Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nawaz calls Malaysian counterpart, expresses sorry

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday called his Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak d expressed sorry over the death of the Malaysian ambassador’ss wife.
The spouse of the Malaysian ambassasdor was among seven people killed when a MI-17 helicopter Naltar Valley of Gilgit on Friday.
On May 08, a MI-17 helicopter crash in the Naltar Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan killed seven people including Ambassador of Philippines Domingo D Lucenario Jr, Ambassador of Norway Leif Larsen, wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors, two Pakistan Army majors and a Subedar.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has deputed three cabinet ministers to accompany the bodies of envoys and spouses who lost their lives in the tragic crash.
Freedom 2,00,000 MW By 2020 SolarPV Power Policy
May09, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh

When Japan is installing 14,000 MW of SolarPV Power a year, India
added just 3800 MW SolarPV Power so far, shall not install more than
4,000 MW SolarPV in FY2015-16. Due to Corrupted Policies Rooftop
SolarPV capacity is just 45 MW.

There is over 50,000 MW SolarPV Surplus Manufacturing capacity as such
India can set over 20,000 MW SolarPV Power installation program
annually scaling up further.
A 1 KW SolarPV system which cost say Rs.50,000 over 25 years service
life produces 50,000 units of electricity – 70,000 units in tracking
installations. Long Term SolarPV cost is not even Rs.1 per unit for

Against Rs.1 per unit for SolarPV conventional power in MP cost over
Rs.7 per unit in 2012-13.

SolarPV Is Already Most Desirable Energy Source
Corrupted Policies Hindered Development

1.]  SolarPV policy didn’t Insist on TRACKING SolarPV installations.
Tracking SolarPV produces 40% more power over 10-12 hours against 7-8
hours average therefore serve all Day Time Peak Load.

2.]  Some regions in India have VERY HIGH Transmission Losses, 30% to
over 50% and in such regions REAL Cost of Supply Exceed Rs.10-15 per
unit should be IDEAL sites for SolarPV.

3.]  India has installed SolarPV PARKS next to Ultra Super Thermal
Power Projects Supplying Electricity at say Rs.2.30 per unit and in
Power Surplus Regions allowing SolarPV tariff of Rs.15 per unit.

4.]  Such SolarPV Parks operate at 20% load factor but require
TRANSMISSION Capacity similar to a conventional power project and
subjected to GRID Losses.

5.]  Corrupted BY REGULATORS SolarPV Policy Didn’t FAVOR Rooftop SolarPV -

Freedom 2,00,000 MW SolarPV Power Policy

A.]  DERC Sabotaged Solar Rooftops Not Allowing Consumers to Install
Rooftops without Private Discom Approval. REMEDY – A Consumer with say
10 KW of Connected Load Should Be Free to Install 10 KW Rooftop
SolarPV installation like Invertors or Generators.

B.]  100 KW to 1000 KW SolarPV be installed in Villages to DELIVER
Full Power to 11 KV Distribution Transformers. A 1000 KW System to
serve 4-5 nearby villages.

C.]  Tariff Policy should allow REAL COST OF SUPPLY OF CONVENTIONAL
POWER AT VILLAGE BLOCK For First FOUR Years and Rs.3 per Unit

D.]  Sub 1000 KW SolarPV shall also provide 4G BROADBAND TOWER and
Service to add revenue from site.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Project.
Treat yourself to the Delights of Montego Bay, Jamaica
- Experience the Mobay Getaway! -
All India, 6th May 2015: Montego Bay in Jamaica is the dream destination for your next holiday. For those of you who pictured yourself lying back on perfectly white, sandy beaches, the sky above blue and sunny, while cooling down with delicious drinks at your leisure, Montego Bay is your ideal relaxation getaway. Experience the white sandy beaches, assortment of water sports activities and tours, pulsating nightlife and alluring cuisine, which makes it undoubtedly one of Jamaica's most popular destinations.
Doctor's Cave Beach: World famous white sands and crystal clear waters fed by a mineral spring combine at the beautiful Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay. The translucent water is known for its mineral content and its golden sands and turquoise water provide the perfect place to enjoy the tranquil warmth of the Caribbean Sea. Visitors can even watch brightly colored tropical fish swimming close to the surface. Visitors who crave activity and action will especially enjoy the offerings of this ideally located spot. Doctor’s Cave is not too far off the beaten path in Jamaica and offers a chance for tourists to meet new people and enjoy a lively beach ambience. The neighborhood at Doctor's Cave features a wide variety of dining options, ranging from traditional Jamaican cuisine to international fare to pub-style steak dinners.
Margaritaville Caribbean Bar and Grill: Famous for theme parties, fantastic food and serving tropical margaritas beachside, Margaritaville is one of the most popular party spots in the island. The Margaritaville located on Montego Bay's Hip Strip is arguably the most popular of Jamaica. Locals and tourists alike flock to this location for two-tier open-air bars, two giant water trampolines connected by a log cross or the floating Margaritaville deck anchored offshore and a spectacular 120ft water-slide that winds right through the bar and into the warm blue Caribbean Sea below. There’s also a Jacuzzi, and a night-time disco. Enjoy their world-famous "Cheeseburger in Paradise", tropical margaritas and exclusive shopping, sunbathing on the seaside pier or simply taking in the amazing view.
Rose Hall Great House: Located approx 15km east of Montego Bay, Rose Hall Great House is one of the most intriguing historical structures in Jamaica. George Ash built it in 1770 for John Palmer and his wife Rosa. According to local legend the Great House is to this day haunted by the malicious spirit of Annie Palmer, 'The White Witch', the tempestuous widow of John Palmer’s grandnephew John Rose Palmer, who eventually came to own the estate. This stunningly built mansion is in cut-stone on the first two levels and stucco on the third and uppermost level. The building also features cut-stone symmetrical grand staircase, sash windows, keystones, etc making it perfect backdrop for couples who dream of a fantasy wedding set back in history.
Chukka Caribbean Adventure's Canopy Tour: The Canopy tour is not only adventurous but also takes you back to nature. The journey through nature will be via a series of decks and platforms, connected by traverses, mounted in the trees of the rainforest. Flying through the Caribbean Forests filled with incredible indigenous foliage allows one to experience nature at its best.  This amazing experience of gliding silently through a tunnel of trees is the closest guests will ever feel like to be a jungle bird and can be found nowhere else.
Cinnamon Hill Golf Course: The sporty Cinnamon Hill Golf Course offers 18 holes of remarkable play. The expert caddies at the club, aside from helping with the shot can also give a little history as you pass through the golf course which is situated on what used to be a large sugar plantation. Considered one of the most user-friendly courses in Jamaica, every stroke at Cinnamon Hill is a beautiful one.
Cockpit Country: Often regarded as Jamaica's most inhospitable region, the Cockpit Country is a hilly and dense area with limestone denudations traversing three parishes and covering over 500 square miles. The so-called "cockpits" are caused because limestone, the predominant soil in the area, does not retain water. Rainwater therefore, percolates downward through cracks and fissures, creating in time a landscape of pits and valleys. Below the surface of the Cockpit Country are hundreds of rivers, streams and caves, providing some of the best spelunking opportunities in the Caribbean. The Cockpit Country is still home to one of the most important Maroon communities in the island, the town of Accompong in the parish of St Elizabeth. The Cockpit Country has the highest diversity of plants and animals anywhere on the island.
Blue Beat Jazz Lounge: Martinis and jazz music are the order of the day at Blue Beat located right next door to Margaritaville on Montego Bay's "Hip Strip". The only bar of its type in Jamaica, Blue Beat serves up live jazz and blues music in a cosy setting with atmospheric lighting and cool blue decor to help set the tone. A decidedly more upscale place, elegant, with comfortable couches and lounge chairs to the side and a small, crowded patio out back overlooking the harbor. The outside lounge area is the best place to be on a typically hot, humid Jamaican night, a patio with couches and chairs just a handrail away from the dark ocean below.
Energetic, stunning and exciting, Montego Bay on Jamaica's north coast embodies a spirit that invites us all to come out and play. A definite favorite among travelers in search of a good time, the second city is a great place to have your fill of relaxation and revelry. Treat yourself to something special with selections from Mobay's extensive variety of hotels, attractions and nightclubs. There are options for every taste and budget in Jamaica's "complete resort".
About Jamaica Tourist Board 
The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), founded in 1955, is Jamaica's national tourism agency based in the capital city of Kingston. The JTB was declared the Caribbean's Leading Tourist Board by the World Travel Awards (WTA) from 2006 to 2013. Also in 2013, Jamaica earned the WTA's vote for the World's Leading Cruise Destination, Caribbean's Leading Destination and Caribbean's Leading Cruise Destination for the seventh consecutive year. Additionally, the Historic Falmouth Cruise Port was recognized as the World's Leading Tourism Development Project while Ocho Rios was named the Caribbean's Leading Cruise Port and Sangster International Airport was voted the Caribbean's Leading Airport. In Canada, Jamaica was voted the Favourite Honeymoon Destination by Travel Agents.
JTB offices are located in Kingston, Montego Bay, Miami, Toronto and London. Representative offices are located in Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Delhi and Tokyo. 
For details on upcoming special events, attractions and accommodations in Jamaica go to the JTB's Web site or call the Jamaica Tourist Board at 1-800-JAMAICA (1-800-526-2422). Follow the JTB on Facebook at, on Twitter at, on Instagram,  on Pinterest at, or on YouTube View the JTB blog at
For Further Information, please contact:
Jamaica Tourist Board
c/o TRAC Representations (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Mariya Kapadia | 022 24981777 | Email:
Kerala Blasters rope former England head coach Peter Taylor as Marquee Manager
National, 8 May 2015: Kerala Blasters announced today that Peter Taylor, former England team Head coach, will lead the Kerala Blasters as marquee manager in the next edition of the Indian Super League (ISL).As marquee manager, Peter will work closely with assistant coach Trevor Morgan and drive the team';s strategy in the league. Kerala Blasters was the runner-up of the inaugural edition of the ISL in 2014.
Taylor is an English Football former player and also had served two terms as head coach of the England under-21 team, and took charge of the England national team for one game. He recently managed England under-20 team in 2013.
It was Peter who first handed over the armband to David Beckham as the England captain’s when he took charge in November 2000. Most recently Peter took charge of the Bahrain National team in 2011 and led them to victory at the first GCC games in Manama, the first time Bahrain had won a regional competition in its history. It was followed by a Gold at the 2011 Arab Games in Doha.
Taylor has been the manager of Dartford, Southend United, Dover Athletic, Leicester City, Brighton and Hove Albion, Hull City, Crystal Palace, Stevenage Borough, Wycombe Wanderes, Brandford City and Gillingham.
“ISL inaugural season was a huge success and I’m sure it will get better and better. The league had laid strong foundation in its first season to nurture Indian football. I’m personally impressed with the support that Kerala Blasters have received in the inaugural edition. Kerala has a strong legacy in Indian football and I am looking forward to working  with the team and share the passion for football with the fans,” said Peter Taylor.
Viren D’silva General Manager of the Kerala Blasters team said, “The ISL is a great platform to unearth talent for the National Team. We are confident Peter will groom younger players into the stars of tomorrow. With the right philosophy and attitude Kerala will aim to be among the top performers in the second edition.”
NMML Events for the Week 12th to 15th May, 2015
From: NMML Events  Fri, 8 May ’15 3:50p
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Show full Headers
Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
Events for the Week 12th to 15th May, 2015
Aspects of Democratic-Feminist
Social Movements in Delhi:
1970s and 80s
Weekly Seminar
Dr. Deepti Priya Mehrotra,
Tuesday, 12 May 2015.
Neitik Tendua:
Devatva aur prakriti ki batchit
Public Lecture
(Samaj Vigyan aur Vikas series)
Dr. Sunetro Ghosal,
Wednesday,13 May 2015.
Winds of Change:
 Assam in the 18th century
(The Histories of Northeast India—
New perspectives)
Mr. Kuldeep Patowary,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi.
Thursday, 14 May, 2015.
Post-Liberation Goa:
Disruption, loss and the search for renewal
Public Lecture
(Cultures, Traditions and Contemporary Life series)
Ms. Maria Aurora Couto,
Independent Researcher and Writer,
Friday, 15 May, 2015.
All events will be held at 3.00 pm in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library unless otherwise specified.
For further information please visit
AAP holds peaceful demonstrations outside SNDL Headquarters to protest no-power supply in Nagpur
Despite the power supply contract of Nagpur city being given to SNDL,electric supply has been discontinued in many parts of Nagpur city since 5th May,2015.Since nightfall,concerned citizens have made a beeline to all local offices of SNDL, but as these offices had downed their shutters,these citizens couldn';t even register theircomplaints.No other option being left,local citizens and AAP volunteers were compelled to lodge a complaint at the Ajni Police Station.But even the local police failed the consumers and there was no action initiated against SNDL despite a complaint being registered.Consumers have been making rounds of the SNDL';s office but have received no respite from competent authorities.
The absence of power supply in the  peak of summer is an unpardonable affront to lakhs of diligent regular bill-paying consumers.This ongoing stalemate between the SNDL workers and the SNDL Company Management has adversely affected working employees in the services sector,students as well as essential medical services.This entire appalling state of affairs in Nagpur is despite the fact that both the Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis and the Union Power Minister Nitin Gadkari hailing from Nagpur,both these public servants seem to have forgotten that charity begins at home.
The privatisation of the electric supply of Nagpur was presided over by the collusion of all major established political parties.Three years post privatisation and despite replacing meters repeatedly,electricity bills have only increased and local politicians have paid a deaf ear to consumer complaints in this regard.
The AAP organised a peaceful protest outside the headquarters of SNDL demanding immediate resumption of the electric supply to the hassled consumers of Nagpur.AAP has also written to Mr Chandrashekhar Bawankule,Power Minister in the Maharashtra Govt to urgently intervene in the situation and also order an impartial independent enquiry in the matter immediately.
HP Improves Productivity and Versatility in Large-Format Printing
Latest HP Latex and HP Scitex printers and presses help businesses reach new customers and new profit pools
NEW DELHI, India, May 7, 2015 – HP today at Print China 2015 announced new HP Latex and Scitex wide format graphics printers, presses and inks to help print service providers (PSPs) specializing in the sign and visual communications industry deliver results faster and at a lower total cost.
–         HP Latex 370 Printer enables more unattended printing at lower operational costs with higher capacity ink cartridges and the HP Latex Mobile App, now available, monitors print jobs remotely for peace of mind while away from the printer.
–         HP Scitex FB550 and FB750 Printers provide PSPs an entrance into rigid with one of the most compact printers equipped with an enhanced loading system, increasing workflow for improved profitability.
–         HP Scitex 11000 Industrial Press provides increased versatility and better surface durability with new overcoat technology.
–         For corrugated converters, HP also announced the HP Scitex 15500 Corrugated Press with media handling for warped boards and economical HP HDR230 Scitex Inks.
“PSPs and converters are challenged to do more applications and keep productivity high, while reducing costs and working with limited space,” said Jeff de Kleijn, director and general manager, Graphics Solutions Business – Sign & Display, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “Backed by HP Latex and Scitex technologies, the new printers address demanding PSP needs for lowering operational costs, increasing workflow efficiencies and broadening application versatility to drive profitable growth.”

Increasing Capacity for Greater Production with HP Latex

Designed for confident, unattended printing in high production PSP environments, the  64-inch HP Latex 370 Printer with the new 3-liter cartridges helps keep running costs low. It prints from traditional signage substrates like vinyl and banners to temporary textiles, canvas and wallpapers, increasing margins (1) and productivity via the ability to change cartridges while printing and maintaining the high quality at high speed, instant dry and scratch resistance benefits of the 3rd generation of latex inks.
Available now, the HP Latex Mobile App enables users to confidently increase unattended printing by remotely tracking jobs and receiving alerts on the status of the printer on their Smartphone screen. In addition, HP will offer HP Mobile App on tablets(2) this fall, including extra functionality in metrics and localizations so that customers can monitor monthly usage by printer to track jobs while away from the shop.
HP has announced the public release of its new HP Latex software developers kit (SDK), which allows third-party workflow and MIS developers to integrate their tools with HP Latex 370 printers for seamless workflow integration.
For HP Latex 871 and HP Latex 370 printers, 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, widely recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive finished graphics warranty, is now available when using approved 3M films. Combining the quality and flexibility of HP Latex Inks with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, which covers fading, cracking and peeling, the new offering helps PSPs secure business with discerning vehicle and fleet graphics customers without paying a premium for specialty inks.

Expand high value applications with HP Scitex
With high uptime and automatic maintenance, the HP Scitex Printers are proven robust, easy-to-use workhorses printing on both rigid and flexible media with a single device. The HP Scitex FB550 and HP Scitex FB750 now offer a new tabletop roll holder design for flexible substrates enabling easy, fast and efficient short-run printing, and new tapered wheels for easy and safe media loading, preventing media edge damage.
HP Scitex FB550 Printer and HP Scitex FB750 Printer offer greater image quality and full bleed on max widths with the same capability of printing on virtually any rigid or flexible media(3) (up to 2.5 inches). The printers increase productivity by 12 percent (4)in indoor signage print modes and deliver orders quickly by loading, printing and collecting media simultaneously. These printers help customers get into specialties with white ink(5), matte/gloss and textured effects, all while being one of the most compact printers on the market.
With the new HP Scitex 11000 Industrial Press, customers can increase versatility and productivity for their high volume indoor signage and display applications. PSPs can now cost effectively produce short runs to meet tight turnarounds. The new HP Scitex Smart Coat Technology provides surface durability without an additional overcoat. This places a thin, invisible layer on top of the image to enhance rigidity and protect against rubs, without compromising on flexibility.
“The print quality of the POP Production mode has allowed me to increase my productivity,” said Steve Wardwell, Manager of Prepress and Digital Print, Stevenson Color Inc. “I have been using the new HDR250 inks with Smart Coat option, which gives my prints good surface durability. The new configuration has reduced my running costs.”
HP Scitex 15500 Corrugated Press now has unique capabilities that help corrugated converters digitally print high value corrugated applications. This press offers automated stack to stack, hands-free operations, and an innovative media handling system that prints on warped boards, and economic inks designed for paper board applications, driving down costs and improving the break-even point. Converters can now produce higher volumes of short runs at low cost and can help improve their margins.
“We’ve seen a significant improvement in media hold down with the Corrugated Grip,” said Guy Frenkel, managing director at Carmel Frenkel. “There’s no need to manually bend the media before stacking, and the machine runs non-stop, so my operators are free for other activities. With the new configuration of the HP Scitex 15500 press, there’s no doubt it’s the right solution for corrugators!”
These new HP Scitex devices save time and money with easy operation, automated processes and reliable results.
Compatible with HP Latex and Scitex printers, the HP Scitex Caldera GrandRIP+ Software solution now includes Caldera Grand RIP v10 software. Two times faster, the updated software unleashes the power of smart algorithmic processing and includes: the full Adobe PDF workflow with the new APPE 3.3 engine with extending tiling; Text&Repeat, a new page step and repeat functionality for increased productivity; and enhanced remote management capabilities within a fully-featured new interface.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...