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CAG: Rs 52,000-cr farm debt waiver scheme contentious

Implementation of Rs 52,000-crore farm debt waiver scheme, government auditor CAG on Tuesday said in several cases ineligible farmers were given benefit while deserving ones were left out. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has also found instances of tampering of records and pulled up the Department of Financial Services (DFS) in the Finance Ministry for deficient monitoring of the multi-crore scheme. “Overall, the Performance Audit revealed that in …(22.32 per cent of cases test checked) there were lapses/errors which raised serious concern about the implementation of the scheme”, said the CAG report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday. The report deals with Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme (ADWDRS) 2008 under which 3.69 crore small and marginal farmers and 60 lakh other farmers were given debt relief to the extent of Rs 52,516 crore. The CAG report said in several cases “farmers who had taken loan for non-agricultural purposes or whose loans did not meet eligibility conditions, were given benefits under the scheme.” It said several farmers who were eligible for the benefit under the scheme were not considered for loan waiver by the lending institutions. Besides other observations, the report said the Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) were given benefit under the scheme in violation of the debt waiver guidelines. The banks, it said, also claimed undue benefits like penal interest, legal charges, miscellaneous charges from the government. Under the scheme, banks were supposed to bear these charges themselves. Referring to the issue tampering of records, CAG suggested DFS should review such cases and take “stringent action” against erring officials and banks. After extending benefit under the scheme, the banks were required to issue a certificate and obtain an acknowledgement from the farmer for the same. However, the CAG report found that in several cases “the lending institutions had not obtained acknowledgement from the farmer”. Subsequent to the issue of draft audit report to the Finance Ministry and exit conference, the DFS had advised the RBI and NABARD, the nodal agencies for implementation of the scheme, in January requesting them to issue instructions to lending institutions for taking immediate corrective measures in respect of audit observations. The DFS instructed that institutions need to take action like recovery of money paid to ineligible beneficiaries and loans extended to MFIs, action against erring banks, fixing responsibility of bank officials as well as bank auditors. The CAG has recommended that the Ministry, on its own part, may verify high-value claims of re-reimbursement, high-risk areas like inadmissible charges and at least sample claims of lending institutions to ensure that the financial interest of the government is protected. “Follow-up action in response to complaints or inspections should be properly monitored,” the report added. Referring to the monitoring aspects, CAG report said the nodal agencies themselves were relying on certificates and data of lending institutions without conducting independent cross checks. “This raises the issue of conflict of interest, since in effect, the lending institutions were performing a dual role, first implementing and then monitoring their own work,” the report said. The report said the audit observed that DFS and nodal agencies were aware of numerous flaws in the implementation of the scheme “yet they did not take adequate measures to rectify the same in timely manner”. Over the last four financial years, the government has waived more than Rs 52,000 crore debts related to about 3.45 crore farmers.
IAC Negative Voting Junk Brain Most Weird-Corrupt Idea
March04, 2013

Dear countrymen,

In my earlier messages yesterday I had explained ‘Our Problems Are Economic’ and not political. When per capita income of 900m people is less than $365 compared to over $40,000 for developed countries, India is not going to make any progress, few will get super rich. Honestly GOI shall be required to invest all the tax revenue for their Education, Food, Healthcare, Fuel, Water, Sanitation service etc.

Negative Voting Junk Brained Most Weird-Corrupt Idea

We have seen Junk Brained ideas like ‘Recall of Candidates’ hammered over the last decade but not serious effort was made to Project Capable Candidates – as run up to 2009 elections few IITians formed a Political Party Bharat Punarnirman Dal that could secure just 421 Votes in New Delhi Lok Sabha seat – 0.03% votes or not even 10% of IIT Delhi IIT staff.

1. Term Of Elected Offices Reduced to Four Years

It would have been far better if we had insisted on reducing Term Of Offices of Parliament and State Assemblies from 5 years to 4 years or technically compulsory recall after 4 years. ‘This Is Exactly Like Recall of Candidate Option After 4 Years – all Winners to Seek Fresh Mandate from people within 4 years.’

Countrymen Delhi is a City State and all works and services are executed by Chief Minister led ministers and Municipalities, Union Government control Police and DDA, and have Cantonment Area.

In Delhi with this arrangement in 16 years Delhi will get instead of three Elections for Lok Sabha, 8 for Rajya Sabha, 3 each elections for Assembly and Municipal Corporations, 4 Lok Sabha, 12 Plus Rajya Sabha elections, 4 each for Assemble and Municipal Elections.

Negative Voting Most Weird and Politically Immature

It is clear from the message Negative Voting is targeted against ‘Ruling MPs only’ when actually all works are executed by Chief Ministers and to some extent Municipalities and for our poor infrastructure Contractors, Corrupt Engineers, Quality Control Departments are almost entirely responsible.

2. Rajya Sabha MPs should Resign on Ruling Party Losing Assembly Elections.

Recently BJP lost Elections to Himachal and Uttarkhand Elections but Rajya Sabha Members of Parliament from these states had not resigned on moral grounds. When BJP was in majority it was entitled to Two out of Three Seats but had 5 Rajya Sabha MPs, After losing these two states BJP is in minority hence ought have surrendered 3 out of 5 seats it holds post assemble losses.

Nadda, Shri Jagat Prakash
Himachal Pradesh
Shanta Kumar, Shri
Himachal Pradesh
Sood, Smt. Bimla Kashyap
Himachal Pradesh

Koshyari, Shri Bhagat Singh
Mahra, Shri Mahendra Singh
Tarun Vijay, Shri

3. Ex. Ministers Barred From Contesting Elections & Parliament Committees

Ken Lay of ENRON was held accountable for frauds not any secretary of the government. Here every thing is blamed on Prime Minister, as pointed out also in following paras Public Accounts Committee and Finance Committee were chaired by MM Joshi and Yashwant Sinha who had direct access to all the documents and they actually created the ‘Loop Holes or Opened Flood Gates for Corrupt Corporate’. So they Connived With Loots Earlier now Guard Public Resources.

Why can’t we have rules implemented through Supreme Court that bar ex Cabinet Ministers from Chairing Parliamentary Committees on losing the Majority in Elections? This alone will make sure ‘Dubious Politicians are Excluded from Parliamentary Committee Chairs.’

But what is not understood here is that main Ruling and Opposition Party jointly run GOI. Public Accounts and Finance Committees are Chaired by MM Joshi and Yashwant Sinha who were earlier in NDA rule were Cabinet Ministers to have allocated 25 Oil & Gas Offshore Blocks to RIL, 2G, WLL, ILD, ISD, DTH, Optic Fiber, Broad Band all IT services, Petroleum Refineries, Pipelines, Petro-chemicals, Power Generation, Distribution, Transmission, Trading, Retail, Textiles, also let RIL and few others families hold over 50% equity while reducing small investor holdings to below 10%, and also allowed Profit Making Companies to declare just 1% of revenue as dividend and 0.1% going in to account of small investors.

4. ‘Restrict Two Terms as Prime Minister/Cabinet Ministers’

LK Advani is in active National Politics for 60 years had contested over 15-20 times for Parliament. On Losing Lok Sabha They Enter Parliament through Rajya Sabha. This clearly abuse of Democracy and Constitution.

Similarly it may be alright for an MP wining an election and then get installed as Chief Minister of some state and contest State Assemble elections.

5.  Cooling Off For Losers in Elections

But it is grossly illegal for a Loser in any election to contest another election for 5 years. Why can’t Election Commission debar candidates who have lost an election losing deposit to contest an election within five years? Cooling off period for other in top three could be 2,3 and 4 years as per rank 2,3 and 4 in election.

6.  ‘Doctrine of No Demotion’

Why can’t there is restriction on contesting elections – I had in the past proposed a ‘Doctrine of No Demotion’

LK Advani & AB Vajpayee were appointed Prime Minister/ Cabinet Minister Four Times and lost Office Four times – Thrice defeated in parliament (Lost Confidence of Majority) and 2004 elections. (1977, 1996, 1998 and 1999)

They were keen to form government Fifth time in 2004 and 2009 Elections as is given in BJP manifestos, on not getting Majority ready to sit in opposition as ordinary MP.

Many others with BJP since that time is in main opposition had been Chairing as Leaders of Opposition and Parliamentary Committee Members.

However a loser in State Assembly Election Be Eligible for Parliamentary Elections subject to Cooling Off Period.


Not letting younger and better qualified to lead in politics since 1977 is worst form of Financial & Political Corruption.

Yashwant Sinha and other BJP leaders in 1998-2004 cabinets had never questioned loot of Reliance as an example.

With such over 35 years of Parliamentary Experience BJP had not won majority even once – are presently reduced to 115 seats yet there is no replacement with younger and better qualified leaders.

For Corruptionfree and Progressindia We Need Above Political Reforms.


Thank you,

Ravinder Singh*,
Inventor & Consultant
Y-77, Hauz Khas, NewDelhi-110016, India.
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.

IAC Message

--- On Mon, 3/4/13, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:

ACTION: This fraud called "elections"

Dear Members,

Many people ask us why IAC has opted to be "APOLITICAL", and also if IAC supports selection of "good" candidates who will supposedly do "good" things in Parliament which will magically make India into "Golden India" or "Shining India" or "Ram Rajya" etc.

Last year in December I had circulated a summary of the 1972's Nobel Prize in Economics winner's research (Kenneth Arrow) accessible here


In short, Mr Arrow proved that you can't aggregate individual preferences to define a group preference between multiple options.

So straightaway IAC says that the present Indian system of conducting elections (based in turn on the Westminster model) is a complete fraud and eyewash to ensure that either a dominant party or the next dominant party (in India's case the Congress and the BJP respectively) stick on in power without being obliged to represent the electorate.

Now that the public has begun to see through their game, these scamster parties have come up with another device to fool the citizens - the so-called "Right to Reject" or the 49-O option - which is a "none-of-the above" or "ZERO" option. This essentially means that in, say an election with 4 "serious" candidates for eg. Cong, BJP, Lefitist and a powerful rebel, you end up creating a 5th serious candidate who will split the vote further to ensure that the 2 top parties carry on.

IAC, with its thousands of intelligent members who know basic mathematics and logic at their fingertips, is obviously not going to subscribe or support such patent nonsense. IAC's highest deliberative bodies have been considering this issue for many decades now. We have come to the following conclusion

"If  IAC is to support the present system of voting legislated through the Representation of the People's Act 1951, then the PRESCRIBED mode of voting u/s 59 and elsewhere must include a NEGATIVE vote which will allow the voter to REJECT, ie cast a -1 vote against, a candidate he REJECTS".

To clarify, my present MP is Mr. Ajay Maken;  If 10,000 voters feel Mr. Maken has done no work in the past 5 years, they should be allowed to case 10,000 "-1 vote"s against him, instead of wasting their 10,000 votes over candidates most of whom have no chance of winning.

Here is the essential maths

1) Option 1 (present):  +1 Votes cast = +1 Votes counted => Mr. Ajay Maken wins

2) Option 2 (49-O option): +1 Votes cast = only +1 Votes counted => Mr. Ajay Maken wins

3) Option 3 (IAC's -1): +1 Votes and -1 Votes cast = ZERO effective votes counted => Mr. Ajay Maken LOSES and the "good" candidate with no negative,-1 votes wins.

Please take the time to understand this very carefully, all it needs is a change in the RULE. Please also don't be confused with those who will try to equate a -1 REJECT vote with a ZERO vote, they are not at all the same thing, and the ruling parties will be wetting themselves if this comes through.

I shall take up the second question of "good" candidates in detail next. But, its not enough to have good candidates, you also need a -1 vote





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Seagate is a worldwide leader in storage solutions. Learn more at www.Seagate.com
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United States has selected the 23-year-oldDelhi gangrape victim 'Nirbhaya' for the International Women of Courage Award, since inception of the award in 2007, the Dept of State has honoured 67 women from 45 different countries.
The award to 'Nirbhaya' would be presented posthumously by the First Lady Michelle Obama and the Secretary of State John Kerry, on 8th March, an official announcement said.

"For millions of Indian women, her personal ordeal, perseverance to fight for justice, and her family's continued bravery is helping to lift the stigma and vulnerability that drive violence against women," the State Department said about her as it announced the awards to be given to 10 women from across the world.

She bravely recorded two police statements while in the hospital, repeatedly called for justice against the six attackers, and stated her will to survive to see justice done, the State Department said.

"Like many Indians inspired by her struggle, she was born into a working class family that invested their hopes and life savings into her dream to pursue medicine. She had just graduated from a physiotherapy program when her life was cut short," said the State Department.

"In the wake of her death just two weeks after the attack,India's civil society began advocating heavily for legislation and social programs to stem gender-based violence in all its forms and to ensure higher rape conviction rates and gender-sensitive law enforcement and justice systems. Thanks to these efforts, the Indian government has begun to take action to follow through on those demands," the State Department said.

The paramedical student 'Nirbhaya' was gangraped, beaten and thrown out of a moving bus along with a male friend inDelhi last December, which generated widespread protests and was condemned by various women groups, both in Indiaand abroad.

The Secretary of State's International Women of Courage Award annually recognises women around the globe who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women's rights and empowerment, often at great personal risk.

Since inception of the award in 2007, the Department of State has honoured 67 women from 45 different countries.

The other awardees for this year are Malalai Bahaduri, First Sergeant Afghan National Interdiction Unit (Afghanistan); Samira Ibrahim, Coordinator Know Your Rights (Egypt); Julieta Castellanos, Rector National Autonomous University of Honduras (Honduras); Dr Josephine Obiajulu Odumakin, President Campaign for Democracy (Nigeria); Elena Milashina journalist, human rights activist (Russia) and Fartuun Adan, Executive Director, Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre (Somalia).

Three of the awardees -- Tsering Woeser (Wei Se), Tibetan author, poet, blogger (China), Razan Zeitunah, human rights lawyer and Founder, Local Coordination Committees (Syria) and Ta Phong Tan, blogger (Vietnam) would be given the award in absentia.

After the award ceremony, the honorees will travel separately to cities across the United States to engage with the American people through an International Visitor Leadership Program.

They will visit Indianapolis, Jackson Hole, PortlandSan Francisco, and Tampa. The women will reconvene in San Diego to reflect on their visit and discuss ways to work together to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, the State Department added.

Department of Trade & Industry of South Africa conducts seminar

The department of trade and industry of Republic of South Africa organized 4th Investment and Trade initiative to India New  Delhi.Programme Director Mr Stefanus Botes conducted trade and investment seminar at Taj Palace hotel,New Delhi on Monday 4 th March 2013.
Acting High Commissioner , South African High Commission made an opening remark and key note address by H E Ms Elizabeth Thabethe,Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry,Republic of South Africa.
Welcome remarks presented by Mr Vikramjit Singh Sahney,Sr member executive committee, FICCI and Hony Consul for North  India ,Republic of South Africa.
Ms Pumla Ncapayi,Deputy Director-General,Trade and Investment South Africa made impressive presentation on trade and investment opportunities in South Africa to more than hundred Indian trade and industry members present and thereafter Q A session followed.
A media briefing was organized in this context by Deputy Minister Ms Elizabeth .
B2B meeting started at 2 PM continued for four to five hours followed by cultural Programme and dinner.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...