Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moody's forecast cause of concern: PM

India with prime demography is unable to reap because of ongoing rampant corruption.The liberal policies of the government to invite foreign investment and new technology the complete programme has been shattered due to all sorts of junks in the running of government.The government and its ministers put up brave faces and bold words to propogate the country's well beings. Anti-graft protests, ethnic violence,anti-development Maos violence with touch of natural calamity to which nation hardly cares has its every-day bloody tale. Latest media reports,"Two persons were killed and at least 52 injured including 44 policemen when a protest in Mumbai against Assam riots turned violent as demonstrators torched vehicles and pelted stones on Saturday. Another reports said ,Centre has said the situation in the Northeastern state was peaceful and under control and 170 people were arrested after registration of 309 cases there. Third report about three incidents of brawl in Army  and Defence Min A K Antony has voiced concern over incidents of face off between officers and jawans but said that the armed forces are capable of handling them on their own." All these negative reports show all is not well.BJP leader Arun Jaitley hit Prime Minister and said,
"To believe that our investment is very high and that the fundamentals of Indian economy are strong, I think the prime minister, who hold the pivotal position in government, is living in denial," Jaitley said.
"Most agency world over, most economist world over, chambers, independent observers, domestic economists without exception are commenting very adversely against the UPA's management on nation economies," he added. "The sentiments is low, the investment environment has been seriously affected. India is no longer been showcased as the investment destination. Infrastructure management is going slow."
"And at this state of affairs, where inflation are high, the international oil prices are high, the monsoons don't look like being particularly encouraging, I think the prime minister should have responded to the wake up call," he said.
From time to time even the global rating agency caution the government but Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said the downgrade of India's growth forecast by Moody's was a cause of concern but expressed hoped that India would better last year's 6.5 per cent economic growth. 

"It is a cause of concern but one should not draw unwarranted conclusions," Dr. Singh told reporters when asked to comment on ratings agency Moody's analysis of the Indian economy.
Moody's research arm had scaled down its forecast for the country's economic growth this fiscal to 5.5 per cent earlier this week.
However, Dr. Singh expressed hoped that India would better last year's 6.5 per cent of economic growth.
"The fundamentals of Indian economy are strong. Investments and savings are among the highest in the world. I am hopeful, we will do still better than 6.5 per cent growth performance of last year," the Prime Minister said.
Moody's Analytics had said India's GDP growth rate is likely to be 5.5 per cent this year, while in 2013 growth is expected to be 6 per cent, adjusted from 6.2 per cent earlier.
"There has been little policy response from either the Reserve Bank of India or the government and with global uncertainty dragging on, we see nothing on the horizon to lift the economy from its funk," Moody's Analytics Senior Economist Glenn Levine had said.

300km Delhi BRT Project Would Cause 600 Deaths Every Year

Urgent - 300km Delhi BRT Project Would Cause 600 Deaths Every Year  
Honorable Members of Parliament,
President Obama lowered National Flags for a week all over in Mourning Deaths of 6 Sikhs in a Shoot Out at a Gurudwara, Here 41 deaths and over 128 major accidents over just 5 kilometer section is not EVEN CONSIDERED SERIOUS ENOUGH TO WARRANT SCRAPPING IT such is the Reckless Conduct of Delhi government.
Technically Delhi BRT section in operation is much less than 5.8Km as Motor Vehicles crossing Moolchand Double Flyover arrive at Siri Fort Red light in just over a minute. Thus technically BRT section in operation is less than 5 kilometer.
Thus Delhi BRT has 8 Fatal Accidents per kilometer in four years or 2Deaths/BRTKm/Year.
This means if Delhi had implanted 300 BRT route length it would have resulted in 600 Deaths per year or 2400 deaths in four years. 
Kindly do the needful to Scrap this World’s Most Mindless Project.
Ravinder Singh
August11, 2012
41 dead, 150 hurt in brt’s 4 years
May 30, 2012 
At least 41 people have lost their lives and 150 were injured in road accidents in the past four years on the Delhi government’s most ambitious project Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. The government data came out during the Delhi Assembly session. BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi asked the question from the transport minister Arvinder Singh Lovely about the accidents on the corridor. The transport minister, in a written answer said “37 serious accidents and 128 small accidents were witnessed on the BRT during the time period of four years (from May one 2008 to May 15 2012).”

Maximum fatal accidents were witnessed in year 2010 when a total of 19 deaths were reported on the BRT. BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi alleged that the accidents are taking place because of the defect design of the corridor

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