Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anna Hazare said Parliament supreme

Reports appearing in Press that Anna Hazare today said Parliament was supreme and would accept its decision if it rejects the Lok Pal Bill thus diluting the law-Lok Pal bill is monitoring authority by civil society to which one must understand: Monitoring authority does not become supreme as appears in some news items when authority dflect from their paths It is intervening authority at time of crisis:

Anna Hazare today said Parliament was supreme and would accept its decision if it rejects the Lok Pal Bill. Speaking to a select group of journalists in New Delhi, Mr Hazare said he was open to extending the August 15 deadline he had set for passage of the Lok Pal Bill by Parliament if he found that the government was on the right path.Hazare, who called off his fast on April 9 after government notified a Joint Draft Committee, had set August 15 deadline for passage of the bill failing which he would again go on a fast.The noted social activist said he was open to have wider consultations on the Lok Pal Bill and was also willing to involve the political leadership of the country.He favoured stricter laws for government servants, including one that made declaration of assets compulsory for every one.Media agencies

Drafting committee on Lokpal Bill meets

Sibal said both sides presented their perspective on the proposed legislation. The latest draft presented by the civil society representatives had "significant" proposals, he added. The joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill today had its first meeting when civil society representatives presented a new draft of the legislation to the government with both sides expressing hope that the new law will be brought in Monsoon session of Parliament.

The 90-minute meeting chaired by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and co-chaired by eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan was audio-recorded and not videographed as demanded by the civil society activists.
The next meeting of the ten-member committee will be held on May two.

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