Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nine dead in Bolivia plane crash:

Rescuers in Bolivia found no survivors in the wreckage of a small plane that went missing earlier this week and crashed with nine people aboard, the country's aviation authority has said.The Aerocom airline plane was carrying seven passengers and two crew members on a flight from the eastern Bolivian city of Santa Cruz to Trinidad in the country's northeast when it vanished from radar on Tuesday.
"Rescuers reached the crash site in the afternoon and confirmed that there were no accident survivors," the Bolivian General Aeronautics Directorate (DGAC) said in a statement.
The wreckage of the plane was found 30 kilometres northeast of the city of Trinidad, in the Amazon jungle province of Beni, said Aerocom spokesman Nelson Kinn.
Two of the passengers killed in the crash were Colombians, Kinn said.
Defense Minister Cecilia Chacon, who is heading the rescue efforts, told reporters that rescuers were transporting the bodies to the provincial capital Trinidad, a city of some 130,000 in the Bolivian Amazon basin some 600 kilometres northeast of La Paz.
Local media earlier reported that the plane was just

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