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Arvind exposed as Vinod Kumar Binny to go on a hunger strike

Arvind Kejriwal separated from his mentor Anna in month of July 2012 after the Arvind made up his mind to set up political entity on the Annas public view that we will give political alternative, Annas followers Kiran, Santosh dismissed this plea with heated arguements but Arvind did find space of another political outfit in national capital where people were fed up with collaborative politics.He found people of Delhi too annoyed on surge in water electric bill and privatization of water. Anna continued his task to get lokpal bill passed but arvind find news issues on which fortified his party in the national capital and his lusterless candidates won as the traditional parties workers supported the hybrid outfit. NGO employees of Arvind found new platform helped to deploy poor quality volunteers at low cost and NGo’s employees were elevated and some of them are the minister and hold high offices in Arvind outfit AAP as per the insider report.
AAP was formed on 26 Nov 2012 with 300 founder members, for reasons of scrutiny, founder members are limited to approximately 275 but surprisingly those close to Arvind find themselves in coterie rest ignored and still are in state of despair.More than 15 months have elapsed and no General meeting has been called of the founder members or the volunteers an essential tenet of any organistaion registered thus mutilating all norms of democracy in the functioning of party for which the Arvind projects himself as the only honest man in political arena as told to us by his members who did not want to identify.Further his colleagues add his word is final and is hard to be accessible for reasons best known to Arvind.
Today press conference by Aam Aadmi Party’s rebel Member of the Legislative Assembly Vinod Kumar Binny who alleged that the government is deviating from its principles, which helped the AAP win 28 seats in last month’s assembly election hold true to its core.
AAP, its MLA Vinod Kumar Binny  accused the party of backtracking on a range of promises, including in the water and power sector, and slammed the leadership for "deviating" from its core principles.Laxmi Nagar MLA said though the party during the election campaign had promised to provide 700 litres of free water to each household, the government "very cleverly" announced that those exceeding the limit will have to pay for the full amount.The MLA, a former Congressman, said forming the government by taking support of Congress was a "compromise of the party's principles".
"We had announced publicly that we wouldn't give or take support of any political party. Then what prompted the party to change the decision. Discussions were held behind closed doorson the issue," he said.
Binny had publicly displayed his unhappiness after he was left out of the Cabinet in December.
He announced that he will go on a hunger strike if the party fails to fulfil its promises by 27th January.
"I am an honest soldier of this party. I will not leave the party," he said.
On the electricity front, Binny said that the government "defrauded" the people of Delhi as the party had promised to halve the bills after coming to power.The government said subsidy will be given to those whose monthly consumption does not exceed 400 units. This is totally unacceptable;
Binny addressing press conference in New Delhi said, “We had announced publicly that we wouldn’t give or take support of any political party. Then, what prompted the party to change its decision?” Binny asked.
“The AAP was not formed to grab attention. That is why I’m saying there is a big mismatch between what the party had promised and what the government is doing,” he added.
Terming the party as an opportunist outfit, the legislator from Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar constituency alleged, “They are using the policy of use and throw. First, they used Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and now many in the party are being exploited.”
“It is unfair on all the party workers who have given their all to build the party — they have been given a raw deal,” he added.
“Look at the candidates contesting for the Lok Sabha seats in Delhi; all of it was pre-decided. It was decided where Gopal Rai would contest from or from where Kumar Vishwas or Ashish Talwar will contest.”
“So why have all this drama that it the list of candidates will be finalised only after signatures of party members. Is this not a fraud, is this not cheating the public?” Binny asked.
“Today Kumar Vishwas is campaigning in Amethi. Now, what is he doing there when his name has not even been announced as a candidate?”
Terming Kejriwal a dictator, the 39-year-old MLA alleged that the chief minister gets angry with people who don’t agree with him. “He gets angry if someone expresses their disagreement over an issue. If anyone speaks against him, he starts shouting.”
Kejriwal had said Binny’s dissent was because he was not made a minister.
“Arvind bhai says I am a liar and I had demanded a party ticket. Let me tell you that my name was there on that list, which went to the lieutenant governor. But I declined to take up a post in the government.”
Binny also attacked senior journalist Ashutosh, who recently joined the AAP.
“The other day Ashutosh said there is no place for opportunist people in the party. He joined the party after we came to power. But I joined the AAP when it was being formed. Whom would you bill as an opportunist?” he asked the media.
Attacking the AAP government’s policy of providing 700 litres of free water, Binny said, “The government talks of subsidy for those whose monthly consumption does not exceed 400 units. Why give subsidies only for a few? Give 700 litres of water on an unconditional basis.”
The MLA said he would stage a dharna if the promises made to the people during the AAP’s election campaign were not fulfilled by January 27.
Binny also criticised the government for delaying the Jan Lokpal Bill. “The AAP had promised to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill within 14 days of coming to power. The party came to power on December 28. Today, it has been 19 days,” he added.
Binny slammed Kejriwal for a delayed response to the gang-rape of a Danish woman in the capital. Two people have been arrested in connection with the case.
“Arvind bhai should have spoken to the police commissioner and ordered immediate action.”
“It is your government and you are running away from the people. Women’s security is a big issue and one shouldn’t delay in taking action,” Binny said.
“Water and power issues can wait,” the MLA felt, “but we can’t compromise on women security.”


Cancel Environmental Clearance for POSCO Project

New Delhi, January 15: A protest was organised by 14 groups under the banner of Delhi Solidarity Group at Paryavaran Bhavan today to protest the Environmental Clearance given to POSCO project in Odisha in violation of the Honorable National Green Tribunal’s decision and the Meena Gupta Committee findings. The groups demanded cancellation of the clearance until recommendations of the NGT and Meena Gupta Committee are fulfilled as well as a complete halt on forceful land acquisition and destruction of forest and beetel vines. The action was organised in solidarity with POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) as part of observing January 15th as National Protest Day against POSCO.
In the ongoing case the NGT had decided to stay the earlier clearance given to the project even while the question of forest clearance has not been settled. Despite this, the MoEF has cleared the project just before the arrival of the South Korean President, Ms. Park Geun Hye. On 30th March, 2012, in the matter of Prafulla Samantra v/s Union of India, the National Green Tribunal suspended the clearance given to the project by the ministry untill a full review by a committee consisted of judicial and expert members of the committee. The tribunal in its order even reduced the total capacity of the project from 12 MTP to 4 MTP. But the ministry has again given clearance to the project without following these conditions and more specifically without an MoU of the Project proponent i.e. POSCO with the state of Odisha. To note, the MoU had lapsed in June, 2010. 
The Meena Gupta Committee in 2010 too reported the Environmental Clearance and the Forest Clearance as illegal and it recommended for additional study and due compliance of all the conditions. But, the Environment Ministry which is incharge of ensuring environment policy for the country overlooked all the conditions, violations by the project proponent, state and more importantly the ongoing struggle against the project by the people for their right to life and livelihood for last seven years now.
Delinking of Port Project is not enough, the clearance should ensure of no mining which is already proposed as the project will include iron ore mining for over 30 years (total 600 million tones) at captive mines located in Keonjhar and Sundergarh district of Odisha, destroying the beautiful Khandadhar mountain and disturbing the tribal culture of the area.
When none of these conditions were looked into and recommendations ignored then how can the Ministry go ahead and clear the controversial POSCO Project at the cost of life and livelihood of such a large population?
Delhi Solidarity Groups demanded:
1.      The Environmental and Forest Clearance should be canceled until the recommendations of the NGT and Meena Gupta Committee are fulfilled
2.      Forceful land acquisition and destruction of forest and beetel vines should be stopped
3.      Construction of boundary walls for the project should be stopped immediately, since there is no MoU and any construction is completely illegal

AISA, Delhi Solidarity Group, INSAF (Indian Social Action Forum), JNUSU, NAPM, NBA, NCDHR, Peace, PSAARC India, RSA, Toxics Watch Alliance

Bapu Geetika – Songs for the Mahatma 14 Languagess I 106 Poets I 108 Songs

De Valera and his green shirts –with their back to the wall
Hitler with his brown shirts- riding for a fall
Mussolini with his black shirt – lording over it all
Three cheers for Mahatma Gandhi with no shirt at all
New Delhi: While for many Mahatma Gandhi may be limited to the picture on currency notes and a holiday on his birthday but message from his life still hold a lot to inspire people not just in India but world. It is more so for youth in India who are all set to drive India in this century and are fighting for a new India.
BapuGeetika, a collection of 108 songs penned by 106 poets in 14 Indian languages, is a first of a kind, a unique initiative in India to spread and take forward Mahatma’s message in India and worldwide. 108 songs are based on exquisite well honed poetry about Mahatma by those whose lives were greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi at some point in their life. The poets included are Rabindranath Tagore, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Subhadrakumari Chauhan, Prabhakar Machwey,Sri Sri, Ray prolu Subba Rao, Umashankar Joshi, Subrahmanya Bharti, Masti Venkatesh Iyer, G Shankar Kurup to name few.
The songs composed in this project were helmed by venerable Uma Shankar Chandola and some of India’s finest composers, singers, voices and instrumentalists came together for the project. The song’s cut across all linguistic, regional and cultural barriers in the finest Indian musical traditions.
It has been a mammoth effort in all ways – 14 languages, over 100 poets, 7 composers, 60 singers and 65 live musicians. Artist of all ages are involved in the project with youngest at 14 years of age and oldest being at 75 years of age. Recordings for the 108 songs lasted for over two years as it was mostly done on weekends.
This project brings out the   unknown work of these stalwart Indian poets.
BapuGeetika is, however, brainchild of one individual – Kalpana Palkhiwala – who spent more than 20 years of her life gathering people and resources to fulfill the dream – she did all this while working with government of India in different capacities.
“Gandhiji may not be physically with us anymore but his messages still ring loud in our mind clearly. BapuGeetika is not just a celebration of Gandhiji’s life but is also an endeavor to spread his message. His life and message is quite relevant for India and the youth today and that is why we have come out with this project,” Kalpana Palkhiwala, age 62, said at the release of the BapuGeetika.
Kalpana Palkhiwala has launched the project with Gunjan Communication, which is a Delhi based initiative that aims at realizing projects that shun discrimination and forge connections that transcend boundaries.
“When we are forgetting the message of Gandhiji, I thought this should be brought forward particularly through children and youth. My main target audience is children and youth and the general masses. Because if one student out of 100, believes in this and turns into a chhota (small) Gandhi and brings some impact on society for betterment, then my goal would be achieved,” said Kalpana Palkhiwala while explaining her goal.
“Thus each student will have strength and power to touch several other lives- it would have a force multiplier impact on millions of lives at the level of individuals, society and nation at large. It is our conscious effort to create leaders. I have full faith in youth that it would take the message,” said Kalpana Palkhiwala.
Kalpana said she took inspiration from a holocaust survivor and human rights activist Elie Wiesel, a Nobel laureate, who had once famously said “With all that I have gone through in life, I still have faith in humanity. I have faith in language, although language was perverted by the enemy. I have faith in God, although I quarrel with Him a lot of time. When you enter this world and you say that the world is not good today, good! Correct it.” The same way Kalpana explained she has faith in today’s youth who, aspires change.
Soon Kalpana Palkhiwala and Gunjan communication are planning to set up BapuGeetika foundation. They are planning to take BapuGeetika to schools, colleges, universities and other institutions where they can spread the message of Bapu and change the lives. For these activities, they are inviting likeminded people to join this movement.
For more information you can contact:
Ms. Kalpana Palkhiwala – 09811111763
Mr. Anshul Pareek – 09982333778


Dr. Shaukat M Sadikot selected as the President – International Diabetes Federation

Dr Shaukat M Sadikot, one of the country’s leading Endocrinologist and currently the President of Diabetes India, has been elected for the post of President of International Diabetes Federation (IDF). He is currently the President Elect.

Dr. Sadikot brings with himself three decades of dedicated service in the field of endocrinology to the IDF. He has been actively involved with the cause of diabetes and associated metabolic disorders since the past three decades. 
Thanks & Regards
Smrity Arora
Asst Manager – PR
VIA Media Health 
Mobile: + 91-9310087623,9718265349.

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