Monday, November 26, 2012

DR S Y Quereshi gets REX Karmaveer Puraskaar

3 days Rex Conclive hosts Global Awards for Social Justice &Citizen Action
The 7th Annual Rex -KARMAVEER PURASKAAR to mark National Citizen Action Day
New Delhi 26th November 2012: 3 days Rex Conclive- the one its kind simple and austere platform aiming at enabling partnerships between grassroots community, industry workers and people from media, government, businesses and citizens at large to generate ideas for action that can make a difference in our world and bring about a change for the greater good of humanity hosted 7th Annual REX KARMAVEER PURASKAAR to mark the Citizen Day ie 26th NOVEMBER. Instituted by the people sector along with various partners, citizens from all sectors, and media supporters, the prestigious award is an annual function that recognizes and encourages citizens to address social issues and BE THE CHANGE in the society.
 The 7th REX Karmaveer Puraskaar awardees include Dr Swaroop Rawal- main stream sctress, Michael Norton & Nida Shams- Global Citizen, Mrs. M.C.Mary Kom, Mr.Kuldeep Singh Bisht- Sportsperson 4 Change, Hansal Mehta-Filmmaker on contemporary Issues, Shalu Jindal and inderneel Hariharan -artist for change. Karan Pau, chairman of APJ Surendra Group-corporate citizen for change., DR S Y Quereshi  & Gen Vinod Sehgal and Chhavi Rajawat -government citizen for change, and Master Arvindh Natrajan, kids for change  etc etc.
 The people sector instituted these awards to recognize real life unsung heroes who believe it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness and have walked that extra mile to BE THE CHANGE and practice true democracy by fighting for social justice and practicing the power of ONE as citizens for change. This year we celebrate the sixth year of instituting the CtrlS-KARMAVEER PURASKAAR and the awards, like every year, shall be given the 26th day of November, the National Social Justice and Citizen Action Day.

The awardees of REX KARMAVEER PURASKAAR are caring and concerned citizens who have gone beyond business as usual to lead the change with an 'I CAN DO' attitude by taking stands and speaking out against social wrongs. These awardees are dubbed as the Noble Laureates and the mission of the awards is to celebrate and inspire individual citizen action for social justice. The idea is to nominate and select citizens from all the sectors, who have contributed to social justice & citizen action by going beyond business as usual, and thus have been the change that they want to see in the world. These coveted awards are given only to individual citizens and not to any organisation or company. 

Elaborating the vision behind REX, Jeroninio Almeida founder & curator of REX and iCONGO said, “I am overwhelmed by the large number of volunteers who have been contributing towards the society and are determined to 'Be the Change' for the betterment of the world we live in. This prestigious award is a step to honour the exemplary actions by people from our own surrounding who have gone beyond their comfort zones for social justice through citizen action. We really need the awareness in our citizens so that together, we all become the emissary of a change.
The 3 days knowledge forum witnesses several eminent speakers including Mary Mangte Kom, India’s Olympic winning champion, Mark Parkinson, Internationally renowned educationist, Josy Paul, Chairman – BBDO,  Vijay Mehta, global Philanthropistauthor and Peace Ambassador, Swaroop Rawal  Actor and Social Activist, Arjun Sajnani, Movie Director and renowned theatre personality &  playwrightDr David Drorinternational Fashion designer Alecca Carrano, global philanthropist & author Michael Norton,  Ajeet Bajajan adventurer & explorer, the first Indian to have completed the much-acclaimed Polar Trilogy comprising, skiing to the North Pole, to the South Pole and across the Greenland IceAubrey AloysiusArvindh Natarajan -fifteen years old, NRI from California teaches children in primary schools in his native place in Tamil Nadu, Carmen Miranda etc  enlighten the audiences and shared the ideas which has changed the life of millions. and several other globally eminent speakers and alternative performers (music, stand –up comics, sufi artistes like Rekha Surya, Lorraine Aloysius, Olavo Rodriques, Arka Mukopahyaya, Saqlain Nizami and others)
One of this year’s awardees, Dr Swaroop Rawal, said, “I am glad to have been awarded the coveted Karmaveer Puraskaar. However, I would like to share this among all the citizens of our country who have done even single deed of selfless service. I do not need the award, but a lot of people in our society need our help. I ask you all to pledge at this moment to do at least one selfless work every day and you'll see the world changing for yourself. It is a moment however, which has left me feel humble and motivated to contribute more to the society.For further media information kindly contact
Meenakshi @ 9958807057/ Ruchi @9891078423-- 


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