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Panun Kashmir:Internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits 1043

Panun Kashmir:Internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits

Panun Kashmir:Internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits
2010-08-15 05:35:47 - Panun Kashmir is the frontal organization of Internally displaced Kashmir Pandits called Press Conference at Press Club India, Raisin Road, New Delhi on 14 July 2010 noon to address their two decades of exodus pains.

Panun Kashmir the frontal organization of Internally displaced Kashmir Pandits in the Press Conference addressed by two senior functionaries of the organization - Sh. Kamal Hak and Sh. Ramesh Manvati.

Spokesperson while addressing the press said that the media is glorifying and romanticized the stone throwers, and who is funding these youngsters raises multiple question about stone throwers support which needs
to be investigated. Most of stone throwers those raising the anti national slogan against India are being trained is not simple thing but either to do under separatist strategy or state.

Under the strategy of protesters their is big crowd which moves ahead with women or children in the front raising the anti -Indian slogans. Spokesperson said the protesters efforts is to replicate the Palestine model, in J&K state of affairs,similar to that prevailing in Israeli - Palestine conflict.Their effort to create leadership anti Indian leadership is on the cards but their in fight for top slot does not help their effort.

Who are the forces behind in aberration of the democratic processes which are being infringed by their sinister design, in calibrated manner .

It is high time the civil society of J &K must learn to be aware of the fact that those who did not believe in democratic set ups and their vote banks were falling, the separatist, thus made efforts to regain their grounds and thus the process of democracy which was fast catching in the city has come to an halt. Anti Indian slogan which is making rounds are Hameri Mandi Hameri Mandi Rawalpindi .

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