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53 Things To Post On Your School's Facebook Fan Page - Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Schools -

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schneiderb.com - During my recent interview with Guy Kawasaki for edSocialMedia he mentioned that ” the ‘whole world’ isn’t on Facebook” and that he needed a website, in addition to a Facebook Page, to maximize the...


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susukino.website - 木曜日からはすすきの祭りがはじまります! 2016年8月2日 [すすきのの遊び方, オススメすすきの情報] 暑い!!! 札幌も急に暑くなりましたね〜 週末は天気悪いのかと思いきや意外と大丈夫で気温も高かったからすすきの・・・ 人気記事 すすきの風俗での●番行為って・・・ すすきのの人妻需要の大きさに驚きを隠せません・・・ すすきのキャバクラの遊び方 ホステスさんとアフターってどうすれば良いの...

How to Write a Blog: Tips for Choosing a Blog Post Type

nonprofitcopywriter.com - As you learn about how to write a blog and get started posting for yourself, you look for ideas by studying articles that explain different kinds of blog posts. (“Posts” are entries onto your blog ...

Beware of the Nicolas Cage Death Hoax! - Quick Heal Technologies Security Blog | Latest computer security news, tips, and advice

blogs.quickheal.com - If a recent social media news is to be believed, then the famous ‘Face-Off’ actor Nicolas Cage is dead! This, however, is a complete hoax. Online scammers have a knack to misuse human emotions as a...

How to Promote Events on Social Media Like a Superhero!

johndrayblog.tumblr.com - A Content Strategy is something so many small businesses don’t think of and if you do then it’s really easy to let things slip through the cracks and not stay on top of posting. By developing a set...

Networking At The Meet Market – #ASE16

johndrayblog.tumblr.com - A Content Strategy is something so many small businesses don’t think of and if you do then it’s really easy to let things slip through the cracks and not stay on top of posting. By developing a set...
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New York Post publica fotos de Melania Trump desnuda

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eleconomista.com.mx - El diario New York Post publicó este lunes en portada una foto de la potencial primera dama estadounidense Melania Trump desnuda, desatando críticas en las redes sociales y acusaciones de misoginia...
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Midnight Release Party

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pottertalk.net - 10:03 PM The world once again came alive with magic as bookstores and libraries around the globe readied fo... Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Midnight Release Party By Katy Rochelle 10:03 PM art...
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Meet the Bots Reporting on the Republican and Democratic Conventions - MediaShift

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mediashift.org - This year at the Republican and Democratic national conventions, there are new reporters on the ground. Yes, surely, there are new human journalists (including the ones I’m leading from the Univers...
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The trial run by Indian Railways for the high-speed Spanish-built Talgo train between Delhi-Mumbai route began on Monday. At the speed of 130 kmph, the high-speed Talgo is expected to reach New Delhi in four hours less than the time taken by Rajdhani Express—covering the route in 12 hours 36 minutes.
In today’s trial, due to track wash out between Delhi to Mumbai route, Talgo train trial was affected. However, upto Ratlam, the Talgo high-speed train was running before time.
Also, prima-facie comparison of running time of Talgo train and Rajdhani Express showed that Talgo took 118 minutes less than Rajdhani Express from New Delhi- Surat.
The average running speed of Rajdhani from New Delhi- Surat was 89.76 kmph whereas the average speed of Talgo train for the same route was 106.52 kmph.
Further three more trials of Talgo train will be carried out between Delhi to Mumbai in coming days.
Report for the first leg of time validation trials of Spanish Talgo Train from New Delhi to Mumbai Central
• Talgo special Train departed from New Delhi at 19:55 hrs.
• It travelled through the same route which is followed by the New Delhi – Mumbai Rajdhani Express train No. 12952. It also observed the same permanent and temporary speed restrictions as well as the sectional speeds of Rajdhani Express Train No. 12952.
• The existing Rajdhani Express takes 15:50 hrs from New Delhi – Mumbai Central.
• Talgo train because of heavy rains enroute and due to point failure at Mathura Junction, reached at 11:36 AM at Mumbai Central. (15:41 hrs)
• There was water logging beyond Surat between Udvada – Vapi – Bhilad section, which considerably delayed the movement of trains as speed restrictions had to be imposed for safety reasons.
• Accordingly beyond Surat the Talgo train could not implement its trial schedule because of the reason beyond their control.
• In anyway from Delhi – Surat Talgo train took around 2 hours less in comparison to Rajdhani Express.
• The Talgo train fully succeeded in its maiden trial between New Delhi & Mumbai.
• But for the reasons mentioned above it would have taken approximately 3hours less than the Rajdhani train in reaching Mumbai Central. It means that it would have reached in 12 hours 47 minutes as claimed and planned.
• Average Running Speed of Rajdhani Express (New Delhi-Surat) – 89.76 kmph
• Average Running Speed of Talgo Train (New Delhi-Surat) – 106.52 kmph

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...