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Lokpal bill on its appropriate mechanism is hard nut crack


Nksagar December 11, 2011

Lokpal bill on its appropriate mechanism is hard nut crack  and the public debate at jantar mantar on dated 11 Dec with presence of party leaders from BJP,CPI,BJD,SP, the matter remains still debatable and the Team Anna's manager Arvind kejriwal spoke for the system in the system and for the added system of lokpal if  gets totally corrupt he talks of administrative will.With novice taking the rostrum as masters of all knowledge stops the rocess of contemplation for building better tommorrow. Thus Opposition political leaders also snapped at Arvind Kejriwal after he pressed them to make public their opinion on some of the key issues pertaining to Lokpal Bill during Anna Hazare's day-long agitation and asked him to leave the matter to Parliament for a decision

Leaders finished their speeches, the activist's day-long dharna at Jantar Mantar, Kejriwal requested them to give their opinios on specific issues relating to Lokpal like composition of selection committee, appointment of CBI director and grievance redressal mechanism for complaints against group C employees.CPI leader D Raja took a lead rebutted asking him to leave the detailed discussions on the Lokpal Bill to Parliament.BJP leader Arun Jaitley said all the leaders have already discussed the fundamental issues and agreed to most of the key demands of Team Anna.

"We have already discussed the fundamental issues pertaining to Lokpal. We gave our opinion on most of the sticking issues. We all agreed that there should be a strong and effective Lokpal and we will do our best to make it happen. But details on specific issues should be left to Parliament for discussion," said Jaitley.

A visibly upset BJD leader Pinaki Misra said the draft Bill prepared by the Parliamentary Standing Committee was not cast in stone and that it can be changed by Parliament when comes for discussion."The whole system cannot go backward. It will only go forward. The details can be discussed in Parliment," he said.

CPM leader Brindra Karat, showed poltical acumen assured to do everything possible for a strong Lokpal, said the issues raised by Kejriwal can be discussed in details by lawmakers in Parliament.




Dear Shri Mukherjee,

The nation is in a very serious crisis the like of which we had not seen before since we became independent in 1947.

2.As someone who had served in the Government of India for 27 years under Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Charan Singh,Indira Gandhi again, Rajiv Gandhi, V.P.Singh, Chandra Sekhar and Narasimha Rao, I feel concerned over the depressing state of affairs marked by perceptions of uncontrolled corruption, policy mismanagement, inept governance and a total lack of political and administrative acumen at all levels of the political leadership and the bureaucracy.

3. My depression is rendered even more acute by the intellectual sclerosis that seems to prevail in Governmental and political circles in New Delhi marked by utter insensitivity to people’s anger and incomprehension of the implications of the dangerous drift leading the nation towards a precipice with no return.

4. The youth of the nation is totally alienated. There is no inspiring, wise leadership that can give them cause for hope for the future.

5.A nation without hope is a nation without a future. Nothing illustrates more dramatically and more shockingly the total lack of leadership and wisdom than the manner in which the political leadership has dealt with the anticorruption agitation of Anna Hazare, which has wide support among the youth of the country.

6. Instead of understanding and appreciating the depth of public anger reflected in the Anna movement and taking action to mitigate the anger, the political leadership has been playing games with it, making solemn commitments to persuade Anna to break his fast in August and then ignoring those commitments.

7. One embarrassment after another---the 2 G scam, the Commonwealth Games Scam, the mishandling of the appointment of the Central Vigilance Commissioner, the failure to do the political homework before taking the important decision on allowing foreign direct investment in the retail sector etc--- has not only severely damaged the credibility of the Government, but has also earned for it the contempt of large sections of the people.

8. The shocking nonchalance of the Congress leadership in the face of the spreading confusion reminds one of the Bourbon Kings of France before the 1789 Revolution---having had nothing to learn and nothing to forget.

9. This is the time for robust and wise leadership activism. Instead we find a semi-comatose leadership in the party and the Government. The Prime Minister and the Congress leader Mrs.Sonia Gandhi--- instead of acting to dissipate the darkness engulfing the country--- have chosen to live inside a well where others can't see and hear them and they can't see and hear others.

10. There is a total drought of communications between the leadership and the people. Instead of interacting transparently and vigorously with the people, the media, Team Anna and the youth supporting them, Dr.Manmohan Singh and Mrs.Sonia Gandhi have withdrawn into a shell looking over their shoulders suspiciously at each other worrying what the other is up to.

11. Jawaharlal Nehru often used to speak of administering a shock treatment to a nation in crisis. The time for such a shock treatment has come. Only you can---- with your vast political wisdom, courage and experience--- encourage such a shock treatment in the form of a national coalition to deal with the immediate crisis before things get out of hand and pave the way for fresh, premature elections.

12. The citizens of this country with no axe to grind look up to you to lead.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
B.Raman, Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
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