Sunday, March 13, 2011

TWA celebrates 52nd anniversary of Tibetan's Women's uprising Day

On 52nd anniversary of the National Tibetan Womens's Uprising Day,12March the Tibetan Womens's association dedicate this day to honor the indomitable literary spirits of the Tibetan Women s inside Tibet. Tibetan Womens's launched a book " A Series of Tortures:A Diary of Interrogations " written by Jamyang Kyi who resides in Qinghai,Tibet.The writer has been jailed,interrogated continue to be under heavy scrutiny for her writing demanding more freedom in Tibet. As a writer, singer and blogger she continues to speak for her people at great peril of her life under the Chinese authorities.Her book originally written in Tibetan is translated and published in three languages, Tibetan, English and Chinese by TWA to be distributing the books worldwide. Following the launch a panel discussion on the topic “Literary Spirit of Women Under Oppression” was held. Chaired by Swati Chopra , New Delhi based writer and poet, the key speakers for the panel discussion included: Gyari Dolma, Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Jaya Jaitly, Former president of Samta Party and Social Activist, Nafisa Ali, Social Activist and Actor and Nilanjana S. Roy, Journalist and Literary Critic. The guest speakers for the panel discussion are themselves women writers and activist who have always spoken for people and causes even when sometimes, their speaking up has angered certain parties and they have been threatened.Gyari Dolma honored the brave women inside Tibet and lamented that 'while we are living in exile because of the consequences of oppression and occupation by a brutal force, the women inside Tibet are under fear because of oppression.' She commended the grit and perseverance of Jamyang Kyi and said that 'it's amazing that even in her fear, we see strength'. Jaya Jaitly pronounced that today's function is about honoring women who are expressing themselves. She proclaimed that 'the chakra for Indian freedom fighters is the pen for Tibetan people'. "Book lasts longer that we do and this book brings out the struggle in women, therefore let us honor the writing of Jamyang Kyi as an effective tool of non-violent protest." Nafisa Ali saluted the courage of women like Tsering Woeser and Jamyang Kyi, their cause and their mission. She expressed condolences to those affected by the Tsunami in Japan but bemoaned that 'what Japan is going through today, Tibet goes through everyday'.

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