Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heavy Restrictions in Karze

Heavy Restrictions in Karze
DHARAMSHALA: A set of new photos and an eyewitness accounts of situation in Karze in eastern Tibet posted online by a human rights group in Dharamsala show heavy surveillance by Chinese security forces in the region during the holy Buddhist month of Saga Dawa.
The region witnessed a series of peaceful protests by Tibetans, who made strong calls for freedom in Tibet and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Over 39 Tibetans, including monks and nuns, have been arrested and tortured since the protests began on 6 June.
”The situation in the area is very tense and people live in a climate of fear. In the wake of protests, security troops in thousands have been deployed in the area to instantly crush any sort of a popular protest,” an unnamed foreign tourist who visited Kardze told the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).
There were thousands of police and army, in riot gear, in armored trucks patrolling the streets, and on foot in formation patrolling the streets. As well as many standing on street corners, and many more in plain clothes,” the foreigner said.

The foreigner also saw a prison full of Tibetan political prisoners and evening TV shows that showed how the prisoners repent for wrongdoing after they were forced to confess by beatings. “One was an old nomad lady -- about 80, crippled and bent over. Her three sons had been killed and she came into town to shout Free Tibet. My friends in Ganzi, who I won't name to protect them, had several members of the family in prison in the past. The father was in for two years and repeatedly tortured. The two nieces, who are nuns, were most recently in prison in 2008 for writing an open letter asking the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet and in support of him. They are young nuns in their 20's and were locked up for two and three years successively. As they described their torture to me, they started crying, the emotional/mental wounds were still fresh,” the foreigner told TCHRD.
China Intensifies Restrictions in Tibet
The Chinese government has convened a high-level meeting in Lhasa on 25 June to strengthen security apparatus in Tibet, as it prepares to celebrate its so-called "60 years of Peaceful Liberation of Tibet".
In the evening of 25 June, a meeting was held in Lhasa for the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and People Armed Police (PAP) to take oath by them to keep the society stable and to bring security to the people. The police displayed their arms and ammunitions and marched in the police ground to swear on ensuring stability on the society and to maintain peace.

Due to the forthcoming celebrations there have been increased restrictions in Lhasa and monks from the monastery around Lhasa area are restricted to move around freely to Lhasa. The hotels and guest houses are being checked round the clock, passes are being checked for fear of any protest. Especially the former political prisoners are being questioned and Tibetans coming from outside Lhasa are being arrested if they do not have permits to stay in Lhasa,” TCHRD reported.
The rights group urged the Chinese government to immediately lift restrictions, saying the restriction violates human rights of the Tibetans in Tibet.Media-agenies

Taliban storm Kabul hotel

Heavily armed Taliban militants stormed a top Kabul hotel, sparking a ferocious battle involving Afghan commandos and a NATO helicopter gunship that left at least 21 dead including the nine attackers.

Officials said all of the gunmen were killed during the night-time raid on the hilltop Intercontinental Hotel, frequented by Westerners and Afghan officials, part of which was left in flames as tracer bullets lit up the sky.
The state-owned 1960s hotel, which is not part of the global InterContinental chain, was hosting delegates attending an Afghan security conference and a large wedding party when the insurgents struck.
The interior ministry said nine Afghan civilians -mostly hotel workers and two police officers were killed in the brazen assault and another 18 people were wounded.
It said a ninth dead Taliban militant had been identified.
The ministry and the government in Madrid said a Spanish man -reportedly a pilot working for a Turkish airline  was also killed at the hotel.
Interior ministry spokesman Seddiq Seddiqi said the slain hotel workers had been on the first floor and in the lobby at the time of the attack.
Among those staying at the hotel were provincial government officials who were in Kabul for a conference on the handover of power from foreign to Afghan security forces.
The process starts next month. Two New Zealand special forces troops who had been supporting the Afghan commandos received "moderate injuries", the country's defence force said.
The attackers steered clear of the normally heavily guarded road snaking up to the hotel, instead picking their way through the trees on the northern slope towards the building around 11:00 pm yesterday, police said.
Panicked guests were told to stay in their rooms as the attackers, thought to have suicide vests, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, roamed through the building for about four hours before the raid was quelled.
Major Tim James, a spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force, said ISAF deployed one helicopter at the request of Afghan authorities.
"It flew over the hotel, circled it a few times. They were able to clearly identify a number of insurgents who were armed and wearing suicide vests and then they engaged the individuals with small-arms fire," James told the news agency. 
"We've had reports that there were a number of explosions caused either by the insurgents detonating themselves or the engagement by the helicopter causing that (suicide vests) to explode," he said.
Witnesses identified the NATO aircraft as an Apache attack helicopter.
A member of staff named Ezatullah said he hid in a room on the fifth floor when the attack started.
"There was first gunfire, and then two blasts. It continued and got worse. The room I was hiding in filled with smoke," he said.
"I had to leave. As I got out I saw trails of blood, and then the police came and took me out of the building."
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the militant Islamist group was behind the attack, which comes weeks before foreign forces are expected to start withdrawals from Afghanistan.

Everonn World centres go on stream

Everonn World centres go on stream
·        Everonn initiative to offer one-stop solutions
·        Services to cover higher education, IIT-JEE & CAT, Training, Testing & Admissions Counseling
·        Counseling  for overseas education

NEW DELHI, June 29, 2011: Spurred by its success as the worldⳠlargest VSAT education company, Everonn had rolled out its Edupreneur Program to identify a committed set of entrepreneurs who are willing to transform the Indian Education space in their chosen geographies while creating a new generation of Education thought leaders in India. This is a unique opportunity to provide products and services across the value chain of EveronnⳠofferings namely Pre-School, Vocational Education, Training, Institutional tie-ups (schools and colleges), University & Management Education, Admission Counselling, Coaching, Certification and Testing. These would be offered through Everonn World. In phase 1, the 3 cities will offer these products and services through Everonn World. They are being opened in Delhi-NCR (Patel Nagar, Rajouri Garden & Gurgaon), Bengaluru (Indiranagar) & Ahmedabad (Navrangpura). Envisaged to work as mini-Everonn centres, the Everonn World outlets will serve as one-stop-solution providers for educational as well as training needs of candidates and institutions.

Announcing the new initiative, Mr. P Kishore, Managing Director of Everonn Education, said: ㅤucation is our mission and Everonn World is a path-breaking endeavour to fulfill our vision and desire to ensure that a whole range of learners across economic and social boundaries gain from the benefits of education. Our experts will help train and prepare students for competitive examinations, address challenges pertaining to the admission process for higher education and guide them through the decision making process in order to take the right steps that will help them achieve their dream of being an integral part of a knowledge driven economy.䠼/p>

Talking about the launch, Mr. Manoj Chawla, President of Eduprenuer, said 㔯 begin with, Everonn World will introduce programmes in Test Preparation for IIT-JEE and CAT, IT Training (Microsoft, Oracle) in Hardware and Networking, Software and Web Development, Database Management as well as University Degree programs such as MBA, BBA, B.A., B.Com.  It will also offer overseas education counseling covering countries like the US, UK, Canada and Singapore. Subsequently, tests for certification by international agencies like Prometric and VUE will also be made available.伯p>

Seeking to provide a new thrust to education, Everonn Education has embarked on a novel Edupreneur Program to promote people with entrepreneurial skills onto education. With this, Everonn aims to promote Business Leaders who will turn into Ambassadors of Learning to spread education with a missionary zeal as the nation witnesses an unprecedented boom in the sector. Everonn is set to nurture a new breed of educationalists who will believe in the vision of educating India with emphasis on quality teaching through technology enabled solutions.

Everonn Edupreneur targets 1,000 locations taking its footprint to almost every district in India and also the mini-metros and metros. Everonn Education, a leading education company is in the process of appointing Edupreneurs (Educational Entrepreneurs) across the length and breadth of the country.

About Everonn Education Limited
Everonn Education, IndiaⳠsecond largest listed education company, is credited with revolutionizing and transforming the educational landscape of the country.  Everonn has an established name as a brand in the Education industry and also a track record of participating in innovative projects through its emphasis on contemporary learning process and strong project execution. Constantly growing Everonn recorded a 45% increase in Revenue for FY11

Pioneering deployment of technology for education, Everonn embarked on its mission with computer-aided learning 24 years ago and today it reaches out to students across the length and breadth of the country with diverse and multi-lingual culture. Everonn has been providing quality and consistently researched content works with 16 State Governments and touches the lives of 8 millions of students through 10,062 of Everonn learning centres across the country

With its VSAT platform, Everonn addresses students even in the most remote corners which have been hitherto denied even basic education facilities.

Under the leadership of its founder Directors, who have taken up education as their mission, Everonn today imparts education from Pre-school to B-School and is setting a high benchmark in the sector.

Everonn Education was Asia's 'Best under a Billion' on 2010 list of companies compiled by the Forbes magazine. It was one of the 39 companies listed out of the 200 by the Forbes magazine, The 'Best under a Billion' list is chosen from nearly 13,000 publicly-listed Asia-Pacific companies with actively traded shares and having sales in the range of USD 5 million- USD 1 billion.

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