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Naresh Kumar Sagar Dated 17.062017: New Delhi.
London Grenfell Tower Fire has been serious mishap or planned by global radical, need thorough investigation . British police and fire service are pointing to scientific assessment of this horrific tragedy in way that attention looks planned or accidental. Preparing nodal point in public domain are for keen consideration.
120 Apartment need separate fire & water tanks. Another plus is  drinking water tank connected to fire tank as fire water ends the tank from drinking water gushes in and there has the alignment to fill fire tank in emergency. Water body in horticulture around building creating ambiences also add assets in time of contingency.
120 apartment each apartment need 1000lutres per day so total tank capacity for day reserve doubling  in plus additional makes it overhead tanks. The Fire in the underground tank capacity nearly lakh litre connected to drinking water tank, with independent boosters are allocated.
Fire tank connected to water booster automatically restart when fire alarm which is connected to both wet riser and sprinklers and dry riser.Fire at midnight people in inert state.
Secondly fire at second floor or fourth floor reaches higher floors within eight minutes  as per Fire officer said to media which explicitly and clearly indicates the fire lapping other floor is possible iin case building are designed with high in flammable  materials  or obviously more wood than metal.
Fire to flare easy is poor design of building. In case floor are of concrete and metal then fire can engulfs  when  building is loaded with highly inflammable  chemical, goods, material, appliance, in godown pantry or in kitchen s.Serial inflammable material once operates needs continuity in cold climate extra quantity of inflammable material.Is the planned fire or accidentally fire in case of former materials are parameters to judge but in later more than team of doz radical are needed with suicidal blast are paramount and must leave their footprint for investigators to arrive for scientific conclusions. Fire of such scale need to be an eye opener for planner,  builders, archirdcture and interior.Thirdly residential apartment when turn explosive materials godown fire accident is imminent. Lots more scientific study about electrical fixtures in for AC lights and powers need expert attention.
Short circuit bursting flame can now be control normal circuit breakers and other novel way of passing current in electron form with monitors of electricity required in channel form created innovation from Eubiq Singapore based companies working in Europe and more than 40 Countries need expert attention.
Fire fighters periodic checking entire building by competent Fire officer may dilutes the chances of such devastating fire to ignite in such horrific nature. Local self government,County council, Munipal authorities around the globe need more experts and specialist to join for better performance in such eminent tower to grow in urbanisation with minimum or zero error for habitation.
The ideas are bonded with various experts to conjoined comprehensive study for infusing and prevailing the better  sense of city planner experts of water fire builder for such high rise building for residential purpose specially.
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  • Coach Zoran Visic’s term as Head Coach officially began on 1st June and will continue till the end of the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2017 that will be held from 23rd to 29th July in Bengaluru.
  • The announcement was made at a press conference in Bengaluru attended by Coach Visic, along with assistant coach Shiba Maggon and veteran playmaker Anitha Paul Durai.
  • India’s participation at the William Jones Cup in 5th to 9th July was also confirmed as an exposure tournament in the run up to the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup.
  • The competition schedule of the FIBA Asia Women’s Cup was also announced by the BFI. India is placed in Division B’s Group A, alongside Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.
  • From the 16 teams (8 teams each in Division A and B) originally scheduled to participate, Division B team American Samoa has subsequently backed out.
Bengaluru, 16th June 2017: At a press conference earlier this evening at the Century Club in Bengaluru, the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) announced the appointment of experienced Serbian Zoran Visic as the new Head Coach of the Indian National Women’s team.
The announcement was made by BFI President, K Govindaraj, who was accompanied by BFI Secretary General Chander Mukhi Sharma. Coach Visic was present as well, along with assistant coach Shiba Maggon and veteran playmaker Anitha Paul Durai.
Coach Visic’s term officially began on 1st June and will continue till end of July, specifically keeping mind the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup 2017 that will be held in Bengaluru from 23rdto 29th July. Thereafter, his term may be extended as mutually agreed between parties.
Although Coach Visic has been here for only two weeks, the Indian women’s team has already been training for the last few months in Bengaluru under the watchful eyes of experienced assistant coaches Paramdeep Singh and Shiba Maggon.
“India has done a lot to improve in both the women’s and men’s sides [in the last few years]. We are now in Division B. So for sure our target is to be once again in Division A,” Visic said, while addressing the media. “This is a new age for Indian basketball and I believe the girls have the confidence and pride necessary to deliver a good result.”
In Division B, India is placed in Group A alongside Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan. The fourth Group A steam American Samoa has backed out of the competition. Group B comprises of Lebanon, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Fiji. In order to return to Division A and compete in the 2019 FIBA Asia Women’s Cup, India will have to win Division B, finishing ahead of all seven other teams.

About the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup

The FIBA Women’s Asia Cup was previously referred to as the FIBA Asia Championship for Women and has been conducted regularly since 1965.  The competition is held every other year on odd years (2011, 2013, 2015, etc.).  The last edition of the event was held in Wuhan, China where the hosts China lost in the Championship Game to Japan.  The overall medal leaders are the South Korean National Team who have 12 Gold medals.   In the 2015 edition, India was relegated to Division B for the upcoming Championship.
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Libya – The UN Migration Agency (IOM), on Thursday with representatives of UNHCR briefed members of the UN’s Libya country team on the ongoing efforts to rescue what are believed to be up to 200 victims of kidnapping and torture in Libya.
The victims, whose plight came to IOM’s attention through contacts in Africa who had discovered video of the migrants in captivity via social media, are known to be Somali and Ethiopian nationals – both men and women – whose families in the Horn of Africa have received ransom demands based on short video clips depicting scenes of active torture. This tactic, which is not new, has been reported for several years across the northern Sahara region and even in parts of Latin America. IOM believes the video is authentic.
“IOM is currently working closely with all partners in trying to locate the migrants. IOM supports the Libyan efforts in the fight against the smuggling networks and we are very concerned about the current situation,” said Othman Belbeisi, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Libya.
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·         Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) grows by 19.5% in May 2017 as compared to May 2016
During May 2017, 6.30 lakh foreign tourists arrived as compared to 5.27 lakh during May 2016 and 5.09 lakh in May 2015. FTAs during the period January- May 2017 were 42.15 lakh with a growth of 16.4%, as compared to the FTAs of 36.22 lakh with a growth of 8.7% in January- May 2016 over January- May 2015.

 Top 15 source countries for Foreign tourist arrivals in India during  May 2017 (in %)
Top 15 ports in India for Foreign Tourist Arrivals during  May 2017  (in %)
Source: PHD Research Bureau; Compiled from Ministry of Tourism
·         Foreign Tourist Arrival (on E-visa) grows by about 55% in May 2017
During the month of May, 2017 total of 0.68 lakh tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 0.44 lakh during the month of May 2016 registering a growth of 55.3%. During January- May 2017, a total of 6.50 lakh tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 4.35 lakh during January-May 2016, registering a growth of 49.4%.

Top 15 source countries availing e-Tourist Visa during  May 2017 (in %)
Top 15 ports in tourist arrivals on e-Tourist Visa during  May 2017  (in %)
Source: PHD Research Bureau; Compiled from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

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On the eve of crucial meeting of the GST Council tomorrow, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has questioned the classification of goods placed under 28% tax slab of GST and has urged the Union Finance Minister to re-visit this slab and confine it to only luxurious and demerit goods for which originally it was evolved. This slab has become a root cause of unrest among a section of the traders who are agitating past two days demanding  reversal to a lower slab of their respective items placed under this category . Such anomalies, disparities and contradictions in tax slabs and ignorance about basics of GST are distorting the spirit of a good taxation system that GST is-said the CAIT. It is hoped that corrective actions will remove confusing atmosphere and will encourage traders to adopt GST in a smooth manner.
CAIT National President Mr. B.C.Bhartia & Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that as per statements of the GST Council decided that the tax slab of 28% will attract only those items which are currently taxed at 30-31% ( inclusive of VAT & Excise Duty)  but with a rider. And the rider is that in this category there are several items which are now being used increasingly by a very large number of people, particularly the lower middle class. So for them 28 or 30 or 31% rate will be higher, and so these items will be shifted to 18%. However, about 19% of the goods fall under 28% category defeating the object of the Council.
They further said that items like spare parts of two wheeler and four wheeler, housing necessity items like Cement, Iron & Steel, Building Hardware, Paints, Marble, Furniture, Sanitary ware, Electrical Fittings, Beauty & Cosmetic Products, Health & Nutrition products like Bournvita, Amul Pro, Horlicks, Polishes & Creams for footwear, scientific instruments, are some of the prominent items which falls under this category. 
Both Mr. Bhartia & Mr. Khandelwal said that following the principle set by the Council regarding 28% tax slab, it has reduced number of items from 28% to 18% in its last meeting held on 11th June which has been termed as a positive step and acclaimed by the trading community. Similar approach may also be taken with regard to other items and 28% tax slab may be restricted to only luxurious and demerit goods.
The CAIT has demanded that much confusion has been prevailed about keeping food grains under 5% tax slab if they are branded goods else these items have been exempted from the tax. In order to make clarity, it is necessary that clear distinction may be drawn so that these items of mass consumption may not fall under tax rate of 5%. It has also urged the GST Council to make official declaration to treat first nine months i.e. from Ist July,2017 to 31st March,2018 a ” interim period” and no penal action should be taken against traders for procedural lapses or unintentional mistakes though tax evaders must be dealt with in accordance of the law. ​The CAIT has also urged that since cloth traders were never part of taxation system, an exemption ​of one year may be granted to them to understand the taxation system and make themselves compatible to comply the law.
On the other hand recycle products/scrap collection items like empty used glass bottles have been placed under 12%, Washing Soap, Laundry Soap and Toilet Soap though different from one another have been clubbed together and placed under 18% and other such items may be placed under lower tax slab. The CAIT has urged that Sanitary Napkins essential for Women Hygiene must be removed from 12% tax slab and placed under exempted category like contraceptives. 
The CAIT has also urged the GST Council to suspend implementation of E-Way Bill and HSN Code for at least six months since most of the small businesses are quite unaware of these procedures which were a part of Excise Act. They need breathing time to understand the system to make themselves compatible to comply.
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According to the report released by the United Nation International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on “Sending Money Home: Contributing to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), One Family at a Time”, over the past decade, remittances to Asia and the Pacific increased by 87 per cent, reaching US$244 billion, while migration grew by only 33 per cent in comparison. Asia remains the main remittance-receiving region, with 55 per cent of the global flows and 41 per cent of total migrants. Top receiving countries include India (US$63 billion), China (US$61 billion), the Philippines (US$30 billion) and Pakistan (US$20 billion). India registered a growth rate of about 69% in remittance flows during 2007-2016.
Remittance flows, reliance and 10-year growth rate per country ( Asia and The Pacific)

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The Global Innovation Index 2017 (GII) reports that Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, USA and UK are the world’s most- innovative countries, while a group of nations including India, Kenya, and Vietnam are outperforming their development- level peers. The Global Innovation Index 2017 is coauthored by Cornell University , INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
The key findings show the rise of India as an emerging innovation center in Asia and also shows high innovation performance in Sub-Saharan Africa relative to development and an opportunity to improve innovation capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean . India has moved up six spots to 60th rank in Global Innovation Index 2017 from 66th rank in the last year.
Every year, the GII surveys about 130 economies using various metrics, from patent filings to education spending providing decision makers a high-level look at the innovative activity that increasingly drives economic and social growth. The GII 2017 in its tenth edition surveys 127 economies, notes a continued gap in innovative capacity between developed and developing nations and lackluster growth rates for research and development (R&D) activities, both at the government and corporate levels.
Global Rankings as per Global Innovation Index 2017
rankimage002 (1)
In 2017, Switzerland leads the rankings for the seventh consecutive year, with high-income economies taking 24 of the top 25 spots where China is the exception at 22. In 2016, China became the first-ever middle income economy in the top 25 ranks.
A group of middle and lower-income economies perform appreciably better on innovation than their current level of development would forecast. A total of 17 economies comprise these ‘innovation achievers’, a slight increase from 2016. In total, nine come from the Sub-Saharan Africa region, including Kenya and Rwanda , and three economies come from Eastern Europe .
Next to innovation powerhouses such as China , Japan , and the Republic of Korea , a group of Asian economies including Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand , the Philippines and Vietnam are actively working to develop their innovation ecosystems and rank high in a number of vital indicators related to education, R&D, productivity growth, high- tech exports, among others.
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