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Bogus SIWI Water Prizes, Dullards AB Pandya CWC, Mihir Shah

Ravinder Singh and 35 More…
Aug 22 at 8:17 AM
Bogus SIWI Water Prizes, Dullards AB Pandya CWC, Mihir Shah
August22, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
Even after Unprecedented Floods in Uttarakhand and Severe Drought in
less than a year and widespread poverty in countryside for centuries
it is business as usual for Corrupt and Dullards in Planning and
Developing Water related projects and services. Worse is that SIWI is
awarding Dubious Water Activists who are SABOTAGING water sector
development and factually DAMAGING LAND & HILL SLOPE in the name of
Rain Water Harvesting getting – SIWI Water equivalent to Nobel Prizes.
It is Horrible to hear Mahir Shah who was Planning Commission member
from 2009-2014 responsible for Water and Rural Development when the
Worst Uttarakhand disaster happened advocating Water Charges for
Irrigation & Power to poorest Indians who don’t earn even $200 per
capita entirely dependent on Rains for growing meager crops and for
Introducing Laws to Restrict Ground Water use means even the ones who
have installed tube-wells at huge cost to Survive and Produce more
than 75% of Food For India would not be able to do so.
AB Pandya CWC and Mahir Shah didn’t tell us that 70% of Indian Rivers
Usable water is lost to sea every year – over 800 BCM that could
irrigate all the Crops and minimize Ground Water use, Canals waste 30%
to 80% water. It is not the Problem of Poor Farmers but DULLARDS in
CWC and Planning Commission.
This WIPO awarded Inventor & Engineer with over 40 years experience
also farming expert have researched everything related to WATER – Dam
Storages, Canal Water Distribution, Water Treaties, Irrigation
Technologies, Crops Management, Water Supply, Taps, Flushing
Technologies, Sewage+ finds Expect Promoting non Engineers or Dubious
Incompetent Dullards Nothing really Is Being Done to Address all
It cost nothing to me when walking past up & down Rain Water
Harvesting storage with a wooden stick I noted just 600 liters of
water was Harvested in 30 minutes – or 20 liters per minute, my
Tube-well Yield 25LPS – Clearly there was no Harvesting and it was
basically a Mosquito Breeding pit built roadside at high cost. For
Years SIWI Water Prize Winners were advocating such Lame Duck RWH all
over India – including fragile Himalayas, in Rajasthan they block or
plug Minor Rivers Completely. Actually were making Trillions of Cuts
in Himalayas that brought down Uttarakhand [Picture in pdf] and
Sabotaged 200,000 MW of Multipurpose Hydro Power Projects.
Hoover Dam vs Yamuna Dams vs SSP Dam vs Rajasthan Canal
What is common between these three Dams and Canal is that all four are
to Regulate 10 maf of Water for down stream uses. Hoover Dam was built
in 1934 and SSP in 1994, Yamuna Dams are never built – Hoover is
operational for 80 years, SSP Irrigation Network which is Four Times
over Designed started in 1979 is not yet ready may take 10 more years
and not even 6% of Planned Irrigation Command is operational.
Rajasthan Canal was drawing all the water since 1960 not yet fully
Hoover Dam command produces $2000b GDP, Dams Not Built, SSP Dam Canals
Partially Operational $25b GDP, Rajasthan Canal $5b.
Since 1980 I have regularly Petitioned to GOI to build Storage Dams on
Yamuna [Renuka, Lakhwar & Vayasi] – Upper Yamuna Basin Water Agreement
or Treaty to use Yamuna Water concluded in 1954 and these Medium Size
dams could have been in service for 60 years – as Prime Minister
reference not a Brick Has been laid – Corrupt & Incompetent CWC may
take 5-10 more years to build.
Most of the Water for National Capital is sourced from Sewage and
Drainage of Haryana & UP upstream of Delhi than Clean Blue Waters.
India has over 250 BCM of Dam Storages over 151 BCM in Large Dams that
discharge Clean Blue waters all over India – yet less than 1% of
Households use Canal waters for home use as per Census 2011
(Sanitation, Bathing, Cooking, Washing) instead draw ground water or
pond waters which are contaminated and polluted.
But Worst of the SIWI awards is for SULABH – Open Bottom Septic Tank Toilets.
Just 12% Households in India has Sewer System that too is not fully
functional, and 35% of House Holds have SEPITC TANKS built in their
Homes itself and draw Ground Water from say 20 ft away.
Even when I was 19-23 years old, or beginning of my Engineering Career
I used to be in 100% controls from Day One and in Critical Situations
VETOED goods approved by DGS&D and ISI.
CWC Chairman and Mahir Shah, Member Planning Commission look STUPID
Here in the List even 85 Years Olds DULLARDS or Non Farmers are
representing Planning Commission.
No Human is MADE RIGHT – it is not a Problem when some one say 10% Off
the Right Path but it is Horrendous when they are 180 Degrees Off the
Globally Accepted Line and Proven Technologies and Paths and over 90%
in wrong direction.
This Engineer Inventor knows no Project or Technology or Company is EQUAL
but People of India are Entitled to know the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
In the DPR of Run of River projects – Lame Duck Dams to this inventor
it clearly reported just 39% of Power Generation Potential
utilization. These don’t provide Live Storage except for Couple of
days of rated water intake of power generators, no Flood Protection
and no Reliability – even when 100% of water overflows Dams there no
power is generated due to Siltation is written in DPR decades ago.
WATER IS MOST CRITICAL for Poor Rural Economy – CWC should not just
but also Tell people the GDP of Command Area, Food Production, Usages
of water for all purpose including Households etc.
CWC should be ASSERTIVE & In Complete Control – Tell Government ‘This
Project Will Cost Say $4b but Would Serve $100m GDP and Additionally
is $25m.’
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing,
Technologies and Projects.

SC made no observations against Speaker

Speaker defends decision on LoP, says SC made no observations against her
A day after the Supreme Court decided to interpret the provision of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said on Saturday her denying LoP's post to Congress was based on rules and tradition and that the apex court had made no observation against her. 

"The Supreme Court has questioned the Centre on the issue of Lokpal's appointment in the absence of LoP and the Attorney General will inform the court about the government's stand. 

It has made no observation against the Speaker," She told journalists. She defended her decision of not according LoP's status to the leader of the Congress party in the House for want of numbers. 

"I have taken the decision afters studying the rules and traditions and after taking experts opinion on the issue. No opposition party has more than 55. Till date the rule that a party should have a minimum of 10 per cent seats in the House (for being accorded the status of LoP) has not changed," she said.

In any case, Mahajan said, the Opposition exists in the Lok Sabha and is doing its work properly except for the fact that there is no Leader of Opposition. 

The Speaker also said in 1980 and 1984 there was no Leader of Opposition in the House because no party had the required strength. 

In a significant development, the Supreme Court had yesterday decided to go into the issue of interpreting the provision of LoP in Lok Sabha in the matter of selection of statutory bodies when there is no recognised LoP. 

Asking the government to make its stand clear within two weeks, a bench headed by Chief Justice R M Lodha had emphasised the importance of the post saying Leader of Opposition conveys the voice of representation different from government in the House.

The government had to put on hold the appointment of a new chief of Central Information Commission yesterday due to the absence of LoP in the selection committee, leaving the transparency watchdog headless for the first time since its inception in 2005. 

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