Thursday, June 23, 2011

Join protest at NY India Consulate,

Assemble in front of –Consulate General of India, New York

Saturday, June 25, 2011, 11AM EST
3 East 64th street (Between 5th and Madison Avenues) NY 10065


Death of Democracy and Human Rights in India
"Emergency" of 1975 back with a Vengeance!

Join to protest against post midnight “attack” by Delhi Police on sleeping and resting young,
old, women & children - assembled to exercise their fundamental
right of a peaceful protest against the rampant corruption in India.

FROM 11:00 TO 01:00 PM

Anna to protest to bring strong Ombudsman authority

At Meet the press organized at Press club of India new Delhi,
"Is the Election Commission running a parallel government? Is Supreme Court running a parallel government? Is the Central Information Commission running a parallel government? No! Then why do you call the Lokpal that way?" Mr Hazare asked.
He said Kapil Sibal remarks saying they were trying to form a parallel government is uncalled for.

Anna has given an ultimatum to the government that he will undertake fast - unto - death from August 16 and would not be go back on his decision even if the government makes any request. when asked if they would not be allowed to sit in the capital for the fast, the Gandhian strongly reacted, saying "We will sit in the jail then. Woh to apni hai!
Arvind said Bill is not fired at the corrupt officers but its cannons are at the citizen end. He further says we are looking for autonomous Lokpal with members selected from the autonomous bodies as retired CAG CEC,retired High Court Judges etc.The government has proved that they do not want to eradicate corruption.

Anna who appeared helpless with government deliberation and in mood of clash with government told the media that "he is not going to give up the cause of corruption and will fight till he breathes his last , government feels that they will be able to kill our fight against corruption in the same way as they did during Ramdev's fast. Let them lathi-charge, let them fire bullets, I will fight till the very end," Mr Hazare told media-persons in New Delhi:

Kiran Bedi too passionately described the movement an ending process and face may come and go but our efforts to give citizen anti-graft Ombudsman will go on and are prepared to follow Anna Hazare for this cause.

Hazare, Kejriwal and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi also spoke with mediapersons to trash the Government’s draft Bill.Centre has decided to call an all-party meeting on the third of next month to get their opinion on the draft Jan Lokpal Bill before giving it a final shape. Even after nine meetings, the civil society and the government failed to break the deadlock over certain issues. The issues include bringing the Prime Minister, higher judiciary and the Members of Parliament within the ambit of the bill among other things. It has also been decided to present both the versions of the anti-corruption bill before the political parties. Official sources said in New Delhi on Wednesday that, after obtaining the sense of the political parties, the bill will be presented before the Cabinet for approval. The government, however, stressed that the Bill would be placed in Parliament during the coming monsoon session.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society activists have asked the Government to relook its draft on some important aspects of the Lokpal Bill. Briefing the media in New Delhi, Mr. Anna Hazare said that they will also take up the important aspects of the Bill with the opposition and other political parties before the all party meeting next month.

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