EU doesn’t have the capacity to provide this kind of support,” he believes. Stubb was commenting on a request voiced Sunday by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, who said Kiev would welcome military aid from NATO and the EU in an interview.

Death toll from Nepal floods rises to 101

The death toll from landslides and flooding in Nepal has risen to 101 after rescuers recovered four more bodies, AFP cited officials as saying on Monday. Torrential rain last week triggered multiple landslides and flooding, devastating entire villages. The government has deployed more than 3,400 workers and four helicopters to rescue stranded people and deliver emergency supplies. Rescuers were still searching for 126 people reported missing.

S. Korea, US start annual military maneuvers as North threats retaliation

South Korea and the US on Monday launched an annual military drill aimed at testing combat readiness for a North Korean invasion, AFP reported, citing Seoul’s Defense Ministry. The ‘Ulchi Freedom Guardian’ exercise will last until August 29. The drill’s beginning came as Pope Francis led a mass for inter-reconciliation in Seoul at the end of the five-day trip to South Korea. Largely played out on computers, the drill still involves tens of thousands of South Korean and US soldiers. North Korea had condemned the maneuvers and threatened “a retaliatory strike.”

Unidentified war planes bomb Libyan capital’s militant positions

Unidentified war planes flew over the Libyan capital, Tripoli, early Monday, followed by sounds of explosions before the situation abruptly returned to peace, according to witnesses. Reuters reports a local TV channel’s story that the aircraft were targeting rebel positions in a highly volatile area fought over for over a month. Although government officials did not return requests for comment, it is known that there are no war planes in rebel possession. It has now been three years since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi, with chaos and multi-faction violence escalating in the oil-producing North African nation.

Thousands of Pakistanis march against Israel on Palestine Day

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters led by Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) marched on the Shara-e-Faisal district of Karachi, Sunday, media reports.
Protesters taking part in the “Gaza Million March” waved Palestine and Jamaat-e-Islami flags while chanting anti-US and anti-Israel slogans. JI recently announced August 17 as the Day of Solidarity with Palestine, an event given national recognition by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
JI chief Sirajul Haq addressed the rally saying that the time has come for the Pakistani army to “play a role against Israel.” He further said the party had collected 50 million rupees ($821,000) to donate to the people in Gaza.
A total of 1,975 Palestinians, including 1,417 civilians, have died since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8. A total of 67 Israelis, including 64 soldiers, have died. Some 365,000 Palestinians are being hosted at UNRWA schools while 218,367 are still seeking shelter.

मुख्य समाचार :- The official AIR News


* केन्द्र ने बिहार और उत्तर प्रदेश के बाढ़ग्रस्त इलाकों में बचाव और राहत कार्यों के लिए राष्ट्रीय आपदा कार्रवाई बल के 16 दल तैनात किये। असम और हिमाचल प्रदेश में बाढ़ की स्थिति अब भी गंभीर।
* पाकिस्तानी सेना ने जम्मू जिले में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सीमा पर फिर संघर्ष विराम का उल्लंघन किया। कल रात से आज सुबह तक अकारण गोलीबारी।
* प्रवर्तन निदेशालय ने शारदा चिटफंड घोटाला मामले में बंगाली फिल्म अभिनेत्री अपर्णा सेन से कोलकाता में पूछताछ की।
* पाकिस्तान सरकार राजनीतिक तनाव कम करने के लिए इमरान खान की पार्टी तहरीके इंसाफ और ताहिर उल कादरी की पाकिस्तान अवामी तहरीक के साथ बातचीत करेगी।
* भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम की लगातार पारी की दूसरी हार पर सुनील गावस्कर ने आलोचना करते हुए कड़े फैसले लेने को कहा।

National Guard troops called in Ferguson

National Guard troops called in to help police restore order in  
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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon  orders for the National Guard to restore peace to the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, hours after police fired tear gas to disperse people protesting against the police shooting  of shooting of black teenager Michael Brown.
The hours before a second night of curfew that came into effect at midnight, police entered into the protest area in armoured vehicles and shot smoke canisters at a crowd of  three to four hundred  people, including  onlooker media  reporters. The protest then appeared to be peaceful.
St Louis city police reports that a Molotov cocktail had been thrown towards the police line. However, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Ferguson said that the incident had not been confirmed by eyewitnesses.
“Tonight, a day of hope, prayers and peaceful protests was marred by the violent criminal acts of an organised and growing number of individuals,” Nixon said in a statement on his website. As a result, Nixon said, he was directing the National Guard to help “in restoring peace and order to this community.” Media reports

Julian Assange will not be leaving

Julian Assange’s lawyer Kristinn Hrafnsson has denied widespread rumors that the Wikileaks creator is planning to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been holed up for the past two years, despite a serious heart condition.
The initial information was circulated by Sky News, which suggested the fugitive leaker was to spell out his next move following a public exit, while being in dire need of hospital treatment for a number of medical reasons.
Hrafnsson has told RT that it’s no secret Assange would love a chance to see the outside world again, but strongly denied Sky’s reports, saying that despite his wishes, the leaker has not made plans for an official announcement of a departure from the embassy in the immediate future.
View from steps of Ecuadorean embassy. Julian  will not be leaving today
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Apartheid India 2014 – Big Rural Urban Divide

Ravinder Singh and 35 More…
Today at 9:46 AM
Apartheid India 2014 – Big Rural Urban Divide
Weird Jairam Ramesh, Sunita Narain & Bindeshwar Dubey Discuss Toilet
August18, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
It must have shocked the world, Foreign Missions were listening to PM
expressing pain at no toilet in many Schools and many others don’t
have separate toilets for Girls.
But in this he didn’t tell firstly the kind of toilets are largely
SEPTIC TANKS without bottom floors that pass the waste in to soil that
in Rains and Water Logging spreads stink all around. Going by GOI own
states 53% have no toilet, only 12% have SEWER lines, 35% have SEPTIC
Tank types.
Jairam Ramesh the disaster of UPA was discussing Toilet with Weird
Sunita Narain and Bindeshwar Dubey. SEPTIC Tank is worst form of
Sewage Disposal. Septic Tank in a School Catering to just 80 children
would overflow in rains and stink spread diseases – what about schools
having 1000 children.
Apartheid India 2014 – Big Rural Urban Divide
India since Independence Neglected Rural India and let Moneylenders
and Traders exploit rural poor and farmers introduced New Style of
Just 2% of Rural Households have SEWER system compared to 33% in Urban
India. 31% Rural India has toilets in their homes mostly SEPTIC TANKS,
Urban India has 82% homes with Toilet 49% HH have Septic Tanks.
55% Rural Households have no Bathroom but Urban India have 13% no bathroom.
5.5% Rural Household have Close Waste Water disposal, Urban India 44.5%.
55% HH in Rural have electricity, 92% Urban homes have electricity,.
1% if Rural HH have TV/Computer/Laptop – Urban India 12.2%.
51% Rural homes are permanent structures, Urban India 84%.
63% of Rural Homes have Mud Floor, Urban 12%.
18% Rural Household get Tap Water, 62% in Urban India.
11.4% Rural Households have LPG connection, 65% in India.
87% Rural Homes use Wood, Crop Residue & Dung Cake for Cooking, 2% in UI.
2% Cars, 14% Motorcycles in Rural HH, 10% and 35% in Urban India
Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435


Globe with Earthquake Location

Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 18 Aug 2014 05:25:50 UTC
  • 18 Aug 2014 09:55:51 near epicenter
  • 18 Aug 2014 09:25:50 standard time in your timezone
Location32.653N 47.753E
Depth10 km
  • 45 km (27 mi) E of Dehloran, Iran
  • 48 km (29 mi) SE of Abdanan, Iran
  • 67 km (41 mi) WNW of Dezful, Iran
  • 68 km (42 mi) NW of Shush, Iran
  • 322 km (199 mi) ESE of Baghdad, Iraq


Eubiq India offers Your Desgin / Our Power Track

Eubiq India Private Limited
To Me
Aug 9 at 9:13 PM
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Solution for Conference Table & Meeting Tables
Eubiq Track base System is the world’s first-of-its-kind electrical power outlet system that is practical, safe, and simply beautiful!
Our innovative track capable system allows you to
“add, remove and reposition”
power outlets anytime anywhere – by just a simple twist.
About Us
Eubiq was founded in 2000 with the vision of becoming the world leader in power outlet systems.Read More
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Press Conferences


Germany spied on Turkey

Germany’s foreign intelligence agency eavesdropped at least one telephone conversation of US Secretary of State John Kerry and spied on NATO ally Turkey since 2009, Der Spiegel newspaper revealed on Saturday.
Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) picked up the phone call “by accident” in 2013, the weekly newspaper reported in a pre-publication citing unnamed sources. Kerry was discussing the Middle East tensions between Israelis, Palestinians and Arab states in a satellite link, according to Der Spiegel.
The new revelation comes after German media – Daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and regional public broadcasters NDR and WDR – reported on Friday that BND intercepted at least one phone call made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The date of the call was not given and the media said that it was also picked up“by accident”.
The German media retrieved the information of the hacking from documents that were passed to the CIA by one of its moles inside the BND.
On Saturday Der Spiegel reported that Clinton’s call recorded was intercepted in 2012. Clinton was in talks with former UN chief Kofi Annan, who had just returned from negotiations in Syria and wanted to brief the former Secretary of State.
The NDR added on Friday that Clinton wasn’t the only one spied on as “apparently, phone calls by US politicians and from other friendly nations have been repeatedly recorded and submitted to the respective BND President as instructed”.
“The fact that the recording wasn’t deleted immediately was called ‘idiocy’ by a member of the government in Berlin,” NDR reported.

Assam flood situation turns grim

Rain havoc in Assam, 37 revenue circles of 14 districts have been inundated in flood waters. Official sources in Guwahati said that 3 lakh 70 thousand people of around 800 villages are reeling under the fury of flood. The Brahmaputra is flowing above the danger level in Dibrugarh, Jorhat and Tezpur. Plying of boat and ferry services on Brahmaputra in Guwahati has temporarily suspended.>

VP, PM greets Happy Janmashtami;

Vice President Greets Citizens on Janmashtami;
The Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari has conveyed his warm greetings and good wishes to the citizens of our country on the joyous occasion of Janmashtami, marking the birthday of Lord Krishna. In his message, he has said that Lord Krishna’s message of performing our duties with sincerity and devotion, without attachment to the results of our actions, remains a pertinent principle for salvation of humanity.

Following is the text of the Vice President’s message :

“I convey my warm greetings and good wishes to the citizens of our country on the joyous occasion of Janmashtami, marking the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s message of performing our duties with sincerity and devotion, without attachment to the results of our actions, remains a pertinent principle for salvation of humanity.
On this auspicious day, let us resolve to rededicate ourselves to the teachings of Lord Krishna in order to build a peaceful, enlightened and just society.”
PM greets the people on Janmashtami
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has greeted the people on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami.
“Greetings on Janmashtami! May Lord Krishna bless our lives with peace, prosperity and happiness,” the Prime Minister said.

BJP President Amit inducts Virender

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Reserve the Rivers, Reverse the Sewers- An opinion


A dialogue began on exploitation of faith
New Delhi,
A demonstration was organized on 30th July 2014 to protest against the Government for utilizing the pollution issue of the river Ganga just to secure the vote bank. The dharna under the aegis of Dr. R. C. Sharma Memorial Research & Welfare Institute, the pioneer of Yamuna MuktiAandolan, simultaneously was also against the negative report submitted by the experts to Lieughtenant Governor, Delhi Nazib Jung on Sabarmati model likely to be adopted for Yamuna at the instructions of the prime minister. said the founder president Dr. S. C. Sharma.
Dr. Sharma criticized that Yamuna in Delhi has imposed serious questions towards the pollution therefore prime minister has also shifted hisattention from Yamuna and focussed on Ganga to eulogize the masses of the nation. As a matter of fact, pollution challenges in Ganga are of more complex in nature than Yamuna. And it happened so particularly after the formation of Uttarakhand in Himalayan region. Now the people in the mountains hardly visit the forest for toilets. Most of them have become modernized and flush toilets are used in abundance right from China border upto Devprayag, the beginingsource of holy river Ganga. As a result confluence of Mandakini and Alaknanda turns into a sewage canal from Devprayag itself. Ofcourse, it is the unpolluted water of Bhagirathi that dilutes the pollution of Alaknanda and Mandakini. And thus the devotees consume the Ganga nector at Rishikesh and Hardwar.
Dr. Sharma raised the question that pollution in Himalayan region neither invited the attention of state government nor the central to find a solution for existing problems but in newspapers and television time to time both Ganga and Yamuna are declared pollution free.
Dr. Sharma said that Yamuna pollution has rapidly become a national issue in order that not even a single river of the nation can be differentiated from the fidgeting condition of the river Yamuna. It has been the reason that on 8th June 2014 at the occasion of Ganga Dussehra a nationwide compaign ‘NadiyaanChhoro Sewer Joro’ began at VishramGhat in Mathura. The slogan carried a message that the population settled around the rivers of our nation considers the river water as pious and pure as Ganga and Yamuna are. Hence the degree of the people’s faith extended towards the river of the region gives them equal religious importance like Ganga and Yamuna. Notwithstanding equal religious importance of the rivers if Ganga and Yamuna are given priority, it shows the politics of vote bank only.
Dr. Sharma told the reporters that all the chief ministers of the different states have been intimated after launching of the campaign but except two or three states no response could be received on the issue by the caretaker of the states.
Dr. Sharma expressed his agony that Yamuna had been a subject of priority for national capital since 1911 but no mega project parallel to metro or commonwealth materialized to revive the grandeur past of the river. Even during the commonwealth games in 2011 a budget estimate of 800 crores of rupees was allotted for cleaning Yamuna in Delhi. And with this allocation of the budget all 18 highly contaminated drains of Delhi were likely to be taped from falling into Yamuna. But what to say of the corruption the budget for Commonwealth Games multiplied seven times (from 11,500 crores to 77,000 crores of rupees) but Yamuna could not claim even 8 rupees out of 800 crores of allotted budget for cleaning.
Dr. Sharma criticized the Government’s plan to connect the rivers without finding a solution for the sewers opened into the rivers. He emphasized that a long ago when the idea to inter connect the rivers was coined, they were not as much contaminated as they are at present. But now the situation has worsened and the capacity of fresh water available in the rivers has been reduced in comparison to waste water to be diluted. In this situation if sewers are not reversed from the rivers all the rivers will turn into sewers a day or so. And a day may come when entire population of the nation may be wiped out just merely by consuming poisoned air, water and the food.
For example the holy river in Mathura supposed to be one of the prime queens of Lord Krishna contains no fresh water from Yamunotri. The water in Yamuna between Delhi to Mathura is provided through 18 highly contaminated drains which may cause cancer if touched by hand. Then what to say of the Ministry of Health which has not yet issued any direction prohibiting Yamuna water being consumes by the devotees visiting Mathura for pilgrimage.Thus third Yamuna begins from Okhla whereas the first one ends at Tajewala 172 kms from Yamunotri followed by the second one at Wazirabad (496 kms) in Delhi.
Dr. Sharma in brief has requested the Government to reserve the rivers as they are and reverse the sewers by diverting them for agricultural usages,power generation and waste water applications. Thus aprosperous India may emerge even under adverse circumstances. And it needs a national policy to control the natural resources and human population as well.

Hamas rejects offers made in Cairo

Hamas has rejected offers made to Palestinian negotiators in Cairo seeking to end Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip and raised the possibility of renewed fighting when the current truce expires. Israel said it had also not yet accepted any proposals made in the Egyptian mediated talks but would continue attending them today. The current ceasefire is due to end on Monday night.
Gaza’s dominant Islamist group, Hamas wants an Israeli-Egyptian blockade on the coastal enclave lifted, as well as the establishment of a seaport and airport, as part of any enduring cessation of hostilities with Israel. The Israelis want Gaza to be disarmed under any long-term deal which Hamas rules out.

US airstrikes on ISIS part of operation to retake Mosul dam

 Kurdish Peshmerga forces backed by US air strikes have launched assault to retake the strategic Mosul dam from the Islamic State militants. Kurdish Major General Abdelrahman Korini said they have seized control of the eastern side of the dam complex and several jihadists have been killed.
Meanwhile, US air strikes close to the dam have killed 11 IS militants and injured six . Jihadist militants seized control of Iraq’s largest dam north of their hub of Mosul earlier this month from Peshmerga forces.The dam on the Tigris provides electricity to large parts of northern Iraq and is crucial for irrigation in vast farming areas in Nineveh province. Control of the dam could give the jihadist militants the ability to flood major cities. The recapture of Mosul dam would be one of the most significant achievements in a fight back that is also getting international support.
Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met top Iraqi leaders in Baghdad and the Kurdish leaders in Erbil. He said in Baghdad that Germany will provide humanitarian aid worth 24 million dollar for the displaced persons in northern Iraq. The visit comes a day after the European Union decided to step up humanitarian and arms aid for the Kurdish troops fighting against the jihadist militants. Canada is sending two cargo planes to move military supplies into northern Iraq as part of the international effort to bolster Kurdish forces against Islamic militants. US and France are already sending weapons, while Britain has indicated it is also prepared to help arm the Kurdish forces fighting jihadist militants from the Islamic State.


From: Mahesh Gaur
To: Geetam Tiwari
You may be aware that in collaboration with India Habitat Centre, TRIPP, IIT Delhi is organising Transport Discussion Series in the last week of every month since May 2014.  In continuation of these series of discussions, you are invited for the next workshop as per following:
Title:  Safety, Sustainability and Future Urban Transport
Day & Date: Friday, 29th August 2014
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Place:  Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
There will be a panel discussion and launch of the book on “Safety, Sustainability & Future Urban Transport” Edited by Dinesh Mohan followed by Reception.
We would be obliged if you make it convenient and join the reception after the event.
We take this liberty to request you for forwarding the invitation to the interested/concerned professional/person you may think fit.
Attached herewith the e-invitation containing the details of the workshop for your advance information.
Looking forward your active participation.
Best regards,
​Geetam Tiwari
Coordinator, TRIPP​

Pak forces violate ceasefire again in Jammu district

Pakistan forces have again violated the ceasefire by targeting BSF Border Outposts along International Border in Jammu district late last night. Sources said that 12 Chenab Rangers of Pakistan stationed across International Border, started unprovoked firing on Pittal Post Border Outpost (BoP) at around 2:45 A.M. in Arnia sub sector in RS Pura Sector in Jammu.
Later around 3 A.M., the Pakistan Rangers again started firing on Tent Guard Border Outpost (BoP) which lasted till 5:30 this morning. The Pakistani forces also resorted to heavy shelling while targeting Abdullian, Kutala-Khurd and Tubewell-5 posts with small and large weapons, which triggered befitting retaliation from the Indian forces with equal caliber weapons. No loss of life, injury or damage to any property on Indian side has been reported till last reports came in. Details are awaited.
Four persons, two civilians and two BSF personnel were injured in Pakistani firing in Arnia sub sector in Jammu district on the 11th of this month.

India, Singapore identify five areas for deepening co-operation

India and Singapore have identified five areas for deepening co-operation and underscored the need for second review of their comprehensive economic cooperation agreement signed in 2005 to boost bilateral ties. The areas for expending cooperation are trade and investment, connectivity, smart cities with focus on urban development and water management, skill development and economic ties with Indian states. A joint statement issued in Singapore after the talks the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had with Foreign Minister K Shanmugam hoped that negotiations between the two countries for the second review of their comprehensive economic cooperation agreement would be completed expeditiously to send a positive signal to business community. The two ministers jointly inaugurated the Year of India in Singapore to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations. Speaking on the occasion Mrs.Swaraj said the year-long celebrations would be used as an opportunity to find and develop new areas to deepen their engagement. She said the occasion will also be used to advance economic, defence and security cooperation and people to people contacts. She said it will be mutually beneficial to launch direct air connectivity between Singapore and the North East in India, particularly, Guwahati.
The two ministers also reviewed the outcome of the 47th ASEAN Ministerial and Related Meetings held in Myanmar, as well as matters related to the upcoming series of major multilateral meetings, such as the Asia-Europe Meeting, East Asia Summit and G-20 Summit. The Ministers also reaffirmed the importance of the growing and wide-ranging cooperation between ASEAN and India. They looked forward to the signing of the Services and Investment Chapters of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement by the end of this year, a step which would bring ASEAN and India closer to achieving its goal of 100 billion dollars worth of ASEAN-India trade by 2015, the statement said.

Session on “The Companies Act 2013: A Reality Now! ‏”

Thursday, 28 August 2014; 1345-1830 hrs: IHC, New Delhi
The recently enacted Companies Act, 2013 (‘the Act’) is a landmark legislation with far-reaching consequences on all companies incorporated in India. This is a landmark legislation that will have a wide ranging impact on corporate India. Corporate India continues to evolve at a fast pace leading to the emergence of a diverse set of stakeholders. The growth has led to a surge in consequences such as risk and default that seem to be visibly impacting the virtues of governance, which is precisely the area on which the Act promises to substantively raise the bar. The Act is also quite outward looking and in several areas attempts to harmonize with international requirements.

The Act in a comprehensive form purports to deal with various aspects of corporate India and Indian companies will have to closely examine these developments to develop a clear strategy at ensuring compliance per the new requirements.
To help decode the nuances and to get a better understanding of the New Act, the implications and the likely steps that companies will be required to take to address the new requirements and standards, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing a session on “The Companies Act 2013: A Reality Now!‏” from 1345 – 1830 hrson 28th August 2014 atIndia Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi.

Experts from KPMG in India and Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co will make presentations covering the key changes around the following themes:

  • Increased responsibility for the Board, Independent Directors, and Key Management Personnel
  • Impact on reporting framework
  • Higher auditor accountability
  • Enhanced investor protection
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Restructuring

I am writing to cordially invite you and your colleagues to join us at the session.

You are requested to kindly register your participation through the attached Reply Form.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation.



हरियाणा: कांग्रेस छोड़ #BSP में शामिल हुए अरविंद शर्मा

हरियाणा: कांग्रेस छोड़  में शामिल हुए अरविंद शर्मा   
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Cameron : Country to halt ISIS advance,


Islamic State fighters sweeping across Syria and Iraq are a direct threat to Britain and the country must use all of its “military prowess” to halt their advance, Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday.

But the Conservative Party leader said he did not think British troops should be deployed in Iraq, and that he would consider working with Iran to combat the jihadist threat.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Cameron warned that the West faces a “generational struggle”.

“If we do not act to stem the onslaught of this exceptionally dangerous terrorist movement, it will only grow stronger until it can target us on the streets of Britain,” he said.

“I agree that we should avoid sending armies to fight or occupy, but we need to recognise that the brighter future we long for requires a long-term plan.

“Cameron argued that security could only be achieved “if we use all our resources — aid, diplomacy, our military prowess.

“He also said Britain needed to work with countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Egypt, Turkey “and perhaps even with Iran”.

A high-ranking Anglican bishop on Sunday slammed Cameron´s Middle East policy in a letter that had the backing of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

“We do not seem to have a coherent or comprehensive approach to Islamic extremism as it is developing across the globe,” the bishop of Leeds, Nicholas Baines, wrote in the letter, sent to the Observer newspaper.

Defence Minister Michael Fallon said on Saturday that Britain would keep up its surveillance flights over northern Iraq to try to stop more minority groups coming under jihadist attack.

Britain deployed Tornado fighter jets to Akrotiri earlier this month, which will now be joined by the Royal Air Force´s most modern surveillance aircraft, the Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint.

Kurdish forces backed by US warplanes battled on Saturday to retake Iraq´s largest dam from jihadist fighters, a day after militants carried out a “massacre” of dozens of villagers.

Two months of violence have brought Iraq to the brink of breakup, and world powers relieved by the exit of long-time premier Nuri al-Maliki were sending aid to the displaced and arms to the Kurds. Kurdish forces attacked the Islamic State (IS) fighters who wrested the Mosul dam from them a week earlier

Mr. Teen India – 2014

Mr. Teen India – 2014 an I.Q. and Personality Contest Held at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi on 14th August 2014, beautifully choreographed by Sambita, ended in a grand finale with ear shattering applause and lots of appreciation, the event specially designed and devoted towards the awareness of HIV / Aids has enabled club to achieve a new milestone in its chaquerd history.

This has not only transformed our efforts towards education and awareness about HIV / AIDS into a national campaign but strengthened us to declare all out war against the deadly virus and social evils. The Alee Club welcomed the guests. Who has inaugurated the event from Cine World – Mr. Sushant Singh, Mr. Ashmit Patel, Mr. Aman Verma and Mr. Mukul Dev , who appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants and made it memorable.

Mr. M. M.  Mehta, President Alee cub, announced the societies resolve to make Miss & Mr. Teen India an I.Q. and Personality Contest, hither to being confined to national capital region Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar & Jharkhand to an All India Show to resister our presence worldwide and open an international chapter  on HIV/AIDS, and we are hopeful of a favorable response on the subject.

The uniquely designed 17th Miss. & Mr. Teen India -2014 An I.Q. and Personality Contest by Sambita, which culminated a grand success in disseminating the strong message of “Beware & Make Others Aware” on HIV / AIDS consisted of four rounds –

  1. Introduction Round
  2. Fashion Choreography Round
  3. Judges Question Round
  4. Written Common Question Round

The participants were enthusiastic teenagers of 13-19 years of age who were short listed through written test and interview in the previous rounds held at Hotel Radisson Blue (Paschim Vihar) and other state.

These short listed participants were then provided with an unique training session organized by Alee Club under the guidance of Choreographer Sambita Bose where they were trained and groomed on ramp walk, personality development, beauty tips by our honourable panel of training faculty who are experts of their respective fields –Miss. India Gladrags – Ms. Amanpreet Wahi, which motivated the enthusiastic youth to face the judges and audience confidentially and their tips will help them in their future assignments as well.

These participants showcased their confidence skills and polished talents acquired through training sessions beautifully just like professionals on Ramp.

In the final round “Written Common Question Round” the final participants 4 boys and 4 girls who were short listed from the previous 2 rounds, were asked a common question for which they were given 2 minutes. On the basis of their write ups they got Selected Miss Teen India Aakansha (Delhi) and Mr. Teen India Vishal Rathi (Noida).

In the event there were also exciting and entertaining dance performances by the students of the Alee Academy for Performing Arts which was customized under the expert guidance of choreographer Sambita.

The entire audience jumped out of their seats when they saw their favorite actor Sushant Singh, Ashmit Patel, Aman Verma & Mukul Dev on Stage.

All the contestants were very happy at the time of receiving award by the hands of main their ideal film stars and felt honoured and conveyed a big thanks to Alee Club Miss Teen -2014 Aakansha & Mr. Teen 2014 Vishal Rathi offer their all support to Alee Club in eradicating AIDS.

Miss Teen India 1st Runner up Ms Stefy Patel (Jharkhand) & Mr. Teen India 1st Runner up Pranshu Malik (Delhi)
Miss Teen India 2nd Runner up Ms Advitya Verma (Kanpur) & Mr. Teen India 2nd Runner up Sahil Soni (Delhi)

Imran: Sunday will be decisive day


Sunday will be decisive day in Pakistan’s history : Imran Khan Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has said that Sunday will be decisive day in the history of Pakistan and final match will be played at 3:00 pm.
Addressing the participants of long march, he said that the PTI will celebrate the independence at 3:00 pm. He appealed to all the Pakistan to come to the venue of PTO long march.
He said that people will forget Tahrir Square of the Egypt after seeing people at the PTI Jalsa.
“We are not a party which has looted the country, come forward to accommodate the people who have travelled from far flung areas, Khan said. He told the long marchers that Sunday may be the final of World Cup.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...