Friday, April 22, 2011

Conference on ICT-IPR trends and challenges in globalised world

The main objective was to discuss issues and methodologies so that the Indian ICT community, especially SME's and Researchers get updated and are empowered to meet the challenges of the present innovation-based global economic ecosystem.The conference aimed at building greater awareness and devlopming insights into the complex mechanism of creation ,ownership and protection of IP.
Dr Debashis Dutta stressed the importance of IP which is a topic close to safeguarding India's intellectual property.India he said has a vast treasure-house of knowledge and intellectual resources. Unluckily due to lack of adequate knowledge of patents and Copyright laws, this intellectual property cannot be protected.The Portal designed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in close collaboration with C-DAC GIST is a bold step in this regard.Providing know how and advice regarding IPR, the interactive portal will go a long way in encouraging inventors, scientists, researchers as well as the vast pool of academicians in furthering India's intellectual property and placing our country on the technological map of the world. The conference would go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for synergy between Industry and academia, he added.

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