Friday, November 26, 2010

Taiwan Excellence Campaign 2010

2010-11-26 06:17:58 - New Delhi - Nksagar Sagar Media Inc :A Press Conference this afternoon to highlight some of the key initiatives and achievements of the Taiwan Excellence Campaign 2010 Ambassador Wenchyi Ong of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre, New Delhi, said, “ For over 20 years, Taiwan has been helping the world by building IT technology that has changed the world.

Taiwan is the place where Innovative IT products are made and Taiwan holds first or second place in a host of IT products and mobile devices.”Ong said, “However, Indian consumers are less aware of excellent Taiwanese products because we came to this market only recently. Through these exhibitions, we would like the Indian consumers to realize that Taiwanese ICT products
are the same as American, Japanese or Korean imports in terms of quality, but they are much more competitive in pricing.

The latest Gartner report released on Tuesday says India Inc is expected to spend around $ 95.5 bn on ICT in the country by 2014. This only reposes our belief that we are in the right place at the right time.” All of the 17 companies that are part of the Taiwan Excellence campaign in India are recognized leaders in their areas of business. Asus, multinational computer product manufacturer, BenQ, leading innovator of digital lifestyle, D-Link, expert in delivering the best connectivity solutions, MSI, provider of cutting-edge consumer products, ADATA, top-notch memory solutions provider, are just a few. The World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report ranks Taiwan’s ICT industry No. 1 in terms of technology and innovation and The Economist Intelligence Unit gives Taiwan No.2 Innovation ranking in Asia.
World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report ranks Taiwan’s ICT industry No. 1 in terms of technology and innovation and The Economist Intelligence Unit gives Taiwan No.2 Innovation ranking in Asia.

David Hsu, Director of Economic Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in New Delhi, said, “India is one of the fastest growing countries and markets in the world and our countries possess significantly complementary skills in the ICT business. Pooling best practices and learning will provide an order of magnitude of greater benefit to both countries. There’s more to Taiwan Excellence than just the outstanding technological innovation that it has been known for amongst the niche technology enthusiasts. We have projected to see the strongest force of growth for 2010 from Asia, with India, Indonesia and Vietnam as the fastest growing countries. Many of our brands are already quite popular in India and the Taiwan Excellence Campaign is one more step to re-inforce the message.”

Taiwan Excellence Campaign engaged with consumers and business associates in metro cities through Experiencing Zones at Mumbai and Delhi Airports, and at prominent malls in both cities,through Business Forums, Social Media platforms, as well as Online Quiz Game on Taiwan’s ICT sector. All activities emphasized the key message that Taiwan ICT products are ‘innovative, reliable and worthy”, and will bring ‘Excellent Lifestyles’ to every Indian consumer.

Paul Chen, Director, TAITRA Mumbai added, “The marquee pro Excellence Campaign will integrate resources to assist the establishment of Taiwanese brands and create a favorable environment for development in India. We are very satisfied with the results of the Taiwan Excellence 2010 campaign and intend to bring you bigger and better things across more Indian cities in 2011. Our brand partners will continue to bring the world’s best to Indian consumers and now the focus will be to tap into Tier-II cities where incomes are rising and there is a growing demand for better lifestyle products. Currently with a 50 million internet user base and the expected number is to go up to 200 million by 2014, we see great demand for personal computers and notebooks, which is just one of the areas that ICT manufacturers in Taiwan cater to. Smartphones, LCD televisions, Motherboards, Memory sticks, Routers and we arrive at a whole new world of partnership possibilities.”

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