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Gujarat CM welcomes Budget 2015-16

Gujarat CM welcomes Budget 2015-16

Gujarat Chief Minister Smt Anandiben Patel welcomed Budget 2015-16 presented by Gujarat Finance Minister Shri Saurabhbhai Patel in Legislative Assembly today. She stated that the all-inclusive Budget will give momentum to State Government’s commitment towards sustainable development. The second consecutive budget under the leadership of CM Smt Patel has her imprint in the emphasis of the social sector and firm push for over-all development. Social and physical infrastructure has been accorded due priority with 48.53% of total outlay (Rs 38484.15 crores) allotted to social services sector.
The Budget 2015-16 is of the size of Rs 139139 crore with Revenue surplus of Rs 7308 crores. This is the fifth consecutive year with Revenue Surplus Budget. Plan allocation for 2015-16 is Rs 79295 crore for Annual Development, which shows 11% rise over the plan size of last year.
The new Budget features provisions that furthers CM Smt Patel’s vision of Gatisheel Gujarat in every way possible. Continuing the tradition of Gender Budget, the new Budget continues to propel women empowerment in various sectors, with 593 schemes and a total provision of Rs 45770 crores. This includes individual beneficiary oriented schemes as well as infrastructural and community developmental schemes. The Budget addresses aspirations of the youth, empowering them with knowledge and skills and providing them a platform to engage in state’s growth-story, said CM Smt Patel.
She particularly welcomed the starting of ten new colleges in talukas not having a single college and establishment of new universities in Saurashtra and another in tribal areas in the eastern belt of the state. The Global Knowledge Hub in Vadodara district which would house Children University, Teachers’ University, Sports University and Central University will prove to be a game-changer in the current education scenario. The pre-metric scholarship of tribal children have been almost doubled in all categories and maintenance grant for students in Ashram Shalas has been increased by 50%.
Leveraging the support from Centre, a provision of Rs 9000 crores has been allotted towards various facets of Sardar Sarovar project including canal network and Statue of Unity. To bring the water-starved villages of Saurashtra into the ambit of second Green Revolution being ushered in the state, the provision of SAUNI Yojana has been increased substantially from Rs 1294 crores last year to Rs 2102 crores. An additional 10% subvention to marginal farmers to procure equipment for drip irrigation would further Gujarat’s success with the motto of Per drop, More crop. New initiatives like Organic Farming Policy and Apni Mandi to market organic produce have also been introduced.
The boost to the augmentation of MSME sector laid down in the recently introduced Industrial Policy is supported by a provision of Rs 562 crores. Similarly, start-up schemes has got a provision of Rs 12 crores, that will support young entrepreneurs of the state. At the same time, a notable raise in the assistance provided to the workers working through khadi institutions and boards would be a great boon for them.
Gujarat, as always, has been committed to the development of the deprived. Rs 9690 crores have been provided under tribal area sub-plan, plus Rs 1674 crores for tribal development department for addressing various developmental needs to bring our Van Bandhus in the mainstream. CM Smt Patel welcomed the provision for grand celebration of 125th birth anniversary of the architect of the Constitution of India Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar while hailing provision of Rs 2263 crores for Social Justice and Empowerment Department.
Gujarat being a highly urbanized state, a provision of Rs 10,270 crores has been made for urban development and urban housing.Due allocation of funds has been made for global projects like SMART City and DREAM City on one hand and empowering municipalities and other urban local bodies, on the other.
Rs 3070 crores under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana has been made to enhance the quality of life in urban areas. For providing 2 lakh houses in the coming year, Rs 1100 crores provided under Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana would be a step forward towards slum-free Gujarat as well as fulfilling the dreams of neo-middle class. A provision of Rs 871 crores have also been made for housing in rural areas.
Another major need of neo-middle class is affordable high quality health, that would be addressed by a new policy involving NGOs and PPP model, the Budget specifies. Addressing the shortage of manpower in the medical sector, Rs 1128.5 crores have been provided for developing and constructing new medical colleges and up-gradation of hospitals.
Formation of Island Development Authority will have double benefit in the form of development of tourism as well as security of the coastline, for which Rs 10 crores have been provided.
Gujarat has reaffirmed its commitment towards cleanliness, by providing Rs 1200 crores for urban and Rs 722 crores for Gramya Swachhata Mission. This includes construction of toilets, waste management, drainage facilities as well as creating awareness.
With a motto of Digital Gujarat for Digital India, there is an ambitious plan to provide Wi-Fi facilities in districts and talukas on PPP basis, to create the facility of Digital Vault for civilians and institutions, to strengthen the State Resident Data Hub and to initate novel programmes like Citizen Engagement Platform through social media.

Highlights of Budget 2015-16

Important schemes included in Budget 2015-16

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