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Mega Exhibition-cum-Sale at Handloom Haat Inaugurated

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Sagar Media Inc - The exhibition is sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and will showcase the products produced by the artisans / Primary / Apex Corporations of Handlooms, Handicrafts, Wool and Jute. A...

Martyr Fund, Hospitals, Bunkers, Body Armor For Border Duty

“78% population of India is not getting quality diagnostic”

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Accuster Technologies Pvt Ltd dedicated to make India Healthy, celebrates UN day on 24th Oct 2016 at UNDP office Delhi . They showcased most promising innovation for addressing diagnostics care in a unique manner – Lab in a Box  & Lab on Bike .
Accuster Technologies Pvt  Ltd based in Gurgaon Haryana is doing commendable job in their mission “ to provide preventive healthcare service at the door step of the last & remotest location of the country at most affordable prices and in addition striving to create (5 lac) for the unemployed youth of our country”.

Accuster Technologies is an IITian, Mr. Amit Bhatnagar Initiative. He has revolutionized the conventional methods via novel out-breaking technology. Established in 2009.
Accuster is a name synonymous to innovation and quality along with highest standard of technical competency & undreamt affordability.
“Quality Diagnostic to 78%(95 Crore)people of India at their doorstep”

 Mr. Amit Bhatnagar, B.Tech(Mechanical) IIT Roorkee,  MS (Biomedical) PennState, USA)
After spending 3.5 years in USA for education and work, he realized that he should rather serve his nation than other’s. So he came back to India in October 2008 and started working towards his vision of “Solving basic problem of our society by doing the ground work  & by building technological innovative solutions

He started his journey with small set up in a single room with few dedicated person’s team and matured it to a manufacturing plant set up with around 50 people by the year 2011.
   His Achievements :
  • He got the funding support from DSIRunder TePP Scheme with highest grant money that any individual entrepreneur received in India.: Rs 14 lacs.
    He also received financial assistance from DST and Technology Development Board of Rs 4 crore (soft loan).
  • His invention Mobile Labhas been introduced to the nation by President of India on Technology Day 11th may 2013.

  • DSIR presented  as “Major Government Achievement Project” in the event “10th Government Achievements & Schemes Expo – 2014”

He Knew that he need to be very focused to provide solution to any burning problem of society. Hence he started his journey with a focused vision.
This Vision Start with a very focused approach of solving a very important problem
“78% population of India is not getting quality diagnostic”.

TestCost  of Reagent
Glucose90 Paisa
Hb80 Paisa
Lipid Profile18  Rs.
Kidney function test14 Rs.
Liver function Test22 Rs.
Electrolytes 50 Rs

The operations of their mission completely aligns with the National Health Policy Framework 2015 (para , 3.3.6 ) of government of india having major focus on non communicable diseases, prevention of diseases with effective & rationale  delivery system via usage of most appropriate  health technology , communication and care provisions to reduce the burden of diseases at national level. 39.1 % constitute the bulk of the country’s disease burden as NCD only. To curb this we need to have health & wellness centres with holistic effect in place of primary health centres.

Mobile Lab is Compact Portable Clinical Laboratory in a suitcase having Power Back- Up which contains Biochemistry Analyzer, Centrifuge, Incubator, Data Recorder/Mini Laptop with Patient Data Management Software, Micropipettes and other accessories.  It performs 36 tests – LIPID, RENAL, LFT, Electrolytes, Glucose, HB.

  • One of the most important milestone in Accuster History – Niti Ayog & Xprize recommendation to UN on special occasion of UN day 2016

  • Recently , Mr. Amit Bhatnagar was nominated as brand innovator in delegation of Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi for his visit to African nations of Tanzania & Kenya.  

  • Accuster has established its enough credibility with his genuine work and excellent customer service.

  • This Innovation has been awarded by President of India and it is one of the proud project of TDB , Ministry of Science & Technology.

  • It has also received highest standard of Certification that is US FDA in addition to other important certifications.

  • This innovation has also been recognized & got huge appreciation by International Countries & UNDP , Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique , Botswana etc.

Unique Features of Mobile Lab
  • 1 stop solution for all the equipments ; Portability , lightest weight
  • On the spot diagnostics is possible ; can do testing in the field immediately after blood collection; no transportation of blood sample
  • Low Power Consumption ; low running cost – Blood collection cost is 1/20th of other Labs
  • Ruggedness – 2 Ft drop test
  • Maintenance Free ; No lamp , No filter ; replaced delicate conventional optics
  • Temperature stable ; Climate independence , No Air Conditioning
  • Open System
  • Reading time is 2 seconds
  • Additional device is not required for HB & electrolytes
  • Less Chemical consumption
  • No EDTA Vials , NaFl Vials for blood collection.
  • Monitoring & supervision is done automatically through Satellite control
  • Instant Report
  • Patient Data Management Software for transmitting data on real time basis
  • 24 Hour Customer Care Support
Motorcycle fitted mobile version [LaBike], useful for villages and inaccessible locations etc. It addresses preventive/ curative health care at the doorstep of the people.

“LaBike – 76 tests (mobile lab, serology kits, microscope, ECG, BP machine)”

Keeping in view its utility at mass level, Prices are approved by DGS&D : DGS&D Rate Contract No PCML/AM-4/RC CD020000/0715/74/NB107/1061

Complete laboratory will be retrofitted on client’s bike with complete framework  to keep equipments with bio waste management facility with power back  up and GPS Tracker.
It is capable of performing 76 blood tests and consists of
  1. Mobile Lab with Solar Panel , 4 batteries
  2. Serology kits
  3. BP , BMI
  4. Urology kits
  5. 12 lead ECG – PC based
  6. Microscope
  7. Cold storage unit
  8. Ultra Portable foldable tent house with foldable chairs to cover entire Laboratory work

key reasons/challenges in poor preventive care are –PAAA as informed by founder in detail during his speech.
Tripple  A’s stands for
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of accessibility to service
  • Lack of Affordability
P stands for the biggest reason Psychological   – I am too busy
The founder , Mr Amit Bhatnagar strongly believes that “the solution to the problem of 78% (95 crore people) of Indian population with a quality diagnostic lies in holistic approach of ;

  • Disruptive Technology – LaBike & Mobile Lab
Disruptive Technologies is required to cater all the challenges of Accessibility, Affordability, Quality and Infrastructure.

  • Skilled Manpower –LabKranti & Swasth Rakshak
“Skilled Manpower”  is required to provide service through disruptive technology to the most common man. Accuster Technologies Pvt  Ltdhas created a platform and called it Labkranti
Through this program, they are opening training centers at different locations along with the partners & contributors, teaching Lab Technician courses and generates Swasthya Rakshak who goes door to door , furnish this service and earn their livelihood.
It has potential of creating employment to 5 lacs youth across India.

  • Strong Network
Association & joining hands with Hospitals, devoted NGOs, Governments and Private setups and above all, the strong “Entrepreneurship Spirit” in young youth.

With working of all three important engines of disruptive technology, skilled manpower and strong network , Accuster Technologies Pvt  Ltd is confident on their positive outcome that  can realize their vision to come true  of delivering “ Quality Diagnostic/Preventive care to 78% (95 Crore) people of India right at their doorstep”.

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