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Share the blame for CWG mess: Fennell

Nksagar-Sagar Media -New Delhi:
Surecsh Kalmadi said developer needs to hand over the venues to the organizing committee and said the venues ought to be handed to me in advance for further action.

Fennell said considerable work has been done when we visited last,we are monitoring the situation firmly.He is to visit Games villages again today added there is huge improvement in two days and there are concern about Fire safety there is extensive jobs needs to be done, security and transport is huge concern Fennell to receive the reports today in the fire safety aspects. Fennell said there is need of momentum going and is in touch with other delegates yet to arrive. Damage has been done to India.To question for plethora of time why is the mess . Fennel said we are following the games development.We have coordinated in four years visits within six months and our visits gave instruction for the work needed to be done and clean up needed to be done is in all our reports.Remedial measure by government is being undertaken

Fennell said the cleaning up surrounds the village, security,transport,tech services more equipments,medical services generally speaking matters relating to village for those participating needs to be geared up.

Media work done properly pleased to receive the news and green signals to the participants they are asked to travel to India. No one is pulling out of the Games Fennell said. "We are contemplating that athletes enjoy stay".There has been delivery of cards and supply of building needs cleaning mortar down needs to be removed.Testing for fire alarm system and necessary system are working.We are insisting to get reports for safety and security.chef have done extremely hard and all committed to games and this show positive mind exhibit their solidarity for the Commonwealth games and the teams are well looked after.Government agency have done jobs nicely.safely and security of the athletes is necessary so the building safety, alarm and other fire and safety ought to be in n order so are We monitoring the system carefully.

Organizing chief Suresh Kalamadi addressing the media said the mess is by developer his favorite lines, Games will be fantastic and better than Melbourne speak to me after the games.He said security issues have been addressed. Our job is to view the development the stakeholder needs to carry on and take the responsibility for the completion of the infrastructure.

CGF President Mike Fennell on Saturday said that everyone in the Commonwealth Games management has to share the blame for the lack of preparations ahead of the Delhi edition but hoped that they would overcome the problems in the next eight days for the successful conduct of the event. Eventually Fennell asked everyone to share the blame for CWG mess

Further to controversial Mega events there is a boost controversy-marred event, the Australian and New Zealand Commonwealth Games bosses on Friday confirmed participation of their teams in the Delhi Games, giving a thumbs up to the much-criticised Athletes' Village.

After a visit on Friday morning to the Village which had come under attack from various quarters over sanitary conditions, Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief Perry Crosswhite said his country was happy with the Village and that their athletes are looking forward to the Games beginning 3rd October.

"We are quite happy with the Village and we are looking forward to the Games. The Australian contingent is coming," he said.Addressing a press conference a day after visiting the Games Village,
"Absolutely, it's thumbs up to the Games," he said, when asked about his assessment of the Games.Crosswhite was one of the strongest critics till recently about the preparations for the mega event.After days of indecision, New Zealand Olympic Committee also on Friday confirmed participation in the Delhi Commonwealth Games after seeing positive steps being taken by the organisers to improve the situation.

New Zealand Olympic Committee board gave its nod for the planned departures from 28th September after being briefed by NZOC President Mike Stanley and Secretary General Barry Maister, who were in Delhi to take stock of the situation.Staneley said the situation was grim but it has started changing following intervention by the state and the central governments.
"We remain hopeful that things can be turned around. What we found was inexcusable and unacceptable but we've seen a change in leadership and this is positive," Stanley said at a press conference in Auckland.

Fennell said "considerable work has been done but still some more remains to be done." With mess and mess up. despite the controversy-marred build-up, Fennell asserted that calling off the Games "was never" on Commonwealth Games Federation's (CGF) agenda.

Blaming the organizer for the delay in propping up the games facilities in times, Fennell conceded that a lot of damage has been done to India's image.Flanked by embattled Organizing Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Fennell said both India and the Commonwealth can learn a lesson from the shortcomings in organizing the 19th edition of the Games scheduled 3rd to 14th October."The massive work that is being done now ought to have been done earlier," said Fennell.

"We all have to share the blame and responsibility. In any Games, there are a number of stakeholders, overall we have to ensure that we do everything to conduct the Games." "Other Games have had problems and I believe that here also the problems would be sorted. A number of issues should have been and could have been avoided and that necessary corrective steps should be taken in good time," he added."We are going to have good Games," he insisted.

"A lot of damage has been done to India, which is the largest Commonwealth country. We need to learn lessons for hosting other events as well. This is part of the learning process. I hope India would have learnt a lesson, we would have learnt a lesson," he said.

Asked whether he felt let down by India, which won the hosting rights way back in 2003 but is in a desperate race against time to finish off the work, Fennell said, "We are disappointed in a number of things." But the CGF boss said the time for blame-game was over and the focus should now be on conducting a safe and successful Games whatever be the scale of effort required."If we are committed to the same goal, we should not find faults and criticize each other because we all want that the Games are celebrated properly," he said.

Kalmadi said he wished the venues had been handed to OC a little earlier."I am the chairman of Organising Committee and I will take all the responsibility but I wish venues were handed to us a little earlier," he said.

Fennell, accompanied by Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Secretary General Randhir Singh CGF CEO Mike Hooper, took stock of the arrangements at the athletes Village, which was dubbed "filthy and uninhabitable" by visiting international delegates a couple of days ago.

His statement came even as the first batch of 61 English athletes landed in the capital but headed to hotels instead of the Village as their living area is still not ready.English men's hockey team and the lawn bowling squad are among the 61 strong group of athletes.

England have committed participation in the Commonwealth Games and will be sending 551 athletes.The CGF boss, who was unimpressed with the pace of the work and even shot off a letter to the Cabinet Secretary a few days ago, also briefed the delegates about the work.

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