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‘Helen’ hits AP coast; no casualty so far

Cyclone ‘Helen’ on Friday made a landfall on Andhra Pradesh coast with wind speed of around 100 kilometers per hour. The landfall occurred at around 12:30 pm in Machhalipatnam of Krishna district in the state.
The cyclone continued to batter the area till 2 pm. No casualty has been reported however power has been disrupted due to damages to the transmission lines. The electric poles have been uprooted in many places. 
The cyclone is now moving westward towards Kolluru and Tenali. The cyclone has brought heavy to very heavy rains in the Krishna district and its nearby districts. 
Andhra Government has made arrangements of relief camps wherever required and to evacuate people to safety. Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy himself reviewed the situation in the morning. 
He has directed Chief Secretary P K Mohanty to closely monitor the situation with Collectors as the severity of the cyclone was at high side and asked them to be on high alert to face any eventuality. 
Earlier Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy reviewed the situation with Chief Secretary P K Mohanty on Friday morning and asked the official machinery to be fully geared up to evacuate people from low-lying areas to prevent casualties. 
The Chief Minister spoke to collectors of East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur districts over phone and asked to them open relief camps wherever required and evacuate people to safety. 
He wanted the district administrations to co-ordinate with National Disaster Response Force, police and other departments in the rescue and relief operations. 
Meanwhile, the Indian Coast Guard has despatched its ship Avantibai to rescue 20 fishermen from East Godavari district trapped in the rough sea. 
A Chetak helicopter of the Navy is also being pressed into service for the rescue operation, the Navy informed the General Administration department in Hyderabad. 
“Our Chetak embarked Vishwast for strategic launch. We also requested for twin-engine helicopter launch,” the Navy informed the GAD. 
The cyclonic storm, located over west-central Bay of Bengal, is expected to cross Andhra Pradesh coast near Machilipatnam in Krishna district by Friday evening and affect three other districts–Guntur, West and East Godavari. 
Under its influence, rainfall at most places, heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places and isolated extremely heavy rainfall (25cm or more) would occur over coastal Andhra during the next 48 hours, an official bulletin said on Thursday. 
Also, rainfall would occur at most places in Rayalseema and Telangana regions on 22nd and 23rd November. 
Storm surge of up to 1.5 metre high above astronomical tide would inundate low-lying areas of Guntur, Krishna, West and East Godavari districts at the time of landfall, it said. 
Squally winds speed reaching 55-65 kmph gusting to 75 kmph would prevail along and off south Andhra Pradesh coast. 
The wind speed would gradually increase up to gale wind speed of 100-110 kmph, gusting to 120 kmph at the time of landfall over Guntur, Krishna, East and West Godavari districts. 
Sea condition will be rough to very rough along and off central and northern parts of Andhra Pradesh coast. 
The cyclonic storm is expected to cause extensive damage to thatched roofs and huts, minor damage to power and communication lines, it said. 
The bulletin advised suspension of fishing operations and evacuation of coastal hutment dwellers to safer places and asked people in vulnerable areas to remain indoors. 
Last month, Phailin, a severe cyclonic storm, had hit Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, killing over two dozen people and causing massive damage to property and crops. 
The East Godavari district administration fully geared itself up on Thursday to face the threat from Cyclone Helen and declared a school holiday for Friday. 
Collector Neetu Kumari Prasad said that the district administration is fully geared to face Cyclone Helen. 
“We will monitor the situation tonight and take all precautionary measures to prevent human and property loss to the district due to the cyclone,” she said. 
All special officers and zonal level officers have been directed to monitor the situation and evacuate people in the night after assessing the situation. 
All schools in the coastal area will remain closed on Friday and road traffic on the Uppada beach has been suspended, the collector said, adding that irrigation officials and other department officials have been directed to monitor water levels at various tanks, rivers, roads and electricity sub-stations in the district. 


BASIC nations ask developed world to fulfil their commitment
BASIC nations ask developed world to fulfil their commitment
Talking tough, a powerful group of countries on climate change, including India and China, today asked the developed world to fulfil their mitigation commitments towards affected nations to deal with the issue of global warming. “We hear allegations from the other side.
Let me make very clear we came here to talk. We came here to negotiate. We came here to a successful cooperation for the negotiation,” Brazil’s lead climate diplomat Ambassador Jose Marcondes de Carvalho told reporters at the venue of UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.
“We did not come here to start a blame game. We want to move ahead. Our position is very clear. We need a science- based agreement,” he said in a joint press conference in which top environment officials from BASIC nations – Brazil,South Africa, India and China – including Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan, were present. 
The scientific reason for the global warming facing today is because of the “historic emission” by the developed nations and not because of the emerging economies, Carvalho said. 
Addressing a press conference earlier, Natarjan said: “There is an urgent and pressing need for developed countries to take the lead in combating climate change under the convention by fulfilling their mitigation commitments as also their commitments towards developing countries for provision of financial resources, development and transfer of technology and capacity building, for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions by developing countries.” 
The Minister, who arrived here yesterday to attend the high-level ministerial session of the UN Climate Change Conference, said India has taken part in the UNFCCC negotiations in a constructive manner keeping in mind the need to strengthen the Convention, ensure implementation of decisions and enhance action to achieve high ambition levels both in the pre-2020 and the post-2020 period.
With the Warsaw Climate Conference entering into its final stage of its negotiations, the developing countries including India and China are upset with the fact that the developed economies are not fulfilling its commitment made on the issue of financial resources, development and transfer of technology and capacity building.
Natarajan said the non-capitalisation of Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a matter of serious concern and threatens the credibility ofthe global negotiation process. 
The GCF is a new multilateral fund that was agreed by parties at the 2010 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in Cancun, Mexico. “What is wrong with the GCF is that there is no money in it. We call it empty shell.
And the promises and pledges that have been made (by the developed world) have not been fulfilled. It is a very serious matter for the future of climate change talks,” Natarajan said in response to a query. 
The BASIC nations said till now, no road map has been agreed to by developed countries to mobilise USD 100 billion annually by 2020 as agreed in Cancun. 


UNSC reform process cannot go on infinitely: India 
UNSC reform process cannot go on infinitely: India
India has made a strong call to reform the UN Security Council, stressing that the process to expand the powerful body cannot goon infinitely and a results-based timeline is crucial to achieve a concrete outcome. 
“The process of bringing about UNSC reforms cannot be seen to be an exercise ad infinitum. A results-based timeline is imperative, and those who ask for not imposing artificial timelines may be advised to desist from inflicting artificial delays on this process,” India’s Ambassador to the UN Asoke Kumar Mukerji said on the Annual Report of the UN Security Council at the General Assembly on Thursday.
With the 70th anniversary of the United Nations scheduled to be commemorated in 2015 development agenda, Mukerji said it is important that the nations deliveron the most important unfinished mandates which is early reform of the Security Council.
“Indeed, while all other mandates…have been fulfilled or remain work in progress, it is only this which remains ‘work without any progress’, still stuck where it was in 2005. This is an unacceptable interpretation of the words ‘early reform’ unanimously argued to by all Members of the United Nations eight years ago,” he said. 
Of the nearly 90 countries that had spoken at a previous General Assembly session on UNSC reforms, 58 nations had asked for expansion in permanent and non-permanent categories of membership. 
Another 26 member states had explicitly asked for concrete outcomes by 2015 while 23 delegations supported commencing text-based negotiations. 
Mukerji said for a more credible, legitimate and Representative Council, a comprehensive reform, including expansion in permanent and non-permanent categories, and improvement in its working methods, is essential.
“I urge you to act on this collective call made by such a large number of states from this very podium. You have the full support of the overwhelming majority of this assembly to steer your own initiative towards its logical culmination and commence the Inter-Governmental Negotiations immediately on the basis of a text,” he said. 
On the issue of counter-terrorism, Mukerji noted that the Council has endorsed a policy of “zero tolerance” towards terrorism, which implies that “no cause orgrievance”, including so called root causes, can be used to justify terrorism. 
He extended India strong support towards global efforts to strengthen international and regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism. 
Referring to the issue of peacekeeping, Mukerji said nations should ensure that threats to peacekeepers from non-government forces or militias are deterred. 
He lamented that while the Security Council has asked for apprehending those responsible for killing UN peacekeepers, “not much has happened to ensure this so far.” 
“We call for visible steps to be taken by the Council to prosecute and bring to justice those who attack peacekeepers within a determined time frame. The Council has to use its authority to effectively deter non-government forces or militias, which threaten both the UN peacekeepers, and, as importantly, the civilians who these peacekeepers are protecting,” he added. 
Mukerji said that it is imperative to ensure immunity of UN peacekeepers from prosecutions in order to ensure that they discharge their duty smoothly. 
UN India further expressed full support to an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled process of peace and reconciliation. 


Setting up of BRICS Development Bank in pipeline: PM
Setting up of BRICS Development Bank in pipeline: PMUpdated on : 22-11-2013 11:04 AM
Confident about India and other BRICS countries’ emergence as global ‘economic powerhouses’, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said that agreements are in the pipeline for setting up of a BRICS Development Bank and a contingency reserve arrangement for the benefit of five nations.
Stressing on a need for greater economic and political coordination among BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — Singh also said these countries face common challenges, such as those emanating from global uncertainties.
“Monitoring and managing speculative capital flows is a challenging task in times of global uncertainty,” Singh said while addressing the third BRICS International Competition Conference.
“Maintaining a sustainable fiscal policy, while incurring significant public expenditures to raise the standards of living of a large population, is also a task that we have to grapple with continuously,” he added.
“Developing infrastructure at a pace that supports the growth of industry and the increasing aspirations of the people is yet another challenge before us. Last, but by no means least, there is the need for building credible institutions for sustained and equitable growth,” Singh said.
The Prime Minister said that BRICS has created structures for cooperation at different levels, in various areas and “two of the most significant agreements in the pipeline are those that will result in the setting up of a BRICS Development Bank and a Contingency Reserve Arrangement.”
Singh said the BRICS countries have chosen differing growth paths suited to their macroeconomic conditions and varied institutional strengths.
“Yet, I have no doubt that their emergence as economic powerhouses is now an inescapable secular trend which will have a powerful impact on the world,” he added. 


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Venezuela accuses US of interference in its internal affairs

Venezuela has accused the US of “interference” in its “internal affairs” in order “to destabilize” it after Washington reacted to President Nicolas Maduro being granted powers to rule by decree, saying “that doesn’t make it okay.” Venezuelan the Foreign Ministry declared its “most profound, categorical and energetic rejection” of the US’ comments. On Tuesday the National Assembly gave Maduro broad powers to wage an“economic war,” combat corruption and promote “economic order in transition to socialism.”

​$48 mn worth of cocaine found on Japanese beach

Four backpacks containing 80 kilograms of cocaine, worth 4.8 billion yen ($48 million), were found on a beach near the Japanese city of Yokosuka. The drugs, divided into 78 packets wrapped in paper and plastic, were discovered by a resident on Nov. 19. Police said they believe the packs were thrown overboard after a drug deal failed at sea, and described the drugs haul as the country’s biggest ever.

​Saudi police arrest 2 men for offering ‘free hugs’

Saudi religious police has arrested two men who were offering “free hugs” to strangers in the country’s capital, Riyadh. The arrests were made by Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the main Tahlia Street, where the young men were standing with banners saying, “Free Hug,” written in English. The idea of the Free Hugs Campaign, a movement in which members offers free hugs to passers-by in public places “to brighten up their lives,” has provoked a mixed reaction in Saudi society.

​Merkel backs German minimum wage of 8.50 euro an hour

Germany will introduce a national minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour, Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced. Though the Chancellor’s own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is against the move, saying it may destroy jobs, the opposing party, the Social Democrats (SPD) is strongly demanding this bill, which is a key part of its election platform. The two parties are now in tough negotiations about forming a coalition government. Without the minimum wage, the SPD has said it will not cooperate with the CDU. Merkel said she is prepared to compromise as “the SPD will not conclude negotiations without a universal legal minimum wage.”

​3 women rescued in London after ‘decades of slavery’

British police have rescued three women from a house in south London where they have been held as slaves for 30 years, BBC News reports. A Malaysian woman, 69, an Irish woman, 57, and a British woman, 30, were all freed by the Metropolitan Police’s Human Trafficking Unit. The investigation comes after the Freedom Charity Organization contacted police, saying they had received a phone call from a woman who “had been held against her will in a house in London for more than 30 years.” A man and a woman, both 67, were arrested in suspicion of domestic slavery, police said, adding that the rescued women were “highly traumatized.”

​Former IRA bomber pleads guilty to aiding terror attacks

Former IRA bomber Marian ‘Price’ McGlinchey was found guilty of buying the mobile phone used by the Real IRA in attack on Massereene Army barracks in 2009. The phone was used in several calls for the attacks in which two sappers Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azimkar were shot dead as they took a pizza delivery at the front of the County Antrim barracks on March 7, 2009. McGlinchey was also accused of encouraging support for terrorism, as she was holding a piece of paper for a masked man during his speech against Catholic police officers at a splinter Republican protest in Londonderry. Forty years ago, McGlinchey was charged with taking part in an IRA car bombing on London’s Old Bailey, in which more than 200 people were injured.

25,000 leave homes in South India as cyclone approaches

About 25,000 people have been evacuated from coastal villages in southern India as a strong cyclone approaches from the Bay of Bengal. The cyclone is expected to hit four districts of the Andhra Pradesh state on Friday with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, AP reported. A storm surge of up to 1.5 meters and heavy rainfall are expected to flood low-lying areas, India’s Meteorological Department said Thursday.

US drone strike kills 3 Afghan militants, 2 others in Pakistan

A suspected US drone killed five people in a rare missile strike in northwest Pakistan outside the remote tribal region on Thursday, AP reported. The missiles hit an Islamic seminary in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Hangu district. Those killed included three senior Afghan militants, and one of them was a deputy of the leader of the Afghan Haqqani network, officials said. It was only the second drone attack outside the semi-autonomous tribal region along the Afghan border since the strikes began in the country in 2004.

Ukraine govt suspends preparation for EU agreement

The Ukrainian government on Thursday decided “to suspend the preparations to concluding an association agreement between Ukraine… and the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community and their member countries,” Itar-Tass reported, citing the government’s resolution. President Viktor Yanukovych insisted at a news conference in Vienna on Thursday that Ukraine would continue on the path toward integration with Europe, however. “We are not afraid of difficulties and we will go on the path of European integration,” he said.

​25 dead in Guinea goldmine explosion

Nearly 25 people were killed Wednesday in a gas explosion on an artisanal goldmine in Siguiri province of eastern Guinea, police authorities said on Thursday. Fourteen bodies have already been recovered at the site of explosions and 11 are confirmed missing. However, a police source says that “it’s impossible to survive this kind of accident as the walls of the mine are too narrow.” Though artisanal mining in Guinea, the holder of the West African largest gold reserves, is legal, it is still dangerous. A similar incident killed four people in July.

​Bangladesh agrees 77% wage hike for garment factory workers

Bangladeshi authorities have approved a 77 percent salary rise for garment factory workers from December this year. The official wage board has officially increased the monthly minimum wage for garment sector from 3,000 taka ($38) to 5,300 taka ($68). Though the protesters demanded 8,000 taka a month, “the wage board negotiated a compromise which was acceptable to all sides,” said Sirajul Islam Rony, a member of the government appointed committee. The newly approved wage system includes allowances for food and medical care. Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest clothing exporter, is trying to end a wave of strikes among country’s garment workers who have been rallying to demand better working conditions and higher salaries.
11 dead as Japan landslide engulfs 5 road workers
Five Japanese road construction workers were engulfed by a landslide Thursday with one confirmed dead, authorities said. The crew was repairing a cracked road on a mountainous slope in Yurihonjo city in northern Akita prefecture when the road collapsed, AFP reported. Rescue crews pulled one man’s body from the snow-covered slope while four of his colleagues remain missing.

Car bomb in northeast Iraq kills 25 people

A car bomb exploded in a busy market in northeast Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 25 people, Reuters reported, citing the local mayor and medics. The attack took place in the town of Sadiya, 65 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, amid Iraq’s worst wave of sectarian violence in at least five years.

Ukraine parliament denies Tymoshenko medical treatment abroad

Ukraine’s parliament on Thursday voted against all six bills that would have allowed jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to go abroad for treatment. The move could disrupt the chances of signing an association agreement with the European Union later this month. Deputies from President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions and the Communist Party abstained from voting, and all six bills gained no more than 195 votes, short of the required 226 voting majority, Itar-Tass reported. Vladimir Oleinik, a Party of Regions deputy, said that the parliament may yet convene for an extraordinary session to amend and pass the legislation.

Two Russians freed on bail in Greenpeace case leave detention center

Photographer Denis Sinyakov and a member of the Greenpeace press service, Andrey Allakhverdov, who were detained after a protest at the Russian oil development platform Prirazlomnaya in the Pechora Sea, left a detention center in St. Petersburg on Thursday. They are the first members of the Arctic Sunrise crew to be released after being granted $61,300 bail each. Sinyakov said that in the coming days, he will try to recover his photographic equipment. Allakhverdov said: “Greenpeace has never been and will never be an extremist organization,” Interfax reported.

‘No trust’ between Afghanistan, US

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told a meeting of elders in Kabul on Thursday that he did not trust the US, and it did not trust him. “My trust with America is not good. I don’t trust them and they don’t trust me,” Reuters quoted the president as saying. “During the past 10 years I have fought with them and they have made propaganda against me,” he said. The elders gathered in the capital to debate a security deal with the US. If the security pact with the US is passed, up to 15,000 foreign troops could stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014, Karzai said.

Syrian refugees’ debt spiraling out of control

Debt levels of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are spiraling out of control, pushing entire families into a cycle of grinding poverty, an international aid agency has warned. Oxfam said in a report released Thursday that refugee families in Lebanon are spending more than twice their monthly average income of $250. Many families have exhausted their savings and have resorted to borrowing money. The agency also said many Syrian children are not going to school because their parents can’t afford the additional expenses.

Australian PM promises Indonesia ‘full response’ over spy allegations

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono a full response to his demand for an examination of reported Australian eavesdropping on senior Indonesian leaders’ phones. Abbott told parliament he had received a letter on Thursday from Yudhoyono demanding an explanation of Australia’s phone tapping activity in 2009, AP reported. “I want to assure the House that the government will respond swiftly, fully and courteously to the president’s letter,” Abbott told the House of Representatives. Indonesia has downgraded its relations with Australia following the scandal.

6 shells fall near Saudi Arabia border post close to Iraq, Kuwait

Six mortar shells reportedly landed near a remote Saudi border post close to Iraq and Kuwait on Wednesday.“Six mortar shells fell in an uninhabited area near the new al-Auja border guard center of Hafr al-Batin in the Eastern province,” Reuters quoted General Mohammed Ghamdi, the border guard media spokesman, as saying on Thursday. The attack caused no damage, he said.

US political contributions by fracking industry increases by 231 pct. between 2004-2012

Contributions to congressional campaigns by the fracking industry experienced a 231 percent increase between 2004 and 2012, according to a new report. That percentage increase represents an uptick from $4.3 million to just under $12 million in that time span. The campaign funds were seen within districts and states hosting fracking activity, along with a 131 percent increase to politicians representing regions without hydraulic fracking operations. The data, compiled by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington based its report on campaign contribution data available through MapLight. Nearly 80 percent of total funds doled out by the gas industry were directed towards Republicans. According to the survey, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) received the most contributions, collecting $509,447 between his 2004 and 2012 elections. Barton is a former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

​Oakland City Council decides to press ahead with citywide surveillance center

The Oakland City Council voted early Wednesday to continue with plans to build a 24-hour surveillancecenter funded by over $10 million in federal grants. The City Council decided by a vote of 6-1 to sever ties with the firm formerly chosen to complete the Domain Awareness Center, a surveillance operation that will enlist 3,000 cameras around the city, among other efforts, in what Oakland says will be a major tool to fight crime. The council will now seek proposals from other firms to finish the project rather than consider shutting it down, the Oakland Tribune reported. The shunned firm was in question based on the city’s law restricting it from doing business with companies that have ties to nuclear weapons. During the hours-long city meeting, opponents of the center verbally sparred with council members, saying the operation will target dissenters and minorities, among other concerns.

American tourist arrested, imprisoned in North Korea – report

North Korea detained an 85-year-old American man last month just as he was about to leave the country on a tourist visa, according to a San Jose Mercury news story that was confirmed by a senior US official. Merrill Newman, a military veteran, was taken off his plane on October 26 after participating in a tour group based in Beijing. North Korean state media has not mentioned the detention but officials in both Beijing and the US confirmed his imprisonment. His arrest comes almost a year after that of Kenneth Bae, who remains locked up. Chinese tour groups are increasingly granted access to Pyongyang, although the US State Department strongly advises Americans against joining such excursions.


Talks between Russia, Ukraine, EU


Talks between Russia, Ukraine, EU to be held before Vilnius summit

Trilateral talks between Ukraine, Russia and the EU will be held before a summit of the EU’s Eastern Partnership in Vilnius due next week, Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov said Friday. The negotiations of the two states and the EU will be dedicated to trade and economic partnership. Azarov described the Ukraine government’s decision to suspend preparations for the signing an association agreement with the EU as tactical, and said it was prompted by exclusively economic reasons. The strategy of integration into Europe remains the same, he added.


S. Korea to buy 40 Lockheed F-35 stealth fighter jets



South Korea will buy 40 Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 stealth fighter jets, the country’s military chiefs decided on Friday. The first delivery expected in 2018, in a move to beef up the country’s defenses, Reuters reported. A Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting agreed that South Korea will buy the most advanced stealth technology and electronic warfare capability. The decision will be put to a committee chaired by the defense minister for final approval. Seoul was initially expected to give the green light to Boeing’s F-15.


Germany puts more paintings stolen by Nazis online


 Germany has put more paintings and drawings of artworks stolen by the Nazis online, AFP reported. “The artistic discovery of Schwabing” was transferred to the coordinating panel for lost cultural goods, the culture minister’s office said, referring to the Munich district where 1,406 lost artworks have been found. By around 18:30 GMT, 54 new artworks had been published on the website. Of these, 16 were by Norway’s Edvard Munch and 38 by German painter Max Liebermann. The works also include those by the French artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.


Latvia mall collapse

RIA Novosti / Oksana Dzhadan

Thirty two people dead as 500 square meters of roof caved in at the ‘Maxima XX’ building in the capital, Riga. 
The initial collapse was followed by a second cave-in just as the first responders at the scene were helping the victims. Two rescuers were killed by the second collapse.
“We have lost a colleague who died saving the victims from the rubble,” fire department spokeswoman Inga Vetere told reporters. 
According to the latest reports, so far rescuers have managed to save 36 people from the rubble. At least one child has suffered a moderate head injury and has been hospitalized along with dozens of victims, Ria reports. 
At least 70 people may still be trapped in the rubble, according to the latest data,” Riga’s mayor Nils Ušakovs said as quoted by RIA Novosti news agency. 
Upon hearing about the accident the mayor has cut short his holiday.“Interrupted vacation. Looking now for faster options to return to Riga,” Ušakovs wrote on his Facebook page.
While the cause is currently unknown, Riga Vice Mayor Andry Ameriks refuted earlier eyewitness reports of an explosion and attributed the incident to a likely construction fault.
“Probably, mistakes were made by construction workers, which led to the collapse of the building,”Ameriks  said. “The building collapsed completely. Now, all the rescue services are working at the scene. The most important thing now are the lives of the people.” 
Rescue operations are still underway with the military personnel assisting, and workers are continuing to look for victims. 
A total of 400 people are working at the scene including local and state police, some local home guards and at least 17 units of medics as well as 13 fire brigades. Soldiers of the National Armed Force are also helping look for the victims with dog units. Another 40 soldiers were sent from the army garrison, local media reports. Media agencies


Vietnam offers 6 oil and gas blocks to OVL

Vietnam has offered to give ONGC Videsh Ltd five offshore oil and gas exploration areas in South China Sea and its Kossor block in Uzbekistan without bidding, the Indian company said.
The five blocks offered on nomination basis lie outside the territory claimed by China in the South China Sea. 
Vietnam’s national oil company PetroVietnam offered Block 17, 41 and 43 while PetroVietnam Exploration Corporation offered blocks 10&11-1 and 102&106/10 and the Kossor block it has in Uzbekistan as Hanoi looks to counter China’s influence in the region. 
OVL, the overseas arm of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), in a statement said on Thursday, it on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding with PetroVietnam for joint cooperation in hydrocarbon sector in Vietnam, India and other countries. 
“Under the MOU, PetroVietnam has offered 5 blocks (in Vietnam) to ONGC Videsh. ONGC Videsh would assess these blocks and if these are of interest, it would make a proposal to PetroVietnam,” it said. 
“OVL will study the data on the blocks and has the option to pick and choose from the blocks. It can even take all of them and also has to option not to take any of them,” a top official said. 
If OVL decides to take any or all of the blocks, a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) will be signed. 
OVL will carry out evaluation of blocks 17, 41 and 43 on an exclusive basis in next three months. 
“In the event any block is of interest to OVL, it shall provide PetroVietnam with its proposal for entering into a PSC for such block(s) and to negotiate PSC agreements under the Petroleum Law of Vietnam,” he said. 
For block 10&11-1 and 102&106/10 and Kossor block in Uzbekistan, OVL shall carry out the evaluation and discuss with PetroVietnam Exploration Corp on terms and conditions for contract farm-in. 
Hanoi made the offer during delegation level talks with visiting Vietnamese Communist Party general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on Wednesday. 
OVL already has stake in a gas production block on the southern Vietnamese coast. 
It also had interest in two exploration blocks – 127 and 128 in the South China Sea, an area which China claims being part of its East Sea. 
OVL, however, relinquished Block 127 in offshore Phu Khanh Basin after it failed to find any oil or gas in the area. 
It plans to withdraw from adjacent Block 128 which is under extended exploration phase-1 until 15th June 2014. 
China claims sovereignty over most of the South China sea where Block 127 and 128 are located and had warned the Indian arm from drilling in the region. 
OVL continues to own 45 percent in Vietnam’s offshore block 6.1. OVL’s share of production from the fields was 2.1 billion cubic metres and the company had till date invested USD 415 million. 
“Vietnam is one of the focus countries for ONGC Videsh where it would like to acquire stakes in oil and gas assets depending on techno-commercial viability,” the statement said. 
OVL is present in Vietnam since 1988 when exploration license for Block 6.1 was acquired. 
The current non-operating participating interest of OVL in the block is 45 percent which consists of Lan Tay and Lan Do fields. 
It holds 100 percent operating stake in exploration Block-128 with cumulative investment of more than USD 50 million. 
“Earlier, OVL also held 100 per cent operating stake in exploration Block-127 and invested about USD 51 million,” the statement added. 


FIR against Tarun Tejpal in sexual assault case 
FIR against Tarun Tejpal in sexual assault case Updated on : 22-11-2013 02:36 PM
Goa Police on Friday filed an FIR against Tehelka Editor Tarun Tejpal, who has been accused by a woman journalist colleague of sexual assault during an event here about 10 days ago.
Deputy Inspector General of Police O P Mishra said the FIR has been filed while DGP Kishan Kumar said the crime branch could send a team of officials to Delhi for further investigation.
“We will go through all the details. We will press rape charges against him, if the complaint of the girl is substantiated,” Mishra said.
Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had ordered a preliminary inquiry into the allegations by the girl that she was sexually abused by Tejpal during an event in Goa. 
The alleged incident happened in a lift in a five star hotel in Goa about 10 days ago. 
The DIG said the CCTV footage was received from the hotel last evening and was preserved. 
The details of the incident can only be known after examining the footage, he said. 
Police have already written to the Tehelka management, asking for the documents including email of the victim and the statement by Tejpal Parrikar had said yesterday that the police were trying to reach to the girl and record her statement. 
“We will fully backup the girl if she files the complaint,” the chief minister had said. He had also expressed the possibility of summoning Tejpal after the preliminary inquiry is over. 
After the email by the woman journalist of his magazine alleging sexual assault was made public, Tejpal had announced on Wednesday night that he was “recusing” from his job for six months. 
NCW asks Goa Police to file FIR in sexual assault case 
Taking suo motu cognizance of media reports, the National Commission for Women on Friday said it has written to Goa Police to file an FIR in the alleged sexual assault case against Tehelka Editor Tarun Tejpal. 
“We have written to Goa Police to take cognizance of the matter and file an FIR against Tarun Tejpal,” NCW member Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar said on Friday. 
She said the NCW member in-charge of Goa, Shamina Shafiq, who is in Mumbai, has spoken to Tehelka Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhury and will try to speak to the girl on Friday. 
“From her emails that we have read, subject to its authentication, it seems to be more than depriving her of her modesty. It is a serious issue and there seems to be clear violation of Visakha guidelines. 
“Though the girl has not approached us personally, she seems to be interested in getting justice, Pravabhalkar had said on Thursday. 
NCW has also written to Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman of the Press Council of India requesting him to intervene and examine the matter that whether Visakha guidelines were followed in this matter or not. 
Goa government had on Thursday ordered a probe into the alleged sexual assault by Tejpal on a woman journalist colleague. 
The alleged incident happened in a lift in a five star hotel in Goa about 10 days ago. 
The case was handed over to the Crime Branch of police which has got the footage of the Close Circuit Television in the hotel. 
They have also sought the copy of the complaint filed by the girl from Tehelka. 
Tejpal had written to Tehelka’s Managing Editor, saying he was “recusing” from work for 6 months admitting to “bad lapse of judgement”. 


Naresh, Ready to change the world? 
Hi Naresh,
 Ana Paula, from Brazil, the first of the Arctic 30, who was released on bail yesterday
Before I say anything else, I really, REALLY want to thank all of you who were there with us in spirit and in person on Saturday, November 16th. Quite frankly, your amazing response at the Global Day of Action has been so humbling for all of us. Getting together in 31 cities is no mean feat and for us, this was the first time ever in India. You are one of the 22,386 people from 43 countries to have spoken out for the Arctic 30 and we thank you for that.
This isn’t it. I’ve got some really big news for you. 20 of the Arctic 30 have been given bail this week. Wait. There’s more. Ana Paula from Brazil, the first of the Arctic 30, was even released on bail yesterday.
While this is great news, we can’t celebrate yet. Unlike the others, Colin, an activist from Australia, was denied bail and had his detention extended for three more months. But all of the Arctic 30 still face extremely serious accusations. They could have long wait for a trial, and face years in prison if convicted on these absurd charges.
It’s clear this story is far from over. But we need your help to make sure the world knows that. We must keep fighting to free our friends and bring them home to their families. We must not let up. We need more than bail, we need these ridiculous charges against peaceful activists dropped for good, putting an end to this madness.
Share this petition and ask your friends to help bring all the Arctic defenders home to their families now. You can either forward this e-mail to your friends or share it on Facebook.
The Arctic 30 went to the region to bear witness to the destruction caused by oil companies in this fragile environment, and peacefully protest to protect the home of the polar bears. If you believe, like I do, that these people are heroes, and not criminals, then help bring them home and defend our planet.
Padmaja Karra
Greenpeace India


STAR Plus & Ekta Kapoor recreate their combined magic on television with

Premiers this December 3rd, Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. on Star Plus

Mumbai, November 21st, 2013: As someone once said, ㌯ve Thy Neighbour䬠Star Plus & Ekta Kapoor present a relatable, urban story of two neighbours in Ye Hai Mohobbatein. The Iyers and Bhallas are neighbours in Delhi, who have a conflict prone relationship but things are about to get even more interesting.

The Iyers’ dentist daughter Ishita Iyer & the Bhallas’ businessman son Raman Bhalla find themselves getting bound by an unusual bond. Not every relationship has a name and theirs is defined by RamanⳊadorable daughter Ruhi with whom Ishita develops a strong attachment. This attachment leads Ishita into getting close to the man Raman who she dislikes the most. Star Plus along with Balaji Telefilms brings Ye Hai Mohobbatein, an emotional story of love and loss that launches on December 3rd and will air from Monday – Friday at 11.00 p.m. The show marks the return of popular TV stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel in lead roles.

How far can one really go for a child? Can someone get into a romantic relationship only for the love and attachment to a child? This is what Ye Hai Mohobbatein addresses. A heart-warming story that revolves around a simple, middle-class girl, Ishita Iyer, with a past of a failed relationship whose life changes when fate brings her face to face with a 5 year old girl, Ruhi with whom she develops an immediate bond. It is the love for this child that takes her on an unexpected journey of getting close to RuhiⳠfather, Raman Bhalla. On the other hand, Raman is a rich business man, a single dad with a bitter outlook to life. With various upheavals in their lives, Ishita and RamanⳠjourney with Ruhi as their mediator makes a compelling story.



Economic Agenda of Political Parties – Past, Present & Future
An Interactive session with Bhartiya Janta Party
December 11, 2013, PHD House, New Delhi

The Indian economy, and Indian industry, today faces the most serious crisis since 1991. Industrial situation is turning bad to worse; the industry output growth is close to zero. The industrial recession is particularly worrying in the context of India ’s international standing. Today, the growth rate is falling rapidly, and India ’s position in world league tables is going down

Against this backdrop, PHD Chamber is going to organize series of Interactive Sessions with Political Parties in the wake of general elections scheduled in 2014. The objective is to interact with the leaders of the various political parties and discuss their economic agendas keeping in view the list of promises the parties had made and the issues which are still pending / left out.

Keeping in view the above idea, the Chamber (Economic Affairs Committee in collaboration with Industrial Relations Committee and Infrastructure Committee) has decided to organize the first Interactive Session with Bhartiya Janta Party on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 at 10.30 am at PHD House, New Delhi .

Senior leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Dr Subramaniam Swami and Shri Murlidhar Rao have kindly accepted to participate in the Interactive Session. Besides these, the programme will be well attended by industrialists, economists, analysts, policy makers etc.

The PHD Research Bureau is preparing a Research Report on “Economic Agenda of Political Parties- Past, Present & Future”, for which members are requested to kindly send concerned issues / points to be taken in the Research Report preferably on or before 29th November 2013 to Dr. S P Sharma, Chief Economist, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry at The suggestions drafted in the economic agenda by the Chamber would be handed over to the political parties which they may include in their manifestos before the election, going forward.

You are requested to be a part of this important session and join us as we take a step towards identifying the agendas of the political parties as well as keeping our own views on the table which the parties can include in their manifestos.

You are requested to block your diaries as we would really appreciate your participation and valuable contribution that you can make. May we request you to kindly send us the response slip duly filled in on or before 7th December 2013.

Yours sincerely

Saurabh Sanyal
Executive Director
PHD Chamber


The handsome & dashing, Mohit Sehgal makes an entry in Qubool Hai!


Making an entry next week, Mohit Sehgal will play the character of Haider…

The chocolate boy of Indian Television will soon be making an entry in Zee TV’s popular show – Qubool Hai. The actor who peaked success with Miley Jab Hum Tum has been taken in for a pivotal role in the show alongside Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti. Viewers will soon see Mohit entering the show asHaider. Playing the character of a self-made, flamboyant man, Haider is a charming and handsome boy who possesses a great sense of humour and bowls everyone over with his wits. Making his way smoothly out of various difficult situations, Haider is mature who has a set agenda in life. A smooth talker and an affable human being, Haider will connect well with everybody around and soothe ruffled feathers.
Talking about his character in show, Mohit said, “In my short stint as a TV actor, I was looking forward to work with Zee TV. So, when this role was offered to me, I lapped up the opportunity, considering Qubool Hai has connected well with the masses and is one of the top rated shows today on TV. The character that I play is quite like me in real life. Playing a matured and charming man, my characterHaider brings in a lot of ambiguity in the equation that Zoya shares with the Siddiqui family. I am sure that the character will shape up well and connect with the audiences. I looking forward to work with Gul Khan (the producer), my friend KSG and of course, the bubbly Surbhi.”
With Mohit Sehgal’s grand entry on the show next week, the show is sure to take an interesting twist. Only time will tell what is in store for Zoya and the Siddiqui family considering Haider’s mysterious intentions. With two impressive and good looking actors, Karan Singh Grover and Vikrant Massey already on board, Mohit Sehgal entry is a reason enough for all the ladies to stay glued to Qubool Hai!

Watch Qubool Hai, Monday – Friday, 9:30 – 10 PM, only on Zee TV!


MEDIA INVITE-Kachcha Chittha Story 2 at a Press Conference on Saturday, November 23,

Dear Madam / Sir,

Anhad will be releasing Kachcha Chittha Story 2 at a Press Conference on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 3pm at the IWPC.

Kachcha Chittha are series of investigative stories on Modi’s governance, transparency and development in Gujarat.

Shabnam Hashmi, Manan Trivedi among others will address the press conference.

Yours sincerely,

Bhavna Sharma


Day 9: Coca-Cola Cricket Cup U-16 Inter-School Tournament, Delhi-leg

Inline images 1                                   Inline images 2

Shivam Smashes 74 for Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Old Rajinder Nagar; SD Sr. Sec. School, Shahdara Advance to Next Round

New Delhi, 21st November 2013: Shivam Chauhan marvellous half-century helped Salwan Boys Sr. Sec. School, Old Rajinder Nagar thrash Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg by 10 wickets in a league match of the Coca-Cola Cricket Cup under-16 inter-school tournament, played at Bharat Nagar ground today.
Bal Bharati Public School won the toss and opted to bat first. However, they failed to materialise the opportunity and the whole team were bowled out at 85. Bharat and Sahil Sharma’s two-wicket hauls helped their team to restrict the opposition in 28.1 overs.
In reply, Salwan Boys School achieved the target in just 6.0 overs. Shivam led the batting line-up with his blistering 74-run knock and remained unbeaten to win the match without losing any wicket.
Shivam was adjudged Man-of-the Match for his spectacular knock.
Brief Scores

BBPS-GRHM: 85 all out in 28.1 overs (Abhishek Patra 26; Bharat 2/10, Sahil Sharma 2/10).

SBSSS: 88 for no loss in 6.0 overs (Shivam Chauhan 74 n.o.).


Match 2: In another league match, SD Senior Secondary School, Shahdara defeat Govt Boys Senior Secondary School, Keshav Puram by 52 runs at Salwan Boys School ground today.
SD Senior Secondary School won the toss and batted first. They managed to score 97 runs with the help of Sonu’s 22-run knock.
While chasing, Govt Boys School were bowled out at a meagre score of 45 runs. SD School’s Krishan and Deepak’s three wicket hauls helped their team to bundle out the opponent in 11.4 overs.
Krishan was adjudged Man-of-the-Match for his best bowling performance.

Brief Scores

SDSSS-S: 97 all out in 19.2 overs (Sonu 22; Arif Anwar 2/15).
GBSSS-KP: 45 all out in 11.4 overs (Krishan 3/5, Deepak 3/12).


Kejriwal Most Corrupt -Sting


Kejriwal Most Corrupt -Sting, Failed IRS, Weird-Trader Mind

Kejriwal Most Corrupt -Sting, Failed IRS, Weird-Trader Mind (C)
November21, 2013
Arvind who has amassed  wealth to the tune of Rs 125Cr in the name of his mentor by offering trade-able articles  like Simcard, Te-shirts, Anna caps, Lockets ,key rings  etc. He is  trying to retain the face of social activist to weed out corruption but rot stories run across the way he distributes tickets to candidates from Okhala Uttam Nagar, Nazafgarh etc
His political venture is to gather mass , mass and mass.  Arvind the face of Anna self painted as man of integrity was always question the way Arvind conducted with common man by keeping Anna aloof and not allowing people to meet him.His coterie kept secrets about money  collection and his lecture on accountability and transparency are the gimmicks learned for political trading.
Pradhan Mantri serial was an EYE OPENER on how INC introduced Social
Reforms, Banking Reforms, Industrial Reforms etc. Agarwal community
may be running half of Indian Industry by revenue but still GOI didn’t
engage them as Finance Minister or Commerce Minister in Seven Decades
that is power of democracy.
AAP sting operation showing members ready to do illegal activities:
AAP to address the media on the the sting operation  showing candidates agreeing to carry out illegal activities.
Two weeks before Delhi votes, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party has been hit with a sting operation that allegedly shows some of its candidates agreeing to help push property deals and resolve financial disputes in return for cash donations to the party.
One of those targeted by the sting is AAPs high-profile candidate from RK Puram, Shazia Ilmi, a former journalist and vocal activist, who has offered not to contest the elections.
“I will not allow my party’s image to be sullied by the underhand shoddy sting operation. I offer to withdraw my candidature and not contest elections until and unless my name is cleared,” Ilmi said.
Senior AAP leaders were in a huddle soon after the sting was made public at a press conference at Delhi’s Constitution Club on Thursday. They said they would first see unedited footage of the operation and then take action within 24 hours. They have demanded the full video footage by 11 am today.
The sting was conducted by a website called Mediasarkar, which alleged at its presser that while no criminal offense may be made out, it raises a moral question since AAP has based its campaign on clean politics. It, however, refused to say which political party had helped it book a conference hall at the club, which requires a member of Parliament to make a booking.
Earlier this week, when year-old videos of veteran activist Anna Hazare raising concerns over the funding of AAP emerged, party leaders accused the Congress and BJP of conspiring to undermine Mr Kejriwal.
Promotion of KEJRIWAL for some years as Future Political force has his
community’s backing. (Preview)
-    Kejriwal Bhushan and others were on my mailing list and they
deliberately chose to be with THUGS.
India News, Media Sarkar Sting Operations reveal Arvind Kejriwal,
AAP’s tainted side!
Shobhit Kalra
Thu, 21 Nov 2013
New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which claims
of receiving money for the election campaign in form of donations,
have come under clouds of controversies post a sting operation which
alleged that party has raised funds through illicit means.
The sting operation has been conducted by a media outlet named Media
Sarkar on Thursday.
The sting operation was made on nine different members of AAP
including party’s senior party leader Shazia Ilmi, Dinesh Mohania,
Irfan Ullah Khan and Kumar Vishwas.
The sting operation revealed that how Ilmi accepted bribe to malign
the image of a company without seeking documents of company’s
misdoings. A reporter, who pretended to be a company’s staff, asked
Shazia to smear the image of his rival firm. She was offered a
whopping sum to act likewise.
The video also show Shazia revealing that party (AAP) accepts
donations in cash. She was also found telling ways of taking money
through illegal means.
AAP leader Dinesh Mohania from Sangam Vihar was exposed on camera
vowing to settle a person’s property dispute by applying certain
tricks after winning elections.
Irfan Ullah Khan from Okhla constituency was ready to settle the
reporter’s money dispute by any legal or illegal means.
Meanwhile, the micro-blogging website Twitter is trending a key word
‘India News’, a leading Hindi news channel, which reveals another
sting of AAP conducted by the channel. India News channel alleged AAP
of selling the Badarpur Assembly seat at Rs 2 crore.
The Arvind Kejriwal-led party gave ticket to Narayan Dutt Tiwari
instead of Amrish Choudhury, who topped the list of AAP’s probable
candidates in Badarpur Assembly segment.
AAP reportedly conducted an online voting to choose the party
candidate from the Badarpur Assembly seat. 60 to 70 percent of votes
were in favor of Choudhury but eventually the ticket was given to
When Choudhury inquired about it by sending a SMS to Arvind Kejriwal —
“How much you took to sell the Badarpur seat?” — Kejriwal replied, “in
Rs 2 crore.”
Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal or any of the Aam Aadmi Party candidates
are unavailable for the comment over the sting operations.
AAP ZERO Skills Track Record Wanted Tehrir SQ in Delhi (C)
November21, 2013
Asli Admi in Delhi need following -
This Asli Admi – inventor & consultant is Happy With Present
Government for simple reason – Delhi recorded Fastest Growth among all
states in the country. Wealth of people have gone up 10 fold in last
10 years of UPA-I & II which had declined during 1996-2004 Non
Congress Rule. Soon Delhi shall have one of the biggest METRO Networks
in the world – it shall take 15-30 minutes to reach Noida from South &
West Delhi. Delhi also has world class Airport – Best Roads & Highways
– Six to Ten lane exists to NCR. Asli Admi WANT DELHI TO Best In The
Even Slum Dwellers own Electric Appliances and Motor Cycles. Average
unskilled worker earn over Rs.10,000 per month, and family of 3-4
working members over Rs.40,000 a month, own LPG Connection and
Plumbers or Painters etc earn more than 20,000 per month which is more
than salary of Accountants and Executives in Gujarat or other states.
Under BJP rule only few Traders prospered and non traders were CRUSHED
– farmers land was acquired in NCR for Rs.2,00,000 per acre – that has
gone up to Rs.2 Crores.
Policies of the UPA I&II ensured prosperity for all whether Rich or
Poor – Urban or Rural inhabitant.
There are Three Main issues with Sheila Dikshit government – Water &
Power and are BJP LUNATIC River Linkers and Pro Trader BJP government
We all knew well in advance that both Tata and BSES charge much higher
tariff in very compact city Mumbai than MSEB serving widespread rural
state region.
Regarding T&D losses – there is clear evidence that T&D losses were
20% in Delhi when Madan Lal Khurana took over and politics within BJP
led to three Chief Ministers serving 5 year tenure in which Electric
Connections were released without planning and metering and T&D Losses
were over 40% – that were manipulated to 45% to 60% on eve of
privatization under CORRUPT DERC. Even in 2005 there were only 3500
Distribution Transformers with Meters out of over 8000. It was
politically institutionalized by BJP.
WATER -  Delhi gets only SEWAGE and Drainage as entitlement from
Riparian YAMUNA rivers. All the CROOKS who dug up Himalaya Slopes
triggering land slides across Uttarkhand are disciples of Nana
Deshmukh who failed to develop Chitrakoot.
    Can you believe not a brick is laid at RENUKA, LAKHWAR & VYASI DAM
Sites which are LIFE LINES OF DELHI? – Storage sites for all the Water
Delhi required. Until these dams are built Delhi shall have to depend
on Haryana Sewage and Underground water. Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat
couldn’t be built, Canals operate at 5% Potential.
    The main Problems of Cleaning, RWA Roads, Drains, Garbage
Collection, Construction, House Tax are all MCD works which is most
Kejriwal is ONE MAN SHOW is genetically a Misfit – for Engineering Job
or as an IRS Officer.  Why can’t Delhi have direct FOOD SUPPLY just
like MILK Supply in the morning? Before Office Rush hours streets are
Kejriwal leading a GRAND Conspiracy in 2003, to hush up INVESTIGATION
in to SK Dubey Murder, and later to over throw UPA II government.
He first BLACK MAILED father of SK Dubey by delaying FUNDS collected
for him – Narayan Murthy released Rs.10 lakh for Dubey family but was
held up by Kejriwal until he signed AFFIDAVIT to LIMIT CBI
When BJP failed to dislodge UPA I on Nuclear Deal and lost 2009
elections it operated indirectly through KEJRIWALS.
He was part of CONSPIRACY – in his own words – TURN Jantar Mantar in
Three attempts were made by RAMDEV and Anna Hazare led agitations
followed by fourth Nirbhaya Rape case to over throw UPA II government
He is 45 years, five years older than Sachin Tendulkar but had till
date DIRTY TRICKS to show. I was inventing when 20 – he can’t even
show us ONE GOOD PIL FILED by Kejriwal and Bhushan duo in public
It cost little to intervene in Court Cases – there were cases of OIL &
GAS, POWER, VODAFONE etc they didn’t intervene in any.
He has not spoken even once about BIGGEST THUGS – Ambanis or Agarwals
who control MUTILEVEL MAFIA. Can we believe he hear a thing in 45
years and 9 months when Abhimanyu learnt how to enter Charkravyuh in
his mothers womb?
He favors LINATIC IDEAS – like Rain Water Harvesting derived from Nana
Deshmukh supported NGOs. Dam storage is cheap & reliable.
1.  Enforcing Consumer Protection Act Fast & Effectively without
lawyers is required to end corruption in public services not JLB to
Black Mail Executive.
2.    LOOT SWARAJ – Kejriwal has no EXPERIENCE – We need to Engage
Qualified Contractors, Quality Control, Strict Monitoring of Works.
3.    Already said he has NO ENGINEERING GENES – Delhi need to License
‘ETHICAL, Qualified and Accountable Companies to SERVE CONSUMERS’ –
    He forgets Delhi is poorly served by TELECOM OPERATORS – Broadband,
IPTV, Optic Fiber Based Indigenous Network should replace – Ambani,
Tata, Mital Monopoly.
    Rooftop Solar Power & Heating – Uninterrupted Power Supply, Live
or 2% than ALL CONSUMERS. These shall reduce Electricity BILLS.
4.    7 BCM of water pass through Delhi during Monsoon every year in
absence of Dams is wasted. Building Dams is LONG TERM and desirable
5.    All shops, Offices, commercial buildings etc must have operational
toilets for public use free or cost.
6.    I don’t know how many times HE HAS Come Out on Streets to Protect
Women. PS to have Local Control Rooms and Quick Response Squads.
Streets should be clear of VENDORS.
7.    90% of the School Children must be enrolled from 1-2 kilometer
radius or Walking Distance – thus Children could spend 1-2 hours more
for studies and sports.
8.    Delhi needs Primary Health Centers or Dispensaries for preventing
complications and early recovery. CGHS dispensaries can operate in two
Shifts – one for public servants and second private citizens.
9.    Delhi villages shall be RE-MODELLED to Metro City like
Infrastructures – Sewage Lines, Water Supply, Public Trasports etc.
10.    11. Unauthorized Colonies & Slums shall RE MODELLED.
13.  TRADERS shall be required to ISSUE BILLS for Every Transaction
and provide DETAILS in it of Purchase Price and Profit Margin. THIS
RECORDS OF STOCKS. Street Vendors shall be allowed for only TWO HOURS
in the morning when MILK Is supplied – No Street Vendor rest of the
day. All Street Vendors shall Displace License Number and Validity.
    This shall DOUBLE Delhi tax revenue and TRIPLE Social Sector Expenditure.
14.    Promote Car Pooling, Restrict SUVs in Peak Hours, Triple Bus
Routes, Introduce Mini and Small Buses, replace all manual rickshaws
with Electric Vehicles, METRO parking be reserved for two wheelers and
open RWA main roads for public traffic.  METRO services shall be
integrated with Mainline Railways.
15.  Streets shall PHOTOGRAPHED everyday for CLEANLINESS. On
completion of Dams 2000 cusecs of water shall be flowing in Yamuna
clearing all pollutants, all Sewage shall pass through Under Ground
Pipes and taken to SEWAGE treatment plants.
    40 Year old Badarpur Power Station will be UP GRADED to LATEST SUPER
CRITICAL 1500 MW Capacity.
16.  All Laws to Protect Labor Rights shall be enforced – Shops,
Factories, Offices to Engage Regular Staff and Register Them with
Labor Office. Provide adequate assistance to under privileged and
below poverty line or unemployed citizens. Minorities and weaker
sections, Widows, Senior Citizens to be provided adequate Protection
and concessions.
Ravinder Singh*
Inventor & Consultant
Y-77, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi – 110016
*Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing,
Technologies and Projects.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...