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Supreme Court says serious criminals should leave Parliament

Supreme Court says serious criminals should leave Parliament, but MPs are fighting back. We have 24 hours to show our outrage — sign the call, then share widely.
Dear friends across India, 
The Supreme Court just boldly ruled to kick criminals out of politics – a landmark step to clean up Parliament! But now those same gangsters are trying to overturn these rulings. And only we can stop them — it’s people power vs criminal politics. Join the call now: 
Sign the petition
The Supreme Court just boldly ruled to kick criminals out of politics – a landmark step to clean up Parliament! But now those same gangsters are trying to overturn these rulings. And only we can stop them. 
In any other serious democracy the Supreme Court bans would be a base line — politicians convicted of crimes should lose their seats and if you are in jail you cannot stand for election. Basic stuff! But according to reports, 30% of our parliamentarians have criminal charges against them. Some MPs are fighting back to cling to power and now the Attorney General is doing them a favour advising they change the Constitution. It’s our people power vs criminal politics – lets block them now. 
The AG’s Constitutional reform could happen in days. We can’t let this extraordinary chance to finally clean up Indian politics be wrecked by the crooks. Let’s massively support the Supreme Court and directly slam the Attorney General and MPs. Click now to sign this urgent petition to cast out the criminals – Avaaz will deliver it directly to all three arms of government:  
An incredible 30% of parliamentarians have some sort of criminal charges against them. They’ve managed to hold onto power because of a major loophole in the law and remain in office if they simply appealed a conviction within three months of receiving a guilty verdict. This new Supreme Court order means that anyone convicted from now onwards loses their seat immediately — making this a monumental step towards cleaning up the criminalisation of politics. 
Looking at the shameful disruptions of Parliament sessions on TV, it’s clear that parliamentarians love to debate and disagree. But when it comes to saving their skin, they are all united. An all-party meeting was called and all political parties have agreed to challenge the Supreme Court judgement. They are even considering a law that allows them to appoint judges of their choice — recklessly threatening our democracy even further. 
The politicians plans to keep the crooks are starting to be made public. So let’s blindside them now with a massive cry of support for the independence and activism of the Supreme Court — one of India’s finest institutions — and tell the Attorney General and Parliament to back off. Click below to create a media wave of support to clean up Parliament: 
Years ago Avaaz took on a similar battle in Brazil to help clean up its democracy, pushing forward a powerful bill to ban corrupt politicians from public office when everybody said it was impossible. India is a far older democracy and the world’s largest, with millions of people hoping for a change. Let’s get every citizen who cares to join this call to cast out the criminals!
With hope and determination, 
Meredith, Pascal, Alaphia, Oliver, Ricken, Laura and all the Avaaz team


Hyundai global Launch of the ‘Grand i10’


Hyundai Launches the ‘Grand i10’
-  Global debut of Grand i10 in India
- Introduces advanced 2nd generation U2 CRDi diesel engine
Petrol (ex- showroom, Delhi) Rs.
Diesel (ex- showroom, Delhi) Rs.
New Delhi, September 3, 2013: Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), the country’s largest exporter and the second-largest car manufacturer today launched the much awaited Grand i10. The launch marks the global debut of Grand i10 in India.
Speaking at the launch, Mr. B S Seo, Managing Director & CEO, HMIL said, “The Grand is a world-class product developed for the Indian market. The Grand symbolizes Hyundai’s commitment to Indian customers by offering high standards of quality, durability and reliability. It offers an ideal urban mobility with a complete package from style to performance creating a new benchmark in the Compact High Entry Segment. We expect Grand with its excellent value proposition and its unique features, will serve wide range of customers in India.”
The Grand will be available with two engine options the 1.1 litre advanced 2ndgeneration U2 CRDi diesel and 1.2 litre Kappa Dual VTVT petrol offering a combination of optimum performance and best-in-class fuel economy.

The advanced 2nd generation U2 CRDi diesel delivers 71PS@4,000rpm of maximum power and 16.3kgm@1,500~2,750rpm of peak torque with best-in-class mileage of24.0 kmpl (ARAI figure). This environment friendly U2 CRDi diesel engine is Euro V ready with low emission and NVH levels. The U2 engine operates at a high pressure of 1,800 bar and generates high low end torque resulting in lesser gear shifts in city driving conditions. The linear power delivery and flat torque over wide range of rpm’s ensure smooth and jerk free drive. The diesel engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission offering higher driving pleasure with enhanced fuel efficiency and refinement.
The all-aluminum 1.2 litre Kappa petrol engine comes with Dual VTVT mechanismdelivering optimum engine performance with 83PS@6,000rpm of maximum power and11.6Kgm@4,000rpm of peak torque with best-in-class mileage of 18.9 kmpl (ARAI figure). The petrol engine offers the choice of 5-speed manual transmission andAutomatic Transmission.


Grand has been designed at Hyundai European design centre in Germany using design cues of Hyundai’s globally acclaimed ‘Fluidic Design’ theme.  The Grand has been developed for the Indian market to cater to the needs of the evolved Compact High Entry buyers who values, style, space, economy and technological features.  Hyundai Motor India Ltd. and Hyundai Motor Company Namyang R&D Engineers have worked closely from the conceptual stage to the final product development.
The Grand showcases a Modern, Sporty, Trendy and Progressive styling. The slopping roofline along with integrated roof rails gives a sporty and aerodynamic feel while the elongated sharp headlamps, sleek wraparound tail lamps and segment unique 2 tone diamond cut alloy wheels lend a premium and sporty feel to the Grand.
The interiors of Grand instill a wide sense of space with high quality fit and finish. To address the space related needs of the Indian customers the spacious cabin of Grand offers generous legroom, ample headroom and shoulder room along with large boot space. The 2-Tone Beige and black interior gives premium and luxury touch to the interiors of Grand.
To suit the requirements of the Indian customers there are some India specific developments carried out on Grand. Dimensionally Grand is longer and has larger wheelbase compared to its European version to cater to the space related need of Indian customers.
For enhanced comfort of the rear passenger the Grand offers first-in-segment Rear AC vents which also ensures efficient all round cooling. Moreover, the rear window design on Grand is wider to avoid claustrophobic feel for the rear occupants.
The Grand offers host of advance and hi-tech features like smart key with push button start and stop for keyless entry/exit and ignition on/off, auto folding outside mirrors which automatically opens and folds when the car is unlocked and locked. The tilt steering offers the most comfortable driving position while the cooled glove box keeps the beverages and food items cool & fresh.
The Grand offers unmatched audio experience with integrated 2-DIN music system with first-in-segment 1 GB internal memory to store and play music of choice.  It offers Bluetooth, USB and Aux-in connectivity for unlimited music access. Moreover, the steering wheel has audio, bluetooth and trip meter controls for enhanced driving pleasure.


Hyundai has always led the way when it comes to ensuring safety and security of passengers. The Grand is packed with an array of active and passive safety features for the occupants. It is equipped with dual airbags, a passive safety feature which acts as a supplementary restraint system, to reduce injury risk in case of frontal impact. The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) ensures effective braking and prevents possibility of wheel lock-up during panic braking.  Grand also offers central locking, engine immobilizer and Rear parking sensor for enhanced convenience and easy parking.

·         Rear AC vents (Segment Unique)
·         Diamond cut Alloy wheels- unique 2 tone design (Segment Unique)
·         Integrated 2-DIN MP3 audio with in- built – 1GB memory (Segment Unique)
·         Smart Key with Push button Start and Stop
·         Bluetooth connectivity
·         Multifunction steering wheel with Bluetooth, audio and trip meter controls
·         Auto folding outside mirrors with electric adjustment function
·         Rear parking sensors
·         Turn indicators on outside mirrors
·         Cooled glove Box
·         Tilt steering
·         Leather steering wheel
·         Front and rear power windows with driver auto down function
·         Rear spoiler
·         Chrome outside door handles
·         Chrome surround front fog lamps
·         Rear defogger
·         Rear washer and wiper
·         Roof rails
·         Body side molding
·         Driver seat height adjustment
·         Dual airbags and ABS
·         Front and rear power outlets
Grand i10 will be available in a range of 8 exciting new colours.
Please log on to www.hyundai.co.in and www.youtube.com/Hyundaiindia to watch the TVCs.

About HMIL

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMIL is the largest passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer in India. It currently markets nine car models across segments – in the A2 segment it has the Eon, Santro, i10, Grand i10 and the i20, in the A3 segment the Verna, in the A4 segment the Elantra, in the A5 segment Sonata and in the SUV segment the Santa Fe.
HMIL’s fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Chennai boasts advanced production, quality and testing capabilities. HMIL forms a critical part of HMC’s global export hub. It currently exports to around 125 countries across EU, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia and the Asia Pacific. HMIL has been India’s number one exporter for the past eight years consecutively. To support its growth and expansion plans, HMIL currently has 370 dealers and more than 900 service points across India. In its commitment to provide customers with cutting-edge global technology, HMIL set up a modern multi-million dollar R&D facility in Hyderabad. The R&D center endeavors to be a center of excellence in automobile engineering.
For further information contact:
Ravi Sharma (+91 9873136644)
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
V Anand (+91-9810758141)
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
Monish Mazumdar (+91 9810542491)
IPAN H+K Strategies
Sukriti Kalra (+91 9910393262)
IPAN H+K Strategies



31st August 2013

SOUTH ASIAN ALLIANCE OF GRASSROOTS NGOs (SAAGN) is a coalition initiated in 2007 under the leadership of Butterflies India in unison with 4 leading NGOs from South Asian Countries –Aschiana in Afghanistan, Aparajeyo in Bangladesh, CWSN in Nepal and Kantha Shakti in Sri Lanka for the protection and promotion of child rights. Currently 139 grassroots NGOs from the five countries have joined in the effort of SAAGN. 

Acknowledging that two decades after the Summit World Fit for Children impressive gains have been made regarding children’s status by the South Asian countries. Today more children are at school, more children are better off than they were a decade ago, many more children are healthier today, are likely to see their fifth birth day and have higher hopes than the generation that came before them. Nevertheless, these achievements and gains have been uneven and below the expected progress.

SAAGN- the South Asian alliance of 139 NGOs from five nations-Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka- for the protection and promotion of child rights in the region reiterates the above through the recent research conducted as a part of the project‘ Civil Society Alliance for Child Rights in South Asia’. Literacy rate in South Asia still remains at 58.4%, with Afghanistan (39%) recording a level lower than the regional average. Literacy level was also uneven across gender groups and regions. More than 90% of children are enrolled in school. But those who complete V grade are much lower indicating a high dropout rate.
The quality of education too still remains dismally low. Survival of the child poses a major threat to children in South Asia.  The MDG target for 2015 on reduction in infant mortality rate, increased skilled birth attendance and ante natal care are likely to be missed by most of the countries in the region. While only Bangladesh is on track to achieve the target in the former, only Sri Lanka is likely to reach the target in the latter. Nepal has also been able to fulfil its MDG Targets. Similarly, under-5 Mortality and Maternal Mortality rate targets are elusive to Afghanistan and India.  
Most of the South Asian countries are well either on track or have achieved the target for improved drinking water source. Nevertheless, except Sri Lanka all the others are either off the track or need to make additional efforts to achieve the effective sanitation systems in their respective countries.

Poverty too remains aggressive in South Asia with only Sri Lanka reporting headway towards the MDG target. Apart from the above, survival and developmental issues, children are victims of a number of crimes. The study reports the presence of millions of children missing, on streets, in child labour (44 Million), with disabilities (42 million), trafficked, victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, early marriage, in armed conflict and in conflict with law. The figures presented in the study could be considered only as a tip of the ice berg as most of these crimes go under reported.
Child participation in governance also remains at a minimal level in the region with most being in a programmatic manner.

Subsequently, based on the recommendations and action plans that emerged out of the Kathmandu Consultation in August 2013, we the members of SAAGN along with civil society members, Trade Union members, Media representatives resolve to undertake the following:

  1. Taking note of the precarious conditions of children in the region, SAAGN and civil society members from the five countries reaffirm their commitment to the protection and promotion of child rights  and resolve to make the region fit for children with an accentuated effort to mitigate the specific survival, developmental and protection issues faced by all children in particular, children who are differently abled and marginalized across the region.

  1. Recognising family as the institution to be strengthened for ensuring a better survival, development and protection for children, SAAGN pledges to work towards to support marginalised and vulnerable families through designing and implementing family strengthening programmes in partnership with grassroots NGOs and local and state level governments. Moreover, we appeal to the national governments that no policies or programmes shall in any way infringe on the family fabric of the society and shall instead enhance their efforts in strengthening families so as to create a safe environment for children.

  1. Concerned at the lack of data related to the aforementioned issues SAAGN members resolve to collate and document the data related to these issues in partnership with research organisations and institutions in their respective areas. Moreover, the members appeal to the national governments to put in place mechanisms for  collation of data and tracking  of  birth and marriage registrations, children and family migration at all levels i.e., village, provincial, state and national.  SAAGN will endeavour to develop measurable indicators of social, economic and cultural rights of children.

  1. SAAGN website would have a special section on its website, with a collation of all legislations in the region pertaining to child rights. SAAGN would also make efforts to disseminate information and knowledge materials to journalists across the region.

  1. Welcoming the existence of various legislations to ensure the rights of children, the members wish to advocate for their review in order to bridge the gaps and make it in the best interest of the child.

  1. To advocate for an enactment for a special legislation to prevent sexual offence against children in countries where it does not already exist.

  1. To lobby for establishing minimum standards and strengthen the quality of care services for the recovery and reintegration of child victims and adequate compensation and rehabilitation services.

  1. We express serious concern over the violations of rights of children in conflict with law and those in need of care and protection. SAAGN appeals to the national governments to review the existing juvenile justice system, and make appropriate modification for the best interests of the children keeping in mind the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Beijing Rules for administration of juveniles in conflict with law.

  1. We consider strict enforcement of legislations as one of the effective measures to prevent crimes against children. Subsequently, the members resolve to monitor various cases related to children and make advocacy and networking along with public outcry to ensure proper enforcement of the laws in favour of children.

  1. We urge all the governments in the region to review the budgetary allocations for programs for children, especially in education, life skills education and health care and in implementation of the various laws and putting in place infrastructure so as to ensure maximum benefit to all children.

  1. To encourage National governments to implement sustainable anti-poverty programs, this is part of their stated national plans of action and to periodically review the implementation of the same.

  1. Document Best Practices in the region and disseminate the same to NGOs, civil society organisations and government to adapt some of these Best Practices in their countries.

  1. Advocate with the government to have special Police Units for Children across the region.

  1.  To dialogue with national governments to establish Child helpline services with the same calling number (1098) across the region.

  1. Wherever there is an absence of Child Rights commissions, to advocate for the same

  1. Emphasising that children are better spokespersons for themselves, the Alliance resolves to make every effort through lobbying and advocacy to ensure age appropriate and informed participation of children in governance. We wish to engage children in meaningful and critical examination of changing contemporary values and norms along with the various exploitations experienced by them so as to design and develop strategies to prevent abuse and protect their childhood.

  1. SAAGN is committed to work towards facilitating a resource pool of legal professionals in each of the member countries as defenders of child rights at the ground level. The vision that SAAGN envisages is to build ‘lawyers without borders’- a dedicated group of lawyers who work closely with grassroots NGOs and take up cases for children pro bono.

  1. SAAGN, in its coming phase, looks forward to working closely with Local Self Government functionaries, teachers,  law enforcement functionaries, judiciary, trade unions, media especially community radio and local television channels to take forward child rights agenda and can help in functioning as watch dogs at the local and national level. Strengthen and capacitate all protection agencies to ensure that children’s rights are protected and guaranteed at the community level.

  1. We also propose a structured sensitization and awareness programme for our legislators/policy makers across the region.

  1. Welcoming the initiatives taken by SAIVEC, UNICEF and other UN agencies, INGOs for preventing atrocities against children, the Alliance extends its support to these agencies in creating a child friendly South Asia.

  1. SAAGN will  make efforts to work towards partnering with more grassroots NGOs in the region including Pakistan, Bhutan and Maldives

SAAGN decides and resolves to create South Asia a child friendly region by attempting to ensure for every child, the best possible start to life; better survival, better education, protection, growth and development in good health and proper nutrition; making concerted efforts to prevent all acts of crimes against children, abuse, exploitation, discrimination and thus building a safe environment for them that enables them to be physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally secure and socially competent. Confident of change we as one body pledge to build for children a world where every girl and boy is assured of their childhood; where their hopes are rekindled; where they are educated; where their rights are protected; where they are dignified and respected; where their voices are heard and where they enjoy dignified life.
SAAGN will work towards having a follow up to this consultation to record the progress on this resolution by the alliance, civil society organisation.




New Delhi, 2nd September 2013: Mahindra Racing’s Miguel Oliveira and Efrén Vázquez finished fifth and 10threspectively in the British Moto3™ Grand Prix held at a sunny Silverstone Circuit – another excellent double top ten result for the only Indian constructor in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The 17-lap race around the fast and flowing 5.9km track saw a breakaway group of four, headed by Luis Salom, battle for the win.

Just behind them, Oliveira headed a second group of four for the full race distance after a tough and exciting battle. Having recorded the third fastest time in morning warm-up, the young Portuguese rider was ready to improve on his eighth place on the grid. Ninth after a fast and furious first lap, Oliveira steadily worked his way up to the front of the second group and then battled hard to keep repelling the persistent challenge of Jonas Folger.

On the eve of his 27th birthday, Efrén Vázquez was making his 100th Grand Prix start and was involved in a similar dice at the head of the third group of riders. From 13th on the grid, Efrén lost a place on lap one before charging through to battle at the front of the group. At the flag he just missed out on ninth place by three tenths of a second.

The excellent result came on the day that Mahindra confirmed that Ambrogio Racing will switch to racing Mahindra MGP3O bikes from the next race with their riders, German Luca Amato and South African Brad Binder. A fifth Mahindra will line up on the Misano grid in two weeks in the hands of Mahindra Racing’s wildcard; 16-year-old Italian Championship (CIV) rider, and current series leader, Andrea Locatelli.

The addition of more bikes is testament to Mahindra’s impressive progress in World Championship racing. Designed and built in just six months, the Mahindra MGP3O Moto3 prototype has proved reliable from the start and impressively competitive.

Watching the race was Mahindra’s President of Group Strategy, and Chairman of Mahindra Racing, S.P. Shukla. “I have enjoyed the weekend enormously and that is a very good result from both of our riders,” commented Mr Shukla. “I have been very impressed with the consistency of our bike, team and riders. We have been regularly challenging for top five and top ten places all season and for a young, Indian motorcycle manufacturer to be placing third in the constructors’ standings – with only two riders – is an impressive performance. Obviously this has not gone unnoticed and we are very pleased to welcome Ambrogio Racing to join Mahindra Racing’s World Championship journey.”

“The start was OK, but we really need to do better in the opening laps. We have the speed and the pace to be at the front, but once the lead group had gone there was no way to make up the gap and so I just had to stay concentrated and, even though it looked like a big fight, I was quite confident and calm. Fifth place is good for us after two difficult races, but I hope that Misano can go even better. We are continuing to work hard and making progress towards the podium.”

“I got a bad start and lost a lot of ground and so I got involved in a fight with a slower group than where I really wanted to be. In this class it is hard to make up those gaps on your own and so I just had to keep my head down and concentrate 100% every lap to make sure we finished with some good points for the Championship. I am back up in the top ten, but I am hoping to make even more progress as the bike and team keep improving. What is really important in Misano is to qualify better so that I don’t get caught up.”


 Srinagar, September 3: Popularity in golf amongst children surged across Srinagar city schools. National Iniative for Golf in School an IGU program for introducing golf at schools is being executed and subsidised in Srinagar by Women’s Golf Association of India for the second time in less than 2 months. The program culminated at DPS Srinagar by two young students of class 3 Adeena Jaweed and Sahil Bilal for 28 children.
Presentation Convent once again sent 30 girls to be introduced to the sport with well over 200 young girls who are in a queue to be introduced to the game.  New entrants to the NIGS-WGAI Golf coaching program are 22 boys from Burnhall Boys Higher Secondary school. The two centre coaching camps are being conducted at DPS Srinagar Golf Academy and Royal Springs Golf Course.
President of WGAI Kavita Singh has lauded the efforts of schools in their cooperation and support rendered to golf the coaches and the organisation during execution of golf camps for school going children in the valley.
“The WGAI is committed to guide and nurture young talent. Since there is so much promise in the valley, we look forward to seeing rewarding results from the children in a few months. Golf being an Olympic sport has to be popularised for children in the valley. Future of the game is in their hands.  Response after the inaugural camp in June motivated us to return to Srinagar. At the end of the current camp there will be 152 children who would have been successfully introduced to golf through NIGS-WGAI Golf coaching program. The fact that a larger percentage of students training are girls has been heartening to note. Incentive to introduce girl child to golf has been very welcomed” stated Secretary General of Women’s Golf Association India Champika Sayal in Srinagar.
Mr Vikram Sethi   from NGAI has been appointed head coach for NIGS-WGAI Golf Coaching Camp in Srinagar again. Mr Sethi stated that there is no shortage of talent in the valley and expressed his joy to be back again in Srinagar again within such a short duration. “In the next two years some of these bright sparks will be playing in Junior National Circuit he stated”. Anjali Chopra India’s former Ladies National Champion became a teacher at National Golf Academy of India about 5 years ago, she has been appointed Assistant Coach to ensure that girls can be well trained. Anjali will be back from time to time for follow up camps since there are no women golf teachers in J&K.
Come September as good golfing weather returns to the valley, WGAI will hold golf clinics for enthusiastic mothers of school going girls during the Hero Women’s Professional Golf tour leg scheduled to be held at Royal Springs Golf Course from 16th to 19th September.



South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment

White Paper Competition- South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment, September 19 and 20,2013 at The American Center, New Delhi
From: southasiasummit2013  Mon, 2 Sep ’13 6:02p
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
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Hi Folks,
Digital Empowerment Foundation is happy to announce a first of its kind of regional South Asia Summit on Social Media for Digital Empowerment to be held on September 19 and 20, 2013 at The American Center, New Delhi.
The summit will bring together more than 200 participants, speakers, experts, and players from the various stakeholders group to discuss the emerging trends of social media, how it is influencing new generation and all aspects of life cycle and how the social media tools could be used to empower the people at large and various issues and causes in particular. 
In this regard, Digital Empowerment Foundation is working on a White Paper focusing on Social Media and its relevance, growth, and impact in South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, & Sri Lanka) and seeking inputs from masses on the presentation of White Paper. Best Entry will get a Tablet which will be announced at the Summit on September 20, 2013.
Entries should be submitted in PDF format only.
Paper submission shall not be entertained after September 5, 2013.
Selection Criteria:
Most unique, descriptive and informative entry shall be the winner. 

To download paper format please direct yourself to 
Send your entries on osamam@gmail.com.
For more information ping us up at southasiasummit2013@gmail.com


Press Invite: Shocking Revelations – Gross Negligence of the Haryana Police in the investigation of alleged rape and murder of Dalit girl in Jind, Haryana.
From: Asha Mon, 2 Sep ’13 4:28p
To: You
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Dear N.K. Sagar,
A 20 year old Dalit girl was found dead under very mysterious circumstances on the morning of August. 25th, 2013. From then on, the police and district administration of Jind have neglected the case and instead beat up and arrested the protestors at Jind. Three autopsies were conducted and the final report from AIIMS is given to police last night. But a copy of the report is still not given to the family.
However, the SP and DC of Jind have issued a statement saying the girl had consumed poison. Very cunningly, they are covering the sexual assault and murder of the girl. The police, medical officers and the entire administration is trying their best to hush this up.
The members of the fact finding team who visited Jind on August 29th will be releasing a report and sharing their experiences of meeting the authorities in the civil hospital, the Deputy Commissioner and the Superintendent of police. The team also met the family members of the girl and visited the spot where her body was found.
The fact finding team was led by Asha Kowtal AIDMAM. She was accompanied by Kalyani Menon-Sen ( WSS) , Nisha Kumari (Action Aid), Jenny Rowena, (SAVARI), Rajat Kansal, lawyer and Dalit activist from Haryana and journalists. The others joining for the Press Conference will be Legal Expert and Supreme Court Lawyer Vrinda Grover.
There will be a Release of Fact Finding Investigation Report and discussion with family member, advocate and others from Jind.
Please send your reporter and camera persons to the press conference
Place: Indian Women’s Press Corps
Date: 3rd September
Time: 12:00 -13:30 hours
For further details:
Beena Pallical – 9958797404 | beena@ncdhr.org.in
Asha Kowtal – 9560100442 | asha.kowtal@ncdhr.org.in

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...