Thursday, April 19, 2012

Agni-V successfully launched| With over 5,000 km range, Agni V was test-fired at around 0805 hrs from Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Wheeler Island off Odisha coast.
The first test of India's most ambitious nuclear missile, the over 5,000-km range Agni-V, took place early on Thursday morning, a day after it was planned originally.

The test flight of the first-of-its-kind missile was to take place from Wheeler Island at around 2000 hours but it was put off due to safety reasons and bad weather at the test range.
The missile will take 20 minutes to reach its target area in southern Indian Ocean. DRDO has deployed tracking devices and stations all along the route of the test flight to collect data on the missile's trajectory.
The tracking stations will also record the speed and homing in of the missile on to the target.
Agni-5, with a range of over 5000 kms, is a three-stage, all solid fuel powered, 17-metre tall missile with capability to carry various forms of payload.It can be launched from land-based mobile platform and has the capability of hitting multiple targets.The successful test launch of the missile will be a major leap forward for India in the area of military technology and military deterrent capability, making it the fifth country in the world to possess such a technology.
Only the US, Russia, France and China possess the capability to operate an ICBM.Senior military officials and the agencies which had participated in development of the missile were present at the Wheeler Island to witness the test launch.Following the successful test launch, DRDO plans to conduct more such tests of the missile over the next one year after studying and analyzing the parameters achieved in each subsequent trial.On the timeline fixed for fully developing Agni-5, DRDO Chief Dr V K Saraswat had said another one year of testing will be involved.In November last year, DRDO had successfully test fired the 3,500 km range Agni-4 missile giving muscle to India's deterrent capability against the military adversaries. Agni-V missile test fired from Wheeler Island, Odisha. just now as per reports from the channels: India to test fire Agni-V,the 5000-KM version of nuclear capable missile of India is in final phase of testing and is likely to be tested within 24 Hours. India join the league of nations like US, Russia, UK, France and China having ICBMs. The first test of the indigenously designed Agni-5 by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will take place at Wheeler Island in Balasore, Odisha between 9 and 10 am, sources said.DRDO plans to conduct more tests of the missile over the next one year after studying and analysing the parameters achieved in each subsequent trial before its induction into the Armed Forces. Agni 5 missile is 17-metre-long and is a three-stage, solid fuel-powered weapon system with latest navigation systems to accurately hit the target. India already has Agni-3 and Agni-4 intermediate ballistic missile which are capable of hitting a target at more than 3,500 km.
Agni-V, touted as India’s most ambitious strategic missile, will follow last year’s test of the country’s most advanced surface-to-surface missile — Agni-IV.The three-stage Agni-V and the two-stage Agni-IV are poised to add credible deterrence against countries having long-range missiles, Media report said.
Agni-V will feature Multiple Independently-Targeted Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs) with each missile being capable of carrying 3-10 separate warheads.India has  Rs 20,000 crore worth production orders for Akash missile.By 2020, India will be among the leading countries in the missile development,reports experts.
Media  official said that DRDO was trying to set up an independent Centre for Directed High Energy Weapons System which would focus on the use of lasers in weapons system.On ‘Prahar’, he said the 150-km range guided missile was being put into weaponised mode.”It is the most cost-effective missile in its class. Army has shown good interest and we are sure it will get inducted,” the official said.
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SportzPower Daily
April 18 Vol 01, Issue 905
ESS launches its on-ground division ‘Event Management Group’ in India
ESPN Star Sports announces launch of its on-ground division ‘Event Management Group’ in India; EMG has fronted over 1000 events in 11 countries in the region till date.
Haryana identifies 3 facilities to develop into centres of sporting excellence
The three centres that have been chosen are - Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai; Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex, Rohtak and District Sports Centre, Gurgaon.
United Sikkim top Div II to earn I-League 2012-13 entry
A little over a year after United Sikkim Football Club was relaunched with new co-owners inducted, USFC has delivered its first goal of entering the I-League.
Mahindra NBA Challenge hosts ‘Generation adidas Players Program’
Generation adidas will launch in each subsequent city with a goal of identifying and nurturing the next generation of basketball talent across the country.
Qatar to host 2012 PSA World Championship
$300,000 event, the second richest in the sport's history, will take place at Doha's Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex from 7-14 December..
Premier League helps boost UK profile overseas
Premier League boss Richard Scudamore says recent trade mission to Far East has helped boost UK's profile in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.
OGQ signs Luge talent Shiva Keshavan
Shiva is India's only known and accomplished face at the Winter Olympic Games, and has been so for 14 years now, when he first qualified for the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998 at the age of 16
Learning Module – An Overview of Match Fixing in Sport
The recent averments made by Mohammed Amir that he was blackmailed into bowling no-ball deliveries by Mazhar Majeed and the spot fixing assertions against professional football, volleyball and baseball players of South Korea have brought the much debated issue of match fixing in sporting activities under the spotlight once again.


'In every country where WWE has worked, UFC has been a huge success
'- MSM CEO Man Jit Singh


2012 Chinese GP: Rosberg, Bahrain Steal Thunder

PIT STOP PUNDIT - Mclaren’s co-owners are Bahraini nationals in the form of Mumtalakat Holding Company and hence I would expect them to be the most pro-Bahrain team on the grid.
Audi to buy motorbike maker Ducati for $1.1 bn(Business Standard)
Bharti Airtel rebrands B2B business as airtel business(Financial Chronicle)
Coke posts 20% sales volume growth(Financial Express )
Ad regulator ropes in AdEx to monitor TV, print media(Hindu Business Line )
Post Ertiga launch, Maruti aims at 50% market share again(Economic Times )
Gopinath likely to launch new airline(Business Standard )
Godrej Appliances and Kings XI Punjab launch green initiative(SportzPower)
This season could lift IPL to next level(Hindustan Times)
Time the Board helped those who have gained very little(The Hindu)
Few takers for IPL match at Barabati(Business Standard)
Champions Trophy to end after 2013(Deccan Herald)
PCB asks BCCI for a ‘favour’(Telegraph)
Premier League Signs Four-Year Agreement for Global Radio Rights(Bloomberg)
Asia's football future may hang on bin Hammam case(AFP)
Turkey applies to host Euro 2020(AFP)
Sky pays up to tighten grip on German soccer(Reuters)
Ecclestone casts doubt on New Jersey race in 2013(Reuters)
Armaan finishes 12th in Indy series(Indian Express)
Mini-games organised to celebrate Olympic countdown(SportzPower)
Not just a dream, it's about glittering metal(Hindustan Times)
Olympic Protesters Plot Disruption With 100 Days to London Games(Bloomberg)
Alli Sports, Mountain Dew announce 4-yr extension and new Dew Tour(SportzPower)

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NEW DELHI - 110 011
Fax (O): (011) 23019545, 23016857
Phone (O) : (011) 23012312
Aadaraniiya Pradhan Mantri Ji,
Sadar Namaskar & Jai Sri Ram!
Subject: Ramsetu be declared a National Monument ASAP. It should be in
the hands of GOI ASI and not given to the UNESCO in the name of 'World
(1) As asked by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India to your Government
on March 27, 2012 to make the GOI's stand clear on whether Ram Setu
could be declared a national monument, Vishva Hindu Parishad hereby
requests your Government to reply to the SC in the affirmative as soon
as possible, if the reply is still pending.

(2) Kindly ask your GOI Archaeological Survey of India to declare the
Ramsetu as a monument and site of National importance, in other words,
a National Monument. Also the GOI ASI National Mission on Monuments
and Antiquities (NMMA) that is mandated to prepare database on
monuments and sites be asked to register the Ramsetu as a monument and
site of National importance.

(3) VHP also urges upon the Government of India that in the name of
'World Heritage' the Ramsetu must not be given to an external
organization such as the UNESCO, etc., on which Bharat won't be having
any authority. The Ramsetu should be in the hands of the GOI ASI and
the NMMA should register it as a National Monument and all necessary
decisions in this matter should be taken by the GOI as early as
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours in the service of
Maa Bhaarati and Dharma,
Patron, VHP Int'L
Naresh --

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