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Russia asks West to persuade Ukraine govt.

Russia has called on the United States and European countries to urge Ukraine's interim government to hold dialogue with pro-Russian groups in the eastern region.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had telephone conversations with his German, French and US counterparts on Thursday.

The move follows a failed attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to postpone a referendum in eastern Ukraine. He proposed establishing a dialogue between Kiev and pro-Russian groups, but it was rejected.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says that Lavrov spoke with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and expressed deep concern over continued military operations by the interim government.

Lavrov told French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius that the scheduled presidential election would be meaningless unless the interim government stops military operations and hold talks with pro-Russian residents.

In talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Lavrov called on Western countries to use their influence with the interim government to urge dialogue and ease tensions.

Also on Thursday, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that starting next month Ukraine must pay for natural gas in advance.

He said Ukraine has not paid for Russian gas since March and owes 3.5 billion dollars.

Russia is apparently ready to halt natural gas delivery to Ukraine unless the interim government agrees to a prepaid deal.

The move is raising concerns as European countries import Russian gas through pipelines in Ukraine.
Ukraine presidential candidate against referendum
A leading Ukrainian presidential candidate has criticized recent moves by pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country to hold a referendum on expanded autonomy.

Petro Poroshenko arrived in Berlin on Wednesday for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other officials.

The former foreign minister is considered a frontrunner in the May 25th presidential election. He is a billionaire who owns a chocolate company.

Poroshenko helped finance demonstrations that led to the downfall of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Following a meeting with German lawmakers, Poroshenko told reporters that there is no legal basis for holding a referendum.

He said he doesn't think the people of Ukraine would approve the results of such a poll.
He said the provisional government needs to hold dialogue with people in the region and help revive the regional economy.

But he also said that the government made the right decision when it recently conducted a military campaign against pro-Russian militants.
He said there is no option other than using force when dealing with terrorists.

Poroshenko met Merkel informally later in the day.
German government officials say Merkel stressed that Ukrainians must discuss carrying out a presidential election.
Officials say she urged Poroshenko to work on easing tensions instead of maintaining a hard-line position against pro-Russian militants.

Clashes in eastern Ukraine ahead of vote

 Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine will hold a referendum on Sunday to seek greater autonomy, despite calls by Russian President Vladimir Putin to put it off.
The separatists met on Thursday to discuss Putin’s request the previous day. Putin wants to pave the way for talks with the Kiev authorities.
The separatist leader in the eastern city of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, told reporters after the meeting they had decided to go ahead with the referendum.
Ukraine’s military has been trying to evict armed pro-Russian separatists from public buildings they are occupying in Slavyansk and other eastern cities.
Civilians are among the many people on both sides that have been killed or wounded since fighting intensified on Friday last week.
Tensions are mounting in eastern Ukraine as 20 people have been killed ahead of a referendum scheduled for Sunday.
Pro-Russian groups plan to carry on with the referendum despite President Vladimir Putin’s call that it be postponed.
Ukraine’s interim government is stepping up its military offensive against pro-Russian separatists who continue to occupy local government buildings in eastern Ukraine.
On Friday, there was a gunfight in the southeastern city of Mariupol between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian members who attempted to attack and seize police headquarters.
Footage from the city showed black smoke rising from the streets.
Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said 1 Ukrainian soldier and around 20 pro-Russians died in the gun battle.
The interim government unveiled plans to hold a national dialogue next Wednesday in response to calls being made by Russia and Western nations. But pro-Russian groups say there is no room for negotiation.



POSTED ON MAY 10, 2014
United States has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Crimea on Friday.
State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters that the trip was provocative and unnecessary. She also called on pro-Russian separatists to stop resorting to the use of force.
Gunfire was exchanged on Friday between pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine’s military in the southeastern city of Mariupol.Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Crimea for the first time since Russia annexed the region from Ukraine in March.
Putin visited Sevastopol, a port city on the Crimean peninsula, on a holiday that marks the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.
Putin was joined by Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in watching a parade of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet based in the port city.
Putin later addressed retired veterans and citizens and stressed that Crimea had been part of Russia since the time of the Czars. He declared that both Russia and Crimea will be stronger together. The event was aired live on Russia’s state-run TV.
Crimea was the center of intense fighting between Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union during World War Two. Many lives were lost in the fighting.
Putin’s visit to Crimea on Victory Day is seen as sending a strong message that the region is now part of Russia. It is a claim that Western nations dispute.

TDB Celebrates National Technology Day 2014 

The Technology Development Board (TDB), (a statutory body under Department of Science and Technology) in the Ministry of Science and Technology today observed the National Technology Day 2014 here in New Delhi today.Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Secretary, DST presided over the function in which Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala was the Chief Guest and he also delivered the key note address titled “Technology & Innovation: helping in making it possible”.
Secretary DST in his speech emphasized the importance of innovation and technology not only in solving the problems of the people but also playing a key role in removing inequality and providing opportunities. He cited the examples of ATM machines, mobile phones and apps which have percolated in the masses and has brought paradigm shift in the way people lead their lives.
Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala in his address emphasized that technology and innovation can solve literally any problem how so big it may be. He took up the issues of education and power shortage and deliberated convincingly that ICT can play a major role in improving the educational standards at all level in India. He further brought forth the point that by providing additional line of DC power in the households, using LED bulbs and DC power run fans and equipment can avert complete black outs to which the country has become so used to thus making life easier for the people. He also informed that IIT Madras has experimented with this in their campus and electricity boards of four southern states have agreed to run a pilot on this concept.
Dr. Inder Jit Singh, Secretary, Technology Development Board (TDB) informed the audience about the role TDB is playing in commercialization of indigenous technologies. Earlier Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Head TDT, DST welcomed the guests and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Maitreyee Nanda, Scientist ‘G’, TDB.
On 11th May, 1998 India achieved a major technological breakthrough by successfully carrying out nuclear tests at Pokhran. Also first, indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3″ was test flown at Bangalore on this day and India also performed successful test firing of the Trishul missile on the same day. Considering above technological achievements on a particular date i.e. 11th May, the day of 11th May was chosen to be commemorated as National Technology Day.
Technology Day is celebrated as a symbol of quest for scientific inquiry, technological creativity and the translation of that quest in the integration of Science, Society and Industry. This day is also celebrated to honour technological innovations and their successful commercialization which makes fruits of research reach people at large.


EC rejects BJP’s charge of bias, says not afraid of anyone 


Unfazed by BJP’s attack, the Election Commission on Thursday rejected its accusations of bias in denying permission to Narendra Modi’s rally in Varanasi and made it clear that it was “not afraid of anyone, any political party or any entity” in doing its job. 

At a hurriedly-called press conference in New Delhi, Chief Election Commissioner V S Sampath strongly defended the action of Varanasi Returning Officer Pranjal Yadav, saying his decision was based on “professional advice” and ruled out his removal as demanded by the BJP. 

Flanked by other two Election Commissioners, Sampath expressed disappointment over BJP’s attack, saying “certain harsh and sweeping statements” were made and political parties to “show greater maturity”.

Sampath said the Returning Office, who is the District Magistrate of Varanasi, had denied permission to the rally proposed to be held today on the “basis of professional advice” and there was no need for the EC to “deviate” from it. 

“When the security and suitability issues are involved, the Election Commission naturally will go by the professional advice taken at the district level,” the CEC said responding to attacks by BJP which staged protests here and in Varanasi. 

“The competent local authority, the DM and his team, took the decision taking into consideration relevant professional advice on security,” he said. 

“There is no reason to deviate from the decision taken at the district level, specially when the issue of life and security are concerned,” Sampath said. 

Effectively rejecting BJP’s demand for removal of the DM who was accused of being partisan, he said, “as of today, we do not find the action faultworthy”.

He asserted that the Commission is “not afraid of anyone, any political party or any entity in discharging its duties”.


H S Brahma:Exit polls cannot be telecast before May 16.


Naresh Kumar Sagar

Media interaction of Election Commissioner H S Brahma at Indian Women Press Corps wherein he answered to various question directed by women journalist and Sr Journalist to Q on why this time Hate Politics is on rise due to various hate speeches by leaders of branded parties which were contained in last elections after strict action on Varun Gandhi hate speech were taken.EC HS Brahma replied that if you want us to send them show cause notice we shall do the same.Election Commissioner was more comfortable and happier in organizing this mega event rather than injecting discipline in political outfits and thus quotes that there are more than 1600 registered political parties but hardly two doz to be in active politics. Thus his stance perception is let the political parties evolve to their level and our action is to conduct free and fair elections.
Election Commissioner H S Brahma said the exit polls cannot be telecast before May 16. 

“You are not supposed to conduct exit polls before May 16th– the counting day… We will not allow you to open your mouth before 16th evening,” he said during an interaction with Indian Women Press Corps. 

“On the evening of 16th you can openly telecast the exit polls… Exit poll is only after counting. What is the hurry? Hardly, there are 150 hours (between May 12 and May 16),” he added. 

Asked why the exit polls cannot be telecast before May 16, Brahma argued that there could be repoll in several places. 

“What is the guarantee that you will have no repolling or countermanding of polls on 13th or 14th,” he said.

“The law is very clear. The exit poll is banned as per the law of the land. In 2010, we banned exit polls. As per the law of the land…No exit poll before 16th,” the Election Commissioner said.
A Gujarat police official, who was part of the Advance Security Liasion team of BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, had indicated that the chosen ground for holding the rally was not a desirable place for the VIP to attend, Election Commissioner H S Brahma said in New Delhi on Friday.
The Gujarat police official said it would not be possible to hold a rally at the venue as it was highly congested and complicated, Brahma said during an interaction with Indian Women Press Corps.
Modi, who is contesting from Varanasi, was to address the rally in Benia Bagh area of the city on Thursday but the district authorities denied permission citing security reasons.
Describing the permission issue as “purely an operational problem”, Brahma said, “You are entitled to take a decision under law. You have a right and duty to take a decision.”
However, at the same time, he said, “the person has a right to know yes or no… It should be communicated in an appropriate time. My only point is that there should be no delay in saying a yes or no.”
Terming the entire episode as unfortunate, the Commissioner said things should not have escalated to a level that it comes to the central poll Brahma said that since Varanasi was a VIP constituency and the authorities were dealing with a very important personality, the decisions should have been conveyed fast so that issues do not crop up.
The authorities should be prompt and quicken the process, he said, adding “if you take 20 minutes normally, you should, may be take 10 mins or 5 mins.”


BSP, Trinamool rule out support to BJP post-poll

BSP, Trinamool rule out support to BJP post-poll
BSP chief Mayawati and Trinamool Congress on Friday dashed any hopes of a post-poll alignment with the BJP-led NDA, an option about which Narendra Modi had talked in an interview.
“BJP leader Narendra Modi in his recent interview had claimed that if needed he might seek support of AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa, TMC’s Mamata Banerjee and BSP national president…
“I want to make it clear that BSP will not extend any kind of support to Modi or NDA to form the government at any cost,” Mayawati told reporters in Lucknow on Friday.
Rejecting the possibility of a tie up with BJP, Trinamool Congress also said “if he says BJP’s doors are open for a Modi-led government, then we will use the same analogy to say that our doors are shut and the keys have been thrown away”.
Both were reacting to Modi’s comments in a television interview on Thursday night hinting at keeping the doors open for doing business with leaders like Jayalalithaa, Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati, notwithstanding strong attacks on them during the campaign.
However, there was no reaction from Chennai either from the Tamil Nadu chief minister or her party AIADMK.
In his interview, Modi said “Whatever I wanted to explain, I have. This can also be a tactic to keep the door open….I won’t explain it now but will do so after May 12.”
Mayawati told reporters that Modi’s statement betrayed nervousness on his part as the BJP has realised that it might not be able to form the government.
“When elections started, Modi was claiming that NDA will not require support of any other party. No party talks about taking support of any other party unless it is unsure of its victory…. The interview of Modi is a ploy to create confusion in the minds of minority community which is voting for us,” she said.
Trinamool spokesman Derek O’Brien said in Kolkata, “if the doors are open, then our doors are shut and the keys have been thrown away.”
He said the BJP’s claim of 372 was a “hallucination” and suggested the party may get 180 to 190 seats.
“The Congress can fit into a railway compartment with 72 seasts. The results are going to be very different. One thing is that Trinamool Congress will be third largest party in Lok Sabha,” he said.
O’Brien said leaders like Jayalalitha, Naveen Patnaik and Banerjee and “many like us will be the engine. It is time to wait till May 16.”
On Wednesday, Banerjee had ruled out supporting BJP or Modi in forming the government.
“The BJP will not get more than 160 seats and will not be able to form the government in Delhi. There is no question of backing you (the BJP) even if you beg,” she told a public meeting on the outskirts of Kolkata.
Mamata Banerjee on Friday continued her attack on Modi saying she would have sent Narendra Modi to jail had she been in Delhi.
The Congress, she claimed, was ‘cocooned in fear’ and did not have the guts to act against the BJP.
“They (Congress) have no guts. It is a party cocooned in fear. They survive through understanding and play got-up matches and indulge in match-fixing. Not a single word against Narendra Modi. It (Congress) is in head over heels in love with Narendra Modi,” Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress chief, told an election rally in Murshidabad district.
“Had I been in Delhi in place of Congress, I would have sent Narendra Modi to jail by tying a rope around his waist,” she said hitting out again at the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate for his remark that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants would be sent packing after 16th May.
Picking on what Modi said, his party leader Amit Shah said it does not believe in “political untouchability” and is open to support from any party.
“All parties are welcome to join the NDA if they want to give their support for development of this country,” he told reporters in Varanasi when asked to comment on Mayawati dismissing the possibility of backing BJP or Modi in government formation.


EC serves show cause notice to Rahul Gandhi

 EC serves show cause notice to Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Modi
The Election Commission on Friday issued a show cause notice to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Narendra Modi while addressing an election rally in Solan, Himachal Pradesh on 1st May.
In that rally Rahul Gandhi had reportedly said that if BJP comes to power it will lead to massacre of about 22 thousand innocents.The commission said that he prima facie violated the Model Code of Conduct and has asked him to respond to the notice by 12th May morning.
The show cause notice also referred to the provision which refrains parties and candidates making distorted or unverified allegations and limit their criticism to policies and programmes of rival parties.
The BJP had moved the EC against Gandhi for his remarks.
The Election Commission has also ordered further probe to ascertain whether Rahul Gandhi violated electoral law by entering the EVM area of polling booths during balloting in his constituency Amethi on Wednesday.
In another related news the election commission has sent a special observer for Varanasi till the electoral process gets over.
The Election Commission has appointed Pravin Kumar as special Observer for Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency with immediate effect.
Senior IAS officer Praveen Kumar from the Tamil Nadu cadre has been asked to reach Varanasi immediately to keep a close watch on election related preparedness and electoral process.


Checkmate ASEAN Market at Forum. / Form Partnerships with Japanese SMEs


eNewsletter #7

The newly converged single market is expected to open up tremendous opportunities for businesses and citizens of the ASEAN member states, allowing goods, services, investments, capital and labor, to flow freely and seamlessly within a market that has a population of over 600 million people, and a combined GDP of USD 2 trillion – the 7th largest in the world. It is said that the ASEAN is one of the fastest-growing regions, and will be the 5th largest economic region globally by 2050. 
Looking ahead, business leaders should see the ASEAN as a key investment opportunity, with its increasingly powerful group of nations that continue to influence and shape the global economic landscape. 

Co-organized by Reed Tradex, Thai Trade and Industry Media (TTIM) and Asia Pacific Plant Management, the upcoming Manufacturing Expo Forum under the topic “Checkmate ASEAN Market! Under the CEO ‘s Perspective” will discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the much-anticipated ASEAN Economic Community 2015 (AEC). The Forum will take place on 28 May 2014, from 13.00 – 16.00 hrs., at Convention Room A, Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien, Chonburi, Thailand. The presentation will be divided into 2 sessions as below:
  “CHECKMATE ASEAN MARKET! Under the CEO s’ Perspective”
Mr. Montree Sornpaisarn
CEO, Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand)
  “Capital Management Development of Competitive Marketing 3.0”
Mr. Maesai Prapasawat 
CEO, Versus Thailand Co., Ltd. and
President, Thai Association of Gas Equipment Installers for Vehicles
Remarks: All topics will be presented in Thai only.
Click here for full details!
Click here to reserve your seat!

A second wave of Japan’s investors, especially small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), are seeking to invest in ASEAN and they believe that Thailand could be a trading hub for the region. Therefore, Factory Network Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will host FNA Pavilion and Factorynetwork Business Conference (FBC) Bangkok 2014 (It is named “ものづくり商談会@バンコク 2014” in Japanese) to provide an exclusive business matching platform for160 Japanese SME manufactures and related manufactures and their potential suppliers in Thailand with pre-appointed and monitoring services to accommodate over 2,500 business meetings from 20 – 21 June 2014 at Grand Hall203 and Meeting Rooms 210 – 213.

CEO of FNA, Mr. Naoki Inoue
 noted “From this year on, it would be the “Age of Japanese SMEs in Thailand” as they believe Thailand would become an ASEAN hub for manufacturing and the country can support their demands for high-level products. The FNA pavilion and FBC Bangkok will allow participants to check what each exhibitors would like to buy and sell beforehand and FNA will matchthe demands and supplies for both parties to arrange meeting schedule based on the numbers of their potential partners. We will also send free FCB exhibitors’ guide book to all visitors in Thailand who pre-register at before end of May.”

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Featuring easier navigation and simplified content, it is with great excitement that we at the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) unveil our revamped website to you. We have added a whole host of new features in a more user friendly interface with the objective of making a visit to the site more comfortable, enabling users to find information quickly and simply. 
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April exports grows at 5.26%


All Members,
April exports grows at 5.26%

India’s exports for the month of April 2014 stands at USD 25.63 billion as compared to USD 24.35 billion in April 2013 registering a growth of 5.26%. During April 2014, the imports were USD 35.72 billion as compared to USD 42.02 billion in April 2013, registering a growth of (-) 15%. The balance of trade stands at around USD (-) 10.08 billion during April 2014 as compared to USD (-) 17.67 billion for April 2013.

  Value of foreign trade                          USD billion
FY 1525.63
Growth (%)5.26
FY 1435.72
Growth (%)(-) 15
Trade balance
FY 14(-)10.08
   Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India

Exports growth have picked up while imports growth have declined, during April 2014.

Trend in Exports and Imports                                                                       (%)
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India

Warm regards,

Dr. S P Sharma
Chief Economist


Quake of M6.0 – GUERRERO, MEXICO



Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 10 May 2014 07:36:03 UTC
  • 10 May 2014 02:36:04 near epicenter
  • 10 May 2014 11:36:03 standard time in your timezone
Location17.263N 100.754W
Depth35 km
  • 7 km (4 mi) W of Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico
  • 34 km (21 mi) WNW of Atoyac de Alvarez, Mexico
  • 61 km (37 mi) ESE of Petatlan, Mexico
  • 77 km (47 mi) WNW of Coyuca de Benitez, Mexico
  • 294 km (182 mi) SW of Mexico City, Mexico


Please join our call to Secretary of Defense Hagel

Brenda Bowser Soder, Human Rights First
Today at 12:37 AM

 Join Us On FacebookTweet thisshare on google+Donate to Support Human Rights First's Work
It’s been almost a month since the terrorist group Boko Haram stormed a school in Nigeria and kidnapped hundreds of girls. Some have been forced to marry their abductors. Others have been trafficked into sex slavery, sold off for $12.
The U.S. government is sending military, intelligence, and law enforcement advisors to Nigeria to assist in the effort to rescue the girls. This is the right response to this horrific crime against humanity.
But the United States should also address the root causes of the crisis. Economic desperation and human rights abuses committed by Nigerian security forces have fueled the rise of Boko Haram.
The Pentagon should partner with State and USAID to support anti-corruption, rule of law, and police reforms. It should also ensure that the United States is not allying with people in the Nigerian security services who are complicit in the victimization of the kidnapped girls or other civilians.
Brenda Bowser Soder
Human Rights First


Launch of new website of IDCR Group at CPR.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
To Me
 May 9 at 5:16 PM
Dear Friends,
The Indian Development Cooperation Research (IDCR) group at the Centre for Policy Research announces the launch of it’s new website:
With a grant from the Asia Foundation, over the past two years, IDCR has been collating data and disseminating narratives on India’s growing development assistance program.
Indian development assistance has changed remarkably since its inception, shortly after India’s independence. Yet despite a large and rapidly growing development assistance program, there is little public understanding of the different grants and loans of which it is comprised.
With the launch of its new website, IDCR hopes to reach a wider audience and contribute to the public discourse surrounding India’s burgeoning development partnerships.
To learn more about the new website, browse through the attached flyer.

With regards,
Navroz Dubash
Officiating as Chief Executive

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...