Monday, December 5, 2011

Clinton:"unfortunate" Pakistan boycotted the Bonn conference

Afghan President Hamid Karzai  said international support after foreign forces withdraw in 2014 is crucial if Afghanistan is to remain stable.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday, it is "unfortunate" Pakistan boycotted the Bonn conference on Afghanistan. Islamabad still had a crucial role to play.I think it was unfortunate that they did not participate," Clinton told media on the sidelines of the Bonn conference, adding it would have been better if the Pakistanis had attended."We regret the choice that they made because today's conference was an important milestone toward the kind of security and stability that is important for Pakistan as well as for Afghanistan," she said. 
PM Gilani said the country remained committed to working with Afghanistan to bring insurgent leaders into talks with the government and allow the US to begin withdrawing its troops as it committed to do so. "I think we have evolved some mechanisms, and we are ready to cooperate," he said, referring to meetings with Afghanistan's military and intelligence chiefs on a framework for talks.Media agencies

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