Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Karnataka Farmers’ Movement (KRRS) in 1999’

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
cordially invites you to a Seminar

at 3.00 pm on Friday, 25th April, 2014
in the Seminar Room, Library Building


‘Scaling up or Remaining Rooted?:
The Karnataka Farmers’ Movement (KRRS) in 1999’


 Dr. Stig Toft Madsen
University of Copenhagen,

In the summer of 1999 about five hundred farmers from around the world went to Europe on a month-long Inter-Continental Caravan to protest the genetic engineering of crops and various icons of globalisation such as the World Trade Organisation. The Caravan was conceived by – among others – Professor M.D. Nanjundaswamy, the leader of the Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha (KRRS). His movement derived great mileage from critiquing globalization, but raising the stakes precipitated the virtual bifurcation of the KRRS in the aftermath of the Caravan.  

Dr. Stig Toft Madsen is a Danish anthropologist cum sociologist who has worked extensively on South Asian political, legal, social and natural history.  He is affiliated with NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

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