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Baisoya wins Goodricke East India

Baisoya wins Goodricke East India, Chikka is beaten
25th December, Kolkata: Delhi’s Honey Baisoya showed his swing in Rory Mclroy’s style as he became the youngest winner of the 22nd edition of Goodricke East India Amateur Golf Championship at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata. The 15-year-old Baisoya, sent the opponent, The No.1 Amateur, S. Chikkarangappa home, wrapping up the match on the 34th green to win 3 and 2. Both of them had to play 2 rounds of 36 holes as it was the final day of the tournament.
Baisoya secured a winning start after making birdies on 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 12th and 15th in the first round of 18 holes where both Baisoya and Chikka halved 11 holes. Though, Chikka won 3 matches on 7th, 11th and 14th, Baisoya was 2-up after the first round.
In the beginning of second round, Baisoya again took the early lead after making a birdie on the 1st to go 3-up where Chikka’s 2nd shot went 10 yards off the green and he made a par. Chikka, who was suffering with the pain in his foot, hit his tee shot on the left green on 2nd and made a safe par while Baisoya double putted hole for a bogey to go one-down for 2-up. Both of them hit the center fairway on the 3rd and then Chikka’s second shot reached the edge of the green for another safe par while Baisoya made a 1-footer bogey to remain 1-up. After halving 4th, Chikka hit his tee shot next to the bunker on 5th and Honey made the par to go 2-up after hitting few ups and downs. Both of them halved 6th and then Baisoya won 7th and 8th after making both pars to go 4-up. An aggressive Chikka kept giving a tough competition after halving 9th, 10th 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and also by making a long awaited birdie on the 15th where Baisoya’s putt lipped out to go one-down again to maintain 3-up. By the time they reached 16th, a tired Chikka hit the center fairway but his bad luck couldn’t get him a birdie while Baisoya got the advantage of a birdie on the 16th to seal the victory.

A delighted Baisoya said, “I was very nervous throughout the round but now, I feel like I am on the cloud 9. I can’t show so much excitement as me and my dad wanted to be atleast 10-up in the first round but could only come up with 3 and 2. There is no doubt that I can’t express my feelings of winning my first amateur title from the no. 1 amateur of the country.”

A disappointed Chikka said, “I was struggling with my putting and the pain in my left foot but I played my fair game. Also, I am happy for the young Baisoya who showed me the real golf at this age which nobodyelse could show on the amateur circuit.”

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Great Event of Arya Samajs


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