Sunday, December 14, 2014

14th December, 2014


In support of various issues of traders and non corporate sector, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) and several other national organisations of different verticals of non corporate sector. are holding a massive rally on 18 December 2014 at Ramlila Maidan. Beside CAIT, All India Motor Transport Congress, All India Confederation of Goods Vehicle Owners Association, All India Transport Welfare Association, Federation of Indian Small & Micro Enterprises , National Hawkers Federation, Bhartiya Kisan Morcha,International Society For Small & Medium Enterprises  etc. are organising Rally. Tens of thousands of people from all over the Country will also attend the Rally. CAIT National President Mr. B.C.Bhartia will chair the Rally   

The rally is being organised to support announcement made by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley for creation of a separate financial architecture for non corporate sector which was a long standing demand of CAIT, as core banking sector has failed to provide loans to non corporate sector. Only 4% of this sector could able to obtain loans from core banking sector. Therefore, the announcement of Finance Minister is a shot in arm of this sector. The rally will also urge the Government to resolve other core issues on similar lines which includes Rules & Regulations for Online Retail Trade, FDI in Retail E Commerce, Single tax simplified GST, Re-drafting of Delhi Rent Act, removal of anomalies & disparities in current VAT tax regime, Re-drafting of Food Safety & Standards Act, National Trade Policy For Retail Trade & a separate Ministry of Internal Trade, Abrogation of outdated & obsolete Laws governing retail trade, Holistic Road Transport & Safety Bill and implementation of National Urban Street Vendor Policy and Lower Tax Slab in Income Tax for Traders & Non Corporate Sector.

The rally will have special focus on several issues concerning Delhi trade which includes extension of National Capital Territory  (Special Provision) Act to protect people of Delhi from sealing & demolitions, parking & conversion charges, notification of 351 Roads for Commercial & Mixed Land Use etc.

CAIT Delhi State President Mr. Ramesh Khanna informed that Union Urban Development Minister Mr. Venkaiah Naidu will be felicitated at the Rally for his persuasion of obtaining approval of the Union Cabinet on Draft Bill for extension of National Capital Territory Act till 2017 to protect Delhi from sealing and demolitions. About 5 lakh traders in Delhi will be benefitted with such move of the Government.

Shri Suresh Bindal, Chairman of the Rally Committee said that since there is a trader friendly government at the centre, it is right time to raise issues in a strong manner in order to obtain solutions. With a slogan ' Abhi Nahin To Kabhi Nahin', large number of traders from all over Delhi will participate in the Rally whereas trade leaders from across the Country shall  also be attending the Rally. 
Convener of the Rally Mr. Sushil Goel said that Delhi is a trading centre since ages and its distributive character of trade needs greater protection since it is the largest source of revenue to State Government. The Walled city, largest hub of wholesale commercial markets in the Country, has its unique place. Therefore, every effort must be made by the Government to provide better business environment in Delhi particularly in walled city and therefore the issues like extension of National Capital Territory Act,2011 and resolving the complex issue of parking & conversion charges and providing parking lots is the need of the hour.


Kailash Satyarthi’s Homecoming Address

14 December, 2014: New Delhi:

Soon after arriving from Oslo after being conferred with the Nobel Peace Prize, Kailash Satyarthi addressing the media at Constitution Club of India said I have no words to express my gratitude to my country and countrymen. Whatever I am today is because of you and the great culture, traditions and values of my motherland, India. We know that there are millions of children across the world who are victims of exploitation and violence. In spite of all the progress and technological advancement that we have been able to make, the painful paradox that stares in our face is that children are still compelled to lose their childhood and their future. I always say that a single child in danger anywhere means that the whole world is in danger everywhere. If a girl in any village, town, city or anywhere for that matter is not able to walk around freely then the world is not civilised enough.

I have had the privilege to work with many people. Today in India and the world, I see change and hope knocking our doors. All we need is to listen to this reckoning and act now. The most important thing that I have imbibed from the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is that he has successfully been able to transform a political movement into a social movement. Likewise, friends, I urge all of you to transform the compassion for children into a global movement. Today, we need to globalise compassion.

I am grateful to India’s vibrant democracy that gives space to each and every one to raise a voice. I cannot thank our judiciary enough for pronouncing landmark judgments upholding children’s rights. I am also grateful to the media which has always acted independently and promptly to bring to the fore the issues concerning children of our world. The greatest credit for this honour today goes to the blessings of the mothers and fathers whose children we have been able to rescue and restore. 
Today the Nobel Peace Prize brings along with it tremendous moral responsibility on me and every citizen of my country. For the sake of the most vulnerable and deprived children and for the sake of God, I appeal to you to raise your voice whenever you see a child in distress. Child labor, sexual abuse, trafficking, slavery, denial of education and the insecurity under which the children reel are all violence. I request you to shed your silence and neutrality. I call upon the polity, the governments, the trade unions, the teachers unions, the businesses, NGOs and all other stakeholders across the world to stand up for the rights of the children.
Friends, it gives me great pride in saying that today the world is recognising the real power of India. We need to come together in creating an India that is more prosperous, more knowledgeable and high on morals. The core value of our soul is ‘Vasu deva Kutumbakam’. We believe that the whole world is our family and now is the time for this family to march ahead and make this world much safer, happier and peaceful for all children.

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