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Mr Tanga Byalang ,a minister in Nabam Tuki Govt. posses zero educational qualification. He became an MLA for the first time in the year 1987 after procuring ticket from Nacho, where he was a vice-president of Anchal block. After formation of the National Front Govt., he joined Janta Dal. He was elected again in the year 1990 and sat in opposition during congress rule. He broke all records of corruptions during his tenure as a Minister, with audacity he dared to sideline all rules and regulations and made a mockery of the constitution. Under the provision of the RTI Act, we have obtained copy of the official documents which are being provided to with Press Release.

1.  IllegalAppointments:

      Till now Mr.Tanga Byalang has been Minister for four different departments and has appointed 400 persons unconstitutionally by ignoring all rules & regulations. Many appointments have been made against the posts which have not yet been created. To a shocking surprise we have come to know that in appointment letter of these persons - it has been mentioned that they are being appointed in view of the creation of future posts. Some appointments have been done without without even looking at necessary relevant documents. Mrs.Minoti Taki & Mr Sonam Gyatso got employment against creation of future posts. On the bassis of approach of a local MLA more than a dozen persons have been given jobs without test/interviews. It shows that these appointments have been made after getting huge amount as Bribe.
We demand immediate CBI enquiry and arrest of Mr Tanga Byalang after termination of all these appointments.

 2) Misuse of officers for the corrupt practices and mislead even in the legislature to cover the same.
Presently Mr. Tanga Byalang is the minister for electricity. He is using the services of the Chief Engineer of his department for his corrupt activities. When a MLA raised a question of the misdeeds in the department and irregularities in carrying out the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification plans, the minister denied such claims even after the acknowledgement by the Secretary of the concerned department for the embezzlement of funds from the Centre. Copies of questions raised by MLA Alo Libang , communications between parliamentary secretary and the secretary of the concerned deptt. via letters and the answers provided by the minister are being attached. Not just this, Mr. Byalang is actively trying for the promotion of one of his favorite Chief Engineer Mr. Anong Perme and he made sure that a file that deals with corruption charges against Mr. Perme doesn’t get worked upon for more than a year now.
Here, we’d like to restate that Mr. Byalang is not in the position to defend these claims and he is involved in the embezzlement of funds sanctioned by Central Govt. for the public of Arunachal Pradesh. Thus, he must be expelled from both Cabinet and Assembly at the earliest and be permanently banned from competing in elections in future.
3) Favoring TCIL
Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL), has been appointed as third party for supervision ans inspection of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Program operating in Arunachal Pradesh. Generally such third party is entitled for 1.4% of the total cost as consultation charges.  But, on the initiative of Mr. Perme, this amount has been raised to 2.9% which is bifurcated as 2% for supervision and 0.9% for inspection. TCIL never undertook the inspection work which was required under the agreement but it demanded full payment i.e. 2.9% of the total cost. The secretary of Energy Department has written to TCIL number of times but the latter overlooked it every time. During this period, numerous complaints were made regarding poor quality of operations of this flagship program but Mr. Byalang never looked into the complaints made. Rather, he wrote to State Govt.’s Power Development Agency to make full payment to TCIL even after the expiration of tenure of agreement. An important fact to be mentioned here is that the task for which TCIL was responsible got completed by private contractors. This fact self suffice the magnitude of possible corruption in 2.9% figure. (Documents are attached)
4) Restructuring of Power  Department.
Govt. of India proposed a total of Rs. 1,180 crores for the transmission under Rajiv Gandhi Electrification program which made Mr. Byalang along with Mr. Perme to come up with a new idea of restructuring. A new Transmission, Planning and Monitoring zone was constituted even after objection from the Principal Secretary and Mr. Perme got appointed as Chief Engineer for this zone getting him 80% of the total work of Energy Department. A significant point here is that approximately 90% of funds generated by State Govt.’s Energy Department comes from Transmission. (Documents attached)
5) CAG Report.
Mr. Byalang has been popular for all the wrong reasons in the past also. Report by CAG indicates irregularities in the construction of Anganvadi Centers. This report was widely published in local newspapers. Govt. of India sanctioned Rs. 1.8 crores for the construction of 150 Anganvadi Centers in the state. On intervention by Mr. Byalang, full payment was made to M/S Angami Trading Company without making sure whether the construction was completed or not. (Documents attached)
6) Role in PDS Scandal.
Various scandals under PDS have come to light in Arunachal Pradesh amounting to crores of rupees. When high level investigation was conducted in this regard, M/S Y Byalang Hills Agency owned by Mrs. Byalang was included in the investigation. Special Investigation Cell of Police has booked Mrs. Byalang for the same.
7) Border Area Development Program / Misuse of grant for backward district.
The Central Govt. for the purpose of development of the block of border area of the state releases crores of rupees but unfortunately it has become victim of vote bank politics. If proper investigations are made, it will reveal clear violations of the direction of the Home Ministry and misuse of the funds released in last 10-15 years. Huge funds have been extracted without completing basic formalities even under SPA. M/S Donyi Cooperative Society (a company of Mr. Tanga Byalang) and companies related to his close associates got full and final payments by showing the completion of work in papers.
                We have got documentary evidences against Mr. Byalang in the matters mentioned above. There may be many matters for which we have not been able to obtain evidences but as per the available evidences one can understand the character and working attitude of Mr. Byalang.
                The financial grant sent to Arunachal Pradesh by Centre is the tax money given by the citizens of India through their hard earned income. It is our moral responsibility to prevent such ransack of the public money. We have come all the way from Arunachal Pradesh to expose the people in power there. We will be the first target of increasing power and activities of China at the border. A weak Arunachal will boost the morale of China and enhance their activities against India. China would not even dare top look at a strong and prosperous Arunachal. We can’t be safe without getting rid of corrupt and incapable persons causing significant damage to our motherland.
                We have submitted a representation to UPA chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and BJP president Mr. Nitin Gadkari and have made them aware of the exact situation. We hope that people of the country will come to know the reality of the present state of Arunachal and a decision in the interest of the nation will be taken
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