Rs.2,00,000 Crores Didn’t Help Bihar, 50% Food Deficit – Exclusive

Even when there was Chara Ghotala by class IV employees but Chief Minister was made accountable by NDA, there was 14.4 million tones food production since then population has gone up 30% in Bihar, Rs.2,00,000 crores pumped in to Bihar by Manmohan Singh but food-grains production averages 10.5 million tones, Nitish and Nandu tells Biharis it is the responsibility of Manmohan Singh – Bihar ought to be producing at least 20 million tones of food-grains. Bihar State of 100 million people – 20 times larger in population than Denmark can’t produce food for its people, agriculture is half dead – Industrial sector is totally dead.

Can we believe Bihar average rice yield is barely 1128 kg per hectare to 1598 kg? Wheat yield 2100 kg, Maize 2400 kg, mustard 900 kg, way lower than national average.

BJP RSS JDU specialize in creating mischief all the time including Burning of Cars – in view of Petrol price hike.

As advocated by Nandu – right to Food is the responsibility of Dr. Manmohan Singh and to feed every mouth in Bihar in addition Rs.45,000 crores ‘Central Donations to Bihar’ every year, running Cars on Petrol is not Fundamental Right.

Here I have provided both GOI RBI and Bihar Agriculture Figures that Bihar has failed in Agriculture. Instead of promise of over 16 million tones production hovers between 9.8 million tones to 12.2 million tones averaging just Rs.10.5 million tones.

During Lalus Regime just before RSS BJP took over Bihar foodgrains production was just 14.417 million tones in 1997-98 – BJP JDU government with Rs.200,000 crores pumped in to Bihar by UPA, Rs.102,000 crores in last three years Foodgrains production was down to 9.8 million tones in 2010-11. (Bihar Gov claims 10.9 million tones).

It 2006 Approach Paper Bihar CM and Nandu promised 72.72 lakh tones rice, 48.06 lakh tones of wheat, 10.12 lakh tones of pulses, 28.61 lakh tones of Maize all adding up to over 16 million tones of foodgrains but in above latest report above food-grains production was barely 10.16 million tones and 12.22 million tones for 2009-10 and 2008-09 respectively. This is definitely less than achieved by RJD days when BJP NDA was not releasing funds for development. In last three years UPA had released Rs.102,000 crores to Bihar alone. This more than all the net funds transferred by NDA for whole of India of which you were advisor to Vajpayee.

Nitish Kumar should let Centre Rule Bihat for 10 years.

Ravinder Singh
May25, 2012