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Modi’s US tour his invite to bigwigs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hosted Modimeet in the campus of the most celebrated social media company, there was talk of bridging the digital divide Apple Inc,the $183-billion maker of iPhone and iPad maybe best to offer to Modi during his recent visit to US.Furthermore Google to launch Wi-Fi hotspots at 500 railway stations across India.  Google provides free Wi-Fi access in Mountain View, its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Facebook, Tesla and Cisco have promised to back Modi’s Digital India in meaningful ways, but those will mean long-term gains for India.
गोमांस भक्षक हिन्दुस्थान से चले जाएं- गोयल

नई दिल्ली। राजद अध्यक्ष लालू यादव द्वारा हिन्दुओं को गोमांस खाने वाला बताना उनकी संकीर्ण विचारधारा दर्शाता है। गाय को माता का दर्जा देने वाला हिन्दू उसका भक्षण करने के बारे में सोच भी नहीं सकता।
राष्ट्रवादी शिवसेना के अध्यक्ष और यूनाईटेड हिन्दू फ्रंट के राष्ट्रीय महासचिव श्री जय भगवान गोयल ने लालू यादव के बयान की भत्र्सना करते हुए इसे मुस्लिम वोटो की खातिर दिया वक्तव्य करार दिया है। उन्होंने कहा कि बिहार चुनाव में अपना प्रचार ऐसे आधारहीन वक्तव्य से आरम्भ करना उनकी वास्तविक सोच को उजागर करता है। ऐसे हिन्दू विरोधी वक्तव्य देने पर लालू यादव हिन्दुओं के घृणा के पात्र ही बनेंगें।
श्री गोयल ने पूर्व न्यायधीश मार्कंडेय काटजू द्वारा गोमांस खाने की खुली स्वीकृति की कड़ी आलोचना करते हुए कहा कि हिन्दू बहुल जनसंख्या वाले हिन्दुस्थान में गोमांस का भक्षण करने वालों के लिए कोई जगह नहीं। काटजू जैसे गोभक्षकों को हिन्दुस्थान देश छोड़ देना चाहिए यदि ऐसे घिनौने तत्व खुलेआम गोमांस खाने की वकालत करेंगे तो देश के हिन्दू उन्हें मुआफ नहीं करेंगे। निर्णय उन्हीं को लेना है।
श्री गोयल ने कहा कि दादरी घटना पर छाती पीटने वाले जम्मू कश्मीर में हिन्दुओं, यहां तक कि सेना के जवानों की निर्मम हत्या कर देने पर चुप्प क्यों रहते है और वहां जाने की हिम्मत क्यों नहीं दिखा पाते।

Fair and Handsome partners FC Pune City as Lead Sponsor for ISL 2015

Pune, October 04, 2015: The Rajesh Wadhawan Group and Hrithik Roshan co-owned Indian Super League team FC Pune City have signed on Fair and Handsome as their lead sponsor. Fair and Handsome will be associated as the lead sponsor for the 2015 Indian Super League season.
FC Pune City CEO, Gaurav Modwel, said: “We are very glad to have Fair and Handsome as our lead sponsor. The youth population of Pune relates to the club and its partners ethos, therefore, this is a vital partnership for Fair And Handsome. Their global reach resonates our team that also has a global appeal with strong Indian roots.”

The association includes a complete Brand integration plan during the tournament that includes Fair and Handsome Brand presence on the home and away jerseys, strong on-ground visibility and activation, Digital and social media presence and more. The head coach David Platt, will pick the “Fair And Handsome Most Handsome Player of the week” and the brand will be carrying out in-stadia activations for the fans. The VVIP stands in Pune stadium would also be named as “Fair and Handsome VVIP stand A and stand B”.

Fair and Handsome is one of the Power Brands of Emami. Launched in 2005, the Brand is a pioneer in the Men’s Fairness space and continues to be the Market Leader. This is the first time, Fair and Handsome has ventured into sports sponsorship and the association with FC Pune City gives the Brand access to Indian Super League viewers on television and online in India and abroad.  

Talking about the association, Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Limited said, “We are happy to partner FC Pune City for the ISL Season. This partnership will strengthen Fair and Handsome’s connect with the youth across the country through the upcoming sport of football. Hrithik Roshan, the face of FC Pune City, is Fair and Handsome’s Brand Ambassador. This partnership seamlessly builds on Fair and Handsome’s association with Hrithik.”

Exceed Entertainment, Mumbai based celebrity and sports management agency that represents Hrithik Roshan and other Bollywood celebrities were involved in securing and structuring the sponsorship deal between Fair and Handsome and FC Pune City.

Afsar Zaidi, MD Exceed Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. said “We have had a very long and fruitful relationship with Emami and we are very happy to have Fair and Handsome extend the association beyond an endorsement to becoming lead sponsors of Hrithik’s  team FC Pune City.” Afsar Zaidi also highlighted an interesting fact “Fair and Handsome is the only celebrity brand endorsed by ISL owners to come on board as the teams lead sponsor.”    

FDI Critical For Paralyzed Indian Industry & Economy

FDI Critical For Paralyzed Indian Industry & Economy
October04, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
This is first time Rajiv Kumar has correctly diagnosed the cause of
Economic & Industrial Sickness. FDI is critical for India to Revive
Indian Economy & Industry.
FDI Meanz Capital, Technology, Skills, Exports, Jobs & GDP
Bombay Plan in 1944 Favoring PSUs was meant to Keep Out Foreign
Multinationals – Bombay Club in 1996 Opposed Globalized Indian Patent
Office, By 1999 Wanted All The Licenses Oil & Gas, Over 50% Equity
etc, Wanted to Takeover NTPC, ONGC, Indian Railways etc. But by 2005
Bajaj Electricals and most others were importing Chinese Appliances
Like Table Fans or Electric Iron and Putting Their Stickers Over
Chinese Brands. In Ten Years most products are Imported from China –
Mobile Phones, Computers, Electricals, Solar Panels.
Rise of China began when it realized Chinese Swedeshi
Industrialization is going nowhere and that it has polluted
environment. China opened up and Invited ‘800 Foreign Experts to Guide
and Help its Industries’ and ‘Attracted FDI in Manufacturing Sector’.
When India attracted say $4b FDI, China $50b to $80b.
India presently requires say $200b a year FDI to Catch Up with China by
2050 But Nothing Is Coming – Except INDIRECT through Equity Route.
India had multinationals already – CALTEX, Shell Oil, Siemens,
Mercedes, VESPA, LAMBRETTA, L&T, Nestle, Brooke Bond, IBM, Coca Cola,
GE Nuclear Power, Thermal Power [Hitachi, Westinghouse, Siemens and
EE, BHEL at IP Station] Diesel Engine Plant, Electric Locos, Mining
Companies & Technologies, ABB, Railway Factories, Hindustan Lever,
BHEL, Bhakra Dam, Bhilai Steel Plants, IITs, Metal Box, BST Had
Foreign Plants & Technical Cooperation plus more –
– were all there 2-10 decades earlier than China began its
industrialization But India Killed Most of Them – Bhakra Dam is
Mismanaged by IAS Officers As Board of Directors and Dullards.
Indian Industry didn’t Engage Any Of The Brightest IITians Graduating
from 4-5 IITs we had then producing just few hundred a year – Some
MISFITS like Anil Agarwal, CSE, Dr. GD Agarwal, Dr. Ravi Chopra etc
plus more at PSI Sabotaged Hydro Power Development in India, caused
Devastating Land Slides in 2013.
Others crippled Patent Office. TERI founded by JRD Tata in 1974
couldn’t even develop a single useful technology like Stove in 41
years – recently TERI Brochure depicted photo of Phillips Stove.
CSIR is Doing BOGUS RESEARCH for 70 Years and India has CRIPPLED
Patent Office since 1970. China is already TOP IPR Country who made
serious efforts from 2005 only when WORLD TRADE OPENED UP.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES & PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9910693464
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing,
Technologies and Project

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FW: From the Desk of…Joseph Dias,
^Ecumenical   ^Evangelical   ^Interdenominational
The CSF Urges the Prime Minister and Chief Minister to Intervene
The CSF Calls Upon the Police Commissioner to Register an FIR asap
Take Action on Obscene Promotion of “Agnes of God” Appearing on the Internet
Press Conference at Mumbai Press Club, 3rd October 2015, 3.30 pm
Please find below some information given to the press, most of which you may already be aware. But it will be necessary to counter the propaganda.
Huge Advertisements Costing Lakhs
It was the morning of 27th September 2015 that Christians were shocked to find a huge advertisement with a picture of a nun dominating most of it. It was about a play, titled – ‘Agnes of God’, with a tag-line – Do you believe in miracles? It mentions as a heading in big capital letters – An Immaculate Conception? Or a Bold-Faced Lie? You will be the Judge and Jury ! It was initially scheduled to premier at the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Mumbai on 4th October 2015 at 7 pm according to an advertisement ( Times of India-Bombay Times 27th September 2015, Page 3 ) in media.
The advertisement show the large single picture of a Catholic religious (nun) woman with the text alongside mentioning – ” Agnes, a young nun, gives birth and insists that the child was the result of an immaculate conception. Dr. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist and Mother Superior clash during the resulting investigation. Based on a true story, watch reason and faith intertwine and battle it out. The play is directed by Kaizaad Kotwal and stars Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal as a nun “.
The Missionary Position – A Forgotten Play. Stopped Thanks to Your Actions?
If you recollect the CSF took strong exception to the announcement of a reported play / movie called “The Missionary Position” as per an advertisement released (Bombay Times of India, 31 December 2014) coming soon to theaters in Indian metros. We went to the police but to date – 9 months later – haven’t heard from them. Nor do we know whatever happened to that play.
Hyderabad Online Vulgar Promotion & Ticket Sales
But to come back to ‘Agnes of God’ which mocks the Latin phrase Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) and the play is expected to have multiple shows in Mumbai and thereafter in different parts of the country and abroad. It is being staged by a group – Sutradhar Actors – on 9th October 2015 are enacting it in Hyderabad and tickets are available online. But shocking is the obscene publicity material put up on the internet and their online promotion says:
Mother Superior : “…There’s no infallible proof for virginity…only an absence of proof against it…”
Dr. Fernandes : “…I was pregnant once, but I didn’t exactly see myself as mother material…but my boyfriend thought I was…”
Agnes : “..Bad babies come from when a fallen angel ( Devil ) squeezes in down there, and they grow and grow until they come out…”
The images and publicity material is sickening. In Mumbai, The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) represented with the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Mumbai, where ‘Agnes of God’ was initially to be staged and the authorities revoked permission for the play. It will now be staged at the NCPA on 5th October 2015 at 7.30 pm, unless stayed by the government. We cannot go to court as we can’t afford the resources. We can’t compete with the money power and influence of business houses like Poor Box Production, Sutradhar Actors, etc.
But more importantly, because it is the duty of the Government and Police to act. We are therefore seek action on The CSF complaint made on 27th September’15 to the government and police – Stop this play immediately and register an FIR against all those responsible such as Kaizaad Kotwal and others. We demand a public apology and that the police charge them under Section 295 and other relevant laws of the country. These are laws which need to be enforced or changed. Till then, those guilty of breaking them must be punished.
Isn’t India a religiously sensitive country? Does this not apply to Indian Christians? A 2015 WIN/Gallup survey found India has by far the highest population of intensely religious people on earth, with 80 percent of Indians – between 960 million and 1 billion people – describing religion as “very important” in daily life. It is why we ask:
Will the law of the land ( Section 295 of IPC ) be upheld & applied? Or will the Government & Police allow those involved with ‘Agnes of God’ continue to hurt religious sentiments? And more questions –
1. It is wrong to say it is a ‘true story’ and even if it were, it does not give one the license to mock religious beliefs and violate the law in India. How does it being a ‘true story’ justify magnifying it for profit
2. Why are Christians picked for such insults? Christians are made soft-targets because they are commanded by their religion to forgive and so there is no fear of retaliation. They are also a micro-minority.
3. What would have happened, if a sadhvi’s / pandit’s sexcapades are made into a movie or play? Will a Maulana’s / Muni’s or the female religious of other religions be shown as such?
4. Why is such material not put out on other religions? Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists or followers of other faiths will not tolerate this and resort to violence. They also have political parties to defend them.
5 Will the law take its course be applied to all citizens equally? Or is it double standards and the law need not be applied, though a cognizable offense has been committed? Christians are not equal citizens.
6. Why don’t they leave religion to religious followers? So-called rationalists, liberationists, agnostics, atheists, artists, etc. must leave religion to its followers. Religion is a personal issue & for followers of the faith.
7. Must controversial religious themes be allowed to become money spinners? The guise of creativity or freedom of expression is being used for commercial purposes, make a fast buck and gain cheap publicity.
8. Will this false portrayal not worsen the situation for Christians? The community is already stereotyped by mass media, persecuted by communalists and targeted by vested political and business interests.
9. Is this not defamation and character assassination, if nothing else? Nuns are known for their love and sacrifice, education and medicare, etc. Is this not presenting a warped image of their lifestyle?
10. Should artistic license or freedom be allowed to disturb public order or create unrest between sections of people? Freedoms are always with reasonable limitations, even abroad – nudist colonies and red light areas.
11. Is not the idea of secularism in some of ANZ, West or Americas is different from that in India? Social evils persist there too. They do not respect any religion, while we respect all religions. State and religion are separate.
12. Is Indian society ready to open a Pandora’s box and open the floodgates of filth, with the play, Agnes of God being used to set a precedent? ‘Agnes of God’ 20 years back in the US was certified ‘recommended’ for 15 years & above!
13. Is certification for plays or theater and the publicity material adequate? It is done by those who may be ill-equipped to decide in certain cases. There is no regulation or checks on publicity material & performances / sets change.
14. What opinion will the non-mature majority non-Christian audience form about Christianity, its clergy and the community – of which they may know little about any way? Barring a few mature Christians, most will opt to boycott it.
15. Is this Indian culture? Is it not that Indian society is different and varied in terms of – morals, values, decency, character, sexuality, perceptions, etc. Why import western concepts and produce a generation of Indians, breeding on such fare?
16. Can such plays / films on exceptions be shown to negate what the religion actually is? What right has one not of the religion have to interpret the faith and put it in public domain, with disastrous social impact?
17. If as Christians, we respect other religions and protest any objectionable representation, don’t we have the right to expect the same treatment? Can an individual tarnish the reputation, blaspheme and hold millions to ransom?
18. Christianity is not in danger, but what about fundamental rights of Indian Christians? Are they free in an environment where the Government allows the business & vested interests of a selfish few to dominate over their freedom of religion.
19. Isn’t this corrupting the minds of youth and children as the play is not Adults only? Isn’t the secular fabric of India is being threatened? Aren’t the lakhs of Indian Christian clergy citizens with no rights because they are a micro-minority?
20. Will this not ridicule the choice of the nuns and priests to remain celibate out of choice? Any of them is free to leave at any time, but do not. It is their love for God that motivates them to serve in conditions & people, where most would not.
21. Isn’t this about rule of law, discrimination on the basis of religion and the kind of culture India is permitting? A private / commercial company is being allowed to hurt religious sentiments with the police / authorities taking no action.
22. What purpose is served by “Agnes of God” or is it the whims / fancies / business of a few? Even worse, is it a sinister plan to target and weaken the Christian community? Is it a strategy to corrupt the minds of citizens and reap profits?
23. Can’t a few exceptions of religious god-men & women from other faith be found? Will clergy / female religious of other religions too be allowed to be shown as such next? Why discriminate when it comes to Christians?
24. Ought not the religious leadership be consulted when a play concerning them is sought to be sanctioned? Should the license and no objection to stage such a play now not be cancelled, pending proper inquiry?
25. Isn’t this planned basically for international audiences, like the pornography industry? Christian controversies rake in the moolah. The actors could be anybody. This sells with ease specially through DVD and internet rights
26. Will this open the flood gates of satanic, blasphemous and anti-Christian mass media into the country? Much of this exists abroad, including material on Hinduism, Islam, etc. Will only anti-Christian material be allowed?
27. Should we ignore the play and let it die a natural death? We have the monies to take up such challenges. But if we don’t protest, will those from other religions do? Will it not become worse for the community?
28. Why ban Satanic Verses or MF Hussains’ work and do nothing about anti-Christian media? We don’t want any other religions to be targeted. Who will prevent it? We have censoring for obscenity & violence. Isn’t religion also important?
It is play by John Pielmeier, who later adapted it into a film in 1985, featuring Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly, besides others. Here is how Wikipedia describes the plot of Agnes of God:
In a Roman Catholic convent near Montreal, Canada, during evening prayers, the nuns hear screams coming from the room of Sister Agnes, a young novice. Agnes is found in her room bleeding profusely, and in a wastepaper basket there is a dead baby with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.
Sister Agnes is suspected of killing the baby, so psychiatrist Martha Livingston is assigned by a court to determine if she is competent to stand trial. In an interview, Agnes claims she doesn’t remember being pregnant or giving birth, and shows a lack of understanding of how babies are conceived. Mother Miriam tells Livingston that Agnes is an “innocent” who was kept at home by her mother and knows nothing about the world. She says that Agnes couldn’t have known what pregnancy was or remember the father.
Mother Miriam tells Livingston about the time Agnes stopped eating in the belief she was getting fat, and then exhibited stigmata in her hand that healed itself within a day. Agnes takes Livingston to her favorite place, a bell tower at the convent. They argue about Agnes’ mother & birth, how much Agnes knows about sex & pregnancy.
Mother Miriam tells Livingston that Agnes must have conceived on January 23rd, because that is the night Agnes burned her bedsheets. While looking around the convent grounds, Livingston comes across a barn full of statues of angels and saints. She and a young monsignor argue about whether her lack of faith will leave her unable to treat Agnes with dignity. She learns Agnes’ mother sexually molested Agnes & that she is Mother Miriam’s niece.
Livingston receives permission from the court to hypnotize Agnes, but Mother Miriam is strongly against it, believing it will strip her of her innocence. While hypnotized, Agnes admits she gave birth and that another woman in the convent knew she was pregnant, but will not reveal who. Livingston discovers that a secret tunnel connects the convent’s chapel with the barn. Mother Miriam tries to have Livingston removed from the case, but she appeals to the police and is retained.
Livingston obtains a second court order to put Agnes under hypnosis again. Mother Miriam admits that she knew Agnes was pregnant and put the wastebasket in her room, but denies she killed the baby. Under hypnosis, Agnes reveals that she used the tunnel to go see “Michael” in the barn. Under questioning, she appears to describe being raped by a man. Suddenly, Agnes exhibits stigmata in her hands, and begins bleeding profusely. Agnes declares that God raped her, and that she hates God for it. She admits that Mother Miriam was present when the baby was born, and that Agnes killed the child because she believed it was a mistake.
Agnes is found not guilty by reason of insanity. She tells the judge that she heard a man singing beneath her bedroom for six nights in a row, and then on the seventh night he lay on top of her.
The Missionary Position – A Forgotten Play
According to the CSF the same is highly objectionable and hurts our religious sentiments. The title itself is commonly understood as the sexual act with the man-on-top and is used as a pun here to refer to Christian missionaries.
A complaint was sent to the police commissioner immediately, but we are yet Who is responsible for the following which was mentioned in the advertisement:
1. The cast includes Christopher Pemberton as Father Joseph, Caroline Egerton as the ravished nun Sister Abigail, Shyamala Shankaran as the murdered nun Abhaya and accompanied by a large British, Indian and African cast.
2. Objectionable “rave international reviews” quoted include:
A) A powerful expose of the cancer of Christian missionaries and their conversion and sexual predatory activities that has decimated most African and Latin American cultures and is now threatening the Chinese state, after contaminating India – Theatre Review
B) The playwright Athena Ashton who has investigated the phenomenon of fake Christian conversions has written a play with huge political and cultural implications for several indigenous cultures that are now vanishing under the onslaught of a religion (Christianity) now almost defunct in Europe – Buddhist World
C) A tragic exploration of the Missionary’s position in the third world and of the financial muscle of a highly questionable and historically dubious faith (Christianity), still at the root of post-colonial exploitation of natural resources and cultural destruction of ancient civilizations – London Stage
In view of the above, and the fact that the advertisement contains no contact information, we were compelled to approach the police, but are yet to hear from them. Action must be taken against those responsible for putting out such hate material, which hurt the religious sentiments of Christians and all secular minded citizens.

We are grateful to Cardinal Cleemis of CBCI for his bold stand. The rest we leave in the LORD’S HAND as we continue to pray and act.
We have made our opinion heard loud and clear. We need to work on Hyderabad next and the next ICAN newsletter in on it.
The going is tough and so the tough need to get going.
Your brother in Christ,
Joseph Dias +91 9769555657

Old World Theatre Festival 2015
International Economic Relations And Internal Governance
International Economic Relations And Internal Governance
4th October, 7:00pm
by Rajat Kathuria, Director and Chief Executive, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations Chair: Anil Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Editor, Mint
Doc Film
A World Not Ours
6th October, 7:00pm
A World Not Ours
(Arabic/English/2012/93mins) Dir. Mahdi Fleifel The film is an attempt to record what is being forgotten, and mark what should not be erased from collective memory. Collab: Kriti Film Club & Dharamshala International Film Fest.
FFSI International Film Festival
We Come From Far Away
6th October, 7:00pm
We Come From Far Away
Dir.Ricky Piterbarg 
The film pays homage to the immigrant ancestors of the people of the neighborhood of La Boca, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Aam Aadmi Party demands urgent intervention of the centre in Dadri

At a time when the country is horrified and shocked over the killing in Dadri by right wing elements, the situation at the spot of the incident is getting vitiated every passing day with the involvement of the BJP and its supporters.
While the mandate of the State and the  Central government after the incident should have been the delivery of justice, it’s frightening to know that media is being targeted and radical elements are having a field day in Dadri while victim family is running for justice from pillar to post.
Prime Minister has chosen to selectively remain silent on the issue which in turn is a mute support to BJP’s colonels on ground to make the maximum out of the communal divide. Union minister Mahesh Sharma has covertly and overtly supported the communal frenzy. The involvement of the BJP in the Dadri incident is further established with the arrest of a party leader’s son as prime suspect in organising the meeting which culminated in the attack on the victim’s home.
Every person having expertise within the BJP fold in monetising the communal tension seems to be employed in Dadri. Muzaffarnagar riots accused Sangeet Som today visited and made his contribution by his inflammatory speeches and by further poisoning the atmosphere. The minority community in the area is in a state of terror and is left with no choice but to flee their place of residence.  BJP seems to be contemplating to repeat Muzaffarnagar with an eye on rich dividends in the upcoming local body polls in UP and assembly polls in Bihar.
The modus operandi of the right wing communal elements seems to be the same as before. Hate Tweets and social media posts glorifying the Dadri crime are flooding the media which creates a situation of fear among law abiding citizens. With beef as a pretext, these forces try to divide the country.
Aam Aadmi Party demands urgent intervention of the centre in Dadri and seeks that the Prime Minister to should come out clear and mention if he supports the incident or will he take strict action against the elements who are out to destroy the harmony and unity in the society. The role of a union minister and other elements who are either part of the BJP or its extended family need to be investigated and punished.
#5: Karnataka girls win back-to-back; Punjab boys remain undefeated
Ludhiana, Punjab, 4th October 2015: We are midway through the league stages of the 66th Junior National Basketball Championship as the basketball action heats up here in Ludhiana, Punjab.
The evening of the second day of the tournament saw Delhi and Kerala battle it out in an extra time thriller. Last year’s runners up, the Delhi boys were sluggish to start the game, while Kerala came out aggressive. While the honours were even in the first half, the third quarter belonged to Kerala as they took an 8-point lead. But the Delhi boys fought their way back into the game and forced overtime. In the overtime period, Delhi dominated against a tired Kerala team and clinched a 94-87 victory.
In the other games of the evening, the home team Punjab girls took on the strong Karnataka team that featured Bhandavya Mahesha, who competed for India at the FIBA Asia Championship for Women 2015. She is the only player from the senior women’s side in the tournament. The Karnataka team showed their mettle against the home side in a one-sided contest. The Punjab defense could not control the penetration of the Karnataka side, which showed good ball rotation and converted majority of their points in the paint. Priyanka led the Karnataka side with 22 points.
On the other hand, the Punjab boys’ side picked up their second victory against an undersized Madhya Pradesh side. Punjab’s India camper Rahul Mehla put up 25 points as Punjab dominated from start to finish to register a 74-39 victory. In the level 2 boys’ games yesterday evening, Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh picked up easy victories against Tripura and Telangana respectively, while the Gujarat boys also comfortably defeated Puducherry 61-34.
On Day 3, the Karnataka girls continued their good form, completely dominating against the Madhya Pradesh girls side. Senior player Bhandavya Mahesha showed her class with 32 points. Sakshi Pandey had 17 points for Madhya Pradesh in a losing effort. The Tamil Nadu girls continued their quest to move to Level 1 in the tournament with a blowout victory against Gujarat.
In the boys’ level 1 games on Day 3 morning, Tamil Nadu cruised to another comfortable victory, this time against Haryana. The TN boys broke the 100-point barrier by putting up 104 points, led by Surya’s 21 points and Dhimant Sahi’s 20 points. Their offense looks like a well-oiled machine as we progress further into the tournament.  Later, the Rajasthan boys took on the Maharashtra side that was coming off a victory in their last game. However, this time, Maharashtra could not produce the same result as the Rajasthan side outplayed them. With multiple players scoring above 15 points, Rajasthan outclassed their opponent on the court with a 94-50 victory.
Results from Day 2 after 5:30 pm
Level 1:
Group A:
Karnataka (Priyanka 22, Bhoomika P. 17) bt Punjab (Gagandeep Kaur 9, Aakarshan Sandhu 9) 61-40 (24-8, 18-11, 13-14, 6-7)
Level 1:
Group A:
Punjab (Rahul Mehla 25, Dilpreet 21) bt Madhya Pradesh (Ashish 15) 74-39 (40-8, 14-16, 12-10, 8-5)
Group B:
Delhi (Sunil 31, Erash 15) bt Kerala (Arjun 23, Amal 14, Jibin M. John 14) 94-87(14-18, 22-18, 12-20, 25-17, Extra time 21-14)
Level 2:
Group D:
Gujarat (Mirant Bharat 17, Jugal Rajen 12) bt Puducherry (Barani 20, Atchuthan 11)61-34 (14-10, 21-10, 20-14, 6-0)
Group E:
Uttar Pradesh (Atal Rai 15, Shivan 9) bt Telangana (M. Uday Kiran 6) 56-14 (22-6, 11-8, 15-0, 8-0)
Group F:
Chandigarh (Amit 13, Jatin 13) bt Tripura (Shobit 5) 45-5 (20-2, 12-0, 12-3, 1-0)
Results from morning session of Day 3
Level 1:
Karnataka (Bhandavya Mahesha 32, Bhoomika 14) bt Madhya Pradesh (Sakshi Pandey 17, Shivangi 8) 78-32 (19-9, 24-7, 14-10, 21-6)
Level 2:
Group C:
Tamil Nadu (M. Suriyadharshini 10, K. Prithi 9, M. Nishanthi 7) bt Gujarat (Arti 10, Daxa V. 8) 65-29 (21-6, 12-6, 21-6, 11-11)
Group D:
Rajasthan (Kamlesh Taragi 17) bt Goa (Rachel Raposa 11, Rose Rhea Rebelo 11)47-26(12-8, 10-6, 9-3, 16-9)
Group E:
Chandigarh (Akashita 20, Amrit 17) bt Odisha (Urbasi 12, Jayashree 10) 54-52(14-11, 10-7, 15-11, 15-23)
Group F:
Andhra Pradesh (N. Padmavath 6, G. Suneetha 6) bt Bihar 30-4 (10-0, 7-0, 7-2, 6-2)
Level 1:
Group B:
Tamil Nadu (Surya 21, Dhimant Sahi 20) bt Haryana (Lalit 21, Deepak 19) 104-76(20-17, 28-19, 24-14, 32-26)
Rajasthan (Akhilesh 23, Yogesh 22, Mahipal 19) bt Maharashtra (Sameer 19, Ashraf 12) 94-50 (21-23, 31-17, 27-6, 14-4)
Level 2:
Group F:
Uttarakhand (Viyoung 20, Abhijot 14, Vaibhav 10) bt Tripura (Nirakar 18, Deepak 11, Kunal 8) 54-45 (19-17, 11-4, 14-15, 10-9)

About the 66th Junior National Basketball Championship

The 66th Junior National Basketball Championship is being organised in Ludhiana, Punjab. The tournament for the ‘18 and under’ category is scheduled from October 2 to October 9 2015 in the basketball hotbed of Punjab, which has produced numerous star international players. The Punjab Basketball Association is the organising body for the tournament under the aegis of the Basketball Federation of India. The venue for the championship is the courts at the Guru Nanak Stadium. There is one indoor court and two outdoor courts at the venue.
Last year’s Junior National Championship was held in Kochi, Kerala. Home team Punjab boys were the winners of the 65th version of the tournament; while Delhi came runners up and Tamil Nadu were the third placed team in the boys’ category. For the girls, Chhattisgarh are the defending champions, who defeated the Kerala girls in the final last year. Uttar Pradesh girls achieved third place.
This year’s tournament will witness the participation of 24 states, each with a boys’ and girls’ team. The last time a national level basketball championship was held in Ludhiana was the Senior National Basketball Championship in 2012-13.

About Basketball Federation of India

The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India, and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 17 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards. Earlier in June 2015, 19-year-old Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian national to be drafted by an NBA team, when he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks. More information
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Today at 2:37 PM
Indian Women Press Corps expresses shock over attacks on media-persons in Bishara (Dadri)
The Indian Women’s Press Corps expresses shock and condemns the manner in which media-persons, including women reporters were intimidated, chased and attacked when on assignment at Bisada vilage, Dadri (Uttar Pradesh), following the lynching of a person following rumors of cow slaughter.  As per some reports in leading newspapers, filed in first person by journalists who visited Bishara, the village women were instigated to attack the journalists who were merely on duty doing their job. That this should have happened in a place which witnessed a violent murder and that too a few kilometres from the national capital’s border is highly condemnable. The IWPC urges the state government to provide adequate security in the village not only to the mediapersons but to those families who have reason to feel insecure in the aftermath of the event.
T K Rajalakshmi                      Ravinder Bawa
(President)                              (General Secretary)

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