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Minister Arjun Khotkar exposed as an agent who cheated Tur farmers in 4000cr Tur Scam
Maharashtra, a state which is the farmer suicide capital, had a bumper pulse crop of Tur. Despite Tur being most widely consumed and despite being retailed at Rs.200 per kilo, the farmers did not even get Rs.35 a kilo. The state government, stepped in to seemingly help the farmers and offered to but the Tur at a Minimum Selling Price of Rs.55 a kilo.
What really happened was that agents bought Tur from poor farmers at rates less than MSP and sold it to the government at MSP, making a clear profit. The poor farmers were cheated out of their ability to sell Tur directly to government by unscrupulous Mandi officials and agents. So the government procurement plan, instead of benefitting farmers, turned out to be a scam which benefitted Mandi agents, allegedly to the tune of 4000 crores.
One expose on the Tur Scam mentions how there is Tur Dal worth 50 lacs, lying abandoned in the Jalna APMC because it was fraudulently procured and now no agent is willing to claim that they had cultivated over 400 acres of land to yield this crop. Read here –
The investigation that identified agents who fraudulently claimed to be farmers, the name of Minster for Animal Husbandry, Arjun Khotkar and his family has emerged. They have claimed to have produced 387 quintals of tur on their own tilled lands. Which brings out two questions -1) how does a Shivsena Minister, Arjun Khotkar own 400 acres of land and 2) can he prove he was growing Tur on these fabled lands. It is a shame and disgrace that a member of the State Cabinet himself is an agent that cheated the farmers of their rightful price and tried to make money out of the government procurement scheme. There can be no bigger proof that whole Tur procurement plan was merely a scam meant to benefit people in the ruling combine with scant regard for the woes of farmers.
Aam Aadmi Party has in the past exposed how Arjun Khotkar, his brother and cronies have made 600 crores from the fraudulent sale of galas in APMC Jalna and many other irregularities and malpractices. Had Khotkar been held accountable he would not have had chance to keep cheating farmers in the manner.
Along with many farmers, AAP karyakartas in Jalna had made several complaints against agents in the Tur scam. However, as much as it would please us to say that we exposed Arjun Khotkar’s Tur Scam, we had no hand in it. This was a finding of government agencies. Arjun Khotkar took a press conference in Jalna alluding that AAP was the one who exposed his name, specifically targeting Kailash Phulari, ex Convenor Jalna and journalist. Thereafter Phulari received a number of threats which we have reported SP Jalna.
We have a few things to say to Arjun Khotkar, firstly he should not do such things where he will be exposed. If he does scams, then sooner or later he will get exposed and will be punished for it. More important, if AAP had uncovered his Tur scam, then we would have boldly held a press conference and exposed it. Unfortunately, we only heard it ourselves from the media. Now that his name has been exposed, we will definitely write to the authorities and demand that a thorough investigation be done on his role. He should stop threatening our members, because we are not scared of his goondagardi.
Preeti Sharma Menon


Aam Aadmi Party demands audit of Media Ads of BJP ruled states after 3 yrs of Modi Govt
BJP-ruled states spending Rs 2000 crores on ‘3 years of Modi’ ads: Manish Sisodia
AAP demands that Rs 2000 crore be recovered from the Bharatiya Janata Party
The Bharatiya Janata Party is celebrating the completion of three years of its term in the Centre. The Narendra Modi government is splurging on advertisements marking this anniversary, in all major newspapers across the country. However, in a shocking development, all the BJP-ruled state governments in the country are also issuing lavish advertisements in several newspapers marking the Central government’s three years in power.
During a press conference addressed by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi and senior leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, Manish Sisodia said, “The Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, among other BJP-ruled states have issued large advertisements to celebrate the Modi government’s three years in power. Why is taxpayers’ money paid to state governments being splurged to glorify and celebrate a Central government? We have found out that Rs 2000 crores is being splurged by these BJP governments to mark their party’s government in the Centre. This is criminal misuse of taxpayer’s money.”
Mr Sisodia said, “These are the same states that are shutting down government schools, hospitals and are running out of medicines. At such a time, they are splurging Rs 2000 crores of taxpayer’s money on ads for an anniversary which is not even their own government. We demand that this money must be recovered from the Bharitya Janata Party immediately. We will take this up with the Committee that has been set up to monitor the AAP government’s ad spends, and also take this up with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.”


Dear Naresh Sagar,
As the Government completes its 3 years, we would like you to share your views on Indian Railways. How has railways improved in key areas like safety, amenities, timeliness, cleanliness, ticketing and fare structures during this period? Where is improve significant and where have things worsened. Share your opinion via these 6 polls below and help improve Railway Services in India.
Q1: How has safety/security in Indian Railways improved in the last 3 years?
Q2: How have passenger services and amenities in Indian Railways improved in the last 3 years?
Q3: How have Railway fare structures been in the last 3 years?
Q4:  How has railway ticketing via IRCTC website improved in the last 3 years?
Q5:  How has train timeliness in Railways improved in the last 3 years?
Q6:  How has cleanliness of trains and railway stations improved in the last 3 years?


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has favoured disinvestment of the loss-making Air India, the flag carrier airline of India. The minister said, the airline’s market share is just around 14 per cent whereas the debt burden is 50,000 crore rupees. It indicates possible stake sale in Air India, which is staying afloat on taxpayers’ money.
Mr Jaitley, at DD News programme, said, to run Air India, around 50,000 crore rupees have been put in and that money could have been used for promoting education.
Air India, which is surviving on a 30,000-crore rupees bailout package spread over 10 years announced by the UPA government in 2012, is working on ways to improve its financial position.


Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism Mahesh Sharma has said India’s tourism growth has reached 15(point)4 per cent when the global tourism growth was only 4(pont)6 per cent.
Speaking to media persons at Tiruchirapalli today, he said that tourism earnings in the country have increased to one lakh 56 thousand crore this year.
The Union Minister said that a city in Tamil Nadu will be selected and developed holistically as a tourist destination. He said the state has a very old civilization and deep-rooted culture. He added that there is a huge potential for medical tourism as well as spiritual tourism.


North Korea has tested a new anti-aircraft guided weapons system. According to the State News Agency, KCNA, the test was conducted by the Academy of National Defence Science. However, KCNA did not report the exact nature of the weapon or the time of the test. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test and ordered its mass production and deployment throughout the country.
The North Korea has been pushing to develop a wide range of weapon systems since early last year at an unprecedented pace including a long-range missile capable of striking the mainland United States and has in recent weeks tested its intermediate-range ballistic missile, making some technical advances.
North Korea rejects unilateral sanctions by UN and other nations against its weapons programme as an infringement of its right to self defense. It says the programme is necessary to counter US aggression.
On Tuesday, the head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency said that if left unchecked, North Korea is on an “inevitable” path to obtaining a nuclear-armed missile capable of striking the United States.


China has expressed dissatisfaction over G7 countries statement regarding the East and South China Sea issues. In a statement, a spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry today said Beijing is committed to properly resolving disputes with all nations involved through negotiations while maintaining peace and stability in the East and South China Sea.
The statement said China hopes the G7 and other nations would fully respect the efforts of countries in the region in handling the disputes.


A petition has been filed in Pakistan’s Supreme Court seeking immediate execution of Indian prisoner on death row Kulbhushan Jadhav if he fails to get his capital punishment overturned. The petition asked the apex court to order the federal government to ensure an early decision under the domestic laws on any pending appeal by Jadhav.
A Pakistan military court has awarded the death sentence to Jadhav for alleged espionage and subversive activities.
However, the International Court of Justice, through an interim ruling, stayed Jadhav’s execution till the time the case pending with it reached its logical end.


PM Modi  will be visiting St. Petersburg, Russia from 31st May to 2nd June for the 18th India-Russia Annual Summit.
On 1st June, PMModi will be conducting detailed discussions with President Putin to take forward the dialogue of the last Summit in Goa in October 2016. With a spotlight on economic ties, both President Putin and PM Modi will also be interacting with CEOs from both countries.
On the next day, PM Modi will be addressing the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) together with President Putin, PM Modi appreciate the invitation to be the Guest of Honour at this year’s Forum. India is the Guest Country at the SPIEF this year.
In a first meeting of its kind, PM Modi will also have the opportunity to engage with Governors from various Russian regions to further broad base bilateral cooperation and more actively involve States/Regions and other diversified stakeholders.
At the beginning of my visit, PM Modi will go to Piskarovskoye Cemetery to pay homage to those who perished during the siege of Leningrad.PM will also have occasion to visit the world famous State Hermitage Museum and the Institute of Oriental manuscripts.
PM Modi greatly look forward to his visit to St. Petersburg in this special year for the bilateral relationship as both countries celebrate the 70th Anniversary of our diplomatic relations.


Humane Society International/India and People for Animals welcome Centre’s progressive move
NEW DELHI (May 26, 2017)—In a historic move for animals across the country, the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) has notified four rules under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to regulate dog breeding and marketing, livestock market, case property animals and fish tank and aquarium. The MoEFCC notified the rules in the wake of a series of representations made by Humane Society International/India and People for Animals in addition to directions from the judiciary for establishment of some of the rules.
Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules are to regulate the breeding industry where tens of thousands of dogs are bred in deplorable conditions without proper medical care. Most often than not unweaned puppies less than 2 months of age are sold to unassuming customers without any registration or records. Whelping mothers are impregnated continuously that impacts their own health and the wellbeing of the puppies born.
Livestock market rules will regulate all of India’s live animal markets. Some of the largest cattle markets are hosted by Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh every year. Estimates suggest that hundreds of thousands of animals including cows, bulls, buffaloes, horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, camels and birds are transported in deplorable conditions with no access to food, water or rest to be traded at live markets
The cruel and illegal cattle trafficking taking place at these markets led HSI Government Affairs Lliaison Gauri Maulekhi to seek the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s intervention. After the court directed the Government of India to regulate these markets, the Animal Welfare Board of India drafted a recommendation of rules to the MoEFCC.
Gauri Maulekhi, trustee at PFA and government affairs liaison for HSI/India said, “This is a huge step forward for animals. We commend the Ministry for their vision and their efforts to protect the most vulnerable animals, be it animals that are used as reproductive machines in the breeding industry or animals that are cruelly transported to be sold off at unregulated markets. The battle is only half won though. The real change will come when these rules are strictly followed and implemented and we will work with the law enforcement agencies through capacity building to ensure they are.”
Some of the key features of the rules are:
Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules
  1. The rules mandate the obtaining of a certificate of the registration from the Animal Welfare Board of India for breeding activity, owning or housing dogs for breeding, for sale for dogs and pups. Such a certificate shall be valid for a period of 1 year, nontransferable and shall be subject to reviewing
  2. Application for registration to be made to the State Board with a non-refundable fee of 5000 INR. A separate application shall be made for every establishment intended to be used for breeding or housing dogs for breeding
  3. On receipt of application the establishment sought to be registered shall be inspected by an authorized team and on being satisfied that the applicant and the establishment comply with requirements under these rules, the State Board shall recommend the application for registration to the board. The Board may issue the certificate of registration based on such recommendation. Where recommendation is not made for certification, the State Board shall provide reasons in writing to the applicant. An applicant may prefer an appeal to the Central Government if agreed by the decision of the Board
  4. Rule 8 confers certain responsibilities on every breeder to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of the dogs used for breeding and the ones that are sold
  5. The rules require the breeder to maintain records of all the animals housed in the establishment including the dogs being used for breeding and the dogs for sale. The breeder shall also maintain records of each individual dog
  6. Every registered breeder is required to submit an annual report to the Board detailing total number of animals traded (sold or exchanged or rehomed), boarded or exhibited during the previous year
  7. No establishment being used or intended to be used for breeding or housing dogs for breeding shall be granted any license by the local authority unless the breeder (owner of such establishment) holds a certificate of registration as under these rules

Regulation of Livestock Market Rules
  1. Animal market monitoring committees at state and district levels will implement the rules and supervise livestock markets. They will also identify and register existing animal markets. Proposed new markets must also submit blueprints to the District Committee prior to being established.
  2. These committees shall ensure that markets provide housing, sufficient food and water, feed storage areas, water troughs, ramps, enclosures for sick animals, veterinary care, lighting, bedding, toilets, proper drainage and other facilities.
  3. No animal market shall be allowed in a place that is situated within 30 kilometres from any state border or that is situated within 100 kilometres from any international border.
  4. State animal welfare boards will issue directions for compliance of these rules, authorize inspections of animal markets and seize animals from non-complying markets.
  5. Every market is to have an adequate veterinary facility, supervision of animals being loaded and unloaded, verification of the transport document, and a system of monitoring the handling of animals at the market. The veterinary inspector shall maintain records of all animals inspected and treated as well as the number of transport permits issued, the number of animals found unfit for transport, and action initiated when an animal found unfit for transport is transported.
  6. Unfit animals, pregnant animals, animals who have not been vaccinated and animals under six months of age cannot be displayed or sold at the market. Persons in charge of the animals are liable for their well-being.
  7. These rules prescribe methods of handling, controlling and penning or caging of animals in a manner that prevents unnecessary pain or suffering.
  8. Unfit animals are required to have separate accommodation. For identification purposes, a veterinary assistant may mark an animal with convenient methods such as ear tags.
  9. A District Magistrate or Collector will enforce these rules. If either the District Magistrate or Collector finds that a market is in breach of these rules, he or she may direct closure of such market.

Care & Maintenance of Case Property Animals Rules
  1. Pending Litigation Magistrate may direct animals to be housed at the SPCA, AWOs, Pinjrapole, Gaushalas. The cost of their maintenance shall be affixed by State Animal Welfare Board and the same be revised on April 1st of every year. These rates shall be the minimum prescribed rates and must be adhered to. If cost is not provided for a certain animal, it shall be fixed by the local authority based on inputs from the SPCA
  2. The Magistrate shall direct the accused and the owner to execute a bond of a determined value with sureties within 3 days. Execution of additional bond with sureties may be called for. If vehicle is involved in an offence, it shall be held as surety
  3. In case owner and accused are unable to undertake the cost, magistrate shall direct local authority to furnish cost recover the same as revenue arrears
  4. The Magistrate shall also direct local authority to undertake cost where offence is made out but the accused/owner is unidentified. It shall be deemed that the owner has relinquished the ownership of the animal. The relinquishment of ownership, even when voluntary shall have no effect on any criminal charges against the unknown offender and/or the owner
  5. Upon conviction, Magistrate shall deprive that person from the ownership of animal and the animal shall be given to the entity already having custody for adoption or other disposition. If accused is found not guilty, the animal may be returned only if the accused /owner can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the court that sufficient care will be provided to the animal. Unused portion of the bond executed shall be returned but used portion cannot be recovered
  6. Persons charged under the act or under any state cattle preservation acts shall be prohibited from adopting animals from any such entities which undertake custody of case property animals.
Aquarium and Fish Tank Animals Shop Rules:
  1. No aquarium or fish shop shall source fish tank animals caught by destructive fishing practices such as bottom trawling, cyanide fishing, use of explosives or dynamite to kill or stun fish, those trapped from coral reefs or from any protected areas
  2. The rules require every aquarium to acquire recognition and fish shop to acquire registration from Animal Welfare Board of India
  3. Rules prohibit aquariums & fish shops from keeping, housing, displaying and trade of cetaceans, penguins, otters, manatees or sea or marine turtles, artificially coloured fish, species protected under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, species listed under Appendix I in CITES and over 150 species listed in Scheduled II of the rules
  4. No aquariums will be allowed in public areas such as airports, pubic offices, railway stations or schools nor in markets or exhibitions where permanent facilities are not available
  5. Prerequisite for recognition is submitting application to the state board along with the blue print and collection plan. Certification for obtaining recognition an aquarium is required to submit a master plan (blue print and collection plan) to the state animal welfare board. The recognition from AWBI is subject to approval of the state board as well as itself. Recognition to be renewed every 2 years
  6. The rules prescribe, for aquariums, standards for a veterinary and infrastructure facilities. They mandate maintenance of inventory (record of births, acquisitions, deaths), feed register and health register; fish shops in addition to aforementioned records shall maintain an inventory of animals traded (sold, bought exchanged) during the previous year
  7. Rules prohibit physical handling or performances by fish tank animals as educational activity
  8. Noncompliance of the rules by aquarium will result in de-recognition and consequently sealing of aquarium by the local authority. Animals confiscated from such aquarium are required to be handed over to a recognized aquarium or be released into their natural habitat. Noncompliance of the rules or failure to apply for the registration within stipulated time will result in the sealing of the fish shop by the local authority upon recommendation of the State Board. Animals confiscated from such shops shall be handed over to a recognized aquarium
  9. Certain common provisions for aquariums and fish shops with regard to housing and display prohibits display of fish tank animals in bowls or in tanks of the capacity of 60 litres or less. These provisions prescribe conditions for maintenance of fish tanks, enrichment to be provided in fish tanks and standards for upkeep and healthcare of fish tank animals


Neetu Chandra launched the 11th store of Libas Riyaz and Reshma Gangji out here in Delhi!
Indian Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra was out here in Nation’s Capital Delhi to launch the 11th store of Libas Riyaz and Reshma Gangji. Along with her, actor Shawar Ali was also here to grace the event by his presence. Neetu and Shawar both seemed really happy to be the part of the store launch.
As per Neetu, “I like Riyas’s collection a lot, according to me they have one of the best collection not only for women but for men too. I am feeling great to launch such a beautiful creation”. Neetu even tried the jewelleries on her and kept on addressing the outfits of the store.
Well, Libas Riyaz Ganji is specialized in western as well as Ethnic Indian Men’s and Women’s wear. They also have sub-brands of formal men and women shoes and accessories. This is going to be the 11th store launch of them.


 Sohan Thakur Casting Ventures cordially invite you for the inauguration & to share with you the uniqueness of the same

‘Sohan Thakur Casting’
(Casting Director Sohan Thakur is well known for his work in TV serials like Madhubala, Rangrasiya, Sanskaar 2, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. Along with films Love Story, Teri Deewani and many more.)

To be addressed by:
  • Kamlesh Gill (Dadi in Vicky Donor & Bajrangi Bhaijaan)
  • Ruhana Khanna (&TV  Ganga serial lead)
  • Aparna Kumar (Actor, Super Model)
  • Sachin Khurana (Former Mr.India & Actor)
  • Nikhil Deewan (TV Actor)
  • Dilip Sood (Director & Producer)
  • Arvind Gaur (Theatre Ashmita Group Founder)
And many more…

Time: 5:30 pm
Date: 29th May 2017 (Monday)
Venue: A120, Basement Lajpat Nagar 1, Delhi


This Year Ramleela play will be bigger than last years, as per the character revealed!
As per the information revealed in Press Conference by the chairman of LuvKush Ramleela Ashok Aggarwal, it seems like, this Year the Ramleela play will take place in a bigger manner in comparison with last few Years. Yes, once again the stars of Bollywood are together to participate in Delhi’s biggest Ramleela.
Well, the Press Conference held this Sunday was graced by the precious presence of Raza Murad, Surendra Pal, Jagdish Kaliraman and Ashok Aggarwal himself. And as per the characters revealed, Raza Murad will portray the role of Kumbhkaran this year, where as Surendra Pal will play the role of Raja Janak this year. Jagdiesh Kaliraman, the coach of Salman Khan in film Sultan will be playing Hanuman this year. One new thing which is added this year is the performance by famous magician from India’s got talent, Hasan Kamal Rizvi. According to the last info. revealed Mukesh Rishi will play the role of Raavan this year, whereas Vindu Dara Singh will be Parshuram. Manoj Tiwari will be seen as Angad, Anup Jalota as Kevat, Shankar Sahni as Raja Dashrath.
So, finally the preparation of this year’s Ramleela is on hype, as the celebs are already witnessed excited for the same. Therefore, the 40 year old LuvKush Ramleela will be showcased from 21st September till 1st October, 2017.


Bengaluru witnessed the aggression of Classical Nationals, Y.F.A. Jaraganahalli, National Sports Club and HMT Colony Boys in the semi-finals and finals of the kabaddi tournament, at Play Arena, Kasavanahalli, on 27th May

Bengaluru, 27 May 2017: After a series of gruelling rounds, the final four teams battled it out at the semi-finals of the first-ever edition of Red Bull Tashan. A competitive kabaddi tournament for players at college and club level, organised in association with the Pro Kabaddi League franchise, Bengaluru Bulls, Red Bull Tashan aims to help develop the ancient and iconic Indian sport at a grass-roots level in the country.

Held at the National Games Village Complex in Koramangala on 24th and 25th May, over 30 teams registered to compete at the inaugural edition of the tournament, with four standing the chance to make it through to the finals, at Play Arena in Kasavanahalli on 27th May. Ultimately, teams Classical Nationals, Y.F.A. Jaraganahalli, National Sports Club and HMT Colony Boys emerged victorious, and went on to compete for the title of the first-ever Red Bull Tashan champions.

HMT Colony Boys beat National Sports Club in the first Semi-finals by 15 points with Arun from HMT Colony Boys and S. Chetan from Nationals Sports Club being the best raiders in the game. In the second Semi-finals of the kabaddi tournament, Classic Nationals beat Y.F.A Jaraganahalli by 21 points with Yashu from Classic Nationals and Raja from Y.F.A Jaraganahalli being the best raiders in the game.

The winners HMT Colony Boys & Classic Nationals gave their best in the final clash to grab the chance to train with the Bengaluru Bulls team, before the fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League, which kicks off in July. HMT Colony Boys emerged as the winners of the first edition of Red Bull Tashan by defeating Classic Nationals in a close final clash by 2 points. Arun from HMT Colony Boys was awarded the raider of the tournament while Naveen from Classic Nationals was declared the defender of the tournament.

Semi-finals & Finals score sheet:
1st Semi-finals
HMT Colony Boys vs National Sports Club
HMT Colony Boys
1st Half Score – 26-10
2nd Half Score – 13-14
Total Score – 39-24

2nd Semi-finals
Classic Nationals vs Y.F.A. Jaraganahalli
Classic Nationals
1st Half Score – 22-13
2nd Half Score – 22-10
Total Score – 44-23

Classic Nationals vs HMT Colony Boys
HMT Colony Boys
1st Half Score – 18-12
2nd Half Score – 10-18
Total Score – 28-30

Open to players between the ages of 18-24, Red Bull Tashan makes strategy a key component of the matches, which run half the duration of Pro Kabaddi League games. While in the latter, each half consists of 20 minutes, in the qualifiers of this tournament, each half consisted of only 10 minutes each, making the entire duration of the game 20 minutes.  The semi-finals and finals of tournament witnessed matches of 15 minutes each half, making the entire duration of each game 30 minutes.

Harish Naik, Bengaluru Bulls Raider was present at Play Arena to witness great young talent at the semi-finals and finals of the inaugural edition of Red Bull Tashan. Harish is from a small town Bhatkal in Northern Karnataka, scouted last year by Bengaluru Bulls Head Coach BC Ramesh, has trained hard to prove his potential, and will be a raider to look out for in the fifth season of Pro Kabaddi League. He started playing Kabaddi at the age of 17. His expertise lies in toe-touch, bonus and hand-touch.

Harish Naik commented “Red Bull has taken a very good initiative with the launch of this tournament, Red Bull Tashan. As a  platform it will help many young and aspiring Kabaddi players get an opportunity to hone their skills, showcase their talent and learn the technicalities of the game. Identifying players at the grass-root level and giving them good training will be quite beneficial for the sport as well. I would like to congratulate and thank Red Bull and Bengaluru Bulls for bringing this together. I hope this tournament helps many aspirants like me to achieve their fullest potential and take Kabaddi to new heights in the coming years.“

Uday Sinh Wala, CEO, Kosmik Global Media, that owns Bengaluru Bulls, says, “Over the past few years, Kabaddi has seen a great resurgence in the country, and now is the time to encourage development for this iconic Indian sport at grass-roots level. We believe that Red Bull Tashan will contribute to precisely this, with its focus on finding talent at a college and club level. Bengaluru Bulls is happy to associate with this initiative, and will give talent emerging from this tournament the opportunity to train with the Bengaluru Bulls team at our home stadium, before the commencement of the fifth season of Pro Kabaddi League.”

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May28, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

The greatest achievement of this Government in last three years is that nobody now talk of Malaria, Cold, Headache – people of India talk of DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, SWINE FLU & latest ZIKA. *Water Bodies Attract Migratory Birds – Swine Flu linked to water.
DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, SWINE FLU are already common all over India – ZIKA is next and could become Fourth Dreaded Disease by the end of 2019.


Dengue Incidence TRIPLED in 2-3 Years
Dengue infection is the most rapidly emerging vector-borne viral disease with a 30-fold increase in global incidence over the last five decades. It is a major public health concern throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In India, every year cases are spreading to newer geographical areas. All four dengue
virus serotypes have been isolated from different parts of the country. India contributed 6-9% of total cases in South-East Asian Region countries between 2009 and 2011, has increased to 19% in 2013.
Though DENGUE & CHIKUNGUNYA was mainly imported in to Delhi from Neighboring states but spread to all part of Delhi rapidly.

Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj Party made it Election Issue and reported to 25% to 30% Delhi Population affected by DENGUE & CHIKUNGUNYA was Politically Damaging.

Ø In 2016 Delhi Dengue & Chikungunya was widespread but very few cases reported in National Monitoring even at PEAK TIME.

ü Gujarat is INCUBATOR of DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, SWINE FLU & NOW ZIKA but so far these had not been Election Issues in the state.
ü With millions of Check Dams, Ponds, Rain Water Harvesting, Gujarat Government neither INVEST adequately and honestly in Healthcare Nor WARNING Public about new cases, makes GUJARAT INCUBATOR Of these Dreaded No Cure Epidemics.

ZIKA has already LANDED in Ahmadabad – it is a matter of time ZIKA may spread through Gujarat and to India. People I know JUST SUFFERED at home for 1-2 months than CROWDED HOSPITALS.


In UP SF Exp 12562 Run 50% Slow 175 km/4:48h @ 36 kmphUPDATE – 12562 which is Scheduled to Run at 75-71 kmph before and after Kanpur nonstop, run 175 km* in 4:48 hours at 36 kmph less than 50% Slower. It crossed JJK at 05:57 hrs 4:07 hrs late and crossed KGA at 10:45 hrs, 6:25h late. *Two stations are 377 km and 552 km from starting point.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects


Malaysian carmaker Proton has agreed to tie up with a Chinese manufacturer to turn around its business.
Proton’s parent company announced that it reached an agreement with China’s Geely to sell a 49.9 percent stake.
Proton executives say Geely will provide parts and technological assistance and help them to expand sales in Southeast Asia.
Proton was founded in the 1980s as part of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad’s push to industrialize


US government has revised upward the country’s economic growth for the January-March period to an annualized rate of 1.2 percent.
The revised gross domestic product was released by the Commerce Department on Friday.
The preliminary estimate announced in late April had GDP growing 0.7 percent from the level the previous quarter.
Personal consumption helped to push up GDP growth. Its increase was revised from 0.3 to 0.6 percent.
The rise in corporate capital investment was also revised upward from 9.4 to 11.4 percent.
Growth of investment in house construction edged up from 13.7 to 13.8 percent.
The rise in exports was unchanged at 5.8 percent.
Policymakers at the US Federal Reserve think economic growth is weak but the slowdown will be only temporary.


The leaders of Japan and France have agreed on the importance of including Russia in dialogue to resolve global issues, including the situation in Syria.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Emmanuel Macron held talks on Friday on the sidelines of the Group of 7 summit in Italy.
Abe expressed support for Macron’s efforts to work toward a united Europe. He acknowledged the former economy minister’s experience in promoting deregulation and technological innovation.
Macron said Japan and France share the same values — liberty and democracy — and also have much in common in terms of history, culture, the economy and industry.
The leaders agreed to increase pressure on North Korea, which has been test-firing ballistic missiles in defiance of UN resolutions.
Prior to the meeting, Abe held talks with European Council President Donald Tusk.
They noted that Japan and the European Union are about to reach broad consensus on an economic partnership agreement.
President Emmanuel Macron on Friday vowed France’s total support for Britain’s fight against terrorism after the Manchester attack as he met Prime Minister Theresa May at the G7 summit.
“We will be here to cooperate and do everything we can in order to increase this cooperation at the European level, in order to do more from a bilateral point of view against terrorism,” Macron told her, in their first formal meeting since he took office.
The bombing of a pop concert in Manchester on Monday night, which left 22 people dead, came a year and a half after another assault claimed by the Islamic State group at a rock show at the Bataclan in Paris.
Speaking to May in English, Macron said: “We know this kind of attack, we know how this can hurt the people of your country, but more generally for Europe, because they attack our young.”
Abe wants to send a strong message with other G7 leaders that they will work together to deal with terrorism and address the issue of North Korea, which has launched several ballistic missiles in defiance of UN resolutions.
At his meeting with Trump, Abe is expected to stress the need for all countries to implement the UN resolutions calling for sanctions against North Korea to stop its nuclear and missile development.
Abe is also likely to stress the importance of free and fair trade in response to Trump’s support for protectionist policies.


NATO leaders agreed to draw up action plans on how to achieve the members’ defense spending targets.The leaders of the 28 member nations met in Brussels on Thursday. US President Donald Trump attended the summit for the first time. The prime minister of Montenegro was also invited. The country will join the alliance next month.
Trump asked the NATO members to abide by their pledge to spend at least two percent of their GDP on defense.The leaders agreed to draft national plans for achieving this goal, and to submit progress reports every year.
They also agreed that NATO will become an official member of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State militant group.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the decisions taken on Thursday will make the alliance stronger and safer as it continues to adapt to new challenges.


The International Organization for Migration says more than 60,000 migrants have reached the shores of Europe so far in 2017, a sizeable decrease compared to the same period last year. The Geneva-based UN agency said Friday that 60,521 migrants and refugees had entered Europe by sea with over 80 percent of them landing in Italy. The remainder arrived in Greece, Cyprus or Spain. That figure excludes an estimated 6,000 men, women and children who have been rescued since Tuesday. The organization has also recorded at least 1,530 deaths on the Mediterranean in 2017, the vast majority in the waters between Libya and Sicily. That figure is higher than the same period last year


Malaysian authorities have arrested six local men for suspected involvement with the Islamic State militant group, police said on Saturday. Muslim-majority Malaysia has been on the watch for Islamic State-linked militants since an attack last year by the group in Jakarta, the capital of neighbouring Indonesia. Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement that the six suspects were detained from separate raids in four states from May 23-26. One of the arrests involved two brothers – a religious school teacher and online businessman – under suspicion of helping the militant movement in Syria. The brothers are relatives of Muhammad Fudhail Omar. He is expected to take over the role of the former top Islamic State operative Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi who was on a US list of global militants until his death, Khalid said. Wanndy was the alleged mastermind behind a grenade attack on a Kuala Lumpur bar last June which injured eight people. It was the first and so far only Islamic State attack that caused casualties in Malaysia Media agencies


British police said they had arrested two men on Saturday as they stepped up their efforts to capture a suspected network behind the suicide bomber who killed 22 people in Manchester earlier this week. Officers used a controlled explosion to gain entry to the address in the north of the city where the latest arrests were made. Detectives are now questioning 11 men over the attack by Salman Abedi at a pop concert in Manchester on Monday. Britain remains on its highest threat level of critical, meaning an attack is expected imminently, with the army backing up police and hospitals across the country have told staff to be ready for another incident. Media agencies


Moda online: Comportamenti dei consumatori e loro preferenze
In conversazione: Prof. Osumund Rahman – Professore Associato – Ryerson University, Canada; Harminder Sahni – Fondatore e direttore generale – Wazir Advisors; Pankaj Vermani – Fondatore e CEO, Clovia.

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In collaborazione con : Association of Designers of India, World University of Design
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Sala Tessitori, Istituto Italiano di Cultura



The Ministry of Rural Development has created employment opportunities of more than 813 crore person days during the last three years (2014-17) in the schemes of MGNREGA, Pradhan Mantri AawasYojna, Grameen (PMAY-G) and in Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY). Briefing the media here, Union Minister for Rural Development, Drinking Water & Sanitation and Panchayati Raj, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that during the last three years while 636.78 crore person days were generated under MGNEREGA, about 78 crore person days under PMGSY and 99 crore person days under PMAY. Apart from this, under Deen Dayal Upadhyay-Grameen Kaushal Yojana (DDY-GKY), 86,120 candidates were trained in the year 2014-15 and 54,196 got jobs. Similarly, in 2015-16, about one lakh thirty-five thousand candidates were placed after the skill training, while in 2016-17, the number of candidates getting placement is 84,900.
Shri Tomar said that in the current year, the Ministry of Rural Development proposes to train 5 lakh candidates with an assured placement of over 70 percent of these youth in Wage and Self Help employment programmes. He said that Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETIs) trained 4 lakh rural youth in 2016-17 for Self Employment.
Shri Tomar said that under MGNREGA during FY 2016-17, more than 1.23 crore assets have been geo tagged and placed in public domain and about 96% of wage payments were electronically credited into the accounts of the workers through DBT system. So far, 8.73 crore Aadhar number of workers have been seeded in NREGASoft (MIS) and 4.73 have been enabled for Aadhar Based Payment with their consent. He added that Job Card verification/updation was taken on priority basis during FY 2016-17 and more than 1 crore Job Cards have been deleted after verification.
On the subject of PMAY-G, Shri Tomar said that in line with the government’s stated objective of “Housing for All” by 2022, the Government intends to provide houses to 1 crore poor people by 2019 in rural areas. A total of 34.82 lakh houses have been constructed during 2014-15 to 2015-16, against a target of 45.98 lakh houses under the erstwhile scheme of Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY). During 2016-17, a total of 32.14 lakh houses have been completed with an expenditure of Rs. 16,074 crore under the revamped scheme PMAY-G.
On PMGSY, the Minister said that the pace of construction of road has reached a record of 130 kms. per day, which is the highest average annual construction rate, in the last 7 years, with a record 47,447 kms of PMGSY roads constructed during 2016-17 thereby connecting 11,641 habitations, which implies providing connectivity of an average of 32 habitations every day, the highest ever in the last 7 years. He said, during 2016-17, “Road Connectivity project in LWE Affected Areas” has been launched for construction of all-weather roads in 9 LWE states in 44 worst affected LWE districts and adjoining districts with estimated cost of Rs 11,725 crore. This would be completed by March, 2020.
Dwelling on the issues of drinking water and sanitation, Shri Tomar said that providing safe drinking water is one of the top most priority of the government and the Government is committed to providing tap water on a sustained basis in every household by 2030 as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for which Rs 23,000 crore of central fund will be required annually till the target is achieved. The Minister said that the dream of ‘Har Ghar Jal’ cannot be realized without the involvement of the citizens. Referring to the launch of National Water Quality Sub Mission on Arsenic and Fluoride to provide safe drinking water to about 28,000 affected habitations in the country by March 2021 with an outlay of Rs 25,000 crore, he said that there will be no discrimination of funds against any state to address the twin challenges of drinking water and sanitation. He said that sanitation coverage has increased from 42 percent 2014 to 64 percent in the current year and more that 4 crore toilets were constructed.
Shri Tomar said that under the 14th Finance Commission, Centre will be releasing more than 2 lakh crore rupees to Gram Panchayats for 5 years to undertake physical and social infrastructure projects in the villages. The Minister said that earlier about Rs 30,000 crore was allocated to the Panchayats in the 13th Finance commission, wherein Panchayats found it difficult to execute developmental projects in a holistic fashion. So far, Rs 51,234 crore were allocated to the states and 44 lakh panchayat functionaries were provided training.


RBI has decided to reconstitute the oversight committee, OC, with more members after the government armed it with additional powers to resolve bad loans with banks that have crossed Rs 8 lakh crore. In a statement in Mumbai yesterday, the RBI said, while the current members will continue in the reconstituted OC, names of a few more will be announced soon.
It said, the apex bank would also be constituting a Committee comprised majority of its independent Board Members to advise it in the Non-Performing Asset matter. The statement said RBI already sought information on the current status of the large stressed assets from the banks. The RBI further said it has also envisages an important role for the credit rating agencies in resolving the issue. Sources said the RBI has identified about 50 major cases for NPA resolution.


Weak investment activity is likely to restrain economic growth at 6(point)6 per cent for the quarter ended March 2017, says a Dun and Bradstreet report.
Going forward, normal monsoon is expected to provide the requisite boost to demand, while transition to GST regime is likely to create some disruption and impact the short-term sales volume across businesses.
According to D&B, the economic growth, as measured by GVA (gross value added), is likely to grow by 6.6 per cent for the fourth quarter of 2016-17, as compared to the same period year-ago.
Further, D&B expects the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) to remain weak and grow by 3-3.5 per cent in April 2017.
Dun & Bradstreet India lead economist Arun Singh said, while the revised IIP data series tries to address the fluctuations in the production data, the coefficient of variation indicates that volatility still exists in the IIP data, especially in the capital goods sector.
Moreover, Singh noted that “the disruption to the economic activity, as both the manufacturing and services sector gear up to implement the rules and regulations posed by GST, would take time to normalise.”
The report also noted that while rupee continues to remain overvalued, fund inflow from foreign institutional investors and foreign direct investments is expected to keep rupee stable in the near term.


Indian naval ship with relief materials for people affected by floods in Sri Lanka reached Colombo Port this morning.
Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake received Naval Ship INS Kirch at the Port.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed condolences over the loss of lives and property due to flooding and landslides in the island nation.
He assured that India stands with Sri Lanka in this hour of need. Mr Modi also informed that another relief ship for further assistance will reach Colombo tomorrow.


India and Mauritius today signed four agreements after delegation-level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Mauritius counterpart Pravind Kumar Jugnauth in New Delhi.
The agreements include New Delhi extending a 500 million dollar line of credit to Mauritius. In his address, after signing of the agreements, Mr Modi said, the line of credit is an example of India’s strong and continuing commitment to the development of the island nation.
Mr Modi said both countries have agreed that effective management of conventional and non-conventional threats in Indian Ocean is essential to pursue economic opportunities. He also said, the conclusion of the bilateral Maritime Security Agreement today, will further strengthen mutual cooperation and capacities between the two nations.
Applauding Mr Jugnauth leadership, for the signing and ratification of the framework agreement on International Solar Alliance, Prime Minister Modi said, it has opened up new vistas of regional partnership for both countries in this field. He said, both the countries need to keep up vigil against piracy that impacts trade and tourism, humans and drugs trafficking as well as illegal fishing and other forms of illegal exploitation of marine resources.
Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth thanked India for its assistance in the field of education, training and research. He said, India is closest strategic partner. Mr Jugnauth said, he and Mr Modi discussed bilateral cooperation, infrastructure development and major projects that are currently ongoing and certain other issues of mutual interest among others.
He said, these projects are in line with the his vision to making Mauritius a country well integrated with global economy and ready to taking challenges and opportunities to fulfil needs and aspirations of Mauritius people. He said, there is a need to ensure that sea lanes are safe and secure and regular patrolling is conduct to control illegal activities like piracy, illegal fishing and drug trafficking.
Mr Jugnauth said, India and Mauritius have close cooperation in Indian ocean that binds the two countries. He said, the two nations have developed strong cooperation in the field of defence and security. Mr Jugnauth said, the acquisition of a Naval vessel from India has enhanced operational capacity of police and coast guard to protect its maritime boundaries.
Earlier, Mr Jugnauth met External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and discussed ways to deepen bilateral cooperation in various areas, including trade and investment. Ms. Swaraj said, there was scope to expand bilateral ties in a range of areas.
In the morning, Mauritius Prime Minister was given a ceremonial reception at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Mr Jugnauth also paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat. He is on a three-day state visit to India. This is Mr Jugnauth’s first visit abroad as prime minister after assuming office early this year.

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