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Shivraj Singh Chauhan CM of Madhya Pradesh’s holistic growth story

Shivraj Singh Chauhan CM of Madhya Pradesh’s holistic growth story

by sagarmedia
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh  Shivraj Singh Chauhan while speaking at BJP national council meet at Talkatora stadia, in New Delhi said ,BJP leaders are well versed in their subject and eloquence at their best. Performance of the BJP rules states are doing extremely well in comparison to other states.He further stressed ,MP state is at the vanguard in growth of more than ten percent from last five years and the agricultural growth is more than eighteen percent last year is model for the nation.Irrigated area of the state has triple in the last five years and is to increase further thus paving way for high yield of agriculture.On social front the Chief  minister said that perfect structure will be in place to look after each common man of Madhaya Pradesh.He said the skill development is our priority, the traditional artist and craft an will be given employment.Youth will be given the employment ,industries are given their dues and sme will also be given fiscal assistance.More than 100,000 youth will be encouraged to take up entrepreneurship.
Baby girl born will be given cash incentives along with other social security.


Sagar Media Inc by .03March 2013 New Delhi. 
Narendra Modi, CM of Gujarat the  most populous leader of BJP rose to speak at BJP 's National council meet,first thanked the party workers for their hard work, the ideologues, people of Gujarat, national Leaders are responsible for the  victory in Gujarat.

He said, "Its shame of central leadership for not responding to the citizen.Congress the oldest party of the country had enough time to govern this country with enough strength but failed to bring in national interest but their interest lay to please the family." He further added ,"Congress party insults it's own president Sitaram Kesari publicly and their leaders are disconnect to the people at large.Congress has not given right PM,if Pranab would have been the better PM and the situation would have not been so worse.He further attacked Congress for wiping its opponent with a policy of  person of non grata.He said ,the BJP and it's worker and the nation at large wants to get rid of this Congress party.

Explaining to the workers at party meet,when the nations are in race of progress our country is looked upon to be within top four economic power,to keep pattern, the order of growth,development, it's we who has  to decide  how to make an effort  to be at the order.Thus BJP has the power to remove the despair of the countrymen .

Further narrating, when India was suffering from shortage of wheat,the Former PM Lal  Bahadur  Shastri 's slogan of Jai Jawan played key role in development of agrarian society. Former PM AB Vajpayee stubborn efforts to take up nuclear test was to improvise the national strength and unity. Nation has to grow  in synchronizing with igniting the hopes of people of the countrymen and we must govern the nation as the power of facilitator to tread  the 21 st century, a vibrant  nation, moves ahead and let each one take its step forward with equity of opportunity. Comparing two brands, BJP is party of mission and Congress is party of Commission,and it is not in their blood to work for nation.

Modi spoke taking up Federal Government liberal policy which are merely dealing with mechanism of delivery system and are not reforms which are ultimately  policy for decades pursued to enable the desired growth. On question government role of  PSU he said they are in shabby state and are cause of inflation. Modi gave an example of Gujarat state, where electricity is in abundance and state electricity board is flush with fund. He added we  should not be witness to the lack of delivery system in  government.

Modi with word of praise, appreciated the Raman model of tribal welfare,advised  the nation must adopt for the welfare of her tribal community but Raman being BJP CM his efforts and policy are overlooked.

Modi concluded,BJP has to get rid of Congress party which is engrossed with scam and scam aster .
The way BJP run state government are working will be question for analyst to study across the globe.
Good governance is need of the hour and we must follow with zeal. Modi further said lets resolve the  national  clarion call to get rid of Congress and their is no Big Q  of Leadership .
He further quoted Sage Vivekanand who said  "I look India rise to its past glory at  its best" so shall we all work to fulfill his dream .



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