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Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour 2015 – Leg 7
Smriti reigns supreme in Pune
Pune, 5th March 2015: Overnight leader Smriti Mehra played a cautious round of 1 over 72 on the final day to win the seventh leg of the Hero Women’s Professional Golf Tour. This is Smriti’s second win in as many weeks. Trailing by a huge margin of seven strokes were Delhi’s Vani Kapoor, Chandigarh’s Saaniya Sharma and Kolkata golfer Neha Tripathi who were tied second with identical scores of 222. The INR 5,00,000 event culminated today at the Poona Club Golf Course.
Veteran golfer Smriti Mehra started impressively, with three birdies on the 3rd, 4th and 7thholes along with a lone bogey on the 8th hole in her front nine. Her scratchy back nine included a double bogey on the 10th hole, a birdie on the 11th hole and two consecutive bogies on the 16th and 17th holes. Thanks to the overnight four stoke advantage and an impressive front nine on a difficult day, Smriti steered clear of anxious moments to win her second title of the season with a total score of 215.
Hero Order of Merit leader Vani Kapoor played a bogey-free front nine with a birdie on the 1st hole. However, her ordinary back nine included bogies on the 13th and 16th holes along with a double bogey on the 14th hole. Her lone birdie on the 15th hole came to her rescue and she finished with a score of 2 over 73 on the final day. Saaniya Sharma had an indifferent start, dropping shots on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th holes followed by a lone birdie on the 7th hole. Thereafter, she played with much more confidence, carding just one more bogey on the 15th hole along with a birdie on the 18th hole to finish her day with a score of 3 over 74. Neha Tripathi played a birdie-less round of 4 over 75 on the final day, carding bogies on the 3rd, 6th, 12th and 17th holes.
Hero MotoCorp sponsored Bengaluru golfer Sharmila Nicollet had a bad day in office, playing a card of 5 over 76 on the final day. Sharmila dropped shots on the 1st, 3rd, 5thand 6th holes, but made a strong comeback, firingthree birdies on the 7th, 9th and 12thholes. However, two double bogies on the final two holes marred her chances of a podium finish. Sharmila finished in tied fifth position along with Panchkula’s Amandeep Drall and English golfer Kiran Matharu, with identical totals of 224 after 54 holes. Amandeep’s final round of 1 over 72 included two birdies on the 6th and 16th holes, a bogey on the 11th hole and a double bogey on the 7th hole. Kiran Matharu’s final round of 3 over 74 included two birdies on the 3rd and 7th holesalong with three bogies on the 1st, 2nd and 16th holes, and also a double bogey on the 18th hole. Local girl Shweta Galande and Delhi’s Ankita Tiwana were tied eighth with identical scores of 225 after the final round.
The Tour now moves to Classic Golf & Country Club, Gurgaon for its eighth leg to be played from 11th to 13th March.
Retrospective Nino Manfredi 1921-2004/ Contemporary Italian
Tutti i mercoledì / Every Wednesday @ 18.30
Mercoledi/Wednesday, 11 Marzo/ 11th March @18.30
IL SOLE DENTRO /The Bright Flight
2011/110 min.,
Drama/ Drama
Director: Paolo Bianchini
Cast: Angela Finocchiario, Francesco Salvi, Diego Bianchi, Giobbe Covatta, Gaetano Fresa, Fallou Kama
IL SOLE DENTRO (The Bright Flight) (Drama) (2011)
Two intermingled tales of adolescence in search of hope. Two long trips in the opposite direction: Yaguine and Fodè, two Guinean teens hide in the undercarriage of an airplane headed to Brussels to bring a letter addressed “To their Excellencies the members and leaders of Europe” asking for help for schools, food, health care. Ten years later, Thabo and Rocco, the victims of the transfer market of children soccer players, decide to run away and return from Europe to Africa, which will end in N’Dola, a small village of equatorial Africa, in a football field dedicated just to Yaguine and Fodè, where they’ll play a game to celebrate the return of a young champion. Il Sole Dentro was recognized as “a film of cultural interest” by the Ministry of Culture. It also received the support of UNICEF, Save the Children./ Due racconti di adolescenze in cerca di speranze. Due lunghi viaggi in direzione opposta: Yaguine e Fodè, due adolescenti guineani, si nascondono nel vano del carrello di un aereo diretto a Bruxelles per portare una lettera indirizzata “Alle loro Eccellenze i membri e responsabili dell’Europa. Dieci anni dopo, Thabo e Rocco, vittime del mercato di bambini calciatori, decidono di fuggire e affrontare il viaggio inverso, dall’Europa all’Africa, che si concluderà a N’Dola, un piccolo villaggio dell’Africa equatoriale, in un campo di calcio dedicato proprio a Yaguine e Fodè, dove giocheranno una partita per celebrare il ritorno di un piccolo campione.
Venue: Tessitori Hall, Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi
Entry Free: For security reasons please show your valid Photo Identity Card.

Italian Embassy Cultural Centre
50- E, Chandragupta Marg (Entry from Nyaya Marg)
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021
Phone: 0091-11-26871901/03/04
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True Colours of Holi in Narmada Valley: Toranmal and Jalsindhi

Ration Cards to thousands for the First Time after ‘Independence’!
7th March, 2015: Toranmal/Jalsindhi: As the rest of the country splashed in a riot of colours, more than 500 adivasis from the interior tribal villages of Narmada Valley gathered at Toranmal, tehsil Shahda, district Nandurbar, yesterday. Toranmal is not just a ‘tourist place’ but a center of various activities for tens of adivasi villages in this area. This year Holi, was special for them for various reasons. One, they were joined by hundreds of supporters from different parts of Maharashtra including a few officials, intellectuals, activists, media persons etc.
However, the main reason for the jubilation was that more than a thousand poor tribal families from villages Jhapi, Falai, Khadki, Kundiya and hamlets of Toranmal; received  ‘ration cards’ yesterday, for the first time after independence. While this brought immense happiness to the adivasis, it shocked the supporters and media persons, who were blissfully ignorant of the magnitude of state neglect and apathy in the interior hilly tribal belts of Narmada valley.
Holding the cards in their hands as entitlements to a new form of freedom, the resolute adivasis asserted their rights to land, water and forest. As the younger generation danced and sang to the drum beats and conches of the traditional Holi, the elders received the ration cards with dignity, a scenario which brought tears to the eyes of many; a reality to witness by all those who are concerned about the disparities and injustice here.
Ration cards could be achieved only after perseverant follow up by the villagers and activists; yet thousands more remain without right to PDS even today. This is only a glimpse in the unfortunate saga of the government of not having up-to-date records of these original inhabitants in spite of the Supreme Court’s order since 2011 that government must not to leave out any citizen hungry in the whole of the country.
The adivasis also pledged to consolidate their united struggle against the medium dams proposed to be built on the tributaries of Narmada river which would create large-scale displacement, in the backdrop of the fact that thousands of adivasi families displaced by Sardar Sarovar are yet to be rehabilitated lawfully.
These villages living there since decades and even generations are yet to get their rights to land, water and forest and survive mainly only on the meager resources that they have with simple living and self-reliance. They are thus least dependent on government; however, the government has not even reached out to them in order to implement the laws and Supreme Court’s judgments whether it is on right to food or forest rights. Living on the rain-fed agriculture and whatever forest produce they have, these families and villagers are on the other hand left without forest individual and community rights that were to be granted under the Forest Act, 2006.
Large number of them on the other hand has received rejection orders in spite of having submitted applications for their rights to forest land under cultivation along with Gram Sabha resolutions and whatever proof they have. The rejection orders unjustifiably refers to the Google maps of 2006 while admitting that their cultivated lands in the hills and mountain ranges were measured with GPS machines. Huge extraction of money by the forest department employees on the other hand continues. Thousands of such adivasis families are fighting this battle with commitment and support of the youth team that has emerged from Narmada Jeevanshala and 30 years old movement-Narmada Bachao Andolan.
This celebration was witnessed by number of students and activists from Mumbai, Dhule and other nearby places to take inspiration and become the part of this historic event.
Around the same time, hundreds gathered from the nearby villages of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat to celebrate Holi in the Narmada river-bank village Jalsindhi,in the Alirajpur district of M.P. known world-over for its sacrifice not just at the altar of ‘development’ but also for its intense satyagrahas. Holi continued, with the adivasis singing and dancing all through the night, small vendors selling their wares, drum-beat competitions and the huge bonfire lit in the wee hours, propitiating the Holi Dev.
The activists and villagers here are now busy organizing the adivasis as members for fish workers co-operatives in the villages of Jalsindhi, Akadiya and Chilakda. The farmers, adivasis and other communities in the Narmada valley shall continue to struggle for their rights to natural resources in different forms.
Vijay Valve                       Sunil Pawra              Latika Rajput      Chetan Salve
Bhagirath Kavche        Kailash Awasya            Medha Patkar
Contact: 9420151384 | 9423965153

Global rolls

Iraqis push ISIS out of town of Baghdadi – Pentagon

Aided by tribal militias, Iraqi government forces have managed to expel Islamic State fighters from the town of Baghdadi, in the West of the country, US military announced on Friday. The settlement is located near a key US airbase, where Iraqi troops are being trained. The Iraqi government is currently conducting a full-scale offensive against the Islamic State, with the aim of taking the large city of Tikrit, north of Baghdad.

UN Security Council condemns use of chlorine in Syria

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution condemning the use of chlorine and other toxic agents in military operations in Syria. The resolution allows the UN to take such measures as sanctions and employ the use of military force against the offending sides in the case of such attacks. The resolution was supported by 14 member countries out of 15, including Russia. Venezuela abstained in the vote.

Foreign ministers of Russia, Germany urge extension of OSCE mission in Ukraine

The foreign ministers of Russia and Germany on Friday urged the European security watchdog OSCE to make a swift decision on prolonging the mandate of its observer mission in Ukraine, TASS reported. In a phone conversation, Sergey Lavrov and Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized “the need to continue and intensify efforts” of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The ministers called for a quick decision by the OSCE’s permanent council on extending the mandate and expanding the number of monitors to 1,000.

Ex-French interior minister Gueant detained over Sarkozy Libya finance allegations

Former French Interior Minister Claude Gueant was taken into custody on Friday over the alleged financing by Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya of Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential election campaign, RFI reported. Gueant was Sarkozy’s right-hand man for 10 years. The ex-minister faces questioning by financial crimes investigators over €500,000 paid into his account. He claimed it came from the sale of a 17th-century Flemish painting to a Malaysian lawyer.

US ‘has not yet made’ final decision on Ukraine national guard training

The US has not yet made a final decision on whether to move ahead with previously announced training of Ukrainian National Guard troops, Reuters quoted a US military official as saying on Friday. The commander of the US Army Europe outlined such plans last month, saying the training could begin in March.

Death toll in Donetsk mine disaster rises to 34

The death toll of the Zasyadko mine disaster rose to 34 on Friday, as a man injured in the blast succumbed to his injuries in a Donetsk hospital, Sputnik reported. The accident, which occurred on Wednesday morning, was reportedly caused by a high concentration of methane gas. The bodies of 33 men had been recovered by Thursday evening. About 230 workers were reported to have been underground when the blast happened.

16 more airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria – US military

The US-led coalition targeted Islamic State militants with 16 airstrikes since early Thursday, Reuters reported. In Iraq, a dozen strikes near Mosul, Falluja, Haditha and other cities hit seven units of IS fighters and destroyed two buildings, the Combined Joint Task Force said Friday. Four strikes near Syria’s Dayr az Zawr, Kobani and Tal Hamis hit two groups of fighters as well as several fighting positions.

UK provides new package of non-lethal equipment to Ukraine

The UK defense secretary confirmed on Friday that Britain will provide a new aid package of non-lethal equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces. The items include 2,000 Mark 6 helmets, 150 helmet-mounted monocular night vision goggles, 200 global positioning units (GPS), 220 hardened laptops and 1,000 first aid kits. “Our overall aim is to strengthen the defensive capability of the Ukrainian armed forces and build the resilience that they need,” Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said. The package is being provided “alongside other short term training activities.”

At least 7 killed as train, bus crash in Egypt

A crash between a train and a bus carrying school children northeast of Cairo killed at least seven people and injured 24 on Friday, Reuters said. Two buses crossed a railway line at an unauthorized crossing, and then a third was hit by a train, according to an Al Ahram newspaper report. The train was not damaged.

Tunisian troops seize large arms cache near border with Libya

Tunisian troops have captured a large arms cache near the border with Libya, Reuters reported. “A large number of Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and explosives were seized in the southern city of Ben Guerdan,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui said. The raid was carried out on Thursday night as part of Tunisia’s campaign against hardline Islamist groups.

Russian opposition activist Navalny released from detention center

Russian opposition activist and blogger Aleksey Navalny was released from a Moscow detention center on Friday, TASS reported. Navalny served 15 days for handing out leaflets in the Moscow Metro after he was detained on February 15 while promoting an opposition rally scheduled for March 1. The rally later turned into a memorial march after opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in the center of Moscow on February 27.

Greek PM requests meeting with EC chief Juncker as Athens got no help from ECB

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has requested a meeting with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, AFP reported. “The prime minister called Mr. Juncker to arrange a meeting next week,” a government source said Friday. Athens earlier got no help from the European Central Bank to address a cash squeeze. The Greek government is scrambling to find cash to address a mounting debt repayment schedule this month.

Putin response to Poroshenko over Ukraine pilot sent to Kiev – spokesman

President Vladimir Putin’s response to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s request on releasing Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko has been sent to Kiev, TASS quoted Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Friday. “The response signed by the president was prepared and sent,” Peskov said. Savchenko has been charged with complicity in the death of two Russian journalists near Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, and with illegally crossing the border.

Driver hits pedestrians in Jerusalem, at least 4 injured

A driver ploughed his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem on Friday before trying to stab them, AFP reported. A young man rammed his car into pedestrians, then got out and tried to stab people “before being shot and wounded by an armed security guard,”according to police spokeswoman Luba Samri. Four people were injured in the “terrorist attack,” she said. Paramedics said they were treating five people for injuries. The attack took place outside an Israeli border police station on the line separating West and East Jerusalem.

EU to prepare ‘possible new sanctions’ on Russia – British FM

The EU will prepare possible new sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict that could be imposed quickly if the Minsk ceasefire agreement is broken, Britain’s foreign minister said on Friday. “The EU will remain united on the question of sanctions, sanctions must remain in place until there is full compliance [with the Minsk agreement],” Reuters quoted Philip Hammond as saying in Warsaw. Hammond added that Britain does not have plans to supply Kiev with weapons. However, it is “not ruling anything out for the future” as the situation in east Ukraine is “dynamic,” the minister said.

Witness in Nemtsov murder to be protected after threats in Ukraine

Anna Duritskaya, a Ukrainian model and a witness to Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov’s murder, will be protected in Ukraine after threats, the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Friday. The previous day, Duritskaya, 23, turned to Kiev Region police “with a statement on a threat to her life from unidentified individuals while she was at her parents’ residence,” Sputnik reported, citing prosecutors. Nemtsov, 55, was shot dead last week while walking across a bridge next to the Kremlin in Moscow with Duritskaya. She then returned to Ukraine.
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Media Invite
Maharashtra’s Chief Minister
SHRI Devendra Fadnavis
to present
The Renovated 140 – Year Old Historic
‘Kessowjee Nayak Fountain and Clock Tower’
To The City of Mumbai
The renovation of this iconic monument build by Late Shri Kessowji Nayak, the Shiromani of Kutchi Dasha Oswal (KDO) Community in 1876, will regain its lost glory. Initiated by Shri  Nayan Bheda, President KDO Community, Mumbai and Chairman & Managing Director of Neptune Group, this monument will soon be included in the top heritage site of Mumbai.
The unveiling ceremony at Narsi Natha Street, Bhat Bazar, Masjid Bunder.
 On 8th March 2014, Sunday at 9:30 AM
In the presence of Chief Guest,
Hon’able Minister of Housing,
Prakash Mehta,
Guest of Honor
Ameen Patel, MLA
Sitaram Kunte, Municipal Commissioner
Javed Juneja, Corporator, M.C.G.M
RSVP: MinePRO Communications
Vijayalaxmi Raje –9619768327,
Warm Regards
Vijayalaxmi K.
Loot in Delhi Power Consumers Began With DERC Formation
March07, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
Systematic Loot of Delhi Legal Consumers began from the day DERC was
founded with VK Sood as its President in 1999 itself. IT WAS SO
AT&D Losses were reported around 40% when in 2001 Electricity Tariff
were increased by 50% to Rs.1.50 per unit for first slab for 200 units
from Rs.1.00 per unit which was further increased to Rs.1.80 per unit
in June2002 but ATC Losses were also raised by 20% to 50%
approximately Instead of No Loss.
Every single METHOD to Loot Consumers was ADOPTED by DISCOMS. Supply
power at 247V at 0.95 PF than 210-230V at 0.8% PF. Supply MAX power to
non Domestic Consumers and Max power cuts to Domestic Consumers etc.
AT&C Losses for NDPL were Technical (15%), Theft (15%), Metering
(20%), Billing (30%), Collection (10%) and others (10%). BRPL, BYPL,
NDPL hired Recovery Agents and Meter Testing Teams – in 2-3 months
Except technical losses which reduced to say 10% – on all other counts
were in Plus. For Example these DISCOMS replaced all slow meters even
1% were replaced but no meter even 17% was replaced – in 2003-2006
period replaced Meters twice First With Electronic Meters and Second
time with Computerized Meters that have programs to run fast. By
September2002 DISCOMS were making more money than Costs of Service but
didn’t declare losses.
In Annexure-I against Rs.2243 Crores Net Power Purchase Cost Approved
BRPL for 10165 MU, purchased Rs.3824 crores worth of power for 10141
MU in just one FY.
VK Sood in ‘Service Standards Didn’t Consider Load Factor in Theft
Calculation Which is 11%’ – A Consumer with 10 KW Load Would Have
Average of 1.1 KW Load. Consumers EXTORTED to pay 405 Times their
monthly Bills as Theft Even Where There Was No Theft. 9 Times Energy
Calculation X 5 Times Penal Rate X for 6 Months X 1.5 Factor for
Charging at Highest Slab = 405.
DICOMS charged Rs.30,000 Per Month as Staff Cost but 90% of Workers
are hired at Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 Per Month. This itself Translates to
Rs.500 Crore Annual Scam and Substandard Service.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Moscow Metro<br />
The world’s largest Wi-Fi onboard trains project has been deployed by RADWIN.
The FiberinMotion® train-to-ground wireless solution was chosen by the Moscow Metro to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to millions of passengers. Moscow Metro is the number one busiest metro in the world by ridership, used by 9.5 million passengers daily. It is made up of 12 lines and 660km/410 miles of tracks.
Meet RADWIN @ Metrorail Europe. To schedule a meeting contact Tammy at: +972-3-766-2916 or email

OJASWINI women day celebrations

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...