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Sharing Infrastructure, Capital & Knowledge Keys To Success
December24, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

Gross inefficiency of Indian economy is reflected by India’s share in
global wealth at just 1.4% 2014 which was 1% in 2000 but in per capita
terms Wealth Growth compared to the world average is 0.1% growth in 14

Last 16 years of NDA and UPA stable governments that lasted full term
had been extremely poor. Median income of Indians has fallen behind by
around 30% in 2000-2014 period.

Global Wealth Data Book 2014
    Wealth 2000    Wealth 2014    Median 2000    Median 2014    Growth    Percent
China    $ 4,664b/ 4%    $21,404b/8.1%    $2703    $7033    $4330    160%
India    $1,163b/ 1%    $3,604b/ 1.4%    $588    $1006    $418    71%
World    $117t    $263.2t    $1740    $3641    $1901    109%

Three Key Features missing in Indian Growth Agenda are

1.    Sharing of Infrastructure,
2.    Sharing of Capital,
3.    Sharing of Knowledge & IPR

This has left India as most ‘Uncompetitive Nation in the World’ baring
some Tailoring & BPO kind of Labor jobs India is uncompetitive in

1. Sharing of Infrastructure: India is not sharing High Cost Critical
Infrastructure -
India has Grossly Under Utilized Optic Fiber Network that can provide
Broadband Multimedia Services at practically no cost is not shared but
India has opted for DTH, 2G, 3G, 4G for Data & Multimedia. Telecom
Tower & Spectrum are not shared leading high cost and poor quality of
service. Power infrastructure is not shared – leading Monopoly & High
Cost & Poor Quality of Service. Why can’t NTPC sell power directly to
consumers? Coal Mines are shared – instead of 4-10 Mining Companies
engaged India has hundreds Uneconomical & Inefficient.

2. Sharing of Capital: Entire Value Chain of Industry is FUNDED BY
BANKS – JUST in time Supply reduces Capital Investment By 50% in Japan
that made it Globally Competitive. Raw Materials, Ancillaries,
Assembly Lines, Retail of Cars involve Bank Funding and Working
Capital – that possibly DOUBLES COST.

3. Sharing of Knowledge & IPR: EU Study reveals 91% of EU Exports are
IPR intensive – to India’s ZERO. IPR based products and jobs command
Many Times more price and 67% higher salary than conventional.

These three shall make INDIA GLOBALLY MOST Competitive.

Marry Christmas & Happy New Year

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AAP condemns the unwarranted moral policing by Shiv Sena goons. 

The Aam Aadmi Party is appalled to see the video aired by Times Now where Shiv Sena goons led by local party functionary-Naresh Pakhre thrashed couples on a skywalk in Ulhasnagar merely for holding hands and putting their arms around each other';s shoulders.The Shiv Sainiks defended their thuggery by claiming that they were forced to act as local police didn’t take action even after filing complaints with the police.

It is ironic that Shiv Sena is part of the Government and claims that its own police don’t act on legitimate complaints. The fact is that Public Obscenity and Indecency is clearly defined in Sec 294 and 110 of Bombay Police Act and there are ample case laws which elucidate with clarity the interpretation and application of concerned sections of the law. Invariably, holding hands in public and putting hands over shoulders do not fall in the purview of both these acts, so the police have no reason to act against innocent young couples to begin with.
It may be pointed out that Vijay Chowgule, the Shiv Sena MP Candidate from Navi Mumbai and Pradeep Mhatre, the Shiv Sena Navi Mumbai Chief who are accused of rape and molestation respectively are on the run and have been absconding from the police for two weeks.

The police on its part have been giving the lame excuse that they haven';t been able to act as no complaint has come forward in the case. This illustrates the extent of terror that these goons have induced in the local populace. Nothing stops the police from taking suo-motu cognisance of the video and initiating action against these political goons under Sections of Rioting and provisions of the Public Nuisance Act.

Goons like Shiv Sena';s Naresh Pakhre deserve to be behind bars rather than defend his criminal thuggery on national TV. This isn';t the first time that such incidents have been brought to light. Such incidents go unpunished only because of political patronage bestowed on them by their political masters. It is shameful that such heinous incidents committed by self-proclaimed vigilantes and protectors of Indian Culture have become common place with parties resorting to it for cheap publicity and to reap political dividends from a section of the constituency. Since when did assaulting and thrashing young men and women become part of India Culture? It is the unpunished acts of these goons which are ';indecent'; and ';obscene'; in a constitutional liberal democracy like India.
 AAP demands immediate arrest of these goons by the police taking suo motu cognisance of Times Now';s video. Should any individual feel that any member of the public is indulging in any obscene act, he or she must go and complain to the local police authorities but taking law into one';s hands cannot be tolerated whatsoever the context.

It is time that the Maharashtra Government walks the talk of its Good Governance agenda by taking action against these goons of their alliance partner.

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