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AAP 2% Swaraj – 98% Lootachar – LAME DUCK MINISTRY
December26, 2013 (C)

Problems of India are 100 times more COMPLEX than perceived by Arvind
Kejriwal and he has No Solution for any – all in his Cabinet have Lame
Duck qualifications.

He may not have liked it BUT without whole hearted support of one of
other two National Parties no one in Government shall take Arvind
Kejriwal seriously.

Even for small things like Consumer Friendly Features in Electronic
Meters I had to write to PM scores of times, meet CERC members,
secretaries of power and EXPOSE CEOs of BRPL BYPL and NDPL before
power sector leaders for years.

AAP Lame Duck Ministers with no Experience and Qualifications are DEAD
Ducks before seasoned Civil Servants and notorious Contractors. They
have to write Cabinet Notes that put Prime Minister or CM of Delhi in
trouble. Even to order Investigations they have to issue Correct
Orders or Risk Criminal Cases.

The problems of India are not of Suraj or Corruption but LOOTACHAR all
kinds of thugs operate in Indian Economy – as per study of Late Joint
Director of CBI Shri BR Lall 50% of Indian Economy is BLACK economy.

Even if AAP implements all its promises of SURAJ, IT COULD AFFECT 2%
OF GDP of Delhi in savings to consumers. Calculations are simple –
Delhi consumes around 2000 crore units of electricity – even if AAP
reduces billed electricity to all consumers by Rs.1 or Rs.2 per unit
for domestic consumers – it shall be saving of just Rs.2000 crores,
Add Rs.1000 crores on account of free water supply in Delhi – This
shall be less than 1% of GDP of Delhi.

I don’t think with Lame Duck Ministry they shall be able to ACHIEVE
MUCH except making NOISES.

I shall Give APP Government 100 marks even if succeeds in lowering
Power Tariff by Rs.1 for all consumers and Rs.2 per unit for Domestic
Consumers 0-300 slab.
Gram Besam whole sale price is Rs.40 per kg but MRP of some brands
exceed Rs.100. Basmati Paddy price is between Rs.30-Rs.40 today and
Basmati should cost less than Rs.55 per kg for best quality – but
retail price for DUNAR and other brands exceed Rs.120 to Rs.160.

Prices of VEGETABLES triple within Delhi.

China sell Toilet Set – Commode, Seat and Cistern for $26 – around
Rs.1600 that retails for Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 for same quality.

We have to pay separately for all Electronics – Computers, Mobiles,
IPADS, DTH, Broad Band, Internet etc more than 10 devises per
household – my brother in USA pay $19 for Fast Wire Connect and
connect over 10 devices within few hundred meters.

Food ordered from restaurants cost over Rs.100 per person per meal – a
Dosa for example which should cost not more than Rs.20 is priced Rs.85
and with tips cost almost Rs.100.

Ghee which retailed for Rs.260 per liter some months ago now cost
Rs.360 to Rs.390 per liter today.

In the MCX list posted earlier Soybean Oil Cakes and Soybean Oil Seeds
are priced same Rs.36 per kg and in this Soybean Oil shouldn’t cost
more than Rs.40 per kg – but Wholesale price is Rs.70 to Rs.80 per Kg
or Liter and retail price in 1 liter pouches is Rs.90 to Rs.120 per

Reebok shoe manufacturer in NOIDA was paid Rs.400 that retailed for
Rs.1000 to Rs.2500 in India and much more in foreign countries.

WALMART and other Mega Marts ensures Unbranded Goods of Best Quality
are retailed for a fraction of branded goods as an option to 80%
people who either can’t afford or don’t prefer brands.

But politically AAP is opposed to this. Up to 25% Savings to Consumers
are possible in Delhi with the introduction of WALMART like Mega

There are hundreds of things which I have not covered here.

Wishing Him All The Best – I Shall Mail 2-3 Petitions or Messages
Every Day as usual and he shall –

-  Over Few Hundred Pending Petitions in CM Office for CM Arvind
Kejriwal to take necessary action.

Ravinder Singh*
Inventor & Consultant
Ph:  9650421857
*Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing,
Technologies and Projects.


Arvind Kejriwal
Education: B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology
Age: 45Years Gender: Male
Occupation: Dependent on financial support from family and friends.
Assets: One plot in his own name in Indirapuram and 1 Lac in his bank
account. One flat in Gurgaon in his wife's name and 1 lac deposit.

Arvind Kejriwal was an Income Tax Commissioner before he left his job
and started working as a full time activist fighting against
corruption. He was one of the most prominent figures who pushed for
the Right-To-Information to be passed as a law. He also worked a lot
in raising the mass awareness about RTI. Arvind along with Sri Anna
Hazare ignited the biggest fight against corruption at a level which
was never seen in last 4 decades. On innumerous occasions he has
busted and unfolded many of the scams involving leading businessmen,
bureaucrats, and politicians of India. He also sat for a 15 days fast
to raise voice against sufferings caused to comman men by unjustified
and irrational high charges for water-electricity.

Manish Sisodia
Address: Pandav Nagar, Delhi-92
Education: Diploma in Journalism
Age: 41Years Gender: Male Occupation: Social work, Writing

Mr. Manish Sisodia is a well known name in the Janlokpal movement. A
journalist by profession Mr. Sisodia has worked in Zee news and All
India Radio for a long time. Later he became very active in the
struggle to pass the RTI act and played a key role in laying the
foundation of the Jan Lokpal movement. He also sat on a fast for 10
days in demand for forming a SIT to probe the misapproprities of
corrupt ministers. He was also sent to jail with Anna hazare in the
struggle against corruption.

Somnath Bharti
Education: MSc, LLB
Age: 39Years Gender: Male Occupation: Lawyer Assets: One house in name of wife

After doing MSc from Indian Institute of Technology, Somnath Bharti
pursued a degree in Law and started his career as a lawyer. He fights
for social causes through his profession as a lawyer and drags issues
dealing with society to the court to bring them to justice. After the
Delhi gang rape case, Delhi Police tried to falsely convict around 8
innocent young boys, Somnath Bharti fought for those young boys and
helped them get justice. He was an active member during Janlokpal
movement and has also been president of IIT-Alumni association.

Rakhi Birla
Education: MA in Mass Communication Age: 26Years
Gender: Female Occupation: Journalist Assets: One family owned house.
Rakhi is a journalist with a private news channel. Apart from that she
works in collaboration with few social institutes and works for the
causes of Valmiki community. She hails from Valmiki community and her
father was associated with Congress for a long time but quit it in
2011 during Janlokpal movement.

Saurabh Bhardwaj
Education: B.Tech, LLB
Age: 34Years Gender: Male Occupation: An engineer in a Private firm
Assets: One ancestral house Criminal Record: None

Saurabh Bharadwaj is an engineer by profession. He was working in a
private firm when in 2005 a horrendous incidence of rape happened with
a poor girl. This incident shook him so much that he started to fight
to get her. During this period he figured that to provide justice in
these matters it is imperative that one should have legal knowledge.
He studied law and regularly helps the poor in giving them all legal
help possible. He constantly raises his voice for the blind, poor
students, flood affected and old.

Satyendra Kumar Jain
Education: Bachelor of Architecture Age: 49Years Gender: Male
Occupation: Architecture Consultancy

An architect by profession, Satyendra used to work at CPWD but fed up
with the level of corruption in the department he quite his job and
started providing architecture consultancy. He actively joined during
the Janlokpal movement and is often seen fighting for social causes.
He helped in getting the building constructed for an organization that
works for blind girls in Chitrakoot. He is also associated with with
an organization named Sparsh, that works for the welfare of mentally
challenged children. Satyendra also helps and aids for the marriages
of girls from poor families in his area.

Girish Soni
शिक्षाः 12वीं पास एवं ITI आजीविकाः व्यवसाय

परिचयः 1980से 'भारत की जनवादी नौजवान सभा' के साथ काम किया और मादीपुर
के महासचिव के पद पर रहते हुए शिक्षा एवं रोजगार के लिए संघर्षरत आम आदमी
की आवाज बने. गिरीश सोनी की समाज में साफ़ छवि है एवं इलाके की समस्याओं
के लिए लोगों के साथ मिलकर लड़ते रहे हैं. बिजली-पानी आन्दोलन के दौरान
गिरीश सोनी ने घर-घर जाकर लोगों को आन्दोलन से जुड़ने के लिए प्रेरित

List of APP Cabinet

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has finalised its Cabinet for Delhi with
Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister. The Cabinet will include former
journalist Manish Sisodia representing Patparganj, Malviya Nagar MLA
Somnath Bharti, former journalist Rakhi Birla who is an MLA from
Mangolpuri, Saurabh Bhardwaj from Greater Kailash, Satyendra Jain from
Shakur Basti and Girish Soni from Madipur.

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