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List of selected candidates for minority scholarships

 An Independent Clergy & Laity Partnership Initiative Issue: No 2435   03-05-2016
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Romans 12:12

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Prince wished he talked to Michael Jackson about his faith before he died
U.S, April 25, 2016: The late rockstar Prince, who was known to be a devout Jehovah’s Witness, regretted he didn’t talk to Michael Jackson more about his faith before he died, recalls Dudley Brooks, photo editor at The Washington Post, who met the mononym pop icon in 2010. “During a break in the shoot — …
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List of selected candidates for minority scholarships (2008-09) available on net
New Delhi, May 20, 2009: While the current academic session is approaching an end, lakhs of students from the minority community in the country have no clue if they were selected for the central government-sponsored minority scholarships meant for the year 2008-2009. So far only Uttar Pradesh and Kerala have published online the list of …

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Church attack victim shows forgiveness, accused gets bail
Raipur, May 1, 2016: Bastar church attack accused, who allegedly set the church ablaze and poured petrol on Pastor and his seven month pregnant wife, have got bail from a court in Chhattisgarh after the pastor gave them forgiveness. Chhattisgarh Christian Forum, however, claimed that pastor was threatened and forced do so. The Forum, an …
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There was no Mandir in Ayodhya before 19th century: Prof Harbans Mukhiya
Rampur, March 29, 2010: “As a historian I want to say that there was no Mandir in Ayodhya at all. Before 19th century there was not even imagination about the Mandir there but only after that it was propagated. No historian has written that Mughal emperors used the means of conversion for extension of their …
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Pak: Teenage Christian boy murdered by Muslim gang, another Christian woman abducted and forcibly married to Muslim
Pakistan, April 28, 2016: Pakistan is again the scene of more violent attacks against Christians. In Pir Mahel, an administrative sub-division of Toba Tek Singh District in the Punjab province, Christian teenager Qaisar Masih was murdered by a gang of Muslims following an argument, while elsewhere in the same province yet another young Christian woman …
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Beijing changes law on foreign NGOs, giving police sweeping powers
Beijing, April 29, 2016: China has granted police the power to regulate foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Adopted yesterday, the ‘Law on Domestic Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organisations’ will come into effect on 1 January 2017. The new legislation stipulates that all foreign NGOs must register with police rather than with the Ministry of Civil Affairs …
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Rick Warren: Why God encourages christians to ‘Fear Not’ 365 Times in the bible
U.S, April 30, 2016: God encourages his followers to fear not 365 times in the Bible, one for each day of the year, Pastor Rick Warren says, emphasizing that He didn’t intend for Christians to spend their days preoccupied with anxiety and worry. Warren, who heads Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, wrote in a …
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51st Floraart International Garden Exhibition

May 2016
Dear citizens and guests of Zagreb!
With the arrival of sunny spring, the growing possibilities of spending free time outdoors again make our city a favourite international open air living room, as it is often affectionately referred to by tourists and other visitors of the Croatian capital, and the tourist offer of Zagreb is becoming more competitive by the year.

Dear friends and business partners!
Even a mere glance at the list of events scheduled to take place in May will suffice to prove that life in Zagreb is gaining steam, as many interesting goings-on spice up the routine of everyday activities. The existing, traditional events inspired by the city’s past are enhanced by new ones based on modern music, gastronomy, oenology and other trends. In short, Zagreb offers something for all generations.
The Day of the City of Zagreb
A Race of Neretva Boats on Jarun Lake
Celebrate the Day of the City of Zagreb at Jarun Lake on 28 May and attend the first ever race of Neretva boats in Zagreb. The participants will include the best rowing crews which compete in the famous Boat Marathon on the Neretva.
20th Cest is d’Best
Marking the 20th birthday
Come and be part of Cest is d’Best and have loads of fun on the city squares and streets, as one of the best street festivals in Europe marks its 20th anniversary this year by being even bigger, more colourful and more playful.
our pick
:The 5th Festival of Confectioneries – Slatki Gušti
:Summer at Stross – Open air entertainment
:The South African rap-rave attraction – Die Antwoord at the Zagreb Fair
:The summer flight schedule – New Croatia Airlines flights
:European Best Destinations – Maksimir is among the most beautiful parks in Europe
:In the heart of the city – A hostel in an old carriage
:Dom Sportova – European table tennis championship
:The Eno Expert Academy – Wine workshops for tourists
:Run Zagreb – Explore the city while running
Tel: +385 1 48-14-052 / 053
A new project
The Month of Creative and Cultural Industries
Between May 16th and June 21st, a total of 30 locations all over the city will be venues for the Month of Creative and Cultural Industries. This new project will feature 25 events that will present twelve sectors of creative and cultural industries to the public.
A premiere concert
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Šalata
On August 16th, the Šalata stadium will be the venue for a premiere performance by Noel Gallagher, the former leader of the globally popular band Oasis, and his current band, the High Flying Birds. This will be their only concert in the region.

The 51st Floraart
The most beautiful flower oasis in the city
Between May 30th and June 5th, Bundek Lake will be the venue for the 51st Floraart International Garden Exhibition, which is expected to attract several hundreds of thousands of visitors.
Published by: Zagreb Tourist Board   |   Produced by: UTM Revija d.o.o., Zagreb

Drought and Farmer Suicides 101 for Manu Joseph

Drought and Farmer Suicides 101 for Manu Joseph

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Not sure how to do this, given that this is a data free hatchet job by Manu Joseph. So it isn’t like he is claiming that his absurd claims are backed by data to begin with. Still, because I’m irritated enough, doing a limited take down of yet another attempt to trivialize the gravity and causes of farmer suicides with the Parliament in session (during or just before Parliament sessions is the season for hatchet jobs on farmers – probably to improve acceptance for anti-farmer policies coming up?).
All quotes from Manu Joseph’s fantasy piece on farmer suicides in the Hindustan Times.
If an active cricket ground exists, it would be watered on most days, or it would die. So why this fuss before the tournament? Also, the calls for the cancellation of matches are comical for a simple reason — it is on the days of the matches that the grounds are not heavily watered.
Frankly, I agree with Manu Joseph that there are bigger problems than cricket in the face of drought. For example, the state allocation of water prioritizing industry over domestic consumption in blatant disregard for law or rights and a court limits (not cuts off, mind you) water to breweries long after people have spent months making careers out of seeking water to survive. However, the idea that a cricket ground consumes less water when there is a match is ignorance of the highest order, because he seems to think that facilities for a crowd of spectators and worse, media and teams camping out (who in our VIP culture won’t be assigned a couple of buckets a day) don’t consume water and all the water in a cricketing event is actually only the water poured on a lawn.
At this point, Manu Joseph dismisses the first veteran of his piece. Sunil Gavaskar.
Sunil Gavaskar, whose relationship with the BCCI, it is reported, has collapsed and whose lucrative contract with the board may end, wrote in his column, “The issue of drought is one such where many lives are at stake.” (True). “I am no expert on ground and pitch preparation…” (True) “…
What Manu Joseph does not realize is that Manu Joseph is no expert on ground and pitch preparation either and does not bother with any disclaimers about his lack of knowledge. Probably because it would involve not writing this absurd piece to begin with. Gavaskar may not be an expert on ground and pitch preparation, but Gavaskar knows cricketing events and probably realizes they are not as water free as Manu Joseph’s piece is fact free.
This is a mystifying exaggeration — the suggestion that if matches are held in three cricket grounds in Maharahstra the lives of farmers would be at risk. But it is a popular view.
Absolutely no explanation for why Manu Joseph calls this an exaggeration. No mention of available water that people are ignoring and dying as a hobby. No mention of how much difference in water consumption there would actually be and what constitutes exaggerated. Absolutely no evidence anywhere that Manu Joseph has been to drought hit areas, studied so much as what drought means to reach his expert opinion. Manu Joseph has water in his tap and people are making too much of a fuss. And we actually have newspapers giving space to this entitled garbage. An interesting question of how editorial decisions happen in corporate media. Forget the stand taken by an article, but do newspapers no longer require claims to be backed by evidence?
It is not a popular view, BTW. Most people hate it. 60 kilometers from the heart of Bombay, I get half an hour of water – non-potable – a day. I earn enough to make ends meet and have the luxury  of home delivery for drinking water. Men, women, kids from our oh-so-posh looking society are routinely found at a water filtration gig round the corner, filling 10 liter cans for 3 rupees and ferrying the water home. I am nowhere near the officially drought hit regions of Maharashtra, where taps have run dry right after the monsoon and people have been ferrying water for MONTHS already. Perhaps Manu Joseph would like to ferry water for a week in an air conditioned car before calling these concerns exaggerated or merely popular opinion (as opposed to his fact free expert opinion, I suppose).
Perhaps the fact that many of the deaths from drought are from drowning may prove Manu Joseph’s point that there is plenty of water and people are making a fuss? There are kids drowning in the silt in water reservoirs. Falling into wells. Kids who aren’t in school to begin with, because they are needed to find and bring water home, right along with the adults. How many of these kids will need to search harder, walk farther? How many adults will die of heat stroke and heart attacks as the search for water makes them wander more in temperatures regularly over 40 degrees? There is already risk of water riots as desperation grows. How many of the quests for water will be made longer with tankers supplying water to desperate localities moved to lucrative providing for cricketing events? [link added because hours after I write this, an expose shows how water for the distressed gets sold to whoever can pay for it]
There is much veneration of farmers in India by those who are not farmers. These are the very people whose greatest fortune was that their grandfathers or fathers ejected their progeny from the agrarian economy.
There is also much dismissal of the plight of farmers in India by those who are not farmers. These are the very people whose greatest fortune is to be so comfortable in life as to see no difference in resources spent on entertainment and food. A lot of these overnight experts are those who find their agricultural know-how based on specific facts and arguments cherry picked and promoted by industries who would prefer to marginalize farmers. Who lack any basic knowledge on the subject to know when they are being fed handpicked bullshit or how they can verify it. Whose world view is so limited to their personal experience that they have little but contempt for anyone wanting attention or sacrifices or even inconvenience for problems that they don’t face.
[Ignoring the exhibition of incompetence on diet except for one line, because it will derail the main track of this piece here. If you are interested, comment away and I’ll do a separate piece on this other glorious piece of logic.]
The human body does not require rice and wheat. In fact it does very well without grain.
I challenge Manu Joseph to provide details of one meal that someone under our poverty line could afford that does not involve grains or meat (asked to give up just before this quote). Because dear friend, if rural India could afford a diet of nuts, they wouldn’t be desperately running after water tankers, they’d order home delivery like you and me. And if you think people can survive without grains or meat or nuts – wait…. lemme guess. you’re talking of a desk jockey lifestyle like yours without much need for energy? Cabbage your way out of that paunch? BTW, vegetable growing needs more water 🙁 Ask me. I have 3 balcony gardens for food and watering in summer is a pain. The grasses grow much easier than these lush beauties (I assume you know grains grow on grasses).
There is more, but I’m bored now. Ending with this masterpiece of propaganda (the art of repeating a falsehood till it starts sounding true)
Let me repeat an assertion this column made earlier while arguing that farmer suicides are primarily a depression story where poverty only plays a role:
“In a country where most people can be termed ‘farmers’, it is not anomalous that most people who kill themselves would be ‘farmers’. In fact, what is anomalous is that a huge majority of farmers who commit suicide are male. If both official and activist statistics are considered, it would appear that women in impoverished farming communities are among the least likely Indians to commit suicide. Activists who ascribe social, economic and political reasons for suicides would never be able to explain why.’ In most nations of the world, including India, the number of men who commit suicide is several times more than the number of women. this pattern is reflected in the gender ratio of ‘farmer suicides’.
Not just activists, any sane person can’t get this logic. That depression is the cause of suicide, but not loans or policies and political maliciousness. I mean, why would you be depressed if your months of physical labour resulted in loss? Why would you be depressed if you couldn’t repay loans? Why would you want policies to cover your risks? This logic can only come from someone living in a “normal” where hardwork is not necessary to survive, a good way of dealing with loans you don’t repay is pulling strings to get them restructured and bailouts are necessary to save jobs, so not like you want any favors.
No matter how many times you repeat it, fact is, most people in India are not farmers. This bogus statistic is based on some expert claim made by another columnist on economics who found his agricultural gene just before a Parliamentary session with a GM food decision coming up and has been copied by every overnight agricultural columnist whose sole agricultural writings come when policy decisions are up for grabs and have never spoken to the family of a farmer who committed suicide or, for that matter, laid feet on agricultural soil for their journalism. Not seen a single person who actually has knowledge of the subject ever buy this nonsense.
The reason for that is that the IDIOT interpreted 54% of Indian population being sustained by the agricultural SECTOR (this includes everything from distributors of pesticides to tractor mechanics and wholesalers of grain) as farmers. Whereas, the fact is that the farmer suicide problem is largely between small and marginalized farmers, whom we are losing rapidly, even as the number of suicides increases in a shrinking population. But this bogus argument remains popular among subsequent idiots who don’t verify the bullshit they are fed with when they have propaganda to peddle. You are not the first, and you will not be the last. The activist types don’t give a fuck, but bogus data pisses me off, so I suppose I must call this out every time I see it.
Disclosure: Not commenting on the comment about P. Sainath because conflict of interest. I am happy to share that since yesterday, I am on the payroll of the People’s Archive of Rural India founded by Sainath, which sadly now will seem like I am defending him in situations like these, when it would just be objecting to rubbish before.
Note: I normally reference and provide data for my posts, but I believe a fact free article at least requires a rebuttal where you have to do the hard work yourself to verify things I say and discover a hundred more horrors I didn’t say.



Workshop “Art and cinema industries in India


Curtain Raiser of IFLC India 2016

Curtain Raiser of IFLC India 2016 at UN Press conference hall, Lodhi Road.New Delhi:
14th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC 2016) on May 7, 2016 at Talkatora Stadium in association with the UN Information Centre for India & Bhutan and Ministry of Culture Government of India on a theme Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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