Friday, April 27, 2018

Wuhan meet to boost India-China ties

With US imposing tariff on Chinese good and counter balance the Chinese trade the shift of next biggest market for China is obviously the neighboring Asian market and the biggest of them is India which has the potential to absorb the trading potential of Chinese next generation innovations and other business opportunities. India is house of billion of trade worth of Chinese goods , today meeting between two great leaders of the great country needs to work on the trade opportunities lay ahead.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first ever informal meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s is underway at Wuhan’s Hubei Provincial Museum. Both the leaders will be engaged in talks on a wide range of Business and trade macro issues to facilitate trade between two greatest market of the world.
Chinese news agency Xinhua in a report said that India-originated Yoga and Indian films have gained large popularity across China.
While the impact of the informal summit meeting is more likely to be visible in the long term, it certainly reflects the desire of the two leaders to reset the ties between India and China to a new level of warmth and cooperation.
For the two big countries with a total population of over 2.6 billion, there is huge potential to be tapped in various areas. Meanwhile, the Chinese ministry of commerce yesterday announced that India’s trade with China had gone up by more than 22 percent in the first quarter of 2018.
It has said by the end of 2017, Chinese investments into India added up to more than 8 billion US dollar. as India has become an important market for infrastructure cooperation among Chinese companies and a major investment destination.

Gina Haspel the acting Dir CBI

Gina Haspel took over as acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency on Thursday after Mike Pompeo was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as the new secretary of state. “It is an honor to lead CIA at this critical time,” Haspel said.
She is the first female head of the CIA in the agency’s history. However, she is facing an uphill battle to be confirmed in the Senate as the agency’s permanent director, as veterans from the military and intelligence communities have raised questions about the time she spent overseeing a secret torture site in Thailand.

Kim and Moon more close

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told his Southern counterpart that he is eager to come to Seoul whenever invited, promising not to interrupt the South’s sleep anymore in an apparent reference to missile tests.
After 10 years of silence, N. KoreaĆ¢€™s Kim wants to talk to South more
South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived Friday morning in the border village of Panmunjom for his first summit with Kim Jong Un, top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).Moon’s motorcade came to the South Korean side of Panmunjom around 30 minutes before Kim’s scheduled arrival in the border village at 9:30 a.m. local time (0030 GMT).
Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have concluded the first round of talks out of the two planned for their historic summit on Friday.
Kim, who last week announced an indefinite suspension of all nuclear and missile tests, a major point of irritation between the two Koreas over the last decade, appeared to reassure Moon on the point. As cited by the South Korean official, Kim said he “won’t interrupt your early morning sleep anymore.”
Kim also said he wouldn’t mind visiting the Blue House, the seat of the South Korean government, for more talks, a South representative said during the follow-up press conference.
Moon said that he would like to travel to North Korea, to which Kim responded that his country’s poorly developed traffic system would make such a trip uncomfortable. Moon jumped at the opportunity to promote the possibility of upgrading the North’s railroads, should diplomatic progress succeed.
Kim said he hoped the summit would be a new beginning and bring feasible results, unlike the previous meetings between their countries’ leaders that failed to end a decades-old stalemate.
“I wish for it to be a chance for us to walk forward hand-in-hand while looking toward the future with a determination, instead of outcomes like those in the past that could not be implemented,” Kim told Moon, as cited by Yonhap News Agency.
Moon said he wishes they would strike an agreement and “create a great present for our people and everyone else in the world who wishes for peace.”
Kim repeatedly said he pins high hopes on the summit, which he sees as a chance for reconciliation, “so that the scars between the South and the North could be healed.”
Kim said, “the border line isn’t that high” and “it will eventually be erased if a lot of people pass over it.”
North Korean leader is also gearing up for talks with US President Donald Trump, which would have seemed unthinkable just months ago. The two leaders previously traded insults, and Kim launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which he warned could reach the entire US mainland.

Italian Movies :Istituto Italiano di Cultura New Delhi

Cinema At The Institute: Through the history of Italian films
Focus 3: Italian Road Movies
Why do we like road movies so much? The answer might not be so simple, perhaps it is because road movies respond to our boundary-breaking impulses. In road-movies the main characters (and, therefore, the audiences) can escape from the routine of everyday life and, in doing so, they can change their perspective and evolve.
In this Road Movies focus, we will attempt at tracing a genealogy of the genre, from the pioneering road movies of the Post-World War II to the most recent ones.
We will open the cycle with Dino Risi’s “Il Sorpasso”, a cult movie shot in 1962 and often credited as an inspiration for the most quintessential of American road movies, the legendary Dennis Hopper’s “Easy Rider”.
May, 3rd – Il Sorpasso (An Easy Life) – by Dino Risi (1962)
May, 10th – La Strada – by Federico Fellini (1954)
May, 17th – Professione Reporter (The Passenger) – by Michelangelo Antonioni (1975)
May, 24th – Puerto Escondido – by Gabriele Salvatores (1992)
May, 31st – Caro Diario – by Nanni Moretti (1993)
June, 7th – Italian Sud Est – by Fluid Video Crew (2003)
June, 14th – La Pazza Gioia – by Paolo Virzi (2016)
June, 21st – Taranta On The Road – by Salvatore Allocca (2017)

One Million R&D Centers – $200 Trillion GDP Gain by 2050 

April26, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh
First time in my life I have Hope on IP Day that India may in near future become a major R&D Center of the world. This alone shall be$200 Trillion Gain to Indian Economy by 2050 at $6 Trillion additional GDP gain annual average. $6 Trillion addition gain annually is just$4000 per capita annual additional GDP gain for 1500m Population.
Agriculture with USA like Food Processing Industries alone shall contribute additional $2 Trillion to Indian GDP annually.Manufacturing too over $2 Trillion additional contribution annually is modest figure – China manufacturing already has achieved $5 Trillion level presently. Services shall easily exceed $2 Trillion additional GDP gain – all by 2050.
Way back in 1974-75 I topped competitions for Birla, Sriram, Atlas, ISGEC, BST, JAL etc and wanted R&D job – none was serious about R&D. In 1975 in letter to JRD Tata offered to improve TRF plant when I found its Coal Handling Plant need better technology.
Soon 1975 I started ‘Inventing Professionally & Create IPR’ – focus on R&D and get parts of products made to order – assemble them at locations near sales outlets saving on packing and offer Quick Low Cost Service also.
My inventions Cover all segments of Economy – Agriculture, Industry & Services. I was inventing in 1975 for Industry, worked at BST, BTPS & CPWD, 1978 was made virtual CEO of a Water Supply Installation on Eve of Morarji Desai visit for few hours when residents were not getting water for a week – corruption resumed like before after went away. 1991 was managing family owned farm – getting much more yield than average – Sowing Sunflower in 2-3 hour when Punjab Agricultural University procedure required 12 days. Maximizing Yield, Minimizing Irrigation and saving time to raise third crop.
All offices & companies from Rashtrapati Bhavan/ Prime Minister or RIL must have Chief Technical Officers. [Other than Unqualified Advisers]
At an even in 1990 I had OBSERVED – ‘India’s GDP Contribution is 2% of World Economy 98% of Economic Activity is outside India – India Should Target Serving 98% Market.’
India need 1 million R&D Centers employing 10m R&D Staff.

1.      All Government Departments at Center & State including Honorable President, PM, CMs, CJI, CJ of High Courts – Companies with over Rs.100 Cr Annual Turnover to Have Chief Technical Officers.
2.      1000 R&D Centers with Rs.10 Cr to Rs.100 Cr Bank Support for Developing Products & Services for GLOBAL MARKET – out of 1m R&D Centers for India in 5 years.
3.      PSU Banks to STOP LENDING to Low Value add Companies & Businesses, like Gems & Jewelry, Trade – have huge profit margins, Recycle Investment in hours for Vegetable Trade to few days – can afford Private or NBFC Loans. SUPPORT HIGH VALUE ADDED ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES – AGRICULTURE, FOOD PROCESSING, MANUFACTURING, HOUSING, MULTI-PURPOSE DAMS, TRUCK HIGHWAYS, etc.
4.      Abolish ‘THEKEDARI SYSTEM’ – All Private & Public Contracts to go to ‘Professionally Led Companies with Proven Track records.’
5.      Support Foreign Companies to OPERATE in India in every activity Freely except Defence. Let them build ‘20,000 Km Bullet Train Network’ Purely on Commercial Considerations – No Political Patronage.
6.      Allow WALMARTS – India is already investing in DIRECT MARKETING Businesses.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

Runway Rising on 4th July

We are pleased to announce Runway Rising on 4th July 2018 at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi.
This one-day fashion & lifestyle exhibition will feature pret & couture fashion, precious & destination jewelery, accessories, gifting, home decor, beauty & wellness and much more. Our aim is to provide a platform to sell your latest . The central location of the event combined with our marketing expertise will provide unparalleled access to Delhi’s elite shoppers.
For coverage of previous shows, please see these photos & videos:
Footfall Video –
April 2018 – ZJA6XGEW7yiQTB4H3
December 2017 – cCNhKe4seBKqlbvR2
April 2017 –
July 2016 –
March 2015 –

Indu Malhotra to Apex Court

Senior advocate Indu Malhotra would be administered oath of office by Chief Justice Dipak Misra on Friday morning at the Supreme Court, making her the first woman lawyer to enter the top judiciary directly.
The name of Malhotra, 61, cleared by the government, was one of the two recommended by the collegium to be elevated to the apex court bench.
The list of the business of the apex court mentions that Malhotra will be sworn in. Law Ministry communique said: ‘In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (2) of article 124 of the Constitution of India, the President is pleased to appoint Ms Indu Malhotra, to be judge of the Supreme Court of India with effect from the date she assumes charge of her office’.
Malhotra, the seventh women judge in the top court since Independence as only six women judges have made it to the Supreme Court. Other women judges were elevated to the apex court from high courts.
Currently, Justice R Banumathi is the lone woman judge in the apex court.


Held in Dubai, from 21st to 26th April by the Society of Engineers (SOE) and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), the World Tunnel Congress and 44th ITA General Assembly were a momentous occasion and an undoubted success for the global industry.
Focused on “The Role of Underground Space for future cities”, the world tunnel congress shared a light on the sustainable aspects of developing underground construction. The challenge faced today by many key players of the industry (Engineers, urban planners, architects), when building new underground facilities is to fully respect the surrounding nature.

PGTI announces return of Feeder Tour after a gap of four years

Six events with prize purse of Rs. 8 lakh each to be staged this season

New Delhi, April 26, 2018: The Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) has announced the return of its Feeder Tour after a gap of four years. The 2018 PGTI Feeder Tour season will feature six events with a prize purse of Rs. 8 lakh each.
The PGTI Feeder Tour was last staged in 2014 with six events carrying a prize purse of Rs. 6 lakh each. The 2018 season of the Feeder Tour has thus seen an increase of Rs. 12 lakh (33%) in the combined prize purse which now stands at Rs. 48 lakh.
The Feeder Tour events will have a maximum field of 90 players and will be played over three rounds of 18 holes each with the cut being applied after 36 holes. The winner of this year’s Feeder Tour Order of Merit will earn an exemption on the main tour for the 2019 season.
The Feeder Tour season tees off with the first event which will be played from May 23 – 25, 2018, at the BSF Golf Club in Chhawla, New Delhi. The BSF Golf Club will be hosting its first ever professional event.
The tour then moves to the Aravalli Golf Club, Faridabad, from May 28 – 30. The third event of the season will be played at the Madhuban Meadows Golf Club, Karnal, from June 20 – 22 while the fourth event will be hosted by the Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur, from June 26 – 28.
The last two events of the season will be held at two different golf courses in Lucknow. While the season’s fifth event takes place at the Lucknow Golf Club from July 4 – 6, the sixth and last event is scheduled to be hosted by the Palms Golf Club & Resort, Lucknow, from July 10 – 12.
Mr. Uttam Singh Mundy, CEO, PGTI, said, “We are proud to announce the revival of the PGTI Feeder Tour after a four-year gap. The Feeder Tour has in the past served as a stepping stone for our professionals as several winners on the tour have later gone on to make an impact on the PGTI. We are confident that the Feeder Tour will once again play a role in strengthening the foundations of professional golf in India. The significant enhancement in the prize purse this season will contribute towards making the Feeder Tour even more competitive than before.”

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